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Manifest – Crosswinds (1×10)

MANIFEST -- "Crosswinds" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, J.R. Ramirez as Det. Jared Vasquez -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Brothers)



The focus of the midseason premiere of ‘Manifest’ was on the Holy Grail and the Major.

If you’re wondering “who” and “what” the Holy Grail and the Major are, well, you can shake hands with Ben.

The Major, as we found out, is the head honcho behind this whole government entity. And in a twist that surprised not only Ben but also Aaron, an 828-conspiracy podcaster that Ben met at Vance’s funeral service, the Major is a woman!

Does anyone else think that the Major is Fiona? The captain piqued my interest when he mentioned that it may not be a coincidence she was on the flight. All of this could just be one major — no pun intended — experiment to help push her theory forward.

She’s experienced absolutely no callings of her own, which raises some concern, especially since most of the passengers have.

Ben first stumbled upon the term Holy Grail while giving Aaron’s podcast a chance. Aaron’s mission was finding out what really happened to the flight so, despite Ben’s initial hesitation, which was warranted, you knew they would eventually become good friends.

But it wasn’t until  Autumn used the term that Ben really paid attention to it. Saanvi eventually realized the Holy Grail wasn’t a thing, but a person. Red Hook was testing to find the passengers most sensitive to callings and there’s no denying that the most sensitive passenger of them all is Cal.

So, as it stands, a secret entity of the government run by a woman named the Major is trying to get their hands on Cal.

Ben was swift is persuading NSA Agent Powell to do some digging for him. Though Powell was understandably not interested in getting involved at first, he knew Vance would have wanted him to. While he didn’t get the Major’s name, he did confirm she was on her way to New York.

And before you knew it, Powell was snatched by the Major’s goons. After giving Ben the lead about what she’d overheard at the farmhouse, Autumn decided to ditch the government and her phone in the ocean. But in case you weren’t clear on how dangerous these people are, Autumn was approached by an ominous man in a public coffee shop because the Major was requesting a word. Yep, everyone in the Major’s way is screwed.

Ben finally went on record to talk openly about the government testing, the conspiracy, the Holy Grail and even the Major, much to Aaron’s delight. But he made it clear that the recording wasn’t allowed to go live. Ben’s a smart dude and he saw this podcast as an insurance policy. If anything happens to him, which I’m thinking it will, Aaron can expose everything and raise some deeper, more public questions.

Imagine the guilt Grace would feel if something happened to Ben and she realized this whole time he was doing everything to protect his family. That is if Grace could ever think about anyone except for herself for like five minutes.

Ben’s split from Grace didn’t let up on the obnoxious family drama for one bit. Olive and Grace have been the worst to Ben and thus, Cal. Olive called Danny the moment Ben left because “it felt like they died again.” Danny came rushing in despite Grace’s wishes for him not to be there. Cal was obviously overwhelmed because, despite Olive’s affinity for Danny, he’s a complete stranger to Cal. Again, nobody seems to care.

Ben came rushing into an already chaotic scene and was viewed as the villain. Grace may have finally taken some of the blame and echoed what the viewers were thinking about her, but again positioned herself as the victim with her “nothing I do is good enough” speech. Get over yourself, woman! I had a soft spot for Danny because this isn’t an easy situation for anyone but that went right out the door the moment he blamed Ben for the plane’s disappearance and then re-emergence! I’m sorry, it’s not like he wanted to disappear and abandon his family for five years. Dude, get out.

Grace then had the nerve to say that Ben expected to waltz back in like nothing had changed when it did. If I remember correctly, she didn’t want to tell him she moved on and then went along with pretending everything was normal. If she was upfront about it, Ben wouldn’t have had the allusion that things would be the same.

I felt for Ben, definitely, but even more for Cal who has been a complete afterthought. No one is checking up on his emotional well-being. He’s an eight-year-old with cancer whose life was flipped completely upside-down. I’m sure it’s not easy to assimilate.

And Grace and Olive pretend nothing is wrong, while Ben and the rest of the flight 828 passengers know Cal is in grave danger. Ben should have custody. How is he supposed to protect his son if he’s not with him at all times? I’m a little upset Ben didn’t try harder to take Cal with him as he clearly knows what’s at stake and how uninformed and ignorant his wife is.

Michaela kept hearing a calling, though this one was more realistic and accompanied by visions of a blizzard. She assumed the “find her” was referring to Paul’s wife, Helen, as the vision happened the moment she touched his hand. Helen never appeared at the hanger to pick up her husband, but tracking her down wasn’t too difficult for Mic and Jared. Helen’s story was a bit of a dead end — she didn’t show because Paul was abusive. However, Paul didn’t remember any of that so I guess it’s a win-win for everyone. Unless there’s more to his story and he’s actually a danger to all the passengers.

The calling continued and throughout it, Mic kept seeing the blizzard and someone crawling. Eventually, she realized she was experiencing someone else’s vision. Sure enough, Cal was seeing the same vision, though his revealed a person with grimy hands clutching a photo of Michaela.  While he was experiencing the calling, his hand also began turning blue from frostbite. Remember when I said he’s in danger and his own mother has no idea? Yep, this is a prime example.

Who is the person in the calling? Is it another passenger? Why do they have a photo of Mic? And why is Cal experiencing these callings as well?

The juiciest part of the episode came when Jared finally professed his love for Mic. The back-and-forth tension between them has been accumulating since she returned. When Helen mentioned that the passengers’ return was like a “wrecking ball” coming to destroy the new lives that they’d built, Michaela tried to distance herself from Jared. In her opinion, he’d found happiness and she didn’t want to destroy that. But did she really believe that? I mean, these two are like magnets. And thus, Jared swung by the house later to tell Michaela that she was his soulmate and that he didn’t come to the hangar because he’d never go home. “We didn’t cheat death to live half a life,”  he said as they then cheated and fell into bed with each other.

And man, I can’t say I blame them. Sure, I feel bad for Lourdes who was at home ovulating and waiting, but she’s the other woman! Jared got back something that he thought he’d lost forever — the woman that he loved. That doesn’t just go away. Lourdes knew she was a second choice so I’m surprised she hasn’t picked up on it yet. Now, the only way this triangle intensifies is if there’s a pregnancy involved. Jared and Lourdes have been trying so that would be more likely and the messier announcement because it would force Michaela to surrender her feelings. However, Mic being pregnant would force Jared to tell Lourdes and finally give him and Mic the happy ending they’ve been holding out for.

I definitely think the series took the cliche way out with these triangles and cheating scandals instead of digging in deep to the core of the story. Lourdes and Danny have been set up as the enemy/ the obstacles for the Stone’s which isn’t fair to either of them. There’s so much to be explored with a 5-year-gap.

What are your thoughts? Are Grace and Danny the worst?

Who is the Major? Will she get her hands on Cal? Who is the “her” in Cal and Michaela’s vision? Will Lourdes find out the truth about Jared and Mic? Is Cal really the Holy Grail? How are the test-subject passengers still being controlled? And what does the government really want from them?

We’re still perplexed with questions, but it seems that this is exactly where Manifest wants us to be.

A promo for next week reveals the captain trying to re-create this occurrence with dark lightning. Does that mean whatever happened to them was manufactured? If so, it would go along with my theory that Fiona is behind all of this for her own science experiment.

And what about Adrian who was upset that they’d disrupted his life but then gave into the fascination of the 828  “Believers.” It’s a moment that had no real importance, but it’s inclusion hints at future storylines. It may seem like Manifest is all discombobulated at times, but this proves the writers have a clear pathway and direction for what’s to come.

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Manifest Double Episode Review – How Is Noah’s Ark Connected to Flight 828? (3×07 & 3×08)



Manifest Review Precious Cargo and Destination Unknown Season 3 Episode 7 and Episode 8

With another double-header, Manifest Season 3 Episode 7 and Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 erupted with a few answers about the miraculous return of Flight 828. 

For starters, it’s on its way to being declared an official miracle just like Noah’s Ark, which begs the question: are the passenger’s saints or angels? Is that why they’re glowing?

The series has always had religious undertones, but connecting it to the vessel that saved Noah, his family, and his animals takes it to a whole other level. 

Though, I guess it does explain all the guest appearances from the peacock.

The revelations started when Saanvi realized that the passengers and the recently deceased Meth Heads shared the same DNA anomaly of sapphire.

This led to the delivery of driftwood from the Vatican (the place that has the power to declare miracles). The driftwood was described as the only specimen on the planet coated with the same sapphire compound.

And it’s location led Saanvi to discover that it was likely a piece from Noah’s Ark.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I understand why Flight 828 and Noah’s Ark are connected (and if you do, let me know in the comments), but the fact that Ben spent much of the episodes preserving their “lifeboat” — preventing passengers from doing something that would result in all of their deaths — wasn’t lost on me.

Manifest Review Precious Cargo and Destination Unknown Season 3 Episode 7 and Episode 8

MANIFEST — “Precious Cargo” Episode 307 — Pictured: (l-r) Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

I also looked into the meaning of sapphire in the bible and found that it was once believed that the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed were made from sapphire. 

Do with that what you will, my friends.

Maybe Ben is about to issue commandments to all of the 187 passengers?

Micromanaging so many people into diligently following the Callings and behaving appropriately sounds like a tall, impossible order. 

Ben is up for the challenge, but it doesn’t seem like the rest of the passengers are all too eager for him to be their “shepherd.”

That reference wasn’t lost on me either. 

Of course, there’s also a scientific aspect to what happened to Flight 828 as both the driftwood and the tailfin were triggered by a seismic event, which Saanvi notes was caused by a dormant volcano that wasn’t registered in any databases. 

It’s described as invisible just like the lightning that Captain Daly believed struck the plane. 

All I know is, I’m glad they’re addressing Daly and Fiona because it means that we’ll eventually get some answers as to what happened there. 

Initially, I thought that maybe Flight 828 flew over Mount Arat on its way from Jamaica to New York, but the flight plan wouldn’t track.

So, maybe the lightning — which we also saw with Al Zuras — is responsible for the volcanos?

Again, please let me know if I’m totally off base here! 

Explosions and fire aren’t new for the series as Ben and some of the other passengers continue to have visions of Flight 828 exploding. 

And I’m going to go on a limb and say that the fire in the Calling that led Mick and Ben to Rachel and Hannah wasn’t a coincidence either. 

The volcano is the new peacock! 

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Manifest Double Episode Review – Sayonara, Methheads! (3×05 and 3×06)



Manifest Review Water Landing and Graveyard Spiral Season 3 Episode 5 and 6

Manifest hit us with an action-packed doubleheader.

The episode was filled with dramatic fight scenes, Grace covered in blood and holding a shotgun, and an NSA agent getting shot in the head. 

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

There’s no denying it — Manifest Season 3 Episode 5 and Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 were intense and gave us new and unexpected insight into the death date and the Callings.

But don’t be fooled . . . as per usual, one answer leads to a plethora of new questions. 

Even the ending, which saw the methheads dying together, remained vague as Ben declared: “We were so very wrong.”

Jace was the only one of the methheads that wasn’t redeemed, but he wasn’t the only one to die. 

Initially, everyone thought he’d be the only one to meet a permanent fate since he continued down a destructive path while the others made the most of their second chance.  

Pete helped Ben track his brother and save his family, plus, he found love with Angelina. 

Meanwhile, Kory helped save Cal by coming to tell him to stop reciting the nursery rhyme as it led Jace right to him. 

They both proved that in their second go-around, they would make better choices. 

And yet, it didn’t matter.

Manifest Review Water Landing and Graveyard Spiral Season 3 Episode 5 and 6

MANIFEST — “Water Landing” Episode 305 — Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

After Jace died by throwing up lake water, the other two consumed by his shadow figure.

I know that the shadows come with the territory, but they were a little too animated and cheesy for my taste.

I also can’t say that I’ll miss the methheads. We were supposed to be touched by Pete’s redemption arc and love story with Angelina, but it just didn’t have the same pull as Mic and Zeke’s survivor love story. 

Kory barely made a dent in the storyline aside from being a cool dude. 

As for Jace, well, the world is better off without him. 

Olive’s discovery that they “all came back together so they will all be judged together” does change things for the passengers of Flight 828. 

Up until now, they thought that following the Callings individually and being good people would lead them to defeat the death date.

But if they are all being judged collectively, staying alive is going to be much harder.

One bad apple can ruin it for everyone. And we already know that there’s someone out there — looking at you, Eagan — that’s doesn’t have pure intentions for following the Callings. 

The revelation from the Egyptian symbols may have been shocking, but in hindsight, I feel like the signs were all there. 

After all, the series keeps pounding the fact that it’s all connected. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the fates of the passengers be connected as well?

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Manifest Review – Tailspin (3×04)



Manifest Tailspin review season 3 episode 4

Vance wasn’t lying when he referred to the NSA’s 828 investigation room as “eureka.”

Much of Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 focused on the mystery surrounding what happened to Flight 828 and the tailfin, and it was a lot to process. 

We were bombarded with plenty of information, but as usual, with every answer, several new questions arose. 

It’s almost like we can’t ever get ahead of the mystery; we’re always two steps behind as we try to piece together all the clues. 

Ben, Saanvi, and Mic have been trying to figure this out on their own, but it’s evident that there’s so much at play here that even a robust team of government researchers and scientists has been struggling to come up with any plausible theories. 

For starters, Vance’s team proved what Ben suspected all along: the tail fin is an original part of 828. 

And it apparently teleported to the bottom of the sea on the same night that Zeke beat the death date and the methheads drowned in the lake.

Yep, teleported. 

That was also the same night and time that Saanvi killed The Major, which lead her to believe that the events were somehow related and intensified her guilt. 

The connection between all the events remains unclear much like the connection between the passengers and the non-passengers. 

The recovered tailfin also showed signs of corrosion that was consistent with having spent seven years in saltwater. 

How is it possible that the tailfin is showing signs of original wear and tear?

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