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Manifest Black Box Review Manifest Black Box Review


Manifest Review – It’s All Connected to the Peacock (2×04)

MANIFEST -- "Black Box" Episode 204 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Alex Morf as Logan Strickland -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)



A life and death situation brought Mic and Zeke together, romantically this time, while another 828’er got the “death date” Calling and failed to make sense of it.

Much of Manifest Season 2 Episode 4 centered around Logan’s bank robbery as the fellow passenger risked his whole life (plus the lives of many others) to desperately get to his father’s safe to retrieve a compass that he believed would keep him safe.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Mic and Zeke both ended up at the bank mere minutes before the robbery as they both shared yet another Calling that brought them there.

However, this was the first time another passenger had a Calling connected to Mic and Zeke’s. While they were told to “bring him back,” TJ saw an emblem of a bug, a bird, a fish, and a tiger that Olive quickly identified as the Grammercy Club, a members-only athletic club in the city

Look at Olive being useful with the Callings!

What does it mean that other passengers are now getting Callings related to the Stone family?

TJ’s Calling was crucial in helping Zeke and Mic thwart the robbery because it led him and Ben to Frank Strickland, Logan’s brother, who was also the only person with the key to the safe coincidentally numbered #6224.

Oh, who am I kidding, there are no coincidences on this show!

Frank was what we’d call a non-believer. He didn’t believe that Logan was really his brother because his brother died in the plane crash and whoever this was had to be some imposter.

It was a lie he was telling himself so that he wouldn’t have to face the terrifying truth that something unexplainable happened to his brother.

Acknowledging that his brother existed also meant acknowledging that the “visions” he was having about a death date are true.

It’s all connected was a Calling early on in Manifest Season 1, and I’m surprised it didn’t come into play here because after Logan got the compass, he handed it over to Mic. Upon closer inspection, she realized there’s a peacock design on the back of it.

As mentioned in my review of Manifest Season 2 Episode 3, there was plenty of mythology that was introduced in Manifest Season 1 that seemed to tease the “death date,” One of those symbols was the peacock, which represents many things including “protection, watchfulness, immortality.” Peacocks can also “absorb energies while protecting those who wear them.”

It’s unclear how this compass is going to come into play or “help them” beat the death date, but there’s no denying that the Callings wanted them to find it.

Mic calls it the “first step in figuring out how we survive,” which also means we’re progressing towards some real answers.

The death date was also brought up to Adrian, the leader of the Church of the Believers, but when Olive mentioned it, he didn’t seem too concerned. Instead, he offered up the usual rhetoric of “if we believe, we’ll be saved again.”

It’s normal, human even, to want to believe in some higher power, but wouldn’t someone want to know why they were saved in the first place? If my return comes with an expiration date, I’d like to know what I was sent back to accomplish in the first place.

Returning from the dead doesn’t just happen on a daily basis, and when it does, it isn’t for no reason.

Some of you have suspected that Adrian is working with the Major, and it would make sense as to why he wouldn’t be concerned. If he is, everything Olive is telling him including the death date reveal is finding its way back to The Major.

TJ also found out about the death date and was not pleased with Ben for keeping him in the dark.

However, Ben never promised to keep TJ informed or tell him the whole truth. He likely didn’t say anything because he’s still not sure what the death date means and didn’t want to alarm a teenager with the fact that he has 5 years left to live.

He probably didn’t want TJ to go off and do something stupid like go to the Church of Believers with Olive.

Olive, whose massive crush on TJ was revealed in flashbacks, thought it was a good idea to take TJ to the church, which will likely mean even more trouble for the passengers.

Also, Olive and TJ may be similar in age now, but if the passengers would have aged normally, then there’d still be a huge age gap between them. It doesn’t seem like that’ll go over well with Ben.

While Ben was off dealing with a Calling, Saanvi and Vance were working The Major.

Well, actually, The Major was working them while they were working her.

But alas, Vance and Saanvi couldn’t pull one over on her because she was one step ahead of them again. She effortlessly picked up on Saanvi’s “lying” tick of playing with an apple during her session.

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Manifest: Ben Stone Reveals He “Knows” What Happened to Flight 828 in New Trailer



Manifest Ben Stone reveals he knows what happened to Flight 828

Alright, time to give us the deets, Ben Stone.

In a new trailer hyping the return of Manifest Season 3 on April 1, the patriarch of the family tells former NSA agent Vance that he “knows what happened to Flight 828.”

The trailer then shows Ben getting a reverse-vision (or Calling) of the plane blowing up as it nose dives into the water, which would make sense considering that in the final moments of season 2, fisherman pulled out what seems to be the tail fin of the doomed flight. 

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Poster Teases the Tailfin Mystery: “The Truth Will Surface”

His theory: “I think we died on that flight.”

Of course, that raises even more questions than it answers, though the trailer promises to “reveal the truth.”

If they died, how are did they return five years later? Where did they go for those five years?

Are the Callings premonitions or memories and flashbacks? Is their time on back limited by a “death date” that we thought was avoidable?

Let’s hope TV’s biggest mystery answers our burning questions… but until then, re-watch this promo over and over as you try to drum up your own theory that would make Ben proud! 

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Interview: Jack Messina Talks All Things ‘Manifest’ Including Bromance with Zeke and Season 3


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‘Manifest’ Season 3 Poster Teases the Tailfin Mystery: “The Truth Will Surface”



If you’ve spent the past year wondering what happened to Flight 828, you’re not alone.

But it looks like Manifest Season 3 will begin to divulge some answers and unravel the mystery. (At least we hope so.)

NBC released the first poster for the upcoming third season – which premieres on April 1, 2021 (no, not an April Fools joke) – and it focuses heavily on the tailfin fished out of the water in the final moments of Manifest Season 2. 

MANIFEST — Pictured: “Manifest” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

For those that need a little refresher, a tailfin from a Montego Air flight was found by the fishermen in a massive body of water indicating that the flight that we saw land at the kickstart of season 1 did, in fact, crash five years ago.

Understandably, this raised so many questions… on top of the questions we already had. How did the plane return if it crashed? How are the passengers alive? Are the passengers even the passengers?

The season 3 poster focuses heavily on the tailfin and features the tagline: “the truth will surface.”

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that the season will seemingly address the mystery of the tailfin and how it ended up underwater as it connects to Flight 828.

Show creator Jeff Rake seemed to confirm this by explaining: “From literally the opening shot of Season Three, we’ll see the Tailfin lure our heroes even deeper into the mystery of Flight 828.”

Of course, the first episode of season 3 is aptly titled “Tailspin.” Is that a hint that the plane dived into the ocean?

Or will the episode and the mystery take us on a whirlwind of a descent?

And while no synopsis is provided for now, there is this photo of Josh Dallas who plays Ben Stone.

MANIFEST — “Tailfin” Episode 301 — Pictured: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/WBTV/NBC)

That’s a very tropical outfit for Ben, wouldn’t you say?

The mystery of the tailfin thickens because since Flight 828 landed five years after it took off from Jamaica, there’s no reason for it to be underwater.

Plus, we saw the plane explode in front of all the passengers when they received a collective “calling.”

There have been several theories about the existence of the tailfin, however. 

There’s a chance that the tailfin could belong to a decoy plane used by the government since we know they’re involved. Could this be what exposes them?

Maybe they wanted people to think that the plane sunk and took the real thing to inspect? But the government wouldn’t be reckless enough to dump the real thing in the ocean, would they?

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Teaser Focuses on Tail Fin in the Water – What Happened to Flight 828?

Users pointed out that when the plane exploded, it didn’t actually show the tailfin getting destroyed, so it’s possible it was dumped into the ocean to destroy evidence.

However, another interesting point is that the tailfin being pulled out of the water and the one from the exploding plane look different. It could be another side of the fin, it could be a filming continuity error, or it might not be the same tailfin at all. 

Personally, I think it looks like it would be from an older model aircraft, so maybe it’s from a plane that crashed prior?

I’m into the theory that it’s from an alternate reality, but the fishermen are fully aware that Flight 828 returned, so we know that this timeline exists alongside the passengers and in the same dimension.  

Rake had this to say about the tailfin if it offers you any insight: “We saw that plane land in New York. We saw that plane blow up on the tarmac at the end of the pilot. So how can a plane have landed and been exploded and then also be found at the bottom of the ocean? Once the entire world finds out about this tailfin, that’s going to re-trigger the global scrutiny and paranoia about Flight 828 and its passengers.” 

Could it be that the passengers aren’t even real? Rake has considered it: “Does this mean that the passengers are not the passengers? And if they’re not the passengers, who are they? That’s going to be a season-long, science-based, science meets mythology investigation. For those who have been feeling that the episodes have become a little science-light or investigation-light, they have a lot of good material coming down the pike.”

Clearly, there’s plenty of avenues for the series to take here. 

Hopefully, the season gives us some answers to the central mystery at the core of NBC’s most thrilling series.

We’ll see you back here on April 1!

In the meantime, follow us on socials: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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NBC Announces Spring Premiere Dates for ‘Manifest,’ ‘Good Girls,’ and ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’



NBC Announces Spring Premiere Dates for 'Manifest,' 'Good Girls,' and 'Law & Order: Organized Crime'

Manifest and Good Girls fans, we have the news you’ve been waiting for! 

After months of anticipation, NBC is unveiling its spring schedule. 

Good Girls is set to return for season 4 on Sunday, March 7 at 10/9c. We’ll reunite with Beth, Ruby, and Annie as “the stakes for everyone get higher and higher,” the brand new logline teases. 

Will Good Girls Be Renewed for Season 4? Here’s What Would Have Happened With #Brio in Season 3

Ellen’s Game of Games will make its official move from Mondays to Sunday on March 7.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will also return to its former time-slot on Sundays on March 28.

Then, we’ll be welcoming April with Manifest, which returns for season 3 on Thursday, April 1 at 8/7c.

Per the network, Manifest picks up more than a year since the mysterious and puzzling return of Flight 828.

“While the Stone family endeavors to keep their friends safe and make their enemies believe the unbelievable, new challenges will test their trust of the callings and each other. But sticking together is more important than ever, because no matter what happens, it’s all connected,” the description reads. 

‘Manifest’ Season 3 Teaser Focuses on Tail Fin in the Water – What Happened to Flight 828?

The series will be followed by a two-hour Law & Order, which will include the series premiere of the Elliot Stabler-focused spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime

Interview: Jack Messina Talks All Things ‘Manifest’ Including Bromance with Zeke and Season 3

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