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Manifest Grounded Review Manifest Grounded Review


Manifest Review – Seeing Dead People (2×02)

MANIFEST -- "Grounded" Episode 202 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)



Another episode, another week where we don’t know any more than we did previously.

The series has such a roundabout way of getting to any concrete answers that the slow momentum is bound to leave fans frustrated, exhausted, or a  little bit of both.

That’s not to say that Manifest Season 2 Episode 2 didn’t establish any brand new information, but it wasn’t enough to blow our minds or provide clarity on the fuzziness mystery.

The episode confirmed that the Callings between Mic, Zeke, and Cal are definitely synced up and getting stronger the more they fight them.

At one point, the turbulence from the plane manifested itself into physical convulsions that were only felt by the three survivors. And yes, it looked just as odd to those around them as it did to us.

These convulsions led to Zeke getting restrained and drugged while in prison after foolishly pleading guilty to all the charges against him, which is concerning. Was this normal protocol?

Or does The Major have goons in the prison just like she has them around the hospital?

It’s looking as if nowhere is safe for the Flight 828 passengers anymore, but unfortunately, they don’t know that. Not fully, at least.

On the bright side, Ben is on the cusp of linking Saanvi’s therapist to The Major (he’ll be in for quite the shocker when he learns the therapist is The Major) after realizing she ordered a DNA sequencer just like Saanvi.

The Major being the mole isn’t outright obvious to the passengers, but it won’t take a genius to put two and two together, especially now that they have Vance to help them spy on The Major’s activities.

That is until someone realizes that Vance faked his own death. It’s bound to happen sooner or later as I’d imagine The Major has people following Ben and Mic at all times.

But instead of focusing on the negatives here, let’s commend Vance on not only pulling off such a feat but being smart enough to realize that he cannot trust his own government.

It’s still unclear why Vance chose this moment to “come back from the dead,” though.

He doesn’t seem to have any concrete information other than investigating a black ops financial pipeline that’s funding a shadow 828 investigation, but he could have kept looking into it without revealing himself.

It seems silly that he would risk blowing his cover to reveal absolutely nothing of value.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that his wife knows he’s alive. Family is collateral, he cannot be this clumsy one moment and brilliant the next!

Without Vance’s intel, though, Mic and Ben would just be running around each other with conspiracy theories that make no sense. At least this gives them some upper hand since The Major has been playing them all like a fiddle, especially poor Saanvi.

Revealing that the Callings may be genetically transferable is dangerous information for The Major to possess.

There are several ways she can cause damage with that newfound information including mind control.

One of the most frustrating things about Manifest, aside from continuously providing no real answers, is that the focus is often split between the mystery of what happened to Flight 828 and these Callings.

It’s clear the Callings serve a greater purpose, but as we look at them through the lens of the passengers, they’re rather pointless.

Ben spent most of the episode with TJ, a college student who reached out to him because the Callings were confusing and too much to handle. TJ thought he was seeing his own death until he followed his hunch and dug up the body of a student.

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Manifest Midseason Premiere Review – Nosediving Into 2020 (2×01)



Manifest Fasten Your Seatbelts Review

TV’s biggest mystery is back!

Fasten your seatbelts because Flight 828 is nosediving into 2020 on Manifest Season 2 Episode 1.

Or, at least, that’s that latest Calling that Mic experiences while she’s getting rushed to the hospital from an accidental gunshot wound.

The Manifest Season 2 premiere wasted no time revealing that Mic was the victim of the love triangle between Jared and Zeke.

However, considering Mic was in all the teasers and remains the crux of this mystery, there was never any question about her survival.

Mic’s Calling, which reimagines what really happened on Flight 828 — or maybe reveals a truth that they’ve all forgotten — is shared by Cal.

Cal tells her to “save the passengers,” which leads her and Ben to the Vasik couple, a husband and wife who were on the flight and about to drive their car off a cliff to put an end to “seeing and hearing things.”

It seems as though not everyone has had as much success with figuring out the Callings as the Stone family.

But while it isn’t immediately clear what purpose all the passengers are supposed to play, it’s assuring to know that every passenger is experiencing them and not just the Stones.

However, it seems like the Callings have nothing to do with the projected “death date” and more to do with helping other people.

The Vasik’s misinterpreted their Calling as suicide when they were actually supposed to save another car that had fallen over the very cliff they planning to drive off of.

It’s a new year, but Manifest is doing it again.

One of my biggest gripes with Manifest Season 1 was all the unnecessary time spent on passengers that didn’t contribute anything to the overall mystery.

Focusing on the Vasik’s feels just like that. Without any clarity as to how they fit into everything, I’m indifferent about the storyline. Do I want them to survive? Yes. But what does it matter in the grand scheme of things?

Once again, these storylines feel like filler in a series that doesn’t need it.

Cal has always known more than he’s letting on even if he’s fully aware of his knowledge.

Also, can we talk about that growth spurt? They cannot just wave it off as a “haircut.”

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Manifest Season 2: We Have a Few Theories Explaining the Core Mystery



2018-2019 TV Season Schedule

TV’s biggest mystery is coming back next month, and the passengers of Flight 828 are frantically working against the clock to get some much-desired answers.

The series wasn’t forthcoming with explanations to the supernaturally complex mystery on Manifest Season 1, often raising more questions and infuriating the audience.

Ben - Manifest Season 1 Episode 1

But following the season finale’s big reveal — Mic, Cal, Ben, and all the passengers are living on borrowed time — the characters are now more motivated than ever to find out what really happened to them on that plane.

Since much of the show is a tangled web of mysteries and conspiracies, get ready for these theories to make your head spin.

Do you have any theories? Share them with us even if they aren’t fleshed-out fully.

Theory #1 – This Has Happened Before

A TV Fanatic reader submitted a theory in our comments section last year and based on the extended trailer for Manifest Season 2, and she may be onto something.

User Kate227 believes that the passengers were sent into a “black hole/time vortex” where these events have already played out so the “callings” and visions are warnings from themselves.

The trailer may support that theory with Ben stating, “the possibility that all of this has happened before, this changes everything.”

She adds that when they reach their explanation date, they’ll return in yet another reality with newer memories and more powerful abilities of inter-dimensional communication.

The goal is to break out of the continuous loop and survive.

Theory #2 – They Are All Dead

Many fans fear that the series is taking a play out of Lost’s playbook and in reality, Ben, Mic, and Cal are all dead.

That would be anti-climactic, wouldn’t it?


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Manifest Season Finale Unmasked: Who Got Shot?



Manifest Estimated Time of Departure

Let’s go back, back to the beginning of Manifest Season 1.

And in this case, the beginning is sunny and carefree Jamaica.

I’ve always wondered when we would dive into their time on the island, but sadly, it didn’t reveal much.

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