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Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter: Bridge and Tunnel (1X02)



We continue where we left off with Peggy and her waitress pal, Angie having a conversation about being roommates and getting a place. However Peggy declines the offer after what happened with Colleen. She did managed to get temporarily guest room at Howard Stark’s house. Let’s just say its not the Playboy mansion but its quite the place especially for somewhere in NY. For Peggy, she manages to find…costumes? Peggy brushes off Jarvis’s request to help her hunt for a milk truck filled with experimental nitramene at the Daisy Clover Dairy headquarters. She poses as a health inspector to do some digging. She gets the name of the driver of a missing truck. Peggy is looking for someone named Sheldon McFee.

Chief Dooley and Jack Thompson gaze at the imploded mess that was once the Roxxon chemical refinery. They pay a visit to the company’s CEO, Hugh Jones, who brings up Howard Stark’s work with vita-radiation. Back at the office, Agent Sousa has received photos of the blonde who was seen with Spider Raymond at his club. Peggy’s effort to sneak a peek to see if she’s recognizable is thwarted by a phone call from the chief as she’s summoned to help determine if any of the ladies of Roxxon were exposed to vita-rays. The theory is the implosion could have been the result of an inside job.

During the screenings for vita-ray contamination, Peggy recognizes the scientist she saw at the refinery with Leet Brannis. His name is Van Ert. Peggy manages to single-handedly foil his attempt to flee. She’s later asked to take off while Van Ert is brutally interrogated by Thompson. Elsewhere, the man in the green suit is on the hunt for Leet Brannis, the thief who stole the experimental nitramene. After interrogating and killing a local mob boss, he follows a lead on a buyer. A ledger Green Suit swiped from Spider Raymond has the address of Gino Delucia inside. Another killer interrogation provides the info he needs.


Peggy is only slightly ahead of all those in pursuit of runaway milk truck driver Sheldon McFee. Her fellow agents and the man in the green suit are also on their way to his house in Cedar Grove. McFee is inside listening to the Captain America-themed radio program that Peggy can’t stand. Im sure it’s within good reason and plus her character is a nurse who pretty much does nothing. Well back to the real life where McFee is neutralized and Leet Brannis is caught trying to steal the milk truck thanks to some help from Jarvis. Peggy, Jarvis and Brannis hit the road until they are attacked by the man in the green suit joins them by leaping onto the milk truck’s roof.

Back near the house, Dooley and Thompson pick up a fleeing Sheldon McFee. On the road, Peggy does battle with the guy in the Green Suit atop the truck while A gunshot-wounded Brannis is grabbed by Jarvis. Peggy pulls them onto the road as the milk truck careens off a cliff into water below. Until a massive explosion rocks the night. Brannis is a dying mess. He draws a symbol of a heart bisected by a line in the dirt before his lights go out completely. Peggy and Jarvis exit the scene before Dooley and Thompson arrive to discover a woman’s footprints. Agent Sousa finds a hotel key that fell out of Green Suit’s pocket during his fight with Peggy.

Jarvis stitches up a Peggy back at the mansion and talks about how she can’t do these missions on her own. Their conversation convinced Peggy to reconsider Angie’s offer to be her neighbor at the Griffith Hotel. Back at work, Peggy is relieved that there was no clear photo of her in that blonde wig at the club. She dodged a bullet. She has no idea, however, that Agent Krzeminski just found the license plate of the Stark car Peggy was using in the Roxxon implosion debris.

So within the two episodes there have been a number of flashbacks to the final moments of Captain America. Peggy proves that she’s a one woman army in a world filled with men and JARVIS was inspired by a real guy who happens to be Stark’s butler? It’s a brilliant start. Plus for those who tweeted with me during the premiere you might have seen many references made that link to the 3 Iron Man Movies as well at Captain America The First Avenger. Be sure to check out my Twitter and see for yourself. Then rewatch all three and see what you can find. Got a few more weeks of this and all I got to say…keep em coming.


Photo Credit: ABC/Agent Carter

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Agent Carter

Agent Carter: Valediction (1X08)



What a finale indeed for Agent Carter. Here’s what happened beginning with Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie setting a plan that resulted in a deadly melee in a movie theater. Forty-seven people are dead. Agent Sousa discovers the Howard Stark-labeled canister that released the mysterious gas. He accidentally breathes some in. Sousa attacks Thompson before being knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he realizes that he wanted to kill his fellow agent.Peggy believes Ivchenko has a plan for the other 10 canisters. He has a target in mind. Howard Stark believes it’s him.

Howard Stark hands over all the information he has on the Battle of Fennel. He says he unintentionally created a product for the army that leads to psychosis. Midnight Oil as it is known was supposed keep soldiers awake for days at a time. Stark comes up with a plan to put himself out there as bait to catch the bad guys. He’s going to make a press conference.

Ivchenko and Dottie are pulled over by the police. The officer lets them off with a warning until a call comes through on the radio. Soon Dottie has a gun pointed at the cop. She later takes out a guard at an airplane hangar. When she makes her way back to the car, Ivchenko lets her know that their plans have changed. He just found out that Howard Stark is back in town.

An outdoor press conference puts Howard Stark in plain sight until shots are fired at the street. Howard is whisked away to a police car. It takes off leaving Jarvis in the dust. The cop driving the car is the same one who pulled over Dottie. He’s under Ivchenko’s spell. Howard is being taken to meet with the doctor.

Realizing that it’s V-E Day, Peggy and Thompson believe that Ivchenko has a plan to take down Times Square. A hundred thousand people are there. Jarvis thinks the bad guys are likely headed for his boss’s hidden vault of planes. Howard had shown it to Dottie six months earlier before he knew she was a killer. In the present day, Howard learns that Ivchenko’s brother died in the Battle of Fennel. It’s why he’s being made to suffer now.

Howard falls under Ivchenko’s hypnotic spell. He’s brought back to a time when he believes he can find Captain America. A vision of Peggy presents him with his shield. Howard believes he can bring Steve Rogers home. In the present day, the SSR arrives a little too late. Howard Stark has already taken off in one of his planes. Jarvis knows that he’s the only one who can fly a second aircraft with the purpose of shooting him down.

Peggy tracks down Ivchenko. She gets into a fight with Dottie, who takes a baseball bat to her. Nevertheless, Peggy gets the upper hand. She kicks Dottie out a second story window. Ivchenko has fled. Peggy takes to the radio transmitter he was using to try to convince Howard that the fantasy in his head isn’t real. The actual plan is to release the gas over civilians.


Ivchenko gets the drop on Thompson. He knocks him unconscious. He then tries to work his mind games on Sousa. Ivchenko orders him to shoot Thompson. That’s not going to happen. Sousa knocks out Ivchenko. He had put cotton in his ears so he couldn’t hear what the doc was saying. As Stark’s plane is headed for New York City, Jarvis is in pursuit and prepared to shoot him down. But Peggy desperately tries to convince Howard that Steve Rogers is gone. They all have to move on. They have to let him go. Her words finally sink in as he realizes that he was under a spell. Jarvis ultimately leads him home.

Peggy and Howard are reunited in the hangar as Ivchenko is arrested. The doc is gagged as well. As for Dottie, she escapes. Peggy realizes that they’ll be seeing her again someday. She returns to the SSR offices to a steady stream of applause from her colleagues. But at the end of the day, Thompson is the one who gets credit for thwarting the attack on Time Square. Sousa is ticked. Peggy, however, is fine. She knows her own value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Peggy declines Sousa’s invitation to grab a drink. She has to meet a friend. Angie is shocked when Jarvis lets her know that she and Peggy are free to live in one of Howard Stark’s beautiful homes. She heads off to call her mom.

When they are alone, Jarvis shares a nice moment with Peggy just before he reveals that Howard is destroying all of his weapons. He then turns over the vile of Steve Rogers’ blood. Jarvis is certain that she’s the one person in the world who will know what to do with it. Peggy takes the vile to a bridge. She pours it into the waters below. Then she says goodbye to the love of her life.

In the final scene, Dr. Ivchenko is bound to the mouth and brought into his prison cell. He can’t speak, but his cellmate hopes there’s another way they can communicate, as he is a big fan of his work. Cue Dr. Arnim Zola from the Captain America films as he emerges and tells Ivchenko there’s still hope, for they are in America. And America is the land of opportunity. What does Zola have in store for the SSR now that Ivchenko is working with him? What does the future hold for Peggy now that she doesn’t have to deal with Thompson? Will Daniel and Peggy hook up? We won’t know until Agent Carter gets a renewal. Lets hope the announcement comes soon.

Also, I mentioned during the LIVE tweet that Agent Carter herself Hayley Atwell will be coming to Chicago for C2E2. I will be there to get you a behind the scenes look at Chicago’s biggest comic con and get you pictures with some of your CraveYou Celebrities.

By: Joachim Jocson

Photo Credit: Agent Carter/ABC

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Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter: SNAFU (1X07)



We begin in 1943 Russia, Dr. Ivchenko used his mind games for good as evidenced by how he helped save a young soldier’s life. Three years later, he still uses his trick on members of the SSR. He watches as Peggy is interrogated by Agent Sousa. No matter what she tried from the story of a female assassin, nothing was going to convince them of the truth. The SSR agents turn up the heat. Thompson wants Peggy to give up Howard Stark. But we all know that’s not going to happen. Peggy forcefully informs them that the person they should be after is Dottie, her neighbor.

Jarvis steps into the SSR offices looking for Chief Dooley claiming to have a signed confession from Howard Stark. This is all in part of an attempt to free Peggy, who is promptly terminated from the SSR. Jarvis admits that the confession wasn’t actually written by Stark as he panicked and wrote the thing himself. Chief Dooley attempts to make amends with his wife. Dr. Ivchenko is in the office when he makes this phone call. Dooley doesn’t see him sending a message to Dottie. She now knows that Leviathan is coming.

Peggy admits that the confession is a fake as she comes clean in order to get her former colleagues to believe that Dr. Ivchenko is one of the bad guys. She spills the details of the last remaining sample of Steve Rogers’ blood. Thompson and Sousa believe Peggy’s story. Dooley isn’t sold. He sends a team over to check out the building across the street. He then becomes a victim to the evil doc’s mind games. Dooley locks Peggy and Jarvis in the interrogation room at gunpoint.

Dottie spent the early part of the day shopping for a baby carriage. Once back at her hideout, she catches sight of Sousa doing a search of the premises. Dottie gets the drop on him. Sousa fires his gun, but misses his target. Thompson closes in on the suspect. Dottie looks to be trapped. She’s not. Dottie bounds down the stairwell with a little parkour? Damn…


Dooley shuts down the SSR research lab clearing out all the scientists. Once everyone is gone, Ivchenko tricks him into finding one of Howard Stark’s inventions. He hands him a special vest while warning him to focus. Dr. Ivchenko steps out to the street where Dottie is waiting for him. He assures her that the SSR will be far too busy with what’s coming their way to worry about their escape.

Peggy and Jarvis smash through the window of the locked interrogation room. Of course, escape is still impossible seeing as how they are handcuffed to a table. When Thompson arrives, Peggy demands to know the whereabouts of his boss. Chief Dooley appears to have gone home. He admits to his wife that he screwed up. He just wants to come home now. His wife welcomes him with open arms. Unfortunately, none of this is real. Chief Dooley is actually in his office wearing the vest Ivchenko gave him. Jarvis explains that it’s a prototype for a new system of armor. It overheats with explosive results.

The lead scientist from the lab has no idea what to do about the armor. Chief Dooley’s skin is being seared as the device heats up. He knows what he needs to do. He swipes Thompson’s gun. He asks him to tell his wife that he’s sorry he missed dinner. He makes Peggy promise him they will get the people who did this. Chief Dooley turns the gun on the window. He fires and runs toward it. Dooley leaps through the opening and not that far outside the armor explodes in the air. SSR offices is in shambles, but  it was all thanks to the heroic act of Chief Dooley as he took his own life.

Taking inventory of things in the lab Captain America’s blood was not stolen. However, item 17 was taken by Ivchenko which it’s use is unknown. In another part of town, Dottie brings the baby carriage she purchased earlier into a movie theater. She sets off the container that rests inside it to emit some kind of gas. The main door is sealed by Ivchenko as he and Dottie make a hasty exit. Inside the theater, the moviegoers begin coughing. Then they become violent. A brutal melee breaks out. By the time someone arrives to open the theater doors, it’s too late. The lifeless bodies of every single moviegoer are in the aisle in a horrifying scene.

Now it’s a fight to not only clear Stark’s name but to find and stop the people responsible for taking down the SSR. Prepare for the Season Finale of Agent Carter next week and the following week, the return of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!


Photo: ABC/Marvel Agent Carter

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Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Sin to Err (1X06)



The episode begins with Dr. Ivchenko, the prisoner from last week’s episode tells the horrific tale of how he and others were recruited by Leviathan during WWII. Peggy asks about the girls who were trained at the boarding school. She believes that one of them grew up to kill Agent Krzeminski. Much to Peggy’s surprise, Chief Dooley gives her permission to follow up on her hunch. She enlists the help of Jarvis to get her a list of all the ladies Howard Stark has entertained recently. She learns that not only is he interested in Academy Award winning actresses but he gives them diamond bracelet. After A process of elimination, Peggy and Jarvis go on the hunt for someone with scars on her wrists from being handcuffed. Along the way we see Jarvis endures slaps and kicks from many of the scorned women who don’t pan out. Sorry Jarvis but this is the funniest I’ve seen you.


For Dottie, she sets up shop in an office across the street from the SSR offices. Across the street, Dr. Ivchenko deduces that Dooley is having problems with his marriage. He gazes out the window of the chief’s office. Dottie has the doc lined up in the scope of her rifle. She’s not going to shoot him though. She instead sends him a message via flashing lights. Dr. Ivchenko covertly responds. His orders for Dottie are to give him more time to find the item and to kill Peggy Carter. I will admit I did not see that coming from him. I seriously thought he was friendly and helpful. Now he’s a snitch.

Ivchenko attempts to unleash a hypnotic trick for information on Stark’s weapons. Dooley snaps out of it when Sousa interrupts with information about Peggy after he chatted with Sheldon McFee about the night he was detained.

After a search throughout New York, A woman named Ida left a cleaned-out apartment with a bed that indicates handcuffs were used on the post. Peggy believes she’s the one they are looking for. She meets up with Jarvis at the Automat when she notices that she’s being surrounded by SSR agents. Peggy goes into full takedown mode to make an escape. Unfortunately, Thompson is waiting outside for her. Peggy has no choice but to take him down, too. Sousa shows up moments later, but he can’t shoot her. Later, Chief Dooley brands Peggy Carter a fugitive.

Dr. Ivachenko uses his time with Agent Yauch, who is ordered to babysit him, to manipulate him. He employs the hypnotic trick he tried to pull on Dooley earlier. This time is works. Ivachenko gets the agent to tell him where Howard Stark’s inventions are being kept. He learns all the exit routes. Once the doc gets the information he seeks, he convinces Yauch to leave the office, have a drink and step into the path of a moving vehicle. Just like that Agent Yauch is no more.

Peggy races to her apartment. She’s looking to retrieve Steve Rogers’s blood. Thompson, Sousa and a team of agents are in hot pursuit. Peggy steps out onto the building’s ledge to avoid capture. She carefully edges her way over to the next apartment, Angie’s apartment that is. She covers for her by breaking down in tears over the thought of her grandmother. It’s all an act, and it works to perfection. The SSR agents vacate the apartment.

Angie had mentioned plans to give up acting earlier but is reconsidering all that now after all of that. She knew Peggy didn’t work at the phone company and hopes to find out the truth after all of this is over. Things take a turn when Peggy runs into Dottie as she plants an unexpected kiss on her. Peggy becomes woozy realizing that she is not some girl from Iowa is not who she seems just before falling unconscious. Dottie pulls out a switchblade. Before she can act, the SSR arrives. They arrest Peggy and take her back to HQ. Chief Dooley instructs Thompson and Sousa to not go easy on her just because she’s a girl. As Peggy prepares for interrogation what does Leviathan have in store for the SSR? Prepare for the penultimate episode next week followed by the finale in two weeks.

Photo Credit: ABC/ Agent Carter/ Marvel

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