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Marvels Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.R.A.C.K.S. (1X13)



On the last episode we find Ian Quinn (Guest Star: David Conrad) returned to help stop SHIELD with the help of the Clairvoyant. When the episode begins Skye tracking a large purchase Quinn made from his company called Cybertek. They know that a buy is going to happen on a train in Italy. With some permission from  Italian Intelligence to carry out the operation Agent Ward suggests that the team goes undercover to retrieve the item in question plus Agent Coulson thinks that this mission would bring them one step closer to the mysterious Clairvoyant. Agents Ward and May take on operations, going undercover as a wealthy couple in first class. Fitz and Skye handle communications as a young couple traveling Europe for their anniversary. Coulson and Simmons go in as a father and daughter bringing their late mother/wife’s ashes to her final resting place. Good execution…even for Simmons who kinda over did it but did it with style.

822x (48)

When Ward and May get to their room, they change outfits and have a discussion about how things see to have gotten personal for Coulson and how Skye seems much more determined as of late. You may remember from the last episode that Skye just found out the truth about her file from SHIELD. Of course this leads to Ward making a comment about Coulson finding out about their relationship, and then May revealing that she already told him before heading out the window to the top of the train…figures. Meanwhile, Skye and Fitz decide that they’re both American and play the overexcited couple in order to take the keys off of a train service person. They sneak into an empty room to set up communications. Coulson and Simmons play out their undercover characters with an amusing backstory which leasts to Stan Lee coming out and supporting Simmons. When their man, Carlo Mancini, comes into their car. Simmons stands and spills ashes all over Mancini. After things get cleaned up, Coulson and Simmons discover that communications are being jammed. Coulson goes to find out what’s wrong and discovers the car at the end of the train has been emptied out. Ward comes running in, shouting that they’ve been made, with several men following behind. One pulls out what looks like a grenade so the two jump off. The grenade goes off and makes the train disappear. FREAKY!!!!!

We back track moments before the mission goes south and we see Ward getting into character as a train conductor. He’s asked to help a woman carry her bags into her . The woman insists even after Ward refuses. Yet he helps the woman and takes the bag in the room before she pulls a gun. A fight breaks out between Ward, the woman and another Cybertek agent hiding in the room. When Ward discovers that communications are down he sees Simmons is alone and tells her they’ve been made and she should meet up with Fitz and Skye while he goes off to tell Coulson. We then jump to a scene we already saw with Coulson and Ward jumping off the train and the grenade making the train disappear.

It picks up with Ward and Coulson narrowly escaping a group of Cybertek security trying to find them. Coulson says the other will be okay with May on board, but Ward says she’s not on board and finds her sunglasses on the ground by the tracks. They decide to get back to the Bus. They find a truck in a field that has suspiciously already been hot wired and use it to get back to the plane.

When they get back to the Bus, they take a call from Russo, the Italian Intelligence agent who Coulson took the operation over from. He looks beat up and tells them that Cybertek is on to them. Coulson sends him their coordinates so they can meet up and try to figure things out.

Ward takes the fragment of the grenade into lab in order to try to examine it, but it takes him a minute to figure out how to turn the holographic table on. Eventually he gets it working and manages to isolate the model of the fragment. Coulson comes in and says S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t find the train with their satellites. The two try to zoom in on the object but prove incapable, finally decide to just upload the specs to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

Ward tells Coulson that he would have preferred that he and May’s relationship had just stayed between the two of them. Coulson says that it’s his business because it’s happening on his plane, around his people. Ward awkwardly says that “it” hasn’t actually happened on the plane. Coulson lets Ward know that if anyone gets hurt because of his relationship, he’ll be sent to Barrow, Alaska to guard Blonsky’s cryo-cell (Blonsky being Emil Blonsky, the Abomination, from The Incredible Hulk).

Russo arrives at the bus and is telling them that they’ve found the train when suddenly he goes stiff, knife in his back. He falls and a battered May is behind him.

Cut back to May on top of the train. She’s trying to move when a guard pops onto the roof and opens fire. She deploys a parachute to float off of the train. When she lands, she discovers Ward and Coulson on the ground, alive but paralyzed. She move into the field and hotwires the truck that Ward and Coulson will later find, only to be caught at gunpoint by Russo, who takes her prisoner.

May wakes up hanging inside a barn, surrounded by Russo and his men. Russo explains that he helps Cybetek move products through Italy and the company makes sure that he is taken care of. He asks May where Coulson and Ward are but she just smiles. Russo tells her that he warned Coulson about this operation, but he insisted on taking over. He then stabs May in the shoulder. But in true May fashion she uses that same knife to take down Russo. We cut back to May catching up with Russo at the bus and the taking him out. Coulson pleads with her to explain herself and she tells him that the train didn’t disappear, but Russo sold them out. She demands that they get the plane in the air while she showers. Ward offers to help her patch up her wounds, but she refuses him.

822x (49)

May is sewing herself up when Coulson comes in. He tells her that the train switched tracks shortly after they were knocked off, and that the grenade must have released a toxin that made them not notice the time passing. May tells him they looked ridiculous frozen next to the tracks. He tells her that it wasn’t supposed to be a combat op, and May reassures him that the team can take care of themselves. Ward walks in and sees the two of them and seems jealous. He lets them know that the train was found suddenly stopped in the Italian countryside. He says he’ll get the plane in the air an refuses May’s help when it’s offered.

They go to the train and find it abandoned with no signs of Skye or Fitzsimmons. Coulson notices a car with a dirty window except for a small spot that was wiped clean. They go to investigate just as Simmon pops up, firing her gun and wondering what happened to Fitz and Skye.

We then cut to Skye and Fitz on the train, having a discussion about 084s. Skye asks If Cybertek’s package could be one, but Fitz says it’s not because they know its origin is Cybertek. Skye asks if they’re always machines and Fitz tells her they can be all kinds of things. She asks if there’s ever been a person who was an 084 and Fitz says no, but it’s possible and he’d hate to meet the guy,

Communications go out and as Skye and Fitz are moving to warn the others a guard bursts in. Skye and Fitz fend him off temporarily and Simmons comes in as he pulls out a grenade. Simmons grabs the man and the grenade goes off, freezing both of them. Fitz says the grenade had improved dendrotoxin in it, the same stuff as in the “night night” gun. They decide to leave and find the others and so they move Fitz and give her a gun to protect herself with. They put the guard in a crate and give him a couple extra shots of dendrotoxin. They discover that everyone else is gone from the train. They wipe a clean spot in the dirty window and see Cybertek meeting with someone. They decide to use a tracker to follow.

The tracker leads them to Ian Quinn. They decide to go in because it’s what Coulson would want. Fitz gives a gun to Skye. Skye moves in, taking down a guard, while Fitz hides and places a tracker under a car. Sneaking about, Skye overhears someone say the package is downstairs. She goes to investigate and finds Mike Petersen in some kind of capsule. Quinn then finds her and says the Clairvoyant told him to expect her. He then pulls out Petersen. Mike says he knows who Quinn is and what his orders are. Mancini then takes a device out a case and places it on Petersen’s leg. The device attaches itself, painfully, to Mikes severed leg and then grows into an advanced robotic prosthetic. Petersen says he’s not allowed to hurt Quinn, since he gets his orders from the Clairvoyant. HE would let Quinn hurt him though. Quinn asks if he would hurt Skye, and Petersen says those aren’t his orders, not who he’s supposed to kill. Petersen leaves and Quinn shoots Skye twice, he’s sorry but that he has his orders too.

Skye is bleeding to death. Meanwhile, Petersen goes to meet with the group from Cybertek. They want to know where Quinn is but Petersen says they failed, that the Clairvoyant isn’t happy that they led SHIELD straight to them. Things start to get violent when we cut to Fitz, who hears a guard land on the car he’s hiding under and the chaotic violence going on inside. He moves to go find Skye and is almost shot by a guard when Ward and company show up. Skye is still bleeding out. Quinn becomes aware of Coulson’s arrival just as Ward bursts in, guns blazing. Coulson comes in the side and grabs Quinn. Petersen receives orders not to engage S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson demands to know where Skye is. Quinn says he shouldn’t keep sending her into these situations alone if she means so much to him. Coulson pistol whips him and the teams spreads out to find her.

822x (50)

Coulson finds her bleeding out downstairs and calls for Simmons. They discover her gunshot wounds and that she has no pulse. Simmons demands they put her in Petersen’s capsule, which she says is a hyperbaric chamber. Skye stabilizes. Back on the Bus, Simmons tells the group that the chamber is working for now but that her temperature is 44 degrees. If they don’t get her temperature up in a few hours then Skye will sustain brain damage. They need to get to a medical facility immediately, but Simmons will keep her alive in the meantime as best she can. Fitz comforts Simmons as she cries. Ward punches a vehicle I the hanger. May tells him its not his fault and holds his hand. Ward says Skye never should have gone in there alone. May says that blaming himself won’t help, but Ward says he doesn’t blame himself. Coulson continues to watch over Skye.

The episode ends with Mike watching children play from a distance. He using pen and paper to ask the Clairvoyant if he can see his child. He is told “not yet” and crumples the paper. The camera zooms into the interior of his cybernetic leg where there is a Cybertek label that reads “Project: Deathlok.” HOLY S***!!!!!! Well for those that don’t know what Deathlok is read the bio by following the link below. The show will return after the Olympic break on March 4th. Here’s a sneak peak and here’s a sneak peak at the new trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier in theaters April 4th.

Deathlok (Original) Bio:

Agents of SHIELD Episode 14 Tahiti First Look:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier New Trailer:


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Marvels Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Bouncing Back (3X11)



The episode opens three months from now. A S.H.I.E.L.D. ship’s alarm is going off. We see a cross necklace and an S.H.I.E.L.D. shoulder patch before an explosion. Jump to present day Bogotá, Colombia. The police chase down a car, but their guns are mysteriously pulled from their hands. They’re fired upon and their crate of weapons is missing. Yo-Yo, wearing the cross necklace, opens the crate to reveal the guns inside.

Coulson meets with President Ellis at Rosalind’s house to talk about Inhumans. Coulson says they’re already doing something about it. Daisy and Joey are in Columbia to investigate an incident. They meet with Colonel Ramon telling them a powered person took their weapons. Mack, Hunter, and Bobbi are investigating the site of the incident in Colombia. They’re in contact with Fitz, Simmons, and Lincoln back at HQ. Witnesses say they couldn’t see the thief, so Mack’s team assumes they may have the power of invisibility. They split up to search for more clues. Around the corner, Mack finds markings similar to the one at the crime scene. He spots a woman, and the woman takes his gun and points it at him so fast that he doesn’t even see her move. She then opens up a car, knocks him inside and shuts the door. Mack wakes up bound and attached to a bathroom sink. He sees Yo-Yo talking to to someone. Yo-Yo shuts the door on him. Mack gets free and overpowers Yo-Yo. He figures out that she always returns to the spot she started from after using super speed, but she still gets the upper hand on him again.

Mack is now strapped to a chair as Yo-yo tries to interrogate Mack. Mack accuses her of being a criminal but she says her powers were a gift from God and that she’d never use them for sin. Mack says her powers come from the fish, and Yo-Yo remembers eating fish before her Terrigenesis kicked in. Daisy’s team bursts in, knocks out Yo-Yo, and rescues Mack. The team looks up information on Yo-Yo, whose real name is Elena Rodriguez. They also find her partner in crime, her cousin. Hunter and Bobbi go to check him out. Joey tries to talk to Yo-Yo. Joey tries to talk to Yo-Yo. Mack says to tell her that S.H.I.E.L.D. is independent. Yo-Yo says she was trying to use her powers to fight injustice in the world, and that she never intended to use the weapons she took. Bobbi and Lance find Yo-Yo’s cousin tossing the weapons over a bridge. Yo-Yo tells them that the police are corrupt. Ramon pulls up to where Bobbi and Hunter are. He and another officer get out of their vehicle. The other officer lifts his sunglasses to reveal glowing eyes that paralyze Bobbi and Hunter when he looks at them. Ramon shoots Yo-Yo’s cousin. Daisy’s team finds the cousin’s body. They notice the body is strangely stiff, and Mack thinks the police may have their own Inhuman. Mack lets Yo-Yo know about her cousin.

Bobbi and Hunter begin coming out of the paralysis on the floor of Ramon’s office. Ramon and his Inhuman show up and the Inhuman paralyzes Hunter again. Ramon interrogates Bobbi, pointing his gun at Hunter. Mack tries to comfort Yo-Yo, and tells her about his faith (using Joey to translate). Mack tells her that they’re trying fight for justice, just like she was. Yo-Yo says she’s in. Daisy asks about her powers. Yo-Yo says her power is connected to her pulse, and that she snaps back after going as far as she can go in one heartbeat. Daisy, Hunter, and Bobbi investigate security footage and see the blur that took Mack. They report to Simmons. Lincoln tells Simmons about how Inhuman abilities aren’t random, but manifest to serve an evolutionary need and keep balance in the species. Simmons calls it an actual “intelligent design.”


Back in D.C., the President doesn’t want to publicly authorize S.H.I.E.L.D., preferring to keep the ATCU as the public face. However, he wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to be secretly in charge as he plans to select a new head of the ATCU who will report to Coulson. Coulson asks about Malick, but the President says he can’t help and that Malick has too much influence. But his statement about letting him having authority to find Malick may have led him to do something brash. So Coulson pulls Fitz aside and opens a secret door that reveals the T.A.H.I.T.I. machine, but says it isn’t for him, its for Werner Von Strucker whom they captured. They brought him in to use in the machine, but Simmons cautions that his brain may be too badly damaged to get any useful information out of. Von Strucker flashes back to being tortured and keeps repeating “just kill me.”

This leads Von Strucker in a state of trauma. Though hesitant at first, Lincoln agrees to use his powers to try to jumpstart Strucker’s brain and get him out of the loop. Strucker tells Coulson that Malick sold him out. Strucker says his father told him to go to Malick only as a last resort. He found Malick by going to an antique store and telling the shopkeep a passcode. Evidently, finding a way to sink Malick’s bank holdings and destroying a piece of his earnings.

Mr. Giyera tells Malick about the incident in Colombia. Malick says they need to replenish their ranks. Giyera is doubtful of how powerful their “guest” really is. Malick tells Giyera to keep his eyes open. Another of Malick’s men tell him that their “guest” is asking for him. As revealed, Grant Ward  has now become a monster Hive. Hive eats from a massive selection of foods and Giyera asks if he’s regaining his strength. Ward says his body was dying. He observes that humans have advanced since he has been gone, but they haven’t changed.

Back in Columbia, Yo-yo swipes an access card a guard outside the police station. Mack shows her a high-tech bidning and then they move in. Daisy tells Joey to take care of the weapons, and he melts them down. Daisy and Yo-Yo team up to take down several officers, while Bobbi feeds Ramon a story to keep him busy. Yo-Yo quickly binds the remaining officers. Mack finds Bobbi, and she tells him to warn the others other the Inhuman. He radios to them and tells them the power is in the Inhuman’s eyes. Yo-Yo uses her speed to bind the Inhuman, but he uses his powers on her at the same time. She snaps back and slams against a wall. Joey melts the Inhuman’s glasses to his face. Just as they were capturing him, a Hydra aircraft swoops in and steals him from them. Back on the jet, Joey is tries to convince Yo-Yo to go back with S.H.I.E.L.D., but Yo-Yo says she belongs in Colombia. Daisy suggests they make her part of the team, but let her stay at home. Mack gives her a watch that Yo-Yo can use to signal for help if she ever needs it.


Back at HQ, Simmons goes to the lab and finds Fitz working at his desk. Fitz tries to make small talk, but Simmons blurts out that she misses him. He apologizes for Will’s death, but Simmons says Will was already dead and that Fitz has been nothing but extraordinary. Simmons wants to start over from where they started with their relationship. They reintroduce themselves to each other, quite possibly a restart to their relationship…if it even needed a restart.

Malick asks Giyera about the Inhuman they captured. “Ward” senses Malick’s skepticism. He rise and says Malick will believe once he makes a believer out of Giyera. He holds out his hand, and it becomes sand flying outwards. What powers does Hive posses?

Th episode ends with President Ellis telling Coulson that Brigadier General Glenn Talbot has been named the new head of the ATCU and that he’d be working along side him soon. What does this mean for the future partnership of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU? Find out tonight on an All-New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This weekend, Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson) and J. August Richards (Deathlok) will be at C2E2. Joachim Jocson will meet with both cast members and get photos and talk with them about their roles. Follow his twitter page @joenavy24 or follow him on Facebook for more.


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Marvels Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Maveth (3X10)



Following the events of episode 9, Ward takes his team and Fitz through the barren landscape of Maveth. Fitz tries to escape, but his new field skills are still no match for Ward’s.

Back on Zephyr One, Mack and the rest of the team regroup. Rehashing the plan they decide Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter retake the portal while Daisy, May, Joey, and Lincoln neutralize Hydra’s ground troops outside the castle. Inside the Hydra encampment, Simmons realizes that Hydra has no intent on bringing back Fitz. Malick assures her that Death is the only thing returning through that portal…

Back on Maveth, Fitz brings Ward to the only person who can guide them through the unforgiving Maveth terrain…Will! Meanwhile, Coulson, knocked out from his tumble, sees Rosalind in a dream. He wakes up alone on Maveth. He sets out to find Fitz and exact revenge on Ward.Will explains that he was wounded by It while helping Simmons escape. Ward is intrigued. Will agrees to help Ward because Fitz has a plan to escape Hydra and leave Maveth.

Daisy, Joey, Lincoln, and May storm the Hydra camp. Lincoln shuts off the power, thus enabling Simmons to escape. As she escapes,  she notices that Hydra brought modules of the trapped Inhumans. To her surprise, she finds Andrew. He pleads with Simmons to set him free and allow him to protect her. She refuses until she finds herself surrounded by Hydra soldiers. Left with no choice, she frees Andrew. He transforms into Lash and kills the Hydra troops, while Simmons escapes. Meanwhile, Mack, Bobbi, and Hunter storm the castle and secure the portal.

Will leads Fitz, Ward, and the Hydra troops through the place Will warned Simmons to never go — the “No-Fly Zone.” A sandstorm hits them, but curiously, Will is unaffected. Using the sandstorm as a distraction, Will kills the Hydra troops and takes off with Fitz in the direction of the portal. Moments later, Coulson arrives, shooting and wounding Ward. Coulson demands that Ward lead the way to the portal.

Outside the castle, Daisy and company battle the telekinetic Giyera and Hydra troops. May finds Simmons, who tells her that Andrew/Lash is here. May goes in search of Andrew but only finds a trail of Inhuman and Hydra dead bodies. Simmons warns the team that Ward is trying to bring It back through the portal. Mack makes a decision. If the creature returns, Zephyr One will open fire and destroy the castle. Mack and Daisy agree to stay behind and wait for Coulson and Fitz until the last possible moment.

On Maveth, Fitz realizes that Will has been possessed by It. Fitz fights Will/It to the death! Coulson sees Fitz in peril and shoots Will, knocking him off his feet. Ward takes advantage and attacks Coulson. Fitz uses a flare gun to set Will ablaze before he can crawl to the portal, thus preventing It from escaping. Coulson battles Ward. Just as the portal is about to close, Coulson punches his metal hand into Ward and eventually killing him. Coulson and Fitz flee through the portal.

Zephyr One opens fire on the castle. It explodes! But the containment module rockets back up from the blast zone to Zephyr One just in time. Mack, Daisy, Fitz, and Coulson are safe and the portal is destroyed, but it’s a bittersweet victory, as Coulson and Fitz both have blood on their hands.

Later, Malick reels from his defeat only to find a lone survivor of the explosion…Grant Ward. But how? Is Ward now possessed by It? What has Ward become? You’re about to find out next week when Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD returns at 9/8c on ABC. Also coming up, Chloe Bennet comes to Chicago for C2E2. I will be sure to get your inside access on her visit. Stay tuned, SHIELD returns to join the Civil War.

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Marvels Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4,722 Hours (3X05)



Season 2 left us with many questions on our minds. One question in particular that we kept asking…what happened to Jemma Simmons?  In the finale we saw Simmons being sucked into the liquefied monolith. What happened after that is totally out of this world. For the last six months she was marooned on a desolate planet, an unforgiving landscape where the sun never seems to rise. Plunged into eternal darkness and armed with only her phone and her wits, Simmons must find a way to survive.

Simmons calculates that she can survive for approximately 100 hours without food or water and searches the barren landscape for signs of life or water, to no avail. Finally, she stumbles on an oasis with potable water. Simmons learns how to live off the land and survive by hunting and eating carnivorous plant tendrils. To tend to her emotional health, Simmons watches a video of Fitz and the rest of the team on her phone. This video is her last remaining connection to Earth.

Cut to weeks later, Simmons falls into a hole in the ground—it’s some kind of trap! She wakes up a prisoner in a cave. A brooding Stranger watches over her.The mysterious Stranger keeps Simmons captive for several days. Simmons tries to escape but trips and injures herself. The Stranger saves her before a sandstorm hits. The Stranger warns her that the sandstorm was caused by It, which he believes is death incarnate. Simmons doesn’t believe him, but our Stranger is certain that something evil is lurking on this planet…

Back in the cave, the Stranger introduces himself—his name is Will Daniels. He’s a former NASA pilot who was sent through the portal fourteen years ago, accompanied by a team of scientists, all of whom supposedly went mad after It got into their heads. Will has survived by staying one step ahead of It. Simmons convinces Will that they must work together to get off the planet. But can Simmons achieve the impossible?

Against Will’s advice, Simmons ventures out near the “No-Fly Zone,” to a mysterious junkyard of bones and artifacts of different time periods. Simmons sees a shadowy figure… It has returned. Simmons flees!

Simmons realizes she can use the movement of stars to track the next location of the portal. All she needs is Will’s broken star charting computer. Simmons powers the computer using the last remaining juice in her phone battery, thus losing her last connection to Fitz and home. She determines the next location and time the portal will open up. The mission: throw a message in a bottle through the portal to signal for help. Simmons and Will do find the portal …but it’s moments too late.

Will and Simmons return to the cave disappointed and alone. Afterwards seeking solace in one another, as they kiss. Over the following weeks, they become much more than friends. It seemed that their relationship blossomed over their current state. Well, all of that is about to change.

After missing the portal, Simmons sees a flare shoot thru the sky and she knows it’s Fitz, come for her. Will and Simmons dash for the portal, but a mysterious figure dressed like an astronaut appears….It has returned. Will pushes Simmons towards the portal while he distracts It. Simmons calls out to Will, but before she can return for him, Fitz appears! Fitz rescues Simmons and pulls her back through the portal.

In the present day, Simmons finishes telling Fitz his story. He vows to help Simmons rescue Will. The question is, how? The monolith was already destroyed but the fragments still remain. Do they expect to hold the same frequency to get it to open again? Guess we’ll find out.

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