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Marvel’s Daredevil: “In the Blood” (01 x 04)

Marvel- Daredevil



Wilson Fisk was shown as this awkward, shy man on his dinner date with Vanessa. The writers kept you waiting to see this madman that everyone was so afraid of, but instead all we saw a vulnerable boy.

The touch about how Fisk knew nothing about wine was classic. Here is this man, dressed to the nines, met this woman in a fine art gallery, but he knows zilch about wine. He’s so smitten with Vanessa that he even admits it to her without a second thought. This so-called monster has no public record, but when we meet him he just seems wounded.

While Fisk was wooing his lady, the Russians kidnapped Claire. Matt’s rescue was in particular Daredevil fashion where he took out all of the goons in the garage in complete dark.

Flashbacks with the Russian brothers, Vladimir (Nikolai Nikolaeff) and Anatoly (Gideon Emery) gave us background on their Siberian prison lock-up. The ongoing argument between the brothers over what they would do with their operation took up a large chunk of the episode, but when they finally decided it was lethal.

Anatoly embarrassed Fisk in front of Vanessa and he paid with his life. When he came to agree to the deal, Fisk went full throttle and mashed his head with a car door until there was nothing left.

Karen was busy during the episode by teaming up with local reporter, Ben Urich, in attempt to uncover more about Fisk and his operation. Except neither knows that they’re ultimately after Fisk.

“In the Blood” was thrilling and revealing episode, after the car scene, this was definitely the best episode so far.


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Marvel’s Daredevil Season Finale: “Daredevil” (01 x 13)



Finally, the season finale of Marvel’s Daredevil has come. Can we just freak out for a moment about how great this season was? This episode definitely left the season with a cherry on top.

Fisk’s takeover has come to an end.

With Ben dead, Foggy and Matt reunited and got onto the same page. Wilson Fisk needs to be brought down. Karen joined the crusade to takedown Fisk and with Matt’s help in the black mask, they succeeded. Detective Hoffman was being held captive by Owlsley and when Daredevil found him, he had no choice but to make it to the precinct alive to give his statement.

From there arrests were made all over the city, from cops to lawyers to the Congressman. We particularly liked the scene where the secretary from the Bulletin was cuffed and dragged out. How guilty Ellison, Ben’s boss, must have felt.

Fisk’s first mistake was making everything about Vanessa. He needed to get to her. During his fight with Daredevil, he blames him for everything that’s happened. But in the end, the only thing left for Wilson Fisk was a blank prison wall to stare at. His strength wasn’t enough to defeat Matt or the law.

Although the episode was pretty straight forward tying up loose ends, some questions were left unanswered. Where is Madame Gao? Is Owlsley alive? And what about Black Sky? Thankfully Netflix has promised us a second season. Especially since they left us on such a cliffhanger, a Daredevil. That’s right! The episode ended on Daredevil in a new costume, all red with horns jumping off a building. We can’t wait to see what else is in store.


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Marvel’s Daredevil: “The Ones We Leave Behind” (01 x 12)




Ben Urich is dead. I repeat, Ben Urich is dead.

When Ben returned home and was ready to blog about the truth for the first time, Fisk was sitting right there. The price for visiting his mother was Urich’s life. We watched the anger in Wilson’s eyes as he strangled Ben until his lifeless body fell to the floor.

Fisk’s emotions seem to be getting the best of him. First with the Russians and now Urich. Mistakes are piling up for Wilson Fisk, will he be his own end?

Daredevil found Madame Gao’s drug lair. The old woman wasn’t to thrilled and laid Matt out before she disappeared into the wind. Now that Fisk has lost the Russians, Nobu and Madame Gao, how will his plan continue to roll out?

The end of the episode revealed that Madame Gao and Owlsey were behind Vanessa’s poisoning. They blame her for Fisk’s sudden softness and mistakes. But attempting to take her out didn’t work, so now what? And what will Fisk do when he finds Leland was the main culprit?

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Marvel’s Daredevil: “The Path of the Righteous” (01 x 11)



The series finale is coming up fast and Daredevil is ready to prep us for it.

Matt is ready to get back on his feet, but one question has haunted him. How was Fisk’s suit not affected? It has to be some type of armor. Matt makes it his mission to find the man that makes the armored suits for Fisk and get one for himself. He’s no fool, death isn’t coming that close to him again.

Karen and Ben’s questions to Fisk’s delusional mom in the nursing home has some weary consequences. Who will pay? When Wesley finds that Fisk’s mom had some unwanted visitors, we realize it’s only a matter of time until someone ends up dead. But who will it be? Ben? Karen? Both?

Just when the writers make us think that Karen needs to be saved from Wesley kidnapping her, they surprise us with a twist. Threatening Karen hasn’t worked in the past, so I’m not sure why he thought it was going to work this time. It was a great scene watching Wesley with his cocky attitude try to bluff his way out of death, but Karen ends up gunning him down and running for her life.

Now that Wesley is out of the picture, he’s no longer a suspect for the attack on Fisk at the fundraiser. Leland Owlsley has been pretty suspicious lately. Was he behind the attack? And who was the attack for? Fisk or Vanessa?

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