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Mistresses- Pilot (1×01)



Mistresses premiered last night on ABC and after all the hype and anticipation around the show, I must say I did expect better. What it was, was a lot of sex!!! Whew, those girls know how to get down. We’re basically thrown into a story where all the girls have hit a rock bottom low in their lives.



Savi and her husband cannot get pregnant and its really taking  a toll on their relationship because she doesn’t feel the love and affection from him anymore. Even when she tries to reignite the spark by putting on some kinky lingerie, he’s offended and upset by her actions thinking she’s striking his manhood. She as a result, turns to work where she ends up having an affair with her co-worker, a man who is completely in love with her. She has here fair share of teasing him, but when it comes down to it, he’s the one that actually appreciates her the way she needs. From the previews it seems that after the affair, she feels really guilty, especially when she finds out she is in fact pregnant. Gee, I wonder who the father could be. Temptation is a damned thing.


Savi’s sister Jocyln is what some of us would call a free spirit. An independent woman that Kelly Clarkson writes songs about. No man can tame her. Yet, she caged by a man whose got a wife. Her story took a twist though. As a leasing agent, she was selling houses to a couple of lesbians. One seemed awfully interested in her and from the previews it seems like she will be pursuing her.


My favorite character for now is April, the widow who three years later is still grieving the loss of her husband and is unable to move on despite her friends attempts at hooking her up. She keeps receiving these mysterious crank calls which she believes are her husband trying to tell her she shouldn’t move on. After she agree’s to go on a date with her daughter’s friends father, she receives the call again and cancels the date. Savi tracks down where the calls came from and they find out they’ve been coming from a woman with a child. Feeling pretty stupid, April decides its time to move on and agree’s to try going on a date again. Yet, intuitions are a biatch, because April’s gut was right. Not about the great man she married but about the phone calls being a sign. Right before her date she shows up at her doorstep with a young boy, admitting that she and April’s husband had an affair and when he died, she was pregnant with his son. Homegirl better get off April’s steps if she wants to see the light of day again. Truthfully, I just feel bad for this woman who was so convinced her husband was her everything only to get stabbed in the heart. Well, maybe this will finally let her move on.


Lastly, we have the fourth friend; a psychologist whose having an affair with her patient, a married man who dies. As if things weren’t complicated enough, his son starts coming to see her and asking Karen to help him find out who his dad was having an affair with and if he stopped loving him right before he did. Karen is put in a tough situation because the truth could cause her the practice, but she kind of owe’s it to her lover’s son to help him. Ultimately, he ends up asking if she was the “mistresses” and obviously, she says no. I can say I saw his crush on her coming from the very beginning of the episode. What I didn’t expect was for Karen to be so easily manipulated into an affair with her patient/lovers son. Eww. Come on now.


The first episode moved pretty slow but definitely set up the scene for the rest of the season. Like I predicted this really is a show about four sex and the city-esque friends, who get a little lost in life, and find their way to happiness on a very twisted road. A road full of sex, temptation and horrible decisions that none of us should take as examples. Yet all of their decisions and life problems in theory make sense and I can’t sit here and blame any of these women for their actions because as a woman I understand them. Men are right, we’re complicated creatures, but we’re only complicated because of them!!! Will the show survive? Its 50/50 at this point, but hey its a good watch for the summer season when we’re all free-spirited. Here’s to a promising season folks!!

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ABC’s new show, Mistresses: promoting adultery or strictly entertainment?



Everyone loves scandal, mystery and sexuality. Its what has kept TV shows going since before I can remember. ABC’s newest summer hit, Mistresses is no different. With so many comparisons to previous all women cast shows Sex and the City and/or Desperate Housewives, Mistresses is something different altogether.


The show follows two sisters, Savi (played by Alyssa Milano) and Josslyn (Jes Macallan) and their  two bffs, Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle Aytes).

Each woman on the show brings a different perspective and relationship angle. Savi has a one night stand with her work husband, Josslyn is a wild part girl whose had her fair share of drunken hook ups, April believes her dead husbands ghost is contacting her and Karen, a psychiatrist, has an affair with her patient. While seemingly bad choices, we all make them at some point in time and end up having to fix the mess we’ve created based on our desires and emotions. That’s what Mistresses is about.

But of course, life revolves around scandal and amongst all the other shows on prime time TV, to me, Mistresses seems quite tame as it follows the scandalous live of four female friends (cue in the GG scandalous lives of the Manhattans elite). News outlets are already reporting that Mistresses content, which is passion driven and deception infused, is categorized as soft core porn… Really.

In an article published on The Daily Beast, “Hey, ABC, so mistresses are OK now?,” by Sophia A. Nelson, she discusses how in the world we live in today, infidelity is not shunned upon by the scarlet letter, but it is frowned upon and considered the least morally acceptable behavior. Well, go figure.

She goes on to say that she is disgusted with all of the shows that air on ABC at this time, promoting sex, adultery, murder, passion and deception, etc. etc.  Well let me ask you, what is entertainment if not a spicy and raunchy show that depicts everything we aren’t allowed to do in our own lives. Yes, adultery is frowned upon of course, but it doesn’t mean we don’t view it as a guilty pleasure and aren’t able to fantasize about it for 1 hour of our week. The programming that Revenge, Scandal and now Mistresses, is aimed at an age group that knows the difference between right or wrong, truth and fiction, and we know that what we see on TV isn’t necessarily suppose to be copied. If we didn’t distinguish that, we sure as hell wouldn’t have the movies and/ or TV shows we have today because arguably, everything on TV thats considered “good TV” is bad.

Furthermore, I don’t think that Mistresses will glamorize cheating on a spouse necessarily, but it will play the show as someones road to finding themselves. And realistically, as bad as that sounds, its pretty much the world we live in today.  We make choices and we suffer the consequences. I’m sure the actresses won’t be proud of sleeping with married men in the show, but will rather take the importance from that. There is nothing about Mistresses that I haven’t already seen in any of the other TV shows. Where was Nelson when my generation was influenced by casual sex in Sex and the City???

Mistresses premiers Monday, June 3 on ABC.


Photo: ABC/Mistresses

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