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Music from PLL season 4 episode 1



The season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars was just a couple hours ago, but anticipation for the season is growing!! Here is the music from tonight’s episode; A is for A.L.I.V.E 

MS MR: Hurricane

Didn’t know what this would be but I knew I didn’t see what you thought you saw in me.

Digital Daggers: The Devil Within 

I will keep quiet you won’t even know I’m here, you won’t suspect a thing, you won’t see me in the mirror. 

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Why The Game of Thrones Theme Song is So Iconic and Good



Game of Thrones/HBO

Game of Thrones ‘ theme song rules. 

I didn’t even watch the show, but when I hear this song, even I’m thinking, “Oh yeah time for some epic s***!” Ramin Djawadi is an awesome composer (obligatory Person of Interest shout out), and the Game of Thrones theme song is another excellent piece by him.

It follows a standard “epic music” formula to a T.

This isn’t a criticism. Something normally becomes standard because it works, after all, so there is nothing wrong with using patterns that have historically worked to assist you in crafting the mood you’re trying to set.

If you wanted to write a Christmas song, for example, you could throw in some jingle bells. We identify jingle bells with the season, so that’s an easy way to get the spirit of your music across (We purposely saved this article for after Christmas so you wouldn’t go insane suddenly hearing jingle bells in every single song). When it comes to scoring, a clear depiction of the tone you’re trying to set is key.

So how do you write an epic theme song like Game of Thrones? Let’s write one together!

Step 1: Pick three or four standard chords to use, normally starting on a minor chord and moving to major chords before returning to base.

I picked D minor, Bb Major, F Major, and C Major (or i, VI, III, and VII)


Step 2: Create an energetic riff outlining the first chord of whatever key your piece will be in, or just play the root of your chord in an energetic syncopated manner ala “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean


Step 3: Write a melody that also outlines your chords, often with quick steps leading into your next chord to give the melody energy, and simply have your bass line play the root of each of your chords. Have a lowkey drum keeping the beat.


Step 4: Repeat your melody either an octave higher or by moving upwards to a new key and emphasize the drums.


BOOM you have an epic theme song. 

Of course, you can add other supporting melodies and instruments to make it sound even more epic!


On top of this basic formula, however, Game of Thrones’  theme does some excellent work to achieve its primary goal in setting the tone.

The decision to leave out brass instruments contributes to the solemness of the series, as brass instruments in pieces like these are often naturally heroic sounding. The chamber choir lends an air of old school medieval church times, giving the song a Godly presence. The mix up of the major chord in the beginning riff also prepares the viewer for unexpected twists in the upcoming narrative. This is excellent storytelling through music all around.

The way it builds on its initial riff (as the melody is basically just the riff at a slower pace) is also smart writing and a brilliant way to make the tune as memorable as possible.

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These are the decisions that turn a piece from “generic epic” into “actually epic.” Care and thought matter in a score, and it’s what separates Djawadi from other composers while also allowing Game of Thrones’ theme song to stand out even amongst similar pieces.

The beating drums, the shifts up an octave or into a different key, the orchestration; all these facets contribute to the feel that you’re moving forward and into an epic battle, which is why we feel like something big is about to go down when Game of Thrones starts up.

Game of Thrones’ theme does a particularly great job of conveying that epic feeling. Now if only I had enjoyed the show as much as I do the music.

For other examples of epic songs that follow this kind of formula, check out the pieces below!

  • “He’s A Pirate” Pirates of the Caribbean – Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer
  • “Arrival to Earth” Transformers – Steve Jablonsky
  • “Iron Man 3” Iron Man 3 – Brian Tyler
  • “The Avengers” Avengers – Alan Silvestri
  • “Titans Spirit” Remember the Titans – Trevor Rabin
  • “Ben” National Treasure – Trevor Rabin
  • “The Orange Man” Unbreakable – James Newton Howard

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Coffee Table News

Sophia Bush, Ed Westwick, Claire Holt Party at Lollapalooza



Lollapalooza officially kicked off August in Chicago. Over 300,000 people made their way to Grant Park for 3-days of music and good food. Headliners included Eminem, Outkast and Skrillex. Lollapalooza, like Coachella, is also a great place to spot some of your favorite celebrities. Sophia Bush, Ed Westwick and Claire Holt all took time out of their busy schedules to kick back and listen to some jams. 

A new bromance was on the horizon during lolla weekend between Gossip Girls Chuck Bass, er Ed Westwick, and Glee’s Mark Salling. The bro’s spent the weekend in the Windy City at the music festival, grabbing lunch at Giuliana Rancic’s restaurant RPM Italian and Bub City and attending an official Lolla after party at Studio Paris.

lolla 2 lolla1


Photo: Mark Salling Twitter

The Originals Claire Holt also made her way to Studio Paris for the Calvin Harris after party on Saturday, after sharing a picture in front of the Buckingham Fountain and jamming out to artists Iggy Azeala and Rudimental. 



Photo Credit: Claire Holt Instagram

Meanwhile, Chicago PD”s Sophia Bush traded in her guns for combat boots and a Van Halen tee. She spent much of her festival with Connie Britton and even shared a picture from backstage during the Cage the Elephant performance. 

Did you attend Lolla? Spot any other celebs? Unfortunately, the only celeb I walked into was Malia Obama and no, I didn’t get a picture cause that undercover secret service was quite terrifying. 





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Coffee Table News

Ezria Music Video- Last Love Song



This is probably the best Ezria video I’ve ever scene!!! This is the last love song they’ll ever write for each other as Ezra’s life hangs by a thread. Will he live? Will he die? And even if he does live, will can they go back to the way things were after his betrayal??? When season 5 rolls around, we’ll hopefully get some answers, but until than, this video is such a nice recap of their relationship thus far. Go team Ezria!!!

 Featured Photo: ABC Family/ Pretty Little Liars

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