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Nancy Drew Pilot Review Nancy Drew Pilot Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew – Pilot (1×01)

Nancy Drew/ The CW



This isn’t the Nancy Drew you remember.  And it’s definitely not the Nancy Drew your parents allowed you to read about.

Oh, no.

That Nancy didn’t get down and dirty nearly as much as this one does.

But Nancy had to grow up at some point, just like her fans, and after this premiere, we’re glad she did.

This new iteration of the mystery-loving, young adult has staying power despite getting off to a slower-than-expected start.

If I were to sum it up for someone in one sentence, I’d say it has the eeriness of Riverdale while managing to accomplish what Ravenswood, Pretty Little Liars’ ghostly spin-off, never could. Maybe it’s the deteriorating ghost of late Lucy Sable that keeps popping up that’s giving me flashbacks and quite possibly, some PTSD.

If the goal was the scare the bejesus out of audiences while their guard was down, well, it worked.

Ravenswood was prematurely canceled, so the hope is that The CW doesn’t pull the plug on Nancy before she even gets to the meatier stuff.

As a pilot, it was just fine.

Nancy’s backstory was offered up immediately — she was a former sea queen, just like Lucy Sable, who loved solving mysteries until her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away soon after. (Shoutout to Aunt Jenna from The Vampire Diaries. I didn’t think they could kill her off any quicker than TVD did but Nancy Drew went and proved me wrong.)

After her mother’s death, the life Nancy imagined for herself, which included college, withered away and just a year after her victorious pageant moment, Nancy was working at The Claw, a local diner serving up the town’s special clam chowder.

And really, that’s where the whole murder mystery that draws Nancy picks up.

Through Tiffany Hudson’s death (a socialite eating her tasteless meal outside while her husband Ryan Hudson hung out with the boys inside), we’re introduced to Nancy’s group of co-workers. She made sure to point out that they weren’t her friends.

Initially, the co-workers all seem dull and one-dimensional. There’s no riveting backstory, no true connection to Nancy that offers up insight as to how these 5 will somehow because that “found family” that drives a show’s success.

George is the manager of The Claw and Nancy’s former classmate who holds some kind of grudge over Nancy.

Bess is the Veronica Lodge of Hampton Bay and described as a rich city gal visiting her aunt for the summer.

Ned, or Nicky, is a dude Nancy is hooking up with to numb the pain of losing her mom.

And Ace, well, his character is oddly similar to Alex Saxon’s character Max on Finding Carter.

That’s the perception at first, anyway.

Nancy gets the investigating itch again, which is probably for the best because the cops, specifically the Sheriff, don’t seem like they’ll get this figured out anytime soon.

Small town cops don’t have a very solid track record and the Sheriff isn’t doing much to challenge that belief.

He’s biased against Nancy, so he’s leaning towards her being involved in the murder in some way.

Nancy’s gut tells her to look at the husband first since nine times out of 10, the husband is guilty.

She breaks into Ryan Hudson’s house to see if she could find anything telling and pulls some mariner’s locket that has the same emblem as the sea queen’s crown and an address to a medium.

The trip to the medium turns dark as they accidentally contact the spirit of Lucy Sable who relays the message: find the dress.

Eventually, Nancy does find the dress, in her attic, no less, and this is really where the whole episode comes together and hooks you like a fish in shallow water.

Turns out, this murder mystery isn’t random.

Lucy Sable probably wasn’t responsible, but there’s definitely a ghostly presence in Nancy’s life that will be explored as the season progresses.

As Nancy finds the bloodied dress Lucy Sable died in back in 2000, she finds the trunk she saw her parents burying when she was a child. The same one that sparked her interest in digging and figuring out the truth.

While she’s up there, she also peels back the wallpaper to reveal the terrifying nursery rhyme chanted by children etched into the walls of the attic.

Was Lucy Sable Nancy’s sister?

Did she have some connection to Nancy?

Nancy also finds out a little more about Nicky, the boy she decided to pursue after finding out her father swiftly moved on from her mother with what seems to be the Sheriff’s daughter (and quite possibly her mom’s old bestie) Karen.

His arrest just so happened to be a manslaughter charge. And he was deemed guilty after testimony from a key witness: Tiffany Hudson.

So, you see, this murder mystery is not random.

The dirty little secrets from all the other co-workers are revealed proving that they all had motive to kill.

Bess isn’t rich and instead, lives in a trailer where she stores all of her brand-name clothing that’s likely stolen just like Tiffany’s ring that somehow ended up in her possession.

George arrives at Ryan’s mansion and despite his objections that it’s “too soon,” goes in for the hook-up. At times point, she seems like the likeliest suspect because if you recall, when she went to serve Ryan she confirmed that his wife was outside.

And then there’s Ace, who isn’t as “slow” as he’s been letting on. He’s working as a snitch for the Sheriff meaning he’s likely a cop.

Who is responsible for Tiffany’s murder?

How does Lucy Sable play into all of this aside from being utilized for the scary factor?

Is Nicky dangerous?

I never thought we’d stumble upon a town filled with more darkness and secrets than Riverdale, but Horseshoe Bay is giving it a run for its money.

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Saving Ace (1×08)



Nancy Drew The Path of Shadows Review

The spirit world continues to have a major presence on Nancy Drew. In fact, it’s becoming so common that it’s now odd when we stumble upon someone who hasn’t dabbled in the occult.

Carson Drew is that someone, but he quickly learned that there are much greater forces at work in Horsehoe Bay and his own home.

The “Path of Shadows” illuminates another member that isn’t just aware of the supernatural but has experiences with it. Chief McGinnis hasn’t been the most welcoming of characters considering his crusade against Nancy Drew in the pilot episode and going forward, but he’s also realized that he won’t get anywhere without her help.

Apparently, a group of teenage sleuths is better at being a detective/cop than actual police officers and cops.

When Nancy finds him in the hospital and tells him he “looks like he’s seen a ghost,” she’s being quite literal.

And McGinnis has just seen a ghost.

He believes it’s Ace’s lost soul looking for a way back into his body, but after that “ceremony,” it seems like McGinnis wasn’t entirely accurate about what he was seeing.

Ace was lost, that’s a fact, and though it took poor George some time (of course, it’s her) to find the 6-year-old version through all the noise stemming from Nancy and Carson’s conflict, she eventually succeeded.

It didn’t bring Ace back, but it did help his situation and offered them a lead int who caused the accident that was, as suspected, no accident.

The “killer boots” Ace saw right before going into a coma belonged to a dirty cop named Rawley on the Hudson’s payroll but more on that in a minute.

McGinnis accused everyone at The Claw for allowing dark spirits to hang around, and admittedly, they probably haven’t been following ghost protocol properly. But this latest gaffe is on him.

The dark figure he saw at the hospital wasn’t Ace, and we’re not entirely sure who it was or what they wanted.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s Uncle Sebastian as he’s the only male ghost we’d be familiar with.

The evil figure followed George out of the “Stranger Things”-esque supernatural layer and kidnapped her little sister, Ted, since she’d been communicating with it.

But what does it want from the town and from Ted? She’s innocent in all of this!

McGinnis may have seemed like he was on Nancy’s team, but he picked up on a lot of tension at the Drew household including a deeper connection to Lucy Sable, which motivated him to write Carson Drew down as the suspect in her death.

Nancy’s going to regret poking around in this case and stirring up trouble for her father at first, but eventually, it’ll hopefully lead her to whoever murdered Lucy that night.

Because we can officially cross Drew off of our list.

Nancy confronted him head-on and though he admitted to stealing her DNA, he had absolutely no hand in Lucy’s death. In fact, there was a logical explanation for why he had her bloodied dress — he was keeping tabs on her for the Hudson’s and was at the scene of the crime the night she died.

Drew claims to have told Nancy everything he saw, but is that true?

The show keeps proving that the line between good and evil is very thin, so maybe there’s some validity to Nancy’s suspicious and untrusting personality.

I hate to be the bearer of bads news, but we still don’t have an explanation as to why the Lucy Sable nursery rhyme was scribbled over and over in their attic, so this mystery and Carson Drew’s involvement is far from over.

Okay, now back to the killer boots.

As George was getting the clue from baby Ace, Nick and Bess teamed up to force the truth out of Lisbeth, who was looking more and more like a suspect.

Much like Carson, Lisbeth had a logical explanation for why she was in town the night of Ace and Laura’s accident while the Hudson’s weren’t — she’s undercover.

As an undercover cop, she should have known better than to get into a relationship with Bess.

She also looks super young to be this advanced of a cop, doesn’t she?

Everyone promised to keep Lisbeth’s secret so that she could continue working the Hudson’s, but that meant she had to make it believable.

Punching Nancy for accusing her of breaking up with Bess was childish, but hopefully, it did the trick.

If the Hudson’s are as capable as Drew Carson says they are, then she needs to be especially careful.

The Hudson family seems to be ruthless killing anyone that gets in their way or threatens to expose them.

They attempted to get rid of Laura Tandy the same way they got rid of her sister Tiffany and Lucy Sable before that.

You’d think that at some point, someone would catch onto them and stop them.

If Laura perishes in the accident, all of Tiffany’s riches will be given to them. It almost seems silly for them to attempt to kill her when there’s so much riding on her survival.

Ace was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that’s almost a relief cause for a minute it seemed like either Laura killed him because he suspected her or it was a spirit.

Where do you think the mystery is going now? Who kidnapped Ted? Where is she? And how is this connected to the overall mystery?

The midseason finale of Nancy Drew is Wednesday, December 11.

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review: Did [SPOILER] Kill Lucy Sable? (1×07)



Nancy Drew The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen Review

Nancy Drew put more focus on the first and older murder at Horshoe Bay: dear Lucy Sable.

Reduced to nothing more than a children’s rhyme, Lucy Sable didn’t get the proper respect in town nor did anyone ever try hard enough to solve her murder.

That is until she began haunting Nancy and our sleuthing detective needed to know why.

When she found out that Lucy’s murder may have been connected to Tiffany’s through Ryan and the Hudson family, she couldn’t help herself. She had to know the truth.

And how else to get the truth than by communicating with Lucy herself through a seance done on the night of a new moon.

The ghostly scares could have been just that on this series, but they’ve proven to be crucial to unraveling the story.

The pacing of this episode was a bit slower than previous ones, with the seance coming towards the end of the episode, but it provided crucial revelations to the maddening mystery of who killed the famous Sea Queen.

There were a few suspects on the table, including second-runner-up Candace, but Dead Lucy scratched her off the list immediately.

There was, however, one person with the means and the motive to get it done: Drew Carson.

Had Nancy mustered up the courage to ask Dead Lucy’s spirit if her father was the killer, we would have had our answer.

But that would have been too easy.

Instead, Lucy confronted her father during “family” dinner once she realized that he was the one who stole all of the remaining dead Lucy evidence from the Sanders house.

Any way you splice it, Drew seems like the culprit. He took care of the Hudson’s problems during that time, he received a $50k payout from their shell account just 2 days after Lucy’s death, he had (and destroyed) Lucy’s bloodied dress buried in his attic, and his house was being haunted by her spirit. I mean, facts are facts.

Then again, it would be too simple, wouldn’t it? We’re barely through half of the season, so finding out Lucy Sable’s killer was right under Nancy’s nose the whole time.

Drew Carson definitely had the “oh, shit. She caught me” look when Nancy confronted him, but what will he say to get out of it?

While Lucy’s murder mystery took precedence, no one forgot about Tiffany’s murder either, especially not with those haunted coins and Laura’s posters making their way around town.

Those posters are exactly what lead Ace to believe that his very own girlfriend, Laura, could have been the one to kill her sister.

It would have made sense if Laura was trying to prove her sister’s murder was done at the hands of the Hudson’s, but it didn’t seem like Laura cared about the “who” much at all.

When Ace realized she’d been in town the day of Tiffany’s death (just 10 miles away) and that she was suing Tiffany for her money, he began to formulate a theory that Laura needed to prove the murder so she could get her hands on the inheritance money.

Unfortunately, Ace might not live to tell anyone else his theory because he was involved in a terrible car accident that’ll either leave him dead (NO!) or with some form of memory loss.

Was it an accident? It’s possible. But if Laura even got a whiff of Ace being onto her, she could have invited him along for a ride in an attempt to eliminate him.

And honestly, that makes me furious because Ace is such a good-hearted person.

He wants the truth, he wants to do right by his friends, and he’s too smart for his own good sometimes, like when he got weaseled into working for the Sheriff because he got caught hacking into a government computer.

Oh, Ace. We’re rooting for you, buddy.

If all that action wasn’t enough for you, Nick broke up with Nancy because he feels like an afterthought to all of her mysteries, which is valid. She hasn’t been including him as much as she should, sometimes for his own good.

Freeing Nancy from her relationship commitments will undoubtedly bring her closer to Owen, who was noticeably absent from the episode as was Ryan.

Following the seance, another dark spirit infiltrated Ted’s toy and it made sure she knew it wasn’t Dead Lucy. There’s no shortage of spirits with ill intentions in this town, that’s for sure.

McGinnis offered to work alongside Nancy to crack the case because, at this point, he’s realizing she’s better at his job than she is. Which is true. Nancy now knows one crucial part of Tiffany’s murder that will allow them to better narrow down the murderer: Tiffany was poisoned.

Considering she ate food from The Claw just before she died, it had to be someone with access to the kitchen. Nancy delivered the food, but who made it? This once again paints everyone as a suspect.

Horseshoe Bay has lived in denial for quite some time, but Nancy is here to make them face the truth, no matter how ugly and heartbreaking it is.

Other Thoughts

  • Why did it matter that Lucy was “sleeping with a lot of influential men?”
  • Her half-brother lives in town now but is pretending to be someone else. Will this play a bigger role in solving the mystery?
  • How creepy is it that Drew sees all of Nancy’s texts? What an invasion of privacy. It makes this guy even more of a creep, sorry Nancy.

What did you think of the episode?

Did Drew kill Lucy Sable on behalf of the Hudson’s? Did Laura kill her own sister to snag that inheritance money?

Will Nick and Nancy work things out?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge (1×06)



Nancy Drew The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge Review

These ghosts are getting really advanced on Nancy Drew.

Lucy Sable was not only able to appear in front of Ryan Hudson, but she was also able to grab his hand, transform herself into the way she looked years ago, and kiss him.

How is that possible?

I would not want to be haunted by this townie spirit.

The action took place at The Velvet Masque, an underground exclusive party where rich do weird stuff when they think nobody’s looking.

Nancy managed to work her way into the party alongside Ryan Hudson, who needed her help stealing some very expensive coins belonging to his family.

His goal was to sell them off in the auction so he could have some money to his name now that his father had cut him off.

Admittedly, if the coins were that expensive, they shouldn’t have been that easy to steal. They didn’t even show Nancy breaking in because it wouldn’t have been dynamic enough!

Nancy and Ryan weren’t the most obvious pairing, but they worked.

Nancy has a way of bringing out the best in people, even people like Ryan.

When Ryan realized he was making out with Luce’s ghost, he had no choice but to come clean to Nancy. I mean, you don’t call someone Luce if you didn’t have any personal involvement with them aside from a summer fling.

She had been helping him all day and all he had done was lie to her.

With Ryan filling in the blanks and Nancy decrypting Lucy Sable’s poem about the night she went to the ball, we’re starting to get a clearer picture as to what happened to her and she could possibly be connected to Tifanny.

When Nancy decrypted Lucy’s poem, she realized that the Kraken was Owen Marvin’s Uncle Sebastian, who was having an affair with Medusa, Ryan’s mother, while her husband, Everett, Ryan’s dad, had no idea.

But it’s likely that he did have an idea, or, at least, he figured it out.

When everyone began looking into those coins, they realized that they should have been at the bottom of the ocean.

Instead, the Hudson family had them in their possession, likely cashed out on their insurance, and they sank the ship with Uncle Sebastian on it.

Now, the Hudson’s have never needed money so everything plus the timing points to Everett killing Sebastian because he was a liability.

And around the same time, Lucy Sable was pushed off the cliff, shortly after she witnessed Ryan’s mom and Sebastian hooking up at the party and got called out for it.

All signs point to Ryan’s mom as Lucy’s murderer, but it cannot be that straightforward, right?

Nancy’s a little hot-headed when it comes to her investigations and she immediately called Ryan’s mother out without thinking how she could spin this to her advantage.

Why give up all your cards so quickly in the game? Now, Nancy put a target on her back.

There’s also the fact that her father, Carson Drew, had the bloodied dress stashed in his attic.

He always said he hated working for the Hudson family and from the sounds of it, he was the one who cleaned up their messes.

Did he kill Lucy Sable to protect them?

The next step of this mystery is how Tiffany ties into it.

Why was she killed as a result of Lucy Sable?

Did she figure out who the killer was?

Did she figure out something else that was incriminating about the Hudson’s?

Nancy’s still waiting on the blood test from Tiffany’s body, but the DNA picked up from Lucy Sable’s body belongs to another woman’s.

All the more reason to believe it was Ryan’s mom.

Unless Tiffany and Lucy somehow knew each other and she was there the night of the murder.

I’m cheering for Nick, George, Bess, and Ace to take down the family now more than ever.

Since Nancy got them the coins, they have everything they need to prove how corrupt the Hudson family really is.

Even Owen Marvin, who initially seemed like a bad guy, revealed that he wanted justice for his uncle.

His family always knew that the Hudson’s were responsible, but they never had any proof.

He’s overstepping with Nancy while fully knowing that she has a boyfriend, but while her mouth is talking about how much she loves Nick, her body language is pulling towards Owen and being rather flirtatious.

She clearly doesn’t see what it looks like from Nick’s perspective, but I felt for the guy.

He’s so into Nancy only to see her teaming up with Ryan and Owen and watch her lie about her ghost escapades.

Other Claw Thoughts

  • Bess was a nervous mess on her date with Lisbeth. Thank god they made up for it after.
  • Bess steals on the regular and couldn’t deliver when it mattered! How does a good thief manage to get their hand caught in the cookie jar?
  • Why do rich people always need a creepy sex room?
  • Where’s the Sheriff in all of this?
  • Everyone cleans up very nice!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

What’s the connection between Tiffany and Lucy?

Who killed Lucy?

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