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Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Lucy Sable’s Death Explained with a Shocking Twist (1×16)

Nancy Drew -- "The Haunting of Nancy Drew" -- Image Number: NCD116_0011r.jpg -- Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy -- Photo: The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



This episode changes everything!

My brain is spinning in a million different directions after the massive reveal on Nancy Drew. 

Prepare yourselves for this one Drew Crew because it’s wild and exceeds any of our expectations.

Honestly, hats off to the writers for pulling this one off because what. a. twist.

Nancy solved the murder of Lucy Sable’s death, but it wasn’t enough to end the hauntings and it didn’t explain just why she kept popping up in Nancy’s life or why she had such a connection to her.

The introduction of a new mystery on the back of a recently-solved one felt fitting, but I never expected it to be so personal.

With just a few hours left until Carson Drew’s evidentiary hearing, Nancy brought her A-game to find any and all evidence to clear her father’s name.

At The Claw, the Drew Crew brought in John to test Lucy’s bones for clues, but they were interrupted by an unexpected investigation led by Detective Tampura, Chief McGinnis’ replacement. It’s unclear what he wanted to find there since Tiffany Hudson’s death was solved. He was also overly suspicious of Nick, George, and Bess, which was understandable since their stories didn’t add up and they acted suspiciously while hiding the remains of the town’s most popular dead girl in the building, but still, it was random and felt forced simply for Tampura to find Lucy’s skull and pick a bone (ha) with the group.

But that’s honestly the least important part of the episode for now.

Amidst all of that, Nancy exhausted every piece of evidence and found a discrepancy between the emails sent by Ryan to Lucy and the email calling her a whore.

This seemed to prove that Ryan wasn’t the killer, but he could help her find out who was.

Getting all the answers required doing something they should have done initially before all of this even happened — retracing Lucy’s steps the night she died as it painted a clearer picture of where she was, who she saw, and what headspace she was in.

The first stop was at Ryan and Lucy’s “spot,” an ice-cream shop where waited for Ryan before leaving in a frazzled state when he didn’t show up. They learned that upon her exit, she was followed by a town car, Ryan’s father, who admitted that he told Lucy to stay away from his family because he didn’t want her to ruin Ryan’s life.

And while that seems like motive, he wasn’t the killer because he watched her go home and get into an argument with Karen.

And while she was good for Tiffany Hudson’s murder, Karen didn’t kill her best friend Lucy, though she did rig the SeaQueen competition in Lucy’s favor, which made her emotional state even direr.

Karen also offered Nancy a critical piece of information that led her to some substantial answers: her diary.

While Lucy’s home was searched up and down following her death, no one ever found her diary until Ryan and Lucy broke in and found it buried deep within a secret compartment in the wall.

It’s there that Nancy learned of the grim fate — after being bullied, threatened, and slut-shamed, Lucy decided to end her own life.

Lucy’s life, and death, was reduced to nothing more than town folklore when, in reality,  it was actually a heartbreaking tale of bullying that led to suicide.

Lucy wasn’t killed by a mystery killer, she was killed by the whole town.

And yet… that isn’t the end of Lucy Sable’s story because, as I mentioned previously, her soul wasn’t at peace.

Nancy still saw her lingering in the courthouse and knew that there was a bigger mystery that Lucy wanted and needed her to solve.

During her research, Nancy learned that there was another hair on “Dead Lucy’s” Seaqueen crown and figured that it may have belonged to her mother. She asked John to run the prints and test it against a strand of her hair.

The results weren’t a DNA match for Katherine Drew, but they were a match for Lucy Sable.

When Nancy confronted her father about what truly happened that night, the scene delivered the most emotional moment of the season.

Carson broke down and revealed that Lucy called him and Katherine the night she died. They rushed over to the cliff where they found her holding a baby girl that she’d just given birth to. Everett Hudson knew about the child and threatened to ruin her and Lucy’s life if she told anyone.

A terrified Lucy begged them to take her child and not to tell the Hudson’s about her.

And then, Lucy plunged to her death.

Carson and Katherine spent the whole night with the baby, fell in love, and decided to keep her. They left town for a little while so no one would get suspicious, and then came back to raise their daughter in Horsehoe Bay while shielding her from the truth.

As he’s revealing all of this, Nancy is growing more emotional by the minute and my jaw is on the floor.

I hear myself utter, “this cannot be happening.”

But it is. And finally, Nancy and Carson both confirm what we are now realizing to be the truth — the baby grew up to be a sharp, mystery lovin’ young woman.

“The baby is me,” Nancy finally exclaims in case you didn’t figure it out.

She finally solved her biggest mystery to date.

On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you?

The revelation exonerates Carson from all the shady moments because he now has a valid reason for lying to his daughter and trying to tiptoe around the truth of what happened the night at the cliff and why he was there.

At one point, Nancy assumed the worst of him when it was the complete opposite.

And even then, he protected her and Lucy and never told the truth to save himself; he was willing to go to jail. That’s the power of a father’s love.

I’m not as much shocked that Lucy Sable is Nancy’s mother because there was always a connection, we’ve just been missing the pregnancy piece of the puzzle. I’m more so thrown off by the fact that Ryan Hudson is Nancy’s father.

Maybe it’s because Riley Smith looks so young to me, but I just can’t see him having a twenty-year-old daughter.

And if that’s the case then Nancy’s father was sleeping and cheating on his wife with one of her best friends, George, which, wow gross.

But to make matters worse, George has now slept with both Nancy’s father and (soon) her ex-boyfriend.

Small towns are really messy.

It’s also weird to think that Nancy has spent all this time with Ryan, whom she assumed was a peer, only to find out it was her biological father this whole time.

Mostly, the reveal comes as a shock because I’ve been under the impression that Nancy was a little girl when Lucy died because she saw her parents burying “Dead Lucy’s” dress in her backyard. Did I make that up? Was that a dream?

There were definitely some clues hinting that Lucy was Nancy’s biological mother throughout the episode like when Ryan and Nancy both revealed that they were allergic to bees or the revelation that Lucy met with the Drew family days prior and called them “perfect.” She was likely vetting them to ensure they’d make a good family for her child.

In fact, I’m sure if you re-watch the first season, there’s plenty of clues like Lucy Sable’s mother mistaking Nancy for Lucy, a moment we simply chalked up to the mother’s fragile mental state.

Other Ghostly Musings

  • George and Nick need to bang out all that tension.
  • Nick found out Nancy slept with Owen thanks to Bess. Good job, Bess!
  • The way Ace said “the cops are here” made me laugh.
  • This point is just to reiterate how much I adore Ace.
  • George questioning if the new detective is a vampire is so weird but oddly perfect.
  • “We’re the busboys. I’m the senior busboy.”

What did you think of the episode? How are you feeling about the big reveal?

Did it seem logical or did it feel like a cop-out?

Will Nancy tell Ryan the truth? She has so much love and respect for her dad that she might not want him to know. Or will Ryan find out for himself?

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WATCH: ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Nancy and Ace Romance



WATCH: 'Nancy Drew' Season 3 Trailer Teases Nancy and Ace Romance

The season 3 trailer of Nancy Drew is finally here, and we’ve never been more excited for October 8! 

In addition to a possible Nancy and Ace romance (there’s so much chemistry there, it’s insane), the trailer picks up a week after the Nancy Drew Season 2 finale.

Fans can expect plenty of new dark mysteries and murders to continue haunting Horeshoe Bay, along with a deadly new game brought upon by the spirit of Nancy’s relative Temperance Hudson, who is all too eager to cause mischief. 

The rest of the Drew Crew —  including Nancy’s biological father, Ryan Hudson, and her adoptive dad, Carson Drew — can expect to be dragged into the cursed world of the supernatural. 

Watch the trailer below and get ready!  

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Season Finale Review – Temperance Hudson (2×18)



Nancy. Drew Season Finale Review The Echo of Lost Tears Season 2 Episode 18

Being a Hudson comes with its fair share of problems. 

Putting Everett Hudson behind bars for the crimes he committed was nothing compared to dealing with the Wraith. 

In a surprising twist, the supernatural parasite had a connection to the Hudson family. What doesn’t in Horsehoe Bay?

After exhausting every single remedy to detach the Wraith from Nancy, the Drew Crew realized they had to go back to the beginning of its creation by none other than Temperance Hudson. 

And then they had to try to reverse the ritual in order to save Nancy’s life. 

Can I just say, the makeup department did a fantastic job making Nancy look like she was dying more and more with each passing scene. I appreciate the attention to detail. 

The Wraith didn’t just latch onto Nancy because of her Hudson blood, however. It sensed that she was vulnerable and exploited that vulnerability every single day. 

In order to rid herself of its presence, Nancy had to go into her subconscious and face all the repressed trauma it was feeding off of. This included coming face-to-face with past versions of herself that were too painful so she buried them deep within herself including the Nancy who solved her very first case (because the world wasn’t perfect and she was looking for the truth), the Nancy at her mother’s funeral, and finally, baby Nancy that was abandoned after Lucy killed herself. 

It was interesting to see Nancy’s introspection pan out on screen because it’s the first time that Nancy has allowed herself to feel the emotions that she’s been bottling up inside. We knew that it has been weighing on her, but she’s never fully acknowledged it until now. 

But the truth shall set you free. 

As she cut off the Wraith, she realized that she couldn’t let go of the painful parts because they made her who she was. It was her first conscious step into accepting the good and the bad.

During her journey, Nancy also made quite the realization about her feelings for Ace. Everyone from the Drew Crew showed up to guide her through her subconscious, but Ace played the most important role. 

The moment was so profound that Nancy decided to tell Ace how she felt, but unfortunately, it was too late as Ace already embarked on his trip with Amanda. 

I’m upset. 

I wasn’t aware that I was such a #Nace shipper until I saw them almost kiss on screen and squealed like a schoolgirl. Why do the writers have to tease us like that!?

While Nancy’s feelings for Ace were very clear, he subconsciously felt it when he told Amanda that he felt like he was leaving something behind. 

Uh, yeah, your girl! Sorry, Amanda. 

Now that Nancy is totally aware of her feelings, how will it affect her dynamic and friendship with Ace moving forward?

Nancy also came to the realization that her relationship with Gil was based on lies. The Wraith was manipulating her since being with Gil, who put her down, made her weaker and an easier target.

I was never a Gil and Nancy fan, but we all have to go through our “bad boy” phase at some point. Hers just happened to be while she was going through something traumatic. 

If she’s not going to be with Ace, she might as well get with Detective Tamura. It’s unfortunate the finale didn’t include him.

After getting rid of the Wraith, it seemed as though Nancy might finally, finally catch a break. I mean, it has to be exhausting dealing with the supernatural all the time. 

But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. As she closed one case, she unintentionally opened up another.

Nancy is meeting all the Hudson relatives… including the supposedly dead and supernatural ones! Nancy’s blood helped Myrtle, her distant relative, reveal her true form as Temperance, who is back with a vengeance as she lifted the magical veil.

What a bombshell twist that no one saw coming! What do you think her plans are for the small town?

It’s been quite a wild season with plenty of hauntings and supernatural stalkers taking hold of the Drew Crew, but that hasn’t interfered with the show’s character development. They all have their own compelling storylines that are given just as much screen time as Nancy’s story is. And they’re all integral to the storyline. 

Nancy. Drew Season Finale Review The Echo of Lost Tears Season 2 Episode 18

Nancy Drew — “The Echo of Lost Tears” — Image Number: NCD218a_0766r.jpg — Pictured: (L-R): Maddison Jaizani as Bess, Alex Saxon as Ace, Tunji Kasim as Nick, Marilyn Norry as Myrtle and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The love story between Bess and Odette was so pure. 

Odette selflessly promised to give George back whatever remaining time she had left, and it’s a sweet gesture considering the fraught nature of their relationship initially. 

But before she retreated into the depths of George’s soul forever, she said her goodbye to Bess. I melted when George told Bess to “kiss her.”

It was a doomed relationship from the start and one of the most absurd things on television, but thanks to Leah Lewis and Maddison Jaizani, you found yourself rooting for the ghost and human couple! 

While they still don’t know how to buy George more time, she decided to accept her fate and do the things that make her happy including proposing to Nick. 

Um, George and Nick are getting married — bust out the wedding planners. 

It may seem haste, but well, they don’t know how much time they have. However, they’ve been the most solid couple on the series; they’ve bettered each other, and they’re better together. 

Ryan Hudson was cut off by his father, but he gained an even better father figure when Carson welcomed him into his home. Nancy will now be able to live with both of her dads under one roof, which will be great for her, but it will also be a good change of pace for Ryan who has never really had a normal family life. 

The poor guy didn’t even know how to do dishes. It’s almost like Carson is going to be fathering two kids.

I’m excited to see this dynamic at play. Anytime Ryan and Carson share a scene, it’s pure gold. And now that they’ve been unofficially inducted into the Drew Crew and are aware of the supernatural forces at play, things are bound to get even more interesting!

Ryan and Carson started off as enemies fighting for Nancy’s love, but in putting aside their differences, they were able to be there for Nancy when she needed them most. Ryan also gave up his rights as Nancy’s father in case Everett decides to come after Carson with kidnapping charges. 

Regardless of what’s on paper, Nancy will need them now more than ever as she gears up to publicly reveal that she is Everett’s granddaughter and discloses her plans to take over Hudson Enterprises as the rightful heir. 

What did you think of the episode? What did you think of the season? Did you enjoy all the insane twists and turns that led us to Nancy’s continued Hudson problem?

Let us know in the comments below. And we’ll see you next season! 

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Confession of Everett Hudson (2×17)



Nancy Drew Review The Judgement of the Perilous Captive Season 2 Episode 17

Everett Hudson went down for murder on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 17, but it wasn’t for the murder of Celia Hudson. 

Everett was the obvious suspect, and it was hard to believe that he was innocent after he showed absolutely no remorse or emotion upon finding out that his wife was brutally murdered, but he was telling the truth when he said he wasn’t responsible.

The more Nancy dug into the case to dig up evidence, the more she realized that she may have been wrong about Everett’s involvement. 

And truthfully, we should’ve seen it too. The way Celia was killed and displayed was, as Nancy mentioned, almost ritualistic. It didn’t vibe with Everett’s usual way of handling business.

My favorite thing aboutˆ is that the writers encourage you to be a detective and part of the Drew Crew from the comfort of your home. They drop clues and breadcrumbs along the way that you can pick up on if you aren’t passively watching. 

It’s almost like an interactive experience that allows you to solve the mystery on your own. 

Prior to Celia’s death, she was acting weird and kept mentioning a list. Much like Nancy, I assumed it was the guestlist for the party that evening, but in reality, Celia was referring to the list of witnesses she helped Nancy recover from The Road Back, the Illuminati-like secret society. 

We should’ve known that there would be repercussions for botching their plans. 

Celia’s death was meant to send Nancy a message for crossing them, and my guess is that we haven’t seen the last of them just yet. 

But for now, Nancy was consumed with guilt over the fact that she contributed to her grandmother’s death. 

The moment allowed for a sweet heart-to-heart with Ryan, her biological dad. Carson may always be there for her, but this was a Hudson family matter. 

Ryan reminded Nancy that she didn’t do anything wrong and wasn’t to blame. Her reason for taking on The Road Back was to save Ace’s life, and Celia only agreed to get involved because she wanted to help keep her husband out of prison. 

Everett might not have pulled the trigger, but he was still inadvertently responsible for his wife’s death. 

And he has plenty of blood on his hands, which Ryan reminded Nancy was the whole reason why she kidnapped him in the first place.

She got the right guy, she just didn’t figure out the right murder. Everett already confirmed that he committed a crime by putting a hit on Ryan after he sought out The Black Crown tapes, so they simply needed a way to find the evidence. 

While it seemed like Gil betrayed Nancy’s trust by accepting Everett’s deal and setting him free, it was all part of a meticulously calculated plan… the kind only Nancy could pull off.

Nancy knew that Everett would feel the pressure and run home to destroy the tape, which is where they caught him red-handed. He should’ve realized this was the moment he was outmatched by his own son and granddaughter! 

After watching the tape, it was revealed that Everett ruthlessly killed his own brother. 

You’ve got to admit that Nancy, Ryan, and Tamura’s teamwork was very impressive here. They were able to catch the guy who has evaded paying for his crimes for years. 

Tamura even managed to do what no other detective has done before! 

But I don’t think it’s over just yet. As Nancy and Ryan rejoiced, I couldn’t shake Everett’s warning to Ryan in which he threatened to take him down with him. 

Is there more to the tapes that we don’t know? How is Ryan involved? And what leverage does Everett have?

You would think that after nabbing Everett and solving the mystery of Celia’s murder, Nancy would go home and get some much-needed rest but that’s wishful thinking. 

Nancy Drew Review The Judgement of the Perilous Captive Season 2 Episode 17

Nancy Drew — “The Judgement of the Perilous Captive” — Image Number: NCD217a_0199r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Kennedy McMann as Nancy and Praneet Akilla as Gil Bobbsey — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Carson and the Scooby Gang — because tell me that whole library scene didn’t give you Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes — spent much of the episode trying to figure out why Nancy’s picture featured dark markings all over her face and body. 

If you guessed possession, you were kind of on the mark. 

Turns out, George isn’t the only one in town that has a supernatural entity hitching a ride in her body.

In Nancy’s case, however, the parasite has unknowingly been with her since Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1 when the Drew Crew took on the Wraithe. 

Everyone noticed that Nancy hasn’t been acting like herself, and even Nancy pointed out that she doesn’t know who she is anymore… at least now we know why. 

Figuring out what’s inhabiting Nancy’s body was one thing, but finding out how to get rid of it is another as parasites typically kill their host. 

This isn’t Nancy’s first near-death experience with a supernatural entity, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous, especially since she’s running out of time. 

The Drew Crew always finds a way, but will they manage to save Nancy this time around?

The episode was packed with incredible moments, but I don’t think there was anything better than Nick sticking it to Jake. 

Nick sat out from the Everett/Waithe drama, for the most part, to deal with Jake, a cafe owner in his building who was against the creation of his youth center. 

When it became clear that Jake couldn’t be reasoned with because he was a racist who wanted to keep the town “good and traditional,” Nick took matters into his own hands and sought out Tamura for help. 

In what can only be referred to as a “boss move,” Nick bought the building across from the cafe for his youth center, reminded Jake that he’s really rich, informed him that the zoning commission gave him permission, told him that he has the backing of the Horshoe Police Department to build a safe space for kids in their own neighborhood, and then informed him that he’d be opening up a rival cafe across the street. 

Nick is my hero. 

This season of Nancy Drew has been exceptional, and I’m so sad it’s coming to an end.

The writers have delivered compelling supernatural and criminal mysteries in both long-form and case-of-the-week formats. And through it all, they’ve managed to deliver incredible character development for every member of the Drew Crew while also giving them compelling storylines and genuine relationships. 

Even Ryan and Carson have been roped into the supernatural world and now consider it to be the “new normal.”

I have no doubt that the Nancy Drew Season 2 finale will blow us away! 

How do you think the season will end? Will they find a way to save Nancy? Sound off in the comments below!

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