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Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Lucy Sable’s Death Explained with a Shocking Twist (1×16)

Nancy Drew -- "The Haunting of Nancy Drew" -- Image Number: NCD116_0011r.jpg -- Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy -- Photo: The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



This episode changes everything!

My brain is spinning in a million different directions after the massive reveal on Nancy Drew. 

Prepare yourselves for this one Drew Crew because it’s wild and exceeds any of our expectations.

Honestly, hats off to the writers for pulling this one off because what. a. twist.

Nancy solved the murder of Lucy Sable’s death, but it wasn’t enough to end the hauntings and it didn’t explain just why she kept popping up in Nancy’s life or why she had such a connection to her.

The introduction of a new mystery on the back of a recently-solved one felt fitting, but I never expected it to be so personal.

With just a few hours left until Carson Drew’s evidentiary hearing, Nancy brought her A-game to find any and all evidence to clear her father’s name.

At The Claw, the Drew Crew brought in John to test Lucy’s bones for clues, but they were interrupted by an unexpected investigation led by Detective Tampura, Chief McGinnis’ replacement. It’s unclear what he wanted to find there since Tiffany Hudson’s death was solved. He was also overly suspicious of Nick, George, and Bess, which was understandable since their stories didn’t add up and they acted suspiciously while hiding the remains of the town’s most popular dead girl in the building, but still, it was random and felt forced simply for Tampura to find Lucy’s skull and pick a bone (ha) with the group.

But that’s honestly the least important part of the episode for now.

Amidst all of that, Nancy exhausted every piece of evidence and found a discrepancy between the emails sent by Ryan to Lucy and the email calling her a whore.

This seemed to prove that Ryan wasn’t the killer, but he could help her find out who was.

Getting all the answers required doing something they should have done initially before all of this even happened — retracing Lucy’s steps the night she died as it painted a clearer picture of where she was, who she saw, and what headspace she was in.

The first stop was at Ryan and Lucy’s “spot,” an ice-cream shop where waited for Ryan before leaving in a frazzled state when he didn’t show up. They learned that upon her exit, she was followed by a town car, Ryan’s father, who admitted that he told Lucy to stay away from his family because he didn’t want her to ruin Ryan’s life.

And while that seems like motive, he wasn’t the killer because he watched her go home and get into an argument with Karen.

And while she was good for Tiffany Hudson’s murder, Karen didn’t kill her best friend Lucy, though she did rig the SeaQueen competition in Lucy’s favor, which made her emotional state even direr.

Karen also offered Nancy a critical piece of information that led her to some substantial answers: her diary.

While Lucy’s home was searched up and down following her death, no one ever found her diary until Ryan and Lucy broke in and found it buried deep within a secret compartment in the wall.

It’s there that Nancy learned of the grim fate — after being bullied, threatened, and slut-shamed, Lucy decided to end her own life.

Lucy’s life, and death, was reduced to nothing more than town folklore when, in reality,  it was actually a heartbreaking tale of bullying that led to suicide.

Lucy wasn’t killed by a mystery killer, she was killed by the whole town.

And yet… that isn’t the end of Lucy Sable’s story because, as I mentioned previously, her soul wasn’t at peace.

Nancy still saw her lingering in the courthouse and knew that there was a bigger mystery that Lucy wanted and needed her to solve.

During her research, Nancy learned that there was another hair on “Dead Lucy’s” Seaqueen crown and figured that it may have belonged to her mother. She asked John to run the prints and test it against a strand of her hair.

The results weren’t a DNA match for Katherine Drew, but they were a match for Lucy Sable.

When Nancy confronted her father about what truly happened that night, the scene delivered the most emotional moment of the season.

Carson broke down and revealed that Lucy called him and Katherine the night she died. They rushed over to the cliff where they found her holding a baby girl that she’d just given birth to. Everett Hudson knew about the child and threatened to ruin her and Lucy’s life if she told anyone.

A terrified Lucy begged them to take her child and not to tell the Hudson’s about her.

And then, Lucy plunged to her death.

Carson and Katherine spent the whole night with the baby, fell in love, and decided to keep her. They left town for a little while so no one would get suspicious, and then came back to raise their daughter in Horsehoe Bay while shielding her from the truth.

As he’s revealing all of this, Nancy is growing more emotional by the minute and my jaw is on the floor.

I hear myself utter, “this cannot be happening.”

But it is. And finally, Nancy and Carson both confirm what we are now realizing to be the truth — the baby grew up to be a sharp, mystery lovin’ young woman.

“The baby is me,” Nancy finally exclaims in case you didn’t figure it out.

She finally solved her biggest mystery to date.

On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you?

The revelation exonerates Carson from all the shady moments because he now has a valid reason for lying to his daughter and trying to tiptoe around the truth of what happened the night at the cliff and why he was there.

At one point, Nancy assumed the worst of him when it was the complete opposite.

And even then, he protected her and Lucy and never told the truth to save himself; he was willing to go to jail. That’s the power of a father’s love.

I’m not as much shocked that Lucy Sable is Nancy’s mother because there was always a connection, we’ve just been missing the pregnancy piece of the puzzle. I’m more so thrown off by the fact that Ryan Hudson is Nancy’s father.

Maybe it’s because Riley Smith looks so young to me, but I just can’t see him having a twenty-year-old daughter.

And if that’s the case then Nancy’s father was sleeping and cheating on his wife with one of her best friends, George, which, wow gross.

But to make matters worse, George has now slept with both Nancy’s father and (soon) her ex-boyfriend.

Small towns are really messy.

It’s also weird to think that Nancy has spent all this time with Ryan, whom she assumed was a peer, only to find out it was her biological father this whole time.

Mostly, the reveal comes as a shock because I’ve been under the impression that Nancy was a little girl when Lucy died because she saw her parents burying “Dead Lucy’s” dress in her backyard. Did I make that up? Was that a dream?

There were definitely some clues hinting that Lucy was Nancy’s biological mother throughout the episode like when Ryan and Nancy both revealed that they were allergic to bees or the revelation that Lucy met with the Drew family days prior and called them “perfect.” She was likely vetting them to ensure they’d make a good family for her child.

In fact, I’m sure if you re-watch the first season, there’s plenty of clues like Lucy Sable’s mother mistaking Nancy for Lucy, a moment we simply chalked up to the mother’s fragile mental state.

Other Ghostly Musings

  • George and Nick need to bang out all that tension.
  • Nick found out Nancy slept with Owen thanks to Bess. Good job, Bess!
  • The way Ace said “the cops are here” made me laugh.
  • This point is just to reiterate how much I adore Ace.
  • George questioning if the new detective is a vampire is so weird but oddly perfect.
  • “We’re the busboys. I’m the senior busboy.”

What did you think of the episode? How are you feeling about the big reveal?

Did it seem logical or did it feel like a cop-out?

Will Nancy tell Ryan the truth? She has so much love and respect for her dad that she might not want him to know. Or will Ryan find out for himself?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Trail of the Missing Witness (2×12)



Nancy Drew Review The Trail of the Missing Witness Season 2 Episode 12

Nancy Drew tackled the story of half-brothers Ace and Grant. 

And it was quite the adventure. 

“The Trail of the Missing Witness” was another episode without any spooky ghost hauntings or supernatural, but the case was compelling because of the personal connection and had a great resolution. 

Grant, who spent weeks trying to get close to Ace in order to tell him the truth about their blood relations, finally confided in his half-brother because he needed Nancy’s help with finding his kidnapped mother, Suzie. 

A man named Daniel West took her after Grant left witness protection and was holding her hostage until they turned over a machine that featured the names of other witnesses who testified against the Holt Group, otherwise known as The Road Back, which Ace described as an “Illuminati type” agency. I wish they would’ve done more with this agency because, again, it’s a compelling addition that felt rushed and overlooked. Why even bring it into play if it wasn’t going to matter in the long run?

Sometimes, Nancy’s detective skills are a little hard to believe. This was one of those cases. She barely had to lift a finger to help them find the exact location where Grant’s mother hid the device and swiftly maneuvered any hiccups and roadblocks they encountered like the collapsing floor. 

When Daniel took Ace as bait, she made a deal with the devil, Celia, which got them back the device, saved all the witnesses who were listed on the device, and saved Suzie’s life. 

All in a day’s work for Nancy! 

There was a really powerful moment between Nancy and Ace which made my little heart flutter. Seriously, how can you not ship these two?

Ace didn’t want Nancy to trade in the device for his life, but how could he be mad at her after the way she looked into his eyes and told him she couldn’t lose him?

There are some definite feelings there. 

Tom, Ace’s father, also played a role in cracking the device’s code, which meant Ace had to show him the picture that he found of him and Suzie. 

Grant doesn’t seem to be sticking around Horsehoe Bay for the long run as the family is going back into witness protection, which is a shame, but he did get a happy ending!

Grant not only got answers about his father, but he also got to meet him. Meanwhile, Tom learned that he had a son with a woman he once loved. 

All’s well that ends well. 

Except for Nancy. After she asked Celia for a favor, she had to repay the favor by agreeing to amend her statement against Everett Hudson.

Nancy was the key witness in the trial against Everett – she could’ve been the nail in his coffin, but without her testimony, he walks free. 

It’s unclear if she knew that by doing so, she was also sparing her biological father, Ryan, who just found out that his father set up all his shady dealings under his name and identity. 

If that isn’t evidence of the kind of man Everett is, I don’t know what is. 

Celia believes the move will buy Nancy some kind of loyalty out of Everett if he were to ever learn that she’s his granddaughter, but if the man is capable of selling out his own son, I don’t think this will change anything. 

Hopefully, they’ll find another way to bring down Everett that doesn’t involve Ryan getting dragged down for his father’s crimes. 

Nancy Drew Review The Trail of the Missing Witness Season 2 Episode 12

Nancy Drew — “The Trail of the Missing Witness” — Image Number: NCD211b_0173r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Shannon Kook as Grant and Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Drew Crew was pretty split up on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12. As Nick looked for “the Saint” to get damning evidence against Everett (and I’m really digging their partnership), George and Bess worked to win the Chowder Bowl festival.

Spoiler alert: they won. 

George also found out that Odette has formed plenty of relationships with those closest to her. Her three sisters have all met and love her, but it’s Bess who’s developing romantic feelings for the ghost. 

George was pretty shocked to find that they’ve been exchanging love letters. I’d be mad to learn that my friend was smitten with the ghost residing in your body. 

Though, it’s hard to blame Bess who even admitted she’s filling a void after losing Elizabeth and the Marvins. 

As long as she never goes any further with Odette, a little innocent flirting can’t hurt! 

What did you think of the episode? Do you miss the supernatural elements?

Any episode that focuses on Ace is a win for me, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get excited to see all the wicked things in store for next week!

Hit the comments to let us know your thoughts about the episode! 

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Amensia Got the Best of Us (2×11)



Nancy Drew The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune Review Season 2 Episode 11

It’s always a blast when shows switch up their format. 

On Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11, the Drew Crew dealt with a Viking monster that murdered anyone who knew its name. 

Once we figured that out, it made all the sense in the world that Nick erased his memory upon accidentally hearing the name from Aristotle, the tour guide from the historical society, who was found dead. 

Playing with the amnesia aspect allowed for some truly hilarious moments from the cast while also tapping into their incredible acting skills. 

Nick went through a world of emotions upon learning that he was a “lying millionaire who couch-hops and has no home.

And learning that he killed someone in self-defense didn’t make things better as he was now a suspect in Aristotle’s murder and couldn’t remember a thing about what transpired. 

In an effort to help Nick, the Drew Crew began investigating the Vikings from Artistotle’s podcast and stumbled upon the name of the creature, which then led to a series of memory erases that somehow always found Bess waking up and screaming bloody murder. 

Comedy gold. 

It’s really great that even without her memory, Bess’s personality remains consistent. Even though she doesn’t know who she is, she’s still the Bess we’ve come to know and love.

Since this isn’t their first rodeo, the Drew Crew left themselves quite a detailed map to help get them up to speed whenever they erased their memories. This included all the ways they tried to “kill” the creature.

You really have to give it to them for being crafty! 

Eventually, they figured out that the only way to weaken the Stranger Things-looking animal known as the grimathorn is by publicizing his name. 

And what better way to get the word out than through the power of social media?

Bess’s social media expertise and Ace’s hacking skills truly came in handy for this one!

While the creature wasn’t as terrifying as the ghosts of Horsehoe Bay’s past, the episode remained one of the stronger ones this season by allowing the Drew Crew to tap into several iterations of themselves trying to solve the same riddle over and over. 

Nancy Drew The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune Review Season 2 Episode 11

Nancy Drew — “The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune” — Image Number: NCD211a_0007r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Leah Lewis as George, Tunji Kasim as Nick, Kennedy McMann as Nancy, Maddison Jaizani as Bess and Alex Saxon as Ace — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

On top of the amnesia, Nancy also dealt with Celia finding out that she’s Ryan’s daughter. 

Celia go-to reaction was to tell Everett, which Ryan couldn’t allow.

He called for an emergency family meeting, and Can I just say that I love that Ryan is now in a group text and considered family?

When Celia couldn’t be persuaded with logic, Nancy decided to steal her memories in order to buy herself some more time.

Honestly, how was Ryan not asking more questions about Nancy’s abilities to alter somoene’s mind and give them amnesia?

Without the Hudson blood running through her veins, Celia was actually quite enjoyable, though, it didn’t last long. The moment her memories were restored, she was right back to threatening Nancy with the truth. 

Though, it’s quite possible that Nancy made a compelling point about proving her worth to the family, which would prevent Celia from revealing the truth.

Sure, if push comes to shove, Nancy could destroy the family, but she could also be an asset. She’s known about her Hudson blood for much longer than Celia and hasn’t come after the company. All she wants is Everett’s victims to get justice. 

But if her cover is blown, Nancy, Ryan, and Carson will be forced to retaliate.

Celia should play her next move wisely.

Ace also dealt with some family drama as he finally met his brother.

While I knew that there had to be more to Grant, the new employee at The Claw, I never guessed he would end up being Ace’s long-lost brother. 

But are we surprised? The series has a knack for pulling off a good family plot twist! 

Grant informed Ace that his mother was in troubled and needed his help, but what could that possible mean?

And will helping her force Ace to finally confront his father and potentially destroy their perfect little family?

Other Musings

  • I don’t really mind Odette anymore. She’s kind of a good addition to the team, and she even tried to save them all. 
  • Carson’s moving back home, which means Nick gets his own place. In fact, he splurged and bought the whole building!
  • George and Nick forever — they’re just too cute together!
  • Ace is so pure.
  • How funny was the scene where Ace tried to hit on Bess and she let him down by reading a cue-card that reminded her she was into girls!

What did you think of the episode? 

Are you a fan of episodes that play with reality? Are the mysteries captivating? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Handsy Drew! (2×10)



Nancy Drew Review The Spell of The Burning Bridge Season 2 Episode 10

A new curse made Nancy Drew quite thirsty for all the men in town. 

One of the best things about the reimagined CW series is that it never takes itself too seriously. 

The case managed to embrace a compelling yet lighthearted tone simultaneously while moving the overall plot along. 

And the best part — we were back to supernatural hauntings! 

Even before the curse turned Nancy Drew into a sex addict, she teamed up with Detective Tamura to solve the great bouquet heist that involved a woman in a wedding dress robbing various locations for things like flowers, jewelry, and gold wedding bands. 

Considering the tension between Tamura and Nancy prior to this episode, it was surprising that they were so eager to work together. And it was even more shocking to see how receptive Tamura was to the whole “ghosts” revelation. 

Nancy Drew Review The Spell of The Burning Bridge Season 2 Episode 10

Nancy Drew — “The Spell of The Burning Bride” — Image Number: NCD210b_0211r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): RJ Hatanaka as Detective Tamura, Tunji Kasim as Nick and Praneet Akilla as Gil Bobbsey — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unless you’ve been dealing with the spirit world directly, it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around ghosts, curses, and supernatural entities. However, he didn’t seem to question it at all. 

In fact, the two even admitted that they enjoyed working together, which is a big step for Horseshoe Bay. Nancy’s detective skills are finally being appreciated in this town!

Tamura gave me Owen replacement vibes. They even have a similar facial structure. 

We didn’t know much about Tamura until this episode, but it’s clear why he was drawn to Nancy. His previous relationship failed because his fiancee disliked his job and wasn’t interested in the cases he was working on. With Nancy, he’s not only found someone who is interested, but he’s found someone who’s just as passionate about it and equally s good. 

Their pairing simply makes sense, but I was glad that they didn’t cross the line and kiss while she was under the influence. If it happens in its own time, so be it, but not when she’s all jacked up on lust and desire. 

Plus, I want to see their friendship and partnership form before they pursue anything romantic as they seem to be on the same wavelength with cases. 

When Nancy and the team destroyed the wedding dress, she absorbed the curse, which gave us some of Kennedy McMann’s best work. 

The poor girl was locked in a freezer so that she would cool down. 

Each man’s slow-motion cameo was hilarious, the way she was trying to talk herself down in the cooler was perfection, and the fact that she faked sick to jump out of a bathroom window and chase down a man was one of the best things on television. 

And now, I want to run my hands through Ace’s soft and silky hair!

But while Nancy was the one lusting, there were still two men inside The Claw fighting over her as Tamura and Gil Bobbsey got all up in each other’s faces. What a lucky girl.

While being overcome with a sex curse likely wasn’t Nancy’s idea of a fun day, she did realize that there was something liberating about embracing desire. 

And Bess and George both encouraged her to essentially “get some.”

So, for now, Nancy has decided to walk on the wild side by pursuing her feelings for Gil. See, it wasn’t necessary to fight cops to get the girl!

We haven’t seen Nancy in a relationship since Owen’s death, so maybe allowing herself to feel again will do her some good. 

Bess went on a date with Odette, in George’s body, and props to the ladies for being able to sell the narrative. I could never see Bess and George together, but I could totally see Bess and Odette together!

Nancy Drew Review The Spell of The Burning Bridge Season 2 Episode 10

Nancy Drew — “The Spell of The Burning Bride” — Image Number: NCD210a_0904r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Leah Lewis as George and Maddison Jaizani as Bess — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

However, as Ace informed her, it’s absolutely not okay, and he’s right. George is already giving up her body to host Odette, but it’s another thing for Odette to pursue relationships with others while she’s “unconscious.”

Also, what a strange love triangle (or square) that would make if Nick had to share George’s body without actually sharing her soul. 

Ace connected with his brother, who agreed to come to Horsehoe Bay, but instead of meeting up with him, he left him a box with a photo of their father. 

Does anyone else think that maybe Ace isn’t actually chatting up his long-lost brother?

I’m slightly worried for him and don’t want him to get his hopes up only to end up disappointed. 

And finally… the cat’s out of the bag about Nancy Drew being Ryan Hudson’s daughter. 

Ryan thought he had Val Samuels in the palm of his hand, which speaks to Ryan’s privilege. He thinks that he can manipulate someone by flashing his pretty little smile and flirting a bit. 

However, Val was manipulating him by acting interested when she was really trying to get a DNA test. 

It’s unclear how she connected Ryan and Nancy to each other. It’s one thing to assume Ryan may have had a child with Lucy Sable, but it’s another thing entirely to know that the child is Nancy.

Maybe she’s just that good of an investigative reporter. Either way, she went behind Ryan’s back and informed Mrs. Hudson of the fact that Nancy is her grandchild, which is what everyone was trying to avoid. 

Way to put Nancy in the line of danger, Val. 

This is the second strike against her. We were first thrown off by Val due to her woman-on-woman repression in which she told Nancy to keep it clean on social media. How is that any different than the spelled wedding gown to curb women’s natural impulses?

Maybe let’s just let women be women and not judge their abilities and achievements based on a bikini photo!

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying the second season of Nancy Drew so far? Let us know in the comments!

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