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Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4 Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Oh, Mr. Sandman (3×04)

Nancy Drew -- "The Demon of Piper Beach" -- Image Number: NCD304a_0080r.jpg -- Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy -- Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



This is what nightmares are made of. 

Every single episode of Nancy Drew is chilling, but Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 was the perfect kickoff to Halloween weekend! 

There’s a handful of iconic villains and monsters in this universe — Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and the Sandman.

While the Sandman is oftentimes a force of good in European folklore as he is said to bring good dreams, on the other side of the coin, he’s known to haunt nightmares in many horror films. 

And naturally, in Horseshoe Bay, not only does the Sandman take hold of people’s dreams, but he also is able to haunt them on both planes — the real world and the dream world. 

Pretty soon, the Drew Crew was fighting the urge to fall asleep because whenever they did, they came one step closer to death.

At first, the hallucinations made them face their biggest fears. For Ace, that was his ordeal with papa Bobbsey. For Nancy, it was a mix of not acting on her feelings for Ace and the unsolved mystery of the Frozen Heart Killer. 

For George, it was the return of her biological father, while Nick’s was the youth center being all for nothing. 

This was followed by sleepwalking that caused them to nearly kill themselves. 

And finally, once they became trapped in their nightmares for good, whatever happened to them in their dreams also happened to them in real life. 

Therefore, staying alive was a top priority.

Everyone was seemingly affected by the “sleeping spell” except for Bess, who went above and beyond to save her friends despite feeling quite unappreciated by them. 

I didn’t notice it until Bess brought it up, but they have been brushing her and her ideas off. No one has been taking her seriously, but in reality, she’s the only one that’s doing things “by the book.” 

Bess is a walking historical society. She’s the Giles to Buffy and the crew. 

She deserves more respect simply because she’s always equipped to clean up all of their messes. 

It was awesome to see Nancy take a backseat for once while Bess takes the wheel of the Bess bus.

Also, can the Bess bus become a thing?

While people who experience lucid dreaming usually report hellish effects, Bess channeled that to her advantage in order to enter everyone’s dream realm and pull them to safety. 

Then, she pursued the Sandman in the dream, while Ryan was simultaneously pursuing it in the real world. 

Once the sand creature was killed in both the dream world and reality, they were all safe to finally get some much-needed shut-eye.

It’s also nice to see a Bess and Ryan team-up for once. The show is lucky in the fact that any pairing is a complete hit. The cast knows how to play off of each other so well.

How hilarious were they for geeking out over the realization that the Sandman got its name after being created from sand at Piper Beach?

Ryan is really flourishing and was a helpful assist on this case, especially since the kids at the youth center loved him so much. 

Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

Nancy Drew — “The Demon of Piper Beach” — Image Number: NCD304a_0251r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alex Saxon as Ace and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Also, talk about a bummer of an opening for Nick’s center. While three kids made use of it, much of it was sidetracked by a supernatural entity raining havoc on the town.

I guess when you live in Horseshoe Bay, you should always expect the supernatural, spirits, and serial killers to crash the party. 

Things didn’t calm down once they defeated the Sandman, however. They may have eliminated one threat, but many others were still looming large. 

Nancy kept digging into Trott’s warning and realized that there was another killer running amok. 

DA Rosario seemed to come to that realization at the same time when another body with its heart completely removed from its chest showed up on the street. 

This time, it was Jake, the cafe owner, who complained about Nick’s youth center and got into a public feud with Nancy.

She recently threw a cup of hot coffee at while sleepwalking, so my guess is that she’ll be questioned once again for her involvement. 

What does this second killer want? And what is this “part of something bigger” warning all about?

Carson and DA Rosario are definitely crushing on each other, so aside from cooking her a delicious primavera, he also offered to help her hunt down an associate by the name of Asher who was last seen at a cannery. 

He tasked Ace, the self-proclaimed tech billionaire, to help him focus some surveillance footage in hopes that it might shed light on people who last saw him. 

You could say Carson was pretty shocked to see Ace’s mug on that footage, and Ace has a lot of explaining to do. 

Thankfully, we know it’s a lot worse than it seems. 

If the surveillance footage spotted them together, it likely also saw Ace kicking Bobbsey out of his car when he realized what was going on. 

Ace might not want to hurt Amanda, but he’s going to have to cooperate to make a case against her father. Not to mention he has the drug package in his car that Mr. Bobbsey has been delivering around town. 

At this point though, Amanda doesn’t even really exist, so I don’t think he has any loyalty to her. I, for one, am fully on board with Ace and Nancy’s relationship. 

The writers teased their hook-up briefly, but it’s clear that Nancy’s subconscious is going to pester her until she makes her feelings known. And at the rate that they are all having a brush with death, maybe they should get everything off of their chests ASAP?

Elsewhere, Bess declared that she was joining the Women in White, a modern-day version of the coven to harness her power, while George tracked down her father, Edwin, who is a pediatric dentist. 

Is it crazy of me that I’m suspicious of the guy and think he’s somehow involved in the murders in town?

Anyone that just shows up out of the blue is on my suspect’s list! 

What did you think of the episode?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Spellbound Juror (3×11)



Nancy Drew Review The Spellbound Juror Season 3 Episode 11

Isn’t it such a relief that Nancy Drew is onto Temperance Hudson?

It was a bit concerning that Nancy couldn’t see through Temperance’s shady act, but it was only a matter of time before she caught figured it all out. Nothing gets past Nancy. 

It was a coincidence that Ryan Hudson just so happened to be auctioning off pieces from the Hudson estate, which included a briefcase belonging to Charity Hudson. In that briefcase was a letter to Beckett’s mother detailing the very plan to prevent her mother from unleashing holy hell on Earth to reunite the pieces of her soul. 

From there, it was simply a game of who could figure out who the Copperhead’s next victim was first. 

Admittedly, the Drew Crew did much of the heavy lifting with Nick figuring out that the victim was part of the trial he was serving jury duty for. 

In order to protect the Copperhead’s victim, Bess leaked the news that Carson Drew and DA Dawson were dating, which apparently is big news on Horsehoe Bae’s Twitter. Why is that name so genius?

The romantic news forced the judge to sequester the jury, but that was only a temporary fix.

The Drew Crew figured out that the victim was Lev just before he began displaying symptoms of the Copperhead’s trance. 

When he was dismissed, it was up to them to find him and protect him from the Copperhead’s wrath. 

Here’s the thing though — either the Copperhead gets to the victim and destroys their soul or Temperance does and gets what she wants. 

There’s no good solution here. 

Nancy and the crew thought they found it, but once again, Temperance outsmarted them. Why do they all keep forgetting she’s a powerful witch that has years of experience? Not to mention she’s been planning this for a very long time. She’s had time to think through every potential flub.

Lev was taken into police custody, but when dealing with the supernatural, that doesn’t mean much. Temperance was able to use her powers to knock them both unconscious. 

And she sent Nancy a note to celebrate her win — the card of the hanged which stands for sacrifice. 

Nancy understood what it meant immediately, and thus, the battle for the soul of Horseshoe Bay (and Charity) wages on. 

After Temperance put the hex on the children at Nick’s youth center, you would think that would’ve been a focal point of the episode, but instead, he invested all his time to stop the Copperhead. 

It was nice to see Nick right in the center of the action without being tied to George or Nancy. He jumped into the case all on his own and proved that he has what it takes to handle things.

It’s only a matter of time before his friends find out about the whole ordeal with Temperance. 

Seeing Drew and DA Rosario square off was also a welcome change of pace. We know Carson is a lawyer, but we rarely see him at work. It’s nice to see his cases connect to the current events of the episode. 

And I’m really digging the idea of George becoming Carson’s assistance and pursuing a career in law. 

She’s always been bound by her home life and upbringing, but she has what it takes to carve a new path for herself. 

Not to mention that having her work with Carson directly connects him to the supernatural storyline. There’s plenty to explore here for the writers. 

George and Nick might be hurting from the break-up, but they are embarking on exciting new paths that may one day lead them back to each other as fully realized partners. 

Elsewhere, Bess took the role of Ace’s wing-woman to heart. Their friendship is so pure, and I’m convinced she’s one of the only people who fully understands the real Ace.

When she realized that he didn’t tell Nancy about his feelings, she kept pushing him to come clean and take a leap of faith. 

Ace explained that he didn’t think he was good enough for Ace, which was heartbreaking. He is so much more than a dishwasher, and Nancy has never cared about Ivy League educations and any of the other stuff he was bringing up. 

Plus, it’s not like Nancy has it all together herself either. 

She didn’t go to college, she also works at the Claw as a waitress, and she’s working without pay as a neighborhood liaison. 

While there’s nothing wrong with any of those things, it’s not fair for Ace to put himself down in the way that he was. 

If anything, they are connected by their shared passion for solving crimes, keeping the town safe, and all things supernatural. 

Eventually, Bess convinced him that he needed to shoot his shot regardless of Nancy’s new relationship with Park. It’s not like Ace to be afraid of a little competition. 

And then he did it — he finally told her. 

I was like a school girl squealing on my couch when he just laid it all out there. “I have feelings for you.” Ace — a man that does not mince words. 

Nancy looked like her soul left her body for a second. I mean, she was frozen in place without any idea how to react. 

And who knows what would’ve happened if Ryan Hudson didn’t interrupt them. Seriously, dude, read the room. 

I was truly expecting Nancy to just leap into Ace’s arms, but understandably, that likely won’t happen for at least a few more episodes as she’ll likely be conflicted by his confession. 

She seems to really have a thing for Park, but I doubt he’ll be around for much longer. Once they crack the case of the Frozen Heart’s Killer aka the Copperhead, his time in Horseshoe Bay is over. 

I think Nancy just has to come to terms with the realization that Ace feels exactly the same way she feels. She’s also equally as scared to pursue something with him not only because it puts their friendship on the line but also because she doesn’t think she’s good enough for Ace. 

They both have to figure out if these feelings are worth acting on and risking a friendship over. 

But if George and Nick can remain cordial, I think love is always worth a shot. 

And, at the very least, it’s all out there in the open now. What a relief. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you happy Ace told Nancy the truth?

Were you surprised Temperance pulled a fast one on Nancy?

Are you digging Carson’s new relationship? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Midseason Premiere Review – Truth Hurts (3×10)



Nancy Drew Midseason Premiere Review The Confession of the Long Night Season 3 Episode 10

That was one heightened episode of Nancy Drew

And it was all thanks to Bess’s truth spell. I love Bess, but I honestly don’t know why she thought that she could outsmart an original sister in white with one of the new spells she picked up. It was obvious that she was out of her league here. 

And though I don’t have a soft spot for Temperance, it was a neat little party trick that really got everyone to open up and let their real feelings be known. 

For some, that was a good thing. For others, not so much. But we’ll get into that a bit more later. 

Nancy Drew Season 3 has been an incredible season. I keep thinking that they can’t manage to deliver better twists and build up more intriguing mysteries, and I’m proven wrong every single time. 

The season, and this premiere, had me on the edge of my seat as what seemed like several separate storylines bled together into one poignant moment: the ore. 

And they even managed to tie in the youth center while finally revealing Temperance’s master plan. 

But again, we’ll get to that in a minute because the priority for this episode should’ve been saving Ace… and it absolutely wasn’t. 

I can’t be the only one who was actually disheartened by the fact that none of Ace’s friends even noticed he was missing? I mean, I understand that they were all busy with their situations and cases, but not one of them even batted an eye at his absence. 

Ace deserves better. He’s always there for every single one of his friends, and yet, he can’t get the same respect or love. 

12 Reasons Why Ace is the Best Character on ‘Nancy Drew’

Bess called him because she needed his help, but when he didn’t respond, she simply kept on keeping on. 

Nancy’s gut told her something was off, especially when Ace didn’t show up for his interview at the morgue, and then she still allowed her lust for Park to take over. 

And sure, they finally came through for him in the end and save him and Hannah from being erased from existence, but the damage had already been done. 

I can’t blame Hannah for her immediate decision to get out of Horsehoe Bay. That town has a way of working its way into people. 

And clearly, more darkness is on the horizon. 

Nancy enjoyed a moment of bliss after the truth serum allowed her and Park to clear the air. She felt a little jaded that he dodged her kiss, he informed her that he was crazy about her, and they hooked up in the coat closet at the party. 

And honestly, go Nancy.

Nancy and Park have great chemistry, so their relationship makes sense. Plus, it’s been a while since Nancy has been with a great guy. 

Admittedly, it’s also nice to have someone from the FBI “in the know” about the supernatural so that Nancy isn’t always going against the grain to solve things. 

She would always hit a brick wall when it came to solving these cases with the previous agents, so Park fits in nicely here. 

However, it’s hard to be happy for Nancy at this moment when it means that Ace is hurting. And the possibility of Nancy and Ace got so close only to be torn out right from under us.

Why didn’t Nancy ask Ace what he wanted to talk to her about the night he got stood up? I wanted to scream at the TV. Of course, even if she did, Ace would’ve just likely dodged the question because he’s not the kind of guy to go and screw up her relationship for selfish reasons. 

But Nancy should take into consideration that she just admitted to George that she loves Ace! He missed his shot with her because he was pulled into the liminal place. That hardly seems fair. 

I’m still rooting for Ace and Nancy to find their footing. He was so confident that he could get through to her, and he did, because they’re meant for each other! 

Elsewhere, relationships were forming — see Jean and Carson Drew — while others were falling apart — see Nick and George. 

The series really doesn’t want George and Nick to have a happy ending. Or they do, but not right now. 

They keep doing this back-and-forth dance with Nick and George that’s really heartbreaking to watch. They went from engaged to almost married back to dating to breaking up. 

None of what George said was invalid, however. If this is her first real relationship, it makes sense that she might want to date other people so that she’s not settling for the first thing that fell into her lap. But it’s also not entirely fair to consider Nick as someone she’s “settling for.”

I think at this point, they are way too immature to continue on with their relationship. They need space to figure themselves out first before they can commit to each other. And I just hope the series commits to that decision. 

I don’t want George and Nick running to each other shortly after she realizes that Temperance is using him in her plan to tear down the veil between the two worlds to reassemble her daughter’s soul. 

Oh, and yeah, that’s what Temperance is up to. Who would’ve thought the original sisters in white had a valid reason to kick her out of town. 

Temperance is crafty, so my guess is that the blood curse she did using Bess and Nancy will somehow pull them into this whole mess. And Nick’s already in it if he wants his youth center kids to survive because, you know, she placed a whole hex on them. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t trust Bess’s girlfriend in the slightest. She seems like she’s with Bess on all of this, but what if she’s just a distraction?

She knew all about the ore, she asked about the artifact, and she was way too calm about the whole supernatural aspect of everything. Plus, she’s connected to the youth center, which just happens to be the site where the artifact is buried. 

It’s all too fishy. 

And finally, it’s good to see that Ryan is taking his new lifestyle to heart. He’s made great strides since losing his trust, so I didn’t want to see him go back to his old ways.

It was a little touch-and-go there as Tyler propositioned him with a lucrative salary to seal the deal at the youth center, but Ryan knows better. He knows better than to get involved in any more dirty business! 

Plus, it was great to see him use the truth serum to his advantage and out Tyler for being a shady and scummy guy! 

What did you think of the Nancy Drew midseason premiere? Are you loving this season as much as I am?

Sound off in the comments! 

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12 Reasons Why Ace is the Best Character on ‘Nancy Drew’



Nancy Drew is a brilliant teen detective. That’s how they’ve marketed her for years, so we have no choice but to love her. 

The CW’s version, portrayed by Kennedy McMann, is a modern-take on the character who is driven and determined, yet impressively aware of her flaws and imperfections. She owns them like a badge while going after what she wants wholeheartedly and using her particular set of skills to solve mysteries — both human and supernatural in nature — along the way. 

Since Nancy carries the series, it’s hard not to paint her as the best of the best. 

But we’re lucky that in The CW version of the series, the Drew Crew has no shortage of incredible characters in addition to Nancy.

However, there’s no denying that one character stands out amongst the others for being equally as developed… and that’s Ace (played by Alex Saxon). 

Puppy dog eyes aside (don’t you just want to give him a hug), Ace started off as a one-dimensional character that was around for quick laugh, but he quickly evolved into the heart of the series thanks to a plethora of great qualities, including serving as the backbone of the Scooby squad. 

We’re breaking down some of the other reasons that we love Ace below:

Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

Nancy Drew — “The Demon of Piper Beach” — Image Number: NCD304a_0251r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alex Saxon as Ace and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

He’s Always There for His Friends

Ace’s theme song should be Toy Story’s “You Got a Friend In Me” because Ace is the teddy bear you can call up whenever you’re having a bad day and need a hug, a piece of advice, or a reality check. 

There has never been a time where Ace left a friend in need. Whenever anyone from the Drew Crew needs him, Ace is right there to offer assistance and support. He’s provided a shoulder to cry on for Nick, he assisted Nancy no matter how dangerous the situation, and he’s even been a “get out of a bad date” call for Bess. Ace is there when you need him most, whether you know it or not. 


He Never Turned His Back on Carson Drew

Speaking of friends and being there for them… Ace has an unmatched level of loyalty.  When the whole town painted Carson Drew as the villain, Ace made it a point to visit him and make sure he was okay. Throughout the seasons, he’s always had Carson’s back even when it would’e been easier to side with Nancy and let him be. It’s yet another point that re-affirms that Ace is “ride or die” friend. 

Nancy Drew Season 2: A New Mystery

Credit: The CW/ Nancy Drew

He Does the Right Thing No Matter How Difficult It Is

Ace has really great judgment, especially in social situations. He tried to befriend Bertram Bobbsey simply because he believed that everybody deserves a second chance and because he wanted to do right by his girlfriend, Amanda Bobbsey. But the minute he realized something sketchy was going on, he took a step back. And when Carson informed him that they needed to find Bertram otherwise he would go down as an accomplice for a crime, he followed Amanda and ensured that her father was put away behind bars where he couldn’t hurt anyone else (including Amanda) again. While it was a difficult decision on his part, Amanda made it clear that her priority was her father, and Ace knew that he had to do the right thing no matter how much it hurt her or ended their relationship. 


His Advice

Part of what makes Ace such a great friend is that he’s able to foresee everyone’s needs often before they even know what they need themselves. This allows him to dish out incredible advice (see reason #1) that makes him appear wise beyond his years. 

Nancy Drew Review - The Legend of the Murder Hotel Season 2 Episode 7

Nancy Drew — “The Legend of the Murder Hotel” — Image Number: NCD207a_0520r.jpg — Pictured: Aadila Dosani as Amanda Bobbsey and Alex Saxon as Ace — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

He’s a Hard Worker

When he’s not assisting Nancy and the crew with solving supernatural mysteries, he’s putting in the hours at the Claw. For a little, it seemed as though he was the only employee who actually worked any kind of shift at all. 


He Knows How To Be Vulnerable

Not only is he vulnerable, but he is empathetic and intuitive, which are all very desirable characteristics for a man that’s in-tune with himself and his feelings. He’s a genuinely good human, and that genuineness trickles down to everyone he comes in contact with. His most vulnerable was hunting down his step-brother and getting to know him while also protecting his father’s secret and his mother from being hurt by the truth. 

Nancy Drew — “The Mark of the Poisoner’s Pearl” — Image Number: NCD110a_0114b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Anthony Natale as Thom and Alex Saxon as Ace — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

His Relationship with His Dad Is One to Be Admired

Despite a few hiccups here and there, Ace has a pretty sweet relationship with his father. He’s a caring son that always prioritizes his father’s needs. Plus, it’s awesome to see ASL portrayed on television and naturally weaved into a storyline. 


He’s An Accomplished Hacker

Mr. Robot doesn’t have anything on Ace. He’s been able to assist in many supernatural mysteries simply by being the tech-guru that can crack any code and decipher any message. His skills have come in handy on many occasions! Unfortunately, most recently, they also got him caught up in a pretty uncanny situation — a parallel universe

QUIZ: Which ‘Nancy Drew’ Character Are You?

His Stroke of Comedic Genius

Ace has some of the best one-liners, and he delivers them without missing a beat, usually in the most serious and significant situations. The unexpected nature of his commentary typically catches everyone off-guard, which also allows for some really hilarious reactions that Ace is usually oblivious to. The only other person who rivals Ace with this witty quips and comedic-timing is Bess, but we have enough room in our hearts to stan them both. 


He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously 

With everything that’s going on around him and almost dying on several accounts, Ace is incredibly chill. It’s impressive that he can manage to keep things so low-key and zen when the ghostly spirits have set their sights on Horseshoe Bay, and usually, him and his friends.  See the previous point about being trapped in a parallel universe, which would be cause for concern for anyone. 


He Has Pretty Eyes

This one is pretty self-explanatory… and it leads into… 

The Love Interest

Of course, there’s no denying that Ace is beloved by many because he’s a love interest for Nancy. While she’s had her fair share of romances throughout the seasons, Ace is a constant in her life. He loves her for her wins and her flaws, he’s her biggest supporter, and as time progresses, Nancy has come to realize just how much she values Ace’s presence in her life. While many argue that they have a great friendship dynamic that shouldn’t be messed with, their romance is a slow burn. Admittedly, that’s working wonders for the show as it is keeping audiences on their toes and will make the moment so much better when they do finally give into those feelings that have been bubbling up riiiiight under the surface. Both Nancy and Ace haven’t had luck in the romance department, so maybe they’ll both finally find someone that’s worthy of their love and affection. 


What’s your favorite thing about Ace on Nancy Drew?

Is he your favorite character? If not, who is? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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