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Nancy Drew The Girl in the Locket Review Nancy Drew The Girl in the Locket Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Ryan Hudson Confronts Nancy, [SPOILER] Dies (1×17)

Credit: Nancy Drew/ The CW



Everyone’s finally on the same page.

Nancy Drew picked up with Nancy coming to terms with the realization that she is Dead Lucy and Ryan Hudson’s daughter.

I use coming to terms very loosely because Nancy was upset, hurt, and betrayed by the fact that her father, Carson, lied to her to the point that she even called her late mother by her first name.

Nancy’s anger was understandable as she felt as though her whole life up until this point was a lie. She spent so much time trying to solve the mystery of Lucy Sable’s death and it was frustrating to find out that her father knew the truth this whole time and never thought to tell her.

However, it was a cold approach considering Carson and Kate gave up everything to raise and protect Nancy. They honored Lucy’s dying wishes and thought they were doing the right thing by protecting her from the Hudson’s including Ryan, whom Lucy said would be dangerous if they ever found out the truth. In truth, Lucy and the Drew’s gave Nancy a proper childhood in a happy home — she’s a smart girl and she’ll understand that when the shock finally winds down.

In the end, there are no real winners here. Everyone has been cheated out of some kind of experience. Nancy didn’t know the truth about her real parents and missed out on getting to know her real dad, Ryan. Ryan missed out on raising Nancy, who would have likely made him a better person.

Ryan spent one day with Nancy and was forced to confront his worst qualities — she kept him accountable and put him in his place. He has some redeemable qualities if he starts making better choices, which I think he will now that he knows he’s a father.

Nancy knew the truth the whole time when she went on the trip with Ryan and purposefully kept him in the dark because she thought it was better that way. It seems like Nancy wasn’t sure if she really wanted him to know, and the way he spoke about being a father convinced her it wasn’t right. However, you could see Ryan desperately wanted to know the truth.

In a sense, Nancy walked a mile in Carson’s shoes and learned just how hard it is to be on the other side of not knowing — knowing the truth is just as bad. You’d think it would have made her ease up on Carson, but Nancy just needs time. Time heals all wounds.

Ryan may not have known the truth when he asked Nancy to drive out to the ob-gyn to investigate the possibility that Lucy was pregnant, but their whole experience was definitely a father and daughter trip. They definitely bickered like father and daughter duo specifically when Nancy threw a tantrum, and Ryan punished her by driving away. Classic father and daughter stuff.

After Nancy called Ryan out for being a rich, entitled jerk and criminal, it made him re-evaluate his life and led him to finally making the connection himself.

Knowing that Lucy Sable was pregnant about 19 years ago and that Nancy had been the only other person haunted by Lucy Sable’s ghost, Ryan considered the possibility that Nancy was his daughter, and the locket she left behind that looked just like Lucy’s baby picture in the yearbook was all the proof he needed.

I would agree with Nancy that the argument that she looked just like Lucy when she was a baby was a stretch since all baby’s look alike, but it’s impressive that Ryan put two and two together.

He deserved to know. And just like Nancy figured it out herself, it was fitting that he did also. Like father, like daughter.

He also came through for Nancy when she needed him most. It was his first act of being a father and it was to do the ritual to ward away the pissed off sea spirit of the Aglacea.

The Aglacea was out for blood and it was going after everyone involved in the ritual since they never properly paid the toll.

George’s mom suggested a ritual to ward off the sea spirit from Nancy’s scent, which required a blood relative.

It was hilarious that George and Nick went to Nancy’s house to convince Carson to do the ritual and were super confused to see Ryan arrive with Nancy instead.

No one aside from Ace knew the truth, and it says a lot that Nancy entrusted him with the truth. He’s always been her most trusted friend.

Their reactions to learning that Ryan is Nancy’s dad amidst the bloody ritual resembled my reaction to finding out at the end of Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16 right down to Bess’ covering her mouth in shock.

George realizing that she slept with Nancy’s dad and also almost her ex-boyfriend was a close second top moment.

The scene with Nancy and Ryan joining hands and linking through a powerful blood ritual was powerful and very meta. They’re joined through blood now and have no choice but to be there for each other and see where this relationship goes.

You’d think coffee would be easy peasy after what they’ve been through, but as it turns out, sitting down and talking through feelings is always a lot harder than fighting off evil spirits.

Of course, this is Horsehoe Bay and one shouldn’t underestimate those spirits by any means.

The ritual would have worked had the Algaeca been a spirit but since it was a person, George’s mom summed it up best: they took the right medicine for the wrong illness and, in turn, angered the Algaeca even more.

The result? Everyone’s portents increased as Nick felt like he was drowning, Ace was tied up, George’s hair started falling out, Bess saw maggots on an open wound in her arm, and Nancy began choking again.

However, the Algaeca seems to have found her/his victim with Owen, who was seen laying in a bathtub bleeding from a gaping hole in his stomach.

So much for Nancy’s trip on a private jet to New York City with the man she’s smitten with.

Do you think Owen is dead? Is it just a hallucination or warning of what will happen if they don’t pay the toll? Does the fact that Ryan wanted Owen dead (there was some truth to him saying that) have something to do with it?

Is there a way to reverse this with another ritual? Or is he going down is CW hottie history? We’ll miss that dimple-y smile!

What did you think about the Nancy Drew episode, Cravers? Hit the comments and let us know.

Did you enjoy the emotional moment between Ryan and Nancy? How do you think Ryan will be affected moving forward? Will they catch up on lost time?

How will George cope with the realization that was was sleeping with her besties dad?

And does Carson deserve to be forgiven?



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‘Nancy Drew’ Season 2 Trailer Teases New Mystery, Same Thrills



Nancy Drew Season 2: A New Mystery

In case it wasn’t made clear on Nancy Drew Season 1, Maine has a bit of a ghost problem. 

That ghost problem continues into season 2 on as Nancy and her Scooby Gang (Drew Crew) embark on a brand new mystery. 

The series returns Wednesday, January 20 — finally! — following a COVID-19 production hiatus. 

Best ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Twists

In the first trailer promoting the return,  Nancy finds herself smack-dab in the middle of the mystery because as the saying goes, “where there’s smoke…”

The Drew Crew’s latest case involves a woman who uttered Nancy Drew’s name before she was attacked and lost consciousness. 

“How do you have the bandwidth for another mystery?” George (Leah Lewis) asks Nancy, but that’s clearly rhetorical… has she even met Nancy?!

But they obviously haven’t forgotten all about the Aglaeca curse (which claimed the life of Nancy’s bae, Owen) as Bess (Maddison Jaizani) exclaims: “Death can come to us at any moment.”

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Their adventures bring the Drew Crew to a deserted school bus where Nancy warns them to “stay calm,” adding, “It cannot find us if we’re not afraid.” But surely, that’s easier said than done as “it” is right on their trail. 

And don’t worry — the season continues to amp up the scares with terrifying ghosts and monsters appearances that’ll scare the bejeezus out of you. 

Watch the trailer below:

Catch the return of Nancy and crew on  Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 9/8c.


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Haunting of House Hill – Netflix

There’s nothing scarier than moving into a creaky, old house with your five children. Add in that the house begins to have paranormal experiences that haunt the family simply looking to make a quick buck from a house-flip and you have one of the scariest shows on Netflix. Keep the lights on, you’ll need ‘em. 


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Nancy Drew – The CW

Your favorite sleuthing book detective has made her way to the small screen. Horseshoe Bay is a town plagued by unsettled and ghostly spirits, but one reigns supreme: Lucy Sable. The Seaqueen was murdered in 2000 and has become somewhat of an urban legend until Nancy and her friends, the Drew Crew, decided to solve her mysterious death when it intertwined with another, connected murder.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Netflix 

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Best ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Twists



Nancy Drew The Secret of the Old Morgue review

Nancy Drew was an intriguing addition in 2019.

Many of us were familiar with the teen detective from the books, but The CW’s character took on a life of her own mainly due to Kennedy McMann’s fresh take on the character. 

She’s clever, witty, outspoken, independent, and ready to solve any mystery that arises. Plus, the Drew Crew is always ready to follow her wherever the spirt world may take her. 

QUIZ: Which ‘Nancy Drew’ Character Are You?

With plenty of calculated mysteries, jump-out-of-your-seat scares, and jaw-dropping twists, the series rapidly rose the ranks from newcomer to must-watch. It’s hands-down one of  The CW’s best shows! 

As we await the coronavirus-delayed second season, let’s take a look at some of the biggest twists of Nancy Drew Season 1. 

*Beware – spoilers ahead*


Owen Marvin is Dead

Just as Nancy Drew gave in to her feelings and found love, Owen Marvin was brutally murdered. Initially, fans assumed Owen’s death was the result of Nancy and her friends summoning the Aglaeca and not paying the blood toll. Yes, the Aglaeca latched onto Owen during the spell, but Nancy and the Drew Crew were able to pull him back without losing too much blood. The real killer was, surprisingly, of the human form — Lucy Sable’s brother Joshua. Owen died protecting his girlfriend. Their romance deserved a chance and this is a major loss to the series.

Credit: The CW/ Nancy Drew


The Truth About Lucy Sable’s Death 

The mystery of Lucy Sable’s death turned out to be something no one expected. Hoping to clear her father of murder charges, Nancy went to Lucy’s old house with Ryan Hudson and dug up her diary where she learned that Lucy wasn’t killed. In the entry, she confessed to stealing a knife from the Drew household and detailed her plan to end her own life because she was pregnant with a baby she couldn’t keep. She was also threatened by Everett Hudson. Nancy suspected her mother, Katherine, of killing Lucy and ordered a DNA test that revealed the mother of all secrets: Lucy was Nancy’s mother. This explains why she was haunting her the whole time! Right before jumping off the cliff, Lucy handed the baby (Nancy) to Katherine and Carson Drew who took her in and skipped town only to return when she was a teenager to avoid raising any suspicion.

Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review

Nancy Drew — “The Haunting of Nancy Drew” — Image Number: NCD116_0011r.jpg — Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Nancy is Ryan Hudson’s Daughter

Now, if you were blown by the fact that Lucy was Nancy’s mother, it’s about to get even crazier. Since Katherine wasn’t Nancy’s biological mother, Carson wasn’t Nancy’s biological father either. That title went to none other than Ryan Hudson. Yes, the same Ryan who was having an affair with Nancy’s best friend George. Twisted! 

Lucy and Ryan had a torrid love affair that his parents were desperate to break up. Nancy was the first to realize it and spent the whole day with Ryan sleuthing. He eventually figured it out after finding her locket that contained her baby photo which looked eerily similar to Lucy’s baby picture. Let’s just say it led to a pretty awkward encounter with Carson. 

Nancy Drew The Girl in the Locket Review

Credit: Nancy Drew/ The CW


Nancy’s Dad is Arrested

Carson Drew arrested for the murder of Lucy Sable. It was a theory Nancy was mulling over, but she never planned for it to see the light of day. Unfortunately, she left her diary wide open and Carson’s now-ex-girlfriend, Detective Karen, stumbled upon it and arrested him. Yep, the ultimate betrayal. For a while, it was unclear if Carson was actually a good guy or not, but all of that was cleared up in the finale. He may have lied to Nancy about her parentage, but he was doing it for a good reason. He definitely wasn’t a murder. Well, for now.

Nancy Drew The Path of Shadows Review

Nancy Drew/ The CW


Tiffany’s Murder Solved

Aside from Lucy Sable’s murder mystery, Tiffany’s death was one of the core mysteries on the series. And as with most great mysteries, the answer was staring us right in the face. Ryan Hudson was considered a suspect in Tiffany’s death since he was the common denominator in both Tiffany and Lucy’s demise, but the twist came when it was revealed that he was the intended target rather than Tiffany. 

After retracing the steps of the fateful night at The Claw, Nancy realized that Josh, Lucy’s vengeful brother, was hoping to get his revenge on Ryan for his sister’s untimely death. He snuck into the restaurant and poisoned a salad he knew Ryan would order. However, Ryan sent the salad back and instead of tossing it, Ace, Bess, and George accidentally served it to Tiffany. Tiffany’s death was a complete accident and if one of the events had gone differently — Ryan didn’t show up, Bess dropped the salad, etc. — she would’ve been alive!  

Nancy Drew/ The CW


Bess is a Marvin

In the fourth episode of the series, we learn that Bess isn’t who she said she is! Her name is Bess Turani, she has a British accent, and she believes she’s a descendant of the Marvin clan. This is the moment when fans truly start to question if anyone is actually telling the truth in this series. Later episodes prove that she is a Marvin, after all, but that might not be all that’s it’s cracked up to be. In the finale, she accepted Aunt Diana’s invite to live at the mansion, but with the Marvin’s, everything comes with a price. Is Bess ready to pay?

Nancy Drew The Terror of Horseshoe Bay Review

Nancy Drew — “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay” — Image Number: NCD115a_0011b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Leah Lewis as George, Maddison Jaizani as Bess, Miles Gaston Villanueva as Owen and Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Lisbeth is an Undercover Agent

There was something suspicious about Lisbeth from the get-go, but who would’ve thought she would be revealed as undercover state police who was pretending to be a driver for the Hudsons because she was investigating them! Lisbeth was worried that her cover would be blown, but the Drew Crew promised to help her keep her identity a secret. Bess and Lisbeth even broke up so that she can show the Hudsons her loyalty. By episode 11, Lisbeth helped Nancy trap Mr. Hudson in a confession that led to his arrest at a Marvin-Hudson dinner party. Don’t mess with Nancy!

Nancy Drew The Phantom of the Bonny Scot Review

Nancy Drew/ The CW


What other big twists would you add to the list?

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