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Nancy Drew The Phantom of the Bonny Scot Review Nancy Drew The Phantom of the Bonny Scot Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Phantom of Bonny Scot (1×11)

Nancy Drew/ The CW



If I had to give Nancy Drew one piece of advice, it would be to be careful who you make an enemy out of.

The Hudson’s are definitely not a family one should mess with and the fact that their body count makes up half of Horseshoe Bay should be a fair warning.

But that’s also what we love about Nancy Drew. She’s not afraid to go after the truth, expose people for their indiscretions, make them pay, and above all, she always goes after what she wants.

When Owen said that, it wasn’t a bad thing, it was just realistic.

“The Phantom of Bonny Scot” was by far the episode of the series because it feels like we’re starting to fall into a groove.

We know what to expect from Nancy, we know that she always has a plan, and we know when to look away from the screen as to not get frightened by Dead Lucy.

It’s also the episode that didn’t feed us any extra mysteries but stuck solely to what was most important – solving Dead Lucy’s death and getting Nancy’s father, Carson, out of prison.

Initially, it seemed like Nancy struck a deal with the devil when she promised Mr. Hudson to spy on Owen and see what proof he thought he had about the Bonny Scot.

But how could Nancy ever spy on Owen let alone sell him out to the Hudson’s? She was having steamy dreams about him, so it was impossible.

Owen was ignoring Nancy and claimed to have a good reason: he found the sole survivor of the Bonny Scot.

If this information got into the wrong hands, it would be devastating.

So, Nancy played her cards right. She showed up to the Hudson and Marvin dinner to tell Mr. Hudson everything she’d learned about Owen’s survivor. She convinced him to wire over the money and he did everything she asked never realizing that he’d walked right into a trap.

Nancy set him up and paying off Bashiir basically proved all the claims that they purposefully sunk the Bonny Scot and killed 11 innocent people.

While Nancy couldn’t use the get out of jail free card, she promised her father they’d find a way to prove his innocence. And if we know Nancy, she will.

Mrs. Hudson didn’t waste a moment after her husband was jailed to put out a hit on Carson to teach Nancy a lesson.

It’s unclear who she called, but it has to be someone with connections to the jail.

Though, the episode made it seem like she was in cahoots with Lucy Sable’s mother.

Lucy wants Nancy to solve this mystery and keeps showing her clues that get her one step closer.

This week, she found her mother’s files on Lucy in which she wrote that if anything ever happened to her, it would be her mother’s fault.

And this brings up an interesting point – we’ve never considered the Sable family in Lucy’s death.

Why did Lucy write that? What did her mother know?

Nancy and Owen teamed up for the takedown, and in a moment of glory, shared a passionate kiss, one that Nancy had quite literally been dreaming about.

And then, she pulled away likely because she knows getting too close to a Marvin is bad news. And yet, I find myself shipping them.

Oddly enough, I’m also pretty invested in George and Nick. It’s clear that Nancy cannot give Nick what he wants in a relationship, and the sparks between him and George are flying.

She asked Ryan for help with saving The Claw and despite being the richest man in town, he refused because of “family issues,” and yet, Nick realized how much the establishment meant to her and put in an offer.

Something tells me that Tiffany’s coins will be traceable and Nick will get into legal trouble again just as he’s about to become a free man.

Bess and Lisbeth had an epic moment as they both admitted their falling in love with each other, but Bess’ role within the Marvin family may prove to be a problem.

Her Aunt Diana, who accepted her with open arms, set her up on a lunch date with Amaya Alston, the daughter of a family she wants to get in business with. While she said it was innocent, it definitely seemed like a set-up, especially when she said that Marvin’s don’t marry drivers.

Well, Lisbeth isn’t technically a driver, but it doesn’t seem like the family approves.

I wonder what they’d say about Nancy?

In terms of haunted moments, the episode had plenty with Lucy Sable haunting Nancy’s dreams, the painting at the Hudson house, and, of course, Bashiir re-living what happened on the Bonny Scot every single night.

What did you think of the episode?

Nancy Drew was renewed for a second season by The CW, but the ratings aren’t as great as they should be. In terms of detective shows, this one has really been getting better with time, and I feel like that message needs to be made clear for those who maybe gave up on the show early on!

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Do you think the Hudson’s are responsible for Lucy’s death? And who killed Tiffany?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Find Your Way Home (1×13)



Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

Nancy Drew calls the CW home and thus, it’s obligated to deliver one alternate reality episode per season. I’m convinced that it some kind of unspoken yet mandatory rule for all of the network’s shows.

In the real world, our girl was dying, but in the dream world, she was thriving in a place that exceeded her expectations.

It was perfect — her mother was alive, her parents were together, her dad wasn’t in jail, she was in college, George was her bestie, Bess was content living out of a van, Ryan was a “great guy” (we’ve heard that one on Supergirl about Lex Luthor, too) and married to Tiffany, who was still alive also, Ace was, well, Ace (he’s been living the dream this whole time), and she still had a shot with Nick because they never met in this reality, which means she never botched things with him.

Also, let me point out that this is the second episode without Owen and his presence has been missed. How did he not even make the cut in a fake world?

Nancy had every reason to stay behind in this dream world and allow her to be happy, so it says a lot about her willpower to not only realize that this wasn’t reality but also to fight that urge to give in to the forces trying to convince her to stay.

And trust me, they tried. From her “friends,” aka the figments of her subconscious, urging her to leave her worries behind and hang out with them for eternity to her mother trying to keep her around, the temptation was there and yet, Nancy knew that regardless of how messy and heartbreaking reality truly was, it was real.

So, the wish box didn’t get what it wanted, but the audience, on the other hand, got an exciting mystery that found Nancy working with the fake Drew Crew to find the key back home.

If you were surprised that the 3 clues left behind were a riddle, you really shouldn’t be — this is Nancy Drew, solving riddles and mysteries via clues is her thing!

Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

The CW

What’s best about “alternate reality” tropes is they allow writers and characters to play with “what if.”

They’re all the same characters, but the experiences they had have made them much different than what we’re used to seeing.

Those interactions really carried the episode from just another mystery to Nancy evolving and recognizing some of her earthly mistakes.

Nick never went to prison in this alternate world, he bought a home (which was the sanatorium in Nancy’s world), and their chemistry was way stronger than it’s ever been in her world also. Her time spent with Nick made her realize that she let go of a guy who truly loved and accepted her because she was too scared to fight for him and pursue those feelings.

In both scenarios, the real world and the alternate reality, however, Nick was by her side making sure she was okay, which says a lot about him as a man and friend.

Unfortunately, in the real world, telling Nick how she feels isn’t that easy because it means Nancy has to commit to changing her ways, which I don’t think she’s truly ready for.

Nick’s also managing a new business now and whatever is happening with George is also valid and cannot be ignored even if Nancy had him first.

She also hasn’t explored her feelings for Owen but rather tried to shoot them down and pretend they aren’t there. It’s fine for now since “out of sight, out of mind” is working as she’s too preoccupied with the spiritual world, but she can’t repress those feelings forever.

Nancy also got to spend some time with her mother and say her goodbye, which is something she didn’t get to do on Earth.

She’s been haunted by her mother’s death this whole time because she felt so guilty about it, but in reality, her mother set her up for success before she passed.

Still, it was nice for Nancy to get that closure and to experience a few stolen moments with her mother one last time.

At times, it felt like the wish box was heaven because and her mother was there to guide her out of it and back to reality.

In the real world, Nancy was so close to death that it would have been possible for her to die and crossover, and yet, her mother continuously gave her all the clues to finding the key that allowed her to wake up.

Her mother left her a map before her death, so she quite literally gave her the answer.

Everyone was relieved when Nancy opened her eyes and returned to the land of the living, and she was back to figuring out the next piece of the puzzle in no time.

During her stay in the alternate reality, she kept getting haunted by some woman, whom she later found at the Historical Society, a suggestion that came from her mother also.

The woman, a self-proclaimed “keeper” of sorts, unlocked Tiffany Hudson’s safety deposit box and showed Nancy the video that was taken shortly before her death.

Turns out, Nancy is in more danger than she previously assumed because Tiffany may have been murdered for getting too close to finding out who murdered Lucy Sable.

Much like Nancy, Tiffany said she “found” something and was being haunted by Lucy.

If all this checks out, what does this mean for Nancy? Up until now, it seemed like Nancy was leading her down the “right” path, but what if she was showing her misleading clues purposefully?

Did Lucy kill Tiffany?

And why doesn’t Lucy want anyone to know the truth?

The series is leaving us on a bit of a cliffhanger as Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14 returns in 2 weeks on February 26, and the promo is teasing a classic “who-dun-it” mystery.

The Tiffany/Lucy murder mystery has spanned a good chunk of the first season, and while it’s been intriguing, I’m also ready for it to end and for the Drew Crew to move onto something new that utilizes all their skills.

Hopefully, the murder reveal is executed in a brilliant way (with a few carefully crafted scares) because this episode may go down as one of the strongest this season.

There was a clear purpose, everyone worked towards a common goal, and it gave us some new information that lends itself to another episode down the line.

What did you think of Nancy Drew?

Are you impressed that she was able to push through the noise and pull herself back into reality?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Ace Saves Carson Drew (1×12)



Nancy Drew The Lady of Larkspur Lane Review

Ace was the star of the show on Nancy Drew “The Lady of Larkspur Lane,” as he made the most of his hour to help Nancy and save Carson Drew.

Out of Nancy’s core group of friends, Ace has been on the back burner while recovering” from a crash caused by the Hudson’s, but his return was epic and placed him in the center of the action.

Ace continues to be a character whose potential is untapped to the point where we didn’t even know how much he was capable of.

But after getting Carson’s call and realizing that no one was going to protect him, Ace broke him out of prison by hacking into the department of corrections database, ordering a transfer to state prison, and posing as an officer in a stolen van to break him out of prison.

Look, we knew Ace was good with computers, but this is next-level impressive.

Ace didn’t care about the consequences of his actions because he knew he was doing the right thing to help out a friend and saving a life.

Who knew he was such a complex and multi-dimensional character?

He even told the cops that he was holding Carson hostage. Hilarious.

The CW may not have had this in their budget, but considering his father was a police chief back in the day, I was surprised he wasn’t present to alongside Karen, whose loyalties waver.

If you forgot she was dating Carson, well, that’s not surprising.

They’ve barely spent any time together, she was the one who threw Carson under the bus, and she hasn’t offered any help in clearing his name.

She didn’t even seem to believe in his innocence, which tells you everything you need to know about her.

It’s unclear why Ace is so loyal to Nancy, but it’s admirable and speaks to how great of a guy he is.

When he’s in, he’s all in.

Hopefully, this convinces the creative minds behind the show to include him in Nancy’s escapades more often because she could use a sidekick like him.

Ryan Hudson teeters between being a good guy and someone incapable of breaking away from his family’s expectations, but he may have finally crossed a line when he provided evidence that proved the Hudson’s ordered a hit on Carson.

Celia wasn’t happy about it, but what does that mean for him?

Can a Hudson be caught in the Hudson’s crossfires?

Ace and Carsons’s scenes were so exciting that Nancy’s mystery paled in comparison.

Her visit to the sanitarium didn’t bring anything new to the table but exposed Nancy to even more ghosts who were hellbent on haunting her.

Obviously, anytime you set a supernatural scene at a mental hospital, things start to take some wrong turns.

Nancy talked her way into Patrice Dodd’s room to question her about Lucy’s death, but all she got out of her were some cryptic bible verses.

She figured the “thin man’s bible” was inside the abandoned and haunted wing and didn’t hesitate to waltz right in there after being convinced by Sal, a fake orderly.

Clearly, Nancy didn’t learn from the last time she did that with a serial killer and got trapped inside.

This time, she walked straight into an escape room with no escape.

She collapsed on the floor and dozed off into an alternate reality where her mother was alive and her father wasn’t in prison. Will she be able to wake herself up?

Nancy’s sleuthing skills are impressive, but for once, it would be nice to see her take care of herself rather than relying on her friends to save her.

She’s supposed to be the heroine of the series and yet even George questioned how she ever got done anything solo.

Next to Ace, George and Nick were the highlight of the episode as they danced around their evident feelings for each other and filled the awkward moments with business talk.

Having someone who manages The Claw alongside her will be difficult for George, who is used to running things, but knowing that Nick feels a sense of purpose will help her in embracing the change.

Together, these two have the potential for making The Claw a destination restaurant in town. As long as they can keep the murders at bay.

Nancy has cracked plenty of cases before so she’s aware of the feelings between the two of them and it seems like she’s accepting.

Maybe that has to do with her big moment with Owen on last week’s episode, but it’s strange that it wasn’t even addressed. Owen wasn’t the focus of this episode, sure, but he’s still around, right?

At times, it feels like the series doesn’t know what they want to do with him.

Bess embraced her Marvin side and met up with Amaya, her new mentor.

Things got off to a rocky start between the ladies, but they both realized they were putting up a front and found that this partnership may be mutually beneficial.

There’s definitely some sparks here, but Bess’ desire to become a Marvin and the lifestyle that comes with it will be the thing that drives a wedge between her and Lisbeth.


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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Midseason Premiere – Nancy Puts a Target on Her Back (1×10)



Nancy Drew The Mark of the Poisoner's Pearl Review

If it weren’t for the Drew Crew, Nancy would have crossed over and joined Lucy Sable in haunting the living.

Nancy Drew’s midseason premiere put our teenage sleuthing heroine in yet another questionable situation that was entirely of her own making.

In an attempt to solve the mystery of Tiffany Hudson’s death and clear her father’s name, Nancy provoked a serial killer to come after her.

Nancy needs to learn to stop putting herself into these life-threatening situations.

While Nancy is usually one-step ahead of most murderers in Horseshoe Bay, Claire pulled one over on her by pretending to be the victim before revealing herself to be the mastermind who enjoys watching her victims open up and be unapologetically honest before succumbing to the poison that’s filling the air.

I’ll give it to Nancy for figuring out Claire’s involvement midway through their “chat,” but it if wasn’t for Nick, George, and Ace, Nancy would not have made it out alive.

Also, how could Nancy know that Claire’s ring was the anecdote? She’s observant and good at what she does, but not that good, especially in a lucid state of mind.

The series makes an effort to underline the importance of having a good circle of friends who always have your back, but in the same vein, highlighted that Nancy has always been a good and helpful friend in return.

The realization that she’s surrounded by good people because she’s a good person eased her guilt for unintentionally incriminating her father in Lucy Sable’s murder and landing him in prison.

Karen should have never gone through her stuff, but what did Nancy think was going to happen when she dug up clues and evidence that stacked up against her father?

There are consequences to solving mysteries and it’s important Nancy learns that.

And now, it gives her even more reason to find out what really happened to Lucy and thus, Tiffany.

While Nancy and I were both hopeful that Claire’s murders would give us some lead into who was behind Tiffany’s death, they didn’t illuminate much of anything other than Tiffany’s killer was sloppy and fast.

Thanks to the autopsy, it also involved an almost undetectable poison that could be misinterpreted for cardiac arrest meaning that the party responsible must be someone with access and money.

The only people that come to mind are either the Hudson’s or the Marvin’s.

Tiffany and Lucy’s murder continues to be the overarching mystery, but the more time we spend on these cases of the week, the more it gets sidelines.

These mysteries, while intriguing, cannot stretch out for more than one season.

Even the scare-factor of seeing a rotting Lucy Sable has started to rub off and become less effective.

We also learned that Nick is still very much in love with Nancy when he risked his life to save hers, but Owen is moving in on Nancy and she’s not putting a stop to it either.

Owen has also integrated himself into her friend group by confirming that Bess is his first cousin and working side-by-side with her, Nick, and Ryan to take down the Hudson’s for murdering his uncle and covering it up.

It’s a little surprising that Ryan had no idea about the Bony Scott or the deal between the Marvin and the Hudson families, but then again, he’s been oblivious to how his parents have been manipulating everyone for years.

He even seemed a little shocked to stumble upon the realization that his parents are likely behind Laura Tandy’s “accident.”

He warned Owen and Bess not to get too close because it’s dangerous, but he’s plotting something with the artifacts he took from his safe. What is it?

If Ryan is trying to become a better man and prove he’s not his father, it’ll make for some exciting moves that could help Nancy and friends uncover the truth in town.

Ace is also back and it was nice to see him jump into the action and help his friends. His easygoing persona has been missed.

At this rate, everyone at The Claw should join the local police force and get paid to crack the cases that trained cops and detectives haven’t been able to.

What did you think of the midseason premiere?

The upcoming teaser for next week’s episode reveals that we’re in store for a wild ride!

Missed anything? Catch up on episodes of Nancy Drew right now

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