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Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Find Your Way Home (1×13)

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Nancy Drew calls the CW home and thus, it’s obligated to deliver one alternate reality episode per season. I’m convinced that it some kind of unspoken yet mandatory rule for all of the network’s shows.

In the real world, our girl was dying, but in the dream world, she was thriving in a place that exceeded her expectations.

It was perfect — her mother was alive, her parents were together, her dad wasn’t in jail, she was in college, George was her bestie, Bess was content living out of a van, Ryan was a “great guy” (we’ve heard that one on Supergirl about Lex Luthor, too) and married to Tiffany, who was still alive also, Ace was, well, Ace (he’s been living the dream this whole time), and she still had a shot with Nick because they never met in this reality, which means she never botched things with him.

Also, let me point out that this is the second episode without Owen and his presence has been missed. How did he not even make the cut in a fake world?

Nancy had every reason to stay behind in this dream world and allow her to be happy, so it says a lot about her willpower to not only realize that this wasn’t reality but also to fight that urge to give in to the forces trying to convince her to stay.

And trust me, they tried. From her “friends,” aka the figments of her subconscious, urging her to leave her worries behind and hang out with them for eternity to her mother trying to keep her around, the temptation was there and yet, Nancy knew that regardless of how messy and heartbreaking reality truly was, it was real.

So, the wish box didn’t get what it wanted, but the audience, on the other hand, got an exciting mystery that found Nancy working with the fake Drew Crew to find the key back home.

If you were surprised that the 3 clues left behind were a riddle, you really shouldn’t be — this is Nancy Drew, solving riddles and mysteries via clues is her thing!

Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

The CW

What’s best about “alternate reality” tropes is they allow writers and characters to play with “what if.”

They’re all the same characters, but the experiences they had have made them much different than what we’re used to seeing.

Those interactions really carried the episode from just another mystery to Nancy evolving and recognizing some of her earthly mistakes.

Nick never went to prison in this alternate world, he bought a home (which was the sanatorium in Nancy’s world), and their chemistry was way stronger than it’s ever been in her world also. Her time spent with Nick made her realize that she let go of a guy who truly loved and accepted her because she was too scared to fight for him and pursue those feelings.

In both scenarios, the real world and the alternate reality, however, Nick was by her side making sure she was okay, which says a lot about him as a man and friend.

Unfortunately, in the real world, telling Nick how she feels isn’t that easy because it means Nancy has to commit to changing her ways, which I don’t think she’s truly ready for.

Nick’s also managing a new business now and whatever is happening with George is also valid and cannot be ignored even if Nancy had him first.

She also hasn’t explored her feelings for Owen but rather tried to shoot them down and pretend they aren’t there. It’s fine for now since “out of sight, out of mind” is working as she’s too preoccupied with the spiritual world, but she can’t repress those feelings forever.

Nancy also got to spend some time with her mother and say her goodbye, which is something she didn’t get to do on Earth.

She’s been haunted by her mother’s death this whole time because she felt so guilty about it, but in reality, her mother set her up for success before she passed.

Still, it was nice for Nancy to get that closure and to experience a few stolen moments with her mother one last time.

At times, it felt like the wish box was heaven because and her mother was there to guide her out of it and back to reality.

In the real world, Nancy was so close to death that it would have been possible for her to die and crossover, and yet, her mother continuously gave her all the clues to finding the key that allowed her to wake up.

Her mother left her a map before her death, so she quite literally gave her the answer.

Everyone was relieved when Nancy opened her eyes and returned to the land of the living, and she was back to figuring out the next piece of the puzzle in no time.

During her stay in the alternate reality, she kept getting haunted by some woman, whom she later found at the Historical Society, a suggestion that came from her mother also.

The woman, a self-proclaimed “keeper” of sorts, unlocked Tiffany Hudson’s safety deposit box and showed Nancy the video that was taken shortly before her death.

Turns out, Nancy is in more danger than she previously assumed because Tiffany may have been murdered for getting too close to finding out who murdered Lucy Sable.

Much like Nancy, Tiffany said she “found” something and was being haunted by Lucy.

If all this checks out, what does this mean for Nancy? Up until now, it seemed like Nancy was leading her down the “right” path, but what if she was showing her misleading clues purposefully?

Did Lucy kill Tiffany?

And why doesn’t Lucy want anyone to know the truth?

The series is leaving us on a bit of a cliffhanger as Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14 returns in 2 weeks on February 26, and the promo is teasing a classic “who-dun-it” mystery.

The Tiffany/Lucy murder mystery has spanned a good chunk of the first season, and while it’s been intriguing, I’m also ready for it to end and for the Drew Crew to move onto something new that utilizes all their skills.

Hopefully, the murder reveal is executed in a brilliant way (with a few carefully crafted scares) because this episode may go down as one of the strongest this season.

There was a clear purpose, everyone worked towards a common goal, and it gave us some new information that lends itself to another episode down the line.

What did you think of Nancy Drew?

Are you impressed that she was able to push through the noise and pull herself back into reality?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Oh, Mr. Sandman (3×04)



Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

This is what nightmares are made of. 

Every single episode of Nancy Drew is chilling, but Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 4 was the perfect kickoff to Halloween weekend! 

There’s a handful of iconic villains and monsters in this universe — Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and the Sandman.

While the Sandman is oftentimes a force of good in European folklore as he is said to bring good dreams, on the other side of the coin, he’s known to haunt nightmares in many horror films. 

And naturally, in Horseshoe Bay, not only does the Sandman take hold of people’s dreams, but he also is able to haunt them on both planes — the real world and the dream world. 

Pretty soon, the Drew Crew was fighting the urge to fall asleep because whenever they did, they came one step closer to death.

At first, the hallucinations made them face their biggest fears. For Ace, that was his ordeal with papa Bobbsey. For Nancy, it was a mix of not acting on her feelings for Ace and the unsolved mystery of the Frozen Heart Killer. 

For George, it was the return of her biological father, while Nick’s was the youth center being all for nothing. 

This was followed by sleepwalking that caused them to nearly kill themselves. 

And finally, once they became trapped in their nightmares for good, whatever happened to them in their dreams also happened to them in real life. 

Therefore, staying alive was a top priority.

Everyone was seemingly affected by the “sleeping spell” except for Bess, who went above and beyond to save her friends despite feeling quite unappreciated by them. 

I didn’t notice it until Bess brought it up, but they have been brushing her and her ideas off. No one has been taking her seriously, but in reality, she’s the only one that’s doing things “by the book.” 

Bess is a walking historical society. She’s the Giles to Buffy and the crew. 

She deserves more respect simply because she’s always equipped to clean up all of their messes. 

It was awesome to see Nancy take a backseat for once while Bess takes the wheel of the Bess bus.

Also, can the Bess bus become a thing?

While people who experience lucid dreaming usually report hellish effects, Bess channeled that to her advantage in order to enter everyone’s dream realm and pull them to safety. 

Then, she pursued the Sandman in the dream, while Ryan was simultaneously pursuing it in the real world. 

Once the sand creature was killed in both the dream world and reality, they were all safe to finally get some much-needed shut-eye.

It’s also nice to see a Bess and Ryan team-up for once. The show is lucky in the fact that any pairing is a complete hit. The cast knows how to play off of each other so well.

How hilarious were they for geeking out over the realization that the Sandman got its name after being created from sand at Piper Beach?

Ryan is really flourishing and was a helpful assist on this case, especially since the kids at the youth center loved him so much. 

Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

Nancy Drew — “The Demon of Piper Beach” — Image Number: NCD304a_0251r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alex Saxon as Ace and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Also, talk about a bummer of an opening for Nick’s center. While three kids made use of it, much of it was sidetracked by a supernatural entity raining havoc on the town.

I guess when you live in Horseshoe Bay, you should always expect the supernatural, spirits, and serial killers to crash the party. 

Things didn’t calm down once they defeated the Sandman, however. They may have eliminated one threat, but many others were still looming large. 

Nancy kept digging into Trott’s warning and realized that there was another killer running amok. 

DA Rosario seemed to come to that realization at the same time when another body with its heart completely removed from its chest showed up on the street. 

This time, it was Jake, the cafe owner, who complained about Nick’s youth center and got into a public feud with Nancy.

She recently threw a cup of hot coffee at while sleepwalking, so my guess is that she’ll be questioned once again for her involvement. 

What does this second killer want? And what is this “part of something bigger” warning all about?

Carson and DA Rosario are definitely crushing on each other, so aside from cooking her a delicious primavera, he also offered to help her hunt down an associate by the name of Asher who was last seen at a cannery. 

He tasked Ace, the self-proclaimed tech billionaire, to help him focus some surveillance footage in hopes that it might shed light on people who last saw him. 

You could say Carson was pretty shocked to see Ace’s mug on that footage, and Ace has a lot of explaining to do. 

Thankfully, we know it’s a lot worse than it seems. 

If the surveillance footage spotted them together, it likely also saw Ace kicking Bobbsey out of his car when he realized what was going on. 

Ace might not want to hurt Amanda, but he’s going to have to cooperate to make a case against her father. Not to mention he has the drug package in his car that Mr. Bobbsey has been delivering around town. 

At this point though, Amanda doesn’t even really exist, so I don’t think he has any loyalty to her. I, for one, am fully on board with Ace and Nancy’s relationship. 

The writers teased their hook-up briefly, but it’s clear that Nancy’s subconscious is going to pester her until she makes her feelings known. And at the rate that they are all having a brush with death, maybe they should get everything off of their chests ASAP?

Elsewhere, Bess declared that she was joining the Women in White, a modern-day version of the coven to harness her power, while George tracked down her father, Edwin, who is a pediatric dentist. 

Is it crazy of me that I’m suspicious of the guy and think he’s somehow involved in the murders in town?

Anyone that just shows up out of the blue is on my suspect’s list! 

What did you think of the episode?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Testimony of the Executed Man (3×03)



Nancy Drew Review The Testimony of the Executed Man Season 3 Episode 3

A mystery within a mystery within a mystery. 

That’s how Nancy Drew Season 3 is beginning to feel like. And much of it went down at DetectiveCon on Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 3, where, surprisingly, Nancy wasn’t the star of the show. 

Instead, George Fan learned that she had her own fan club due to online fan fiction that included Nancy as her sidekick. Talk about a plot twist courtesy of ghostwriter Ted! 

In real life, however, I identify with George fan so much more. I truly felt it when she said “I don’t like that sound” and then complained about why they were following it. 

Being friends with Nancy is a tough ask. It’s never just a simple road trip — there’s always a supernatural twist. 

In this case, Nancy decided to open a box of Joe Kelsey’s belongings that she promised to bring Laci, the true-crime podcast host, in exchange for information about the Frozen Heart Killer. 

Once she did, they very quickly learned — through spine-tingling haunts — that Joe did not want anyone to find out what happened the night of the murder. 

He was a ghost determined to convince him that he was guilty of the crime that he committed, which obviously meant that he wasn’t guilty at all. 

Bess suggested that they appease Joe’s ghost by burning all his belongings and getting rid of all the evidence, and it seemed to work.

Paying off at the historical society seems to be rubbing off on Bess. 

You’d think that everyone would heed the “or else” warning, but Ace decided to hang on to Joe’s matchbook thus opening up himself to a haunting. 

I’d hold it against Ace if he wasn’t so stinking cute. Not to mention he eventually helped Joe’s ghost pass on after they found out that he was in love with Laci’s grandmother back in the 50s.

He was with her the night of the murder, but since interracial relationships were banned at the time, he didn’t have an alibi and was found guilty and given the death penalty.

The last thing I expected out of this haunting mystery was a love story, but it turns out, Joe did everything her could to protect the love of his life. He died so that she could live a full and promising life. 

What a sweet ending! Seeing Joe’s ghost actually pass on while Laci and her grandmother watched was a little too on the nose for me, but I’ll let it slide. 

Nancy Drew Review The Testimony of the Executed Man Season 3 Episode 3

Nancy Drew — “The Testimony of the Executed Man” — Image Number: NCD303b_0098r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Maddison Jaizani as Bess and Tunji Kasim as Nick — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Through it all, Nancy and Laci were also able to work together to catch the FHK, who was surprisingly in attendance. 

One thing we should all note about serial killers is that they love to hear themselves being praised. 

Of course, Nancy used that to her advantage. When she joined Laci for a live Q+A, she bashed Rodric — the FHT’s real name — in hopes of luring him out. 

And it worked. Nancy tapped into the mind of a serial killer and tricked him so that he walked right into her trap. 

You would think Nancy would be jumping for joy after he was arrested. Not only did she give someone closure, but she also put away a really bad man. That’s two-for-two! 

However, Nancy wasn’t content because the FHT suggested that he was “part of something bigger.” It sounds like there are other serial killers out there that helped him. 

The mystery is far from solved, so it’s a good thing that the best detective that Horseshoe Bay has to offer is on the case. 

Who do you think FHT is working with?

Does it have something to do with Temperance, her newly returned family member? Or is it part of that crime syndicate from last season?

There were a few Ace and Nancy moments that made our hearts flutter, but overall, the two of them are still keeping things super PG. 

George picked up on the chemistry there very briefly, but she let it slide… for now. I definitely think she’ll confront Nancy about it soon enough. And as Ace’s relationship with Amanda begins to crumble, Nancy will be right there as the girl he should’ve been with all along. 

Bess and Addy crossed paths on several occasions, and since she just got a job at Nick’s youth center, she’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

I can’t say that I’m thrilled about this love interest for Bess since the two of them didn’t immediately vibe.

The chemistry isn’t there, in my opinion, but I guess it’s better than being in love with the ghost trapped inside George’s subconscious. 

What did you think of the episode? Was DetectiveCon everything you thought it was going to be?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Frozen Heart Killer(3×02)



Nancy Drew Review The Journey of the Dangerous Mind Season 3 Episode 2

Nancy Drew might either be extremely reckless or she’s the bravest person we know. 

Option #3 — she’s a bit of both, which makes her Horseshoe Bay’s resident badass. 

The FBI profiler that blew into town knew it based on all the hearsay, but he was in denial about it.

However, after he saw Nancy leap into action during her first day as community liaison, he could no longer pretend to be unimpressed. 

Without Nancy Drew’s clues, the Horseshoe Bay Police Department wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with their case. 

Nancy deserves a much better job within the department, but if she’s settling for a volunteer position, the least they can give her is a better desk. 

The FBI agent is the first person within the department to actually acknowledge Nancy’s skills as a rogue detective. 

Despite all the assistance over the years, she has never gotten a proper thank you. She’s always reprimanded even though she puts the town and the safety of its citizens ahead of everything else. 

It’s funny that it took her seriously jeopardizing a crime scene and making evidence inadmissible in order for anyone to acknowledge her and realize the lengths she’ll go to. 

Maybe the FBI agent will stick around in a more permanent setting so that she can officially be clued into Horseshoe Bay matters. 

There were definitely vibes between the two of them. Every single male on the series has some kind of chemistry with Nancy, but honestly, can you blame them?

Refer back to option #3 at the beginning of this post. 

Nancy is a catch, both professionally and personally, and she fully enjoys the flings, even when they don’t evolve into anything more. 

And while she definitely seemed to entertain the idea of a possible romance with an FBI agent, her heart seems to be set on Ace, whether she’d like to admit it or not. 

Who was the first person she texted when she heard about DetectiveCon sweeping into town? Ace. 

The ship is a slow burn, which is nice because it means the writers value the friendship between Ace and Nancy. 

It’s also great that the series isn’t just hinging on the relationship as the main draw. 

The show is about supernatural mysteries, so the romance comes in second place. Both Nancy and Ace have their own storylines independent of each other. 

They are fully developed characters, so when their paths eventually cross in a romantic way, it’ll be that much more satisfying.

As Nancy pursues the truth about the town’s new serial killer, the Frozen Heart Killer, while working the police angle, Ace and Nick spent the episode running various possibilities to cut down their list of potential suspects.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t eat at The Claw considering they use their meat lockers for science experiments. 

They managed to pinpoint the identity of the man who turned two bodies into corpses with an icebox where their heart used to be, but Trott was an alias so they didn’t get very far at all.

Ace is also likely keeping his distance from Nancy romantically because he’s a good guy that’s loyal to Amanda. 

He’s so loyal in fact that he’s giving Mr.Bobbsey a second chance after his stint in prison despite objections from a very concerned Bess. 

Ace definitely isn’t that naive — deep down he knew that Bobbsey was asking him to get involved in something shady, but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt for Amanda. 

Thankfully, when he realized Bobbsey was going to make him an accomplice by driving the getaway car, he put his foot down. 

Sorry, Bobbsey, but no one threatens our Ace. 

Will this bad blood jeopardize Ace’s relationship with Amanda? Probably. 

Bess didn’t trust Bobbsey for one minute, so she tried her hand at casting a protection spell that quickly backfired. 

It’s awesome that after the whole ordeal with the Marvin’s, Bess hasn’t given up trying to get to know her ancestors. 

She decided to sneak into Icarus Hall to retrieve a candle that Temperance stole from Marta Marvin, but she wasn’t as stealthy as she hoped to be. 

Temperance caught her and offered to help her come into her power, which was a tempting but dangerous offer. 

I now know why they call her Temperance — it all makes sense. 

Bess was excited to finally get a spell right, but I hate that she’s manipulating our girl and using her vulnerability for something more sinister. 

Temperance comes off as trustworthy, but deep down, we know she isn’t. 

Nancy Drew Review The Journey of the Dangerous Mind Season 3 Episode 2

Nancy Drew — “The Journey of the Dangerous Mind” — Image Number: NCD302a_0546r.jpg — Pictured: Ryan Smith as Ryan — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

She may have helped Nancy track down Trott using the memory weave, but she’s also involved with the mystery of the Frozen Heart Killer somehow as we saw her using the hearts in the previous episode. 

What is she up to? Is she manipulating Trott? It can’t be a coincidence that he showed up in town just as Temperance did. 

Maybe Trott is trying to take down Temperance and going after her ancestors to gain strength, which is why he set his sights on Nancy? 

The season is also honing in on Nancy’s relationship with both her dads, Carson and Ryan. 

While Carson knows Nancy’s plays by heart, Ryan doesn’t really have a clue what it’s like to be a father, so he’s easily manipulated by his daughter while trying to be the “Cool Dad.” 

It’s sweet that they both want to carve out a spot for themselves in her life, and they deserve it since she’s always dragging them into her messes anyway. 

Ryan has been doing his best, so it was a little uncool for Nancy to use his naivety against him.

Hopefully, she begins to loop them in more in the future because they have proven that they can get down with the supernatural on numerous occasions! 

And finally, George and Nick are the absolute cutest. I love that she made it a point not to let the ring define her self-worth, but it’s almost important that she highlighted the importance of accepting the love you deserve.

The engagement ring is a sign of their future — it’s a promise that Nick will be around not only for her but for her sisters. 

While the Fan Clan may have had their wall up because of experiences with Victoria, Nick proved that he’s a family guy first and foremost.

Have you ever seen a cuter family talking about BTS? The answer is absolutely not! 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments, Drew Crew!

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