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Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Find Your Way Home (1×13)

Credit: The CW



Nancy Drew calls the CW home and thus, it’s obligated to deliver one alternate reality episode per season. I’m convinced that it some kind of unspoken yet mandatory rule for all of the network’s shows.

In the real world, our girl was dying, but in the dream world, she was thriving in a place that exceeded her expectations.

It was perfect — her mother was alive, her parents were together, her dad wasn’t in jail, she was in college, George was her bestie, Bess was content living out of a van, Ryan was a “great guy” (we’ve heard that one on Supergirl about Lex Luthor, too) and married to Tiffany, who was still alive also, Ace was, well, Ace (he’s been living the dream this whole time), and she still had a shot with Nick because they never met in this reality, which means she never botched things with him.

Also, let me point out that this is the second episode without Owen and his presence has been missed. How did he not even make the cut in a fake world?

Nancy had every reason to stay behind in this dream world and allow her to be happy, so it says a lot about her willpower to not only realize that this wasn’t reality but also to fight that urge to give in to the forces trying to convince her to stay.

And trust me, they tried. From her “friends,” aka the figments of her subconscious, urging her to leave her worries behind and hang out with them for eternity to her mother trying to keep her around, the temptation was there and yet, Nancy knew that regardless of how messy and heartbreaking reality truly was, it was real.

So, the wish box didn’t get what it wanted, but the audience, on the other hand, got an exciting mystery that found Nancy working with the fake Drew Crew to find the key back home.

If you were surprised that the 3 clues left behind were a riddle, you really shouldn’t be — this is Nancy Drew, solving riddles and mysteries via clues is her thing!

Nancy Drew The Wish Box Review

The CW

What’s best about “alternate reality” tropes is they allow writers and characters to play with “what if.”

They’re all the same characters, but the experiences they had have made them much different than what we’re used to seeing.

Those interactions really carried the episode from just another mystery to Nancy evolving and recognizing some of her earthly mistakes.

Nick never went to prison in this alternate world, he bought a home (which was the sanatorium in Nancy’s world), and their chemistry was way stronger than it’s ever been in her world also. Her time spent with Nick made her realize that she let go of a guy who truly loved and accepted her because she was too scared to fight for him and pursue those feelings.

In both scenarios, the real world and the alternate reality, however, Nick was by her side making sure she was okay, which says a lot about him as a man and friend.

Unfortunately, in the real world, telling Nick how she feels isn’t that easy because it means Nancy has to commit to changing her ways, which I don’t think she’s truly ready for.

Nick’s also managing a new business now and whatever is happening with George is also valid and cannot be ignored even if Nancy had him first.

She also hasn’t explored her feelings for Owen but rather tried to shoot them down and pretend they aren’t there. It’s fine for now since “out of sight, out of mind” is working as she’s too preoccupied with the spiritual world, but she can’t repress those feelings forever.

Nancy also got to spend some time with her mother and say her goodbye, which is something she didn’t get to do on Earth.

She’s been haunted by her mother’s death this whole time because she felt so guilty about it, but in reality, her mother set her up for success before she passed.

Still, it was nice for Nancy to get that closure and to experience a few stolen moments with her mother one last time.

At times, it felt like the wish box was heaven because and her mother was there to guide her out of it and back to reality.

In the real world, Nancy was so close to death that it would have been possible for her to die and crossover, and yet, her mother continuously gave her all the clues to finding the key that allowed her to wake up.

Her mother left her a map before her death, so she quite literally gave her the answer.

Everyone was relieved when Nancy opened her eyes and returned to the land of the living, and she was back to figuring out the next piece of the puzzle in no time.

During her stay in the alternate reality, she kept getting haunted by some woman, whom she later found at the Historical Society, a suggestion that came from her mother also.

The woman, a self-proclaimed “keeper” of sorts, unlocked Tiffany Hudson’s safety deposit box and showed Nancy the video that was taken shortly before her death.

Turns out, Nancy is in more danger than she previously assumed because Tiffany may have been murdered for getting too close to finding out who murdered Lucy Sable.

Much like Nancy, Tiffany said she “found” something and was being haunted by Lucy.

If all this checks out, what does this mean for Nancy? Up until now, it seemed like Nancy was leading her down the “right” path, but what if she was showing her misleading clues purposefully?

Did Lucy kill Tiffany?

And why doesn’t Lucy want anyone to know the truth?

The series is leaving us on a bit of a cliffhanger as Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 14 returns in 2 weeks on February 26, and the promo is teasing a classic “who-dun-it” mystery.

The Tiffany/Lucy murder mystery has spanned a good chunk of the first season, and while it’s been intriguing, I’m also ready for it to end and for the Drew Crew to move onto something new that utilizes all their skills.

Hopefully, the murder reveal is executed in a brilliant way (with a few carefully crafted scares) because this episode may go down as one of the strongest this season.

There was a clear purpose, everyone worked towards a common goal, and it gave us some new information that lends itself to another episode down the line.

What did you think of Nancy Drew?

Are you impressed that she was able to push through the noise and pull herself back into reality?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Season Finale Review – Who Killed Owen Marvin? (1×18)



Nancy Drew Season Finale The Clue in the Captain's Painting Review

And that’s a wrap on an incredible first season of Nancy Drew.

Mystery by mystery, the series has slowly inched its way into becoming my favorite CW series.

“The Clue in the Captain’s Painting” was a full-on murder investigation as the Drew Crew, the Marvin’s, and the Horseshoe Bay police department were all determined to find out who killed Owen Marvin.

However, they were three very different investigations that blended into one led by the town’s sleuthing heroine, Nancy Drew.

If anyone were to figure out who killed Owen, it would be his grieving yet mystery-solving girlfriend.

In a surprising twist, Owen Marvin’s murderer was not the Aglaeca, so his death was not a payment of the blood toll brought on by summoning the sea ritual.

It was the obvious go-to, but it would have put way too much guilt on our Nancy, who was already dealing with quite a lot.

Owen’s killer was of the human form, and I couldn’t help but chuckle when Nancy quipped that things have gotten so crazy none of us considered that it may have been an actual human murderer. We were all so quick to blame the poor spirits!

From there, there were only a handful of people who had the motive and thus, it wasn’t nearly as delicious and shocking of a twist than the Lucy Sable reveal!

The only person that would ever gain anything from Owen’s death is Ryan Hudson, but considering he was just revealed as Nancy’s biological father, the series couldn’t tarnish his name or character like that. He may lead with ego, but he’s not a killer.

And really, that left us with Joshua, the brother of Lucy Sable, who escaped after a near-death encounter with Nancy.

He didn’t have a motive to kill Owen, but he did have a motive to get revenge on Nancy, and the quickest way to get to her was through Owen, who refused to send a text and draw Nancy out.

Owen died protecting her and that honestly makes his death ions more painful.

He was such a good guy — he cared about Nancy in a way no one else has, he accepted her for who she is, he supported her, and he died for her.

It was a premature death that had absolutely no merit. And yes, Nancy did everything to solve his death, but we never even got to see her mourn or grieve him.

Owen didn’t get the goodbye he deserved and it’s upsetting and unfortunate. What a terrible decision by The CW to kill him off when he would have been more useful alive.

And the way they killed him off was so pathetic as it didn’t contribute anything to the plot.

If it was a result of the Aglaeca, I could at least accept that it was a lesson for Nancy and the Drew Crew that there are life or death repercussions to their investigations, seances, rituals, etc, but having him be an innocent victim killed by Joshua was a disappointing turn of events.

My only hope is that the fact that this is a supernatural show somehow brings him back to life, but that seems like wishful thinking.

Making a protagonist suffer tends to be how a show encourages, but in this case, it hinders Nancy’s growth and upsets a dedicated fandom.

On her mission to solve the murder, Nancy managed to tell Lucy’s mother the truth and thus, established a relationship with her grandmother.

She also came face-to-face with Joshua and saved his life so that he could rot in jail.

And again, Owen died for nothing.

As Bess investigated Owen’s murder, she too got to know her family on a deeper level and realized that they’re all mean-spirited, narcissist, which honestly, is not someone I’d ever want to be around. Why is she still so desperate to become a Marvin?

Aunt Diana encouraged her to leverage her relationship with Lisbeth to find out what she knows about Owen’s death, and this is the second time that Bess has been put in a compromising position when it comes to her relationship.

Even Lisbeth informed her that she’s going to have to choose between the relationship and being a Marvin at some point. She can’t have both.

Still, Bess is choosing to embrace her family by accepting Aunt Diana’s invitation to live at the mansion.

Of course, one is to assume such an invite comes at a price… but what is it?

The only good thing that came from Bess embracing her Marvin side is that she got a brief history lesson into her great, great, great (a lot of great’s) grandfather Douglas Marvin who painted all the paintings in the hall of tragedies (apparently, rich people have these) and in one of them, she saw the Aglaeca.

What did good ‘ole Douglas know about the creature that’s trying to destroy them all? Was the Aglaeca a Marvin?

Hopefully, Bess finds out fast because the portents are only intensifying and the latest one showed them all visions of their own death.

Bess died by being burned alive, Ace was hooked and hung, George and Nick drowned inside their car, and Nancy Drew met a fate similar to Lucy Sable’s — she fell off a cliff.

Talk about things coming full circle. How can they get the Aglaeca off their backs?

Other Horsehoe Bay Musings

  • George figured out why she’s so emotionally unavailable and it all boils down to how she was treated by Ryan Hudson. He preyed on a 17-year-old girl with a crush who didn’t know any better and made her think that being a “secret” was normal. It was incredibly sad to see George break down and finally realize the damage Ryan caused her, but it was necessary for her to confront him, make him realize that his actions have consequences,  hold him accountable, and move on. I like her and Nick together.
  • I initially thought George was keeping her relationship with Nick under wraps out of respect for Nancy.
  • There’s definitely something happening between Ace and Nancy, and while it’s too soon right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series went there. I love the way he cares about her. I think he’s been harboring feelings for her but realizes that the timing simply isn’t right.
  • I wondered how Nancy Drew would keep up the scare factor, but guess what, they managed to make the Aglaeca even scarier than Dead Lucy. I didn’t think that was possible, but here we are.

What did you think of the Nancy Drew season 1 finale?

Are you happy Owen’s murder was solved? How will the Drew Crew fend off the Aglaeca?

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QUIZ: Which ‘Nancy Drew’ Character Are You?



Nancy Drew the Sign of the Uninvited Guest Review

If you’ve been watching The CW’s Nancy Drew, chances are, you like to solve mysteries.

But are you a sleuthing teen like Nancy herself? Or are you more of the sidekick best friend?

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Is Owen Marvin Really Dead on ‘Nancy Drew’?



Is Owen Marvin Dead on Nancy Drew

In the past few episodes, Nancy Drew has thrown some wild twists at the Drew Crew, and it has left the audience in a state of constant shock.

*SPOILER ALERT — the post contains spoilers. We advise you to stop reading if you’re not caught up with episodes*

One of the show’s biggest twists was the reveal that Nancy Drew is not Carson and Kate Drew’s biological daughter.

Nancy has been haunted by the ghost of Lucy Sable, and initially, it seemed like she wanted Nancy to solve the mystery of her death before an unlikely connection revealed that Lucy was Nancy’s biological mother.

And that means that Ryan Hudson is her father! It’s been a few weeks since the reveal and it still has my mind spiraling in all different directions.

The series didn’t even give us (or poor Nancy) any time to recover from the twist because the following episode resulted in the tragic death of Owen Marvin, Nancy’s love interest.

Nancy Drew The Terror of Horseshoe Bay Review

Nancy Drew — “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay” — Image Number: NCD115b_0132b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Maddison Jaizani as Bess, Alex Saxon as Ace, Miles Gaston Villanueva as Owen, Kennedy McMann as Nancy, Tunji Kasim as Nick and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Owen’s death was a result of Nancy and her friends summoning the Aglaeca and not paying the blood toll.

The Aglaeca latched onto Owen during the spell, but Nancy and the Drew Crew were able to pull him back without losing too much blood.

Nancy hoped it was enough, but it wasn’t as the portents began shortly after they conducted the spell.

Nancy and the Drew Crew then opted to perform a ritual to mask Nancy so that the “spirit” couldn’t find her and she could cheat fate and continue on without paying the toll, but the portents only intensified.

That’s when it dawned on Nancy that the Aglaeca must have been a human entity and thus, the ritual only infuriated it.

As a result, they found poor Owen dead in the bathtub with a bloody, gaping hole in his stomach likely from the fisherman hooks.

Of course, upon seeing such a gruesome sight, everyone’s first reaction is that “Owen Marvin is dead.” And I’m not arguing with it, but I’m also not 100% convinced.

Many shows rooted in the supernatural have a penchant for bringing people back from the dead, and that goes double for any CW series.

Nancy and the Drew Crew dabble in all kinds of seances, spells, and rituals, so there’s a huge likelihood that they can find a way to bring Owen back.

Maybe the can make a deal with the Aglaeca? We’ve only scratched the surface of fully knowing what it wants and how it operates.

There’s also a chance we see Owen Marvin in the spirit world since Nancy has a way of reconnecting with the dead and/or being haunted by them.

Read More: Find Out How Owen Marvin Died on the Season Finale of Nancy Drew! 

What I’m saying is that dead doesn’t really mean dead on television.

However, Miles Gaston Villaneuva’s Instagram suggests that his character, Owen Marvin, is dead dead.

In a post from three days ago he wrote, “RIP Owen. so sad & disappointing. definitely not my choice. definitely blindsided. no one told me why.”

Miles seems very triggered and upset by the death (as he should be) as he alludes to the fact that it was a decision he was not forewarned or consulted about.

After thanking friends for their support on this “short run,” he goes on to encourage people to be better and to stand up against those in your “inner-circle” badmouthing others.

Is he alluding to some tension on the set as the reason he was written off? Was there some drama between the cast behind closed doors?

While he seems to be coming from a real place of hurt and anger, there’s a slight chance Gaston Villanueva is trying to make us believe his death is permanent.

Is he throwing us off?

Is Owen Marvin Dead on Nancy Drew

Credit: The CW/ Nancy Drew

On one hand, it would be foolish of The CW and Nancy Drew to kill off a promising character.  Nancy just found out her father and her boyfriend are rivals, which would undoubtedly make for compelling television.

There were so many story avenues to explore with Owen’s ties to the Marvin’s and his relationships with Nancy and Ryan.

His death seems premature and foolish.

However, on the other hand, as an audience, we’ve grown so accustomed to death on shows never being final. It’s the very reason why this article exists.

While I’m an Owen Marvin fan and hope his death is reversible, there’s something to be said about a series upping the stakes in a permanent fashion that’s refreshing and keeps audiences on their toes.

Is Owen Marvin Dead on Nancy Drew

Credit: The CW/ Nancy Drew

Horseshoe Bay is a town filled with uneasy spirits. Nancy’s decision and actions to wake the dead and follow mysteries must have repercussions not only for herself but for her friends as well.

Killing off someone that had the potential of becoming a main character pushes the boundaries, it changes the narrative, and it forces characters into uncomfortable and painful situations that inspire character growth.

It’s a stark realization that what they do matters and has permanent consequences.

And for the audience, it means that we’ll never see what’s coming next.

Update: Gaston Villanueva tweeted us after we published this article and yep, he’s a ghost.

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