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Nancy Drew The Mark of the Poisoner's Pearl Review Nancy Drew The Mark of the Poisoner's Pearl Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Midseason Premiere – Nancy Puts a Target on Her Back (1×10)

Nancy Drew/ The CW



If it weren’t for the Drew Crew, Nancy would have crossed over and joined Lucy Sable in haunting the living.

Nancy Drew’s midseason premiere put our teenage sleuthing heroine in yet another questionable situation that was entirely of her own making.

In an attempt to solve the mystery of Tiffany Hudson’s death and clear her father’s name, Nancy provoked a serial killer to come after her.

Nancy needs to learn to stop putting herself into these life-threatening situations.

While Nancy is usually one-step ahead of most murderers in Horseshoe Bay, Claire pulled one over on her by pretending to be the victim before revealing herself to be the mastermind who enjoys watching her victims open up and be unapologetically honest before succumbing to the poison that’s filling the air.

I’ll give it to Nancy for figuring out Claire’s involvement midway through their “chat,” but it if wasn’t for Nick, George, and Ace, Nancy would not have made it out alive.

Also, how could Nancy know that Claire’s ring was the anecdote? She’s observant and good at what she does, but not that good, especially in a lucid state of mind.

The series makes an effort to underline the importance of having a good circle of friends who always have your back, but in the same vein, highlighted that Nancy has always been a good and helpful friend in return.

The realization that she’s surrounded by good people because she’s a good person eased her guilt for unintentionally incriminating her father in Lucy Sable’s murder and landing him in prison.

Karen should have never gone through her stuff, but what did Nancy think was going to happen when she dug up clues and evidence that stacked up against her father?

There are consequences to solving mysteries and it’s important Nancy learns that.

And now, it gives her even more reason to find out what really happened to Lucy and thus, Tiffany.

While Nancy and I were both hopeful that Claire’s murders would give us some lead into who was behind Tiffany’s death, they didn’t illuminate much of anything other than Tiffany’s killer was sloppy and fast.

Thanks to the autopsy, it also involved an almost undetectable poison that could be misinterpreted for cardiac arrest meaning that the party responsible must be someone with access and money.

The only people that come to mind are either the Hudson’s or the Marvin’s.

Tiffany and Lucy’s murder continues to be the overarching mystery, but the more time we spend on these cases of the week, the more it gets sidelines.

These mysteries, while intriguing, cannot stretch out for more than one season.

Even the scare-factor of seeing a rotting Lucy Sable has started to rub off and become less effective.

We also learned that Nick is still very much in love with Nancy when he risked his life to save hers, but Owen is moving in on Nancy and she’s not putting a stop to it either.

Owen has also integrated himself into her friend group by confirming that Bess is his first cousin and working side-by-side with her, Nick, and Ryan to take down the Hudson’s for murdering his uncle and covering it up.

It’s a little surprising that Ryan had no idea about the Bony Scott or the deal between the Marvin and the Hudson families, but then again, he’s been oblivious to how his parents have been manipulating everyone for years.

He even seemed a little shocked to stumble upon the realization that his parents are likely behind Laura Tandy’s “accident.”

He warned Owen and Bess not to get too close because it’s dangerous, but he’s plotting something with the artifacts he took from his safe. What is it?

If Ryan is trying to become a better man and prove he’s not his father, it’ll make for some exciting moves that could help Nancy and friends uncover the truth in town.

Ace is also back and it was nice to see him jump into the action and help his friends. His easygoing persona has been missed.

At this rate, everyone at The Claw should join the local police force and get paid to crack the cases that trained cops and detectives haven’t been able to.

What did you think of the midseason premiere?

The upcoming teaser for next week’s episode reveals that we’re in store for a wild ride!

Missed anything? Catch up on episodes of Nancy Drew right now

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – Lucy Sable’s Death Explained with a Shocking Twist (1×16)



Nancy Drew The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review

This episode changes everything!

My brain is spinning in a million different directions after the massive reveal on Nancy Drew. 

Prepare yourselves for this one Drew Crew because it’s wild and exceeds any of our expectations.

Honestly, hats off to the writers for pulling this one off because what. a. twist.

Nancy solved the murder of Lucy Sable’s death, but it wasn’t enough to end the hauntings and it didn’t explain just why she kept popping up in Nancy’s life or why she had such a connection to her.

The introduction of a new mystery on the back of a recently-solved one felt fitting, but I never expected it to be so personal.

With just a few hours left until Carson Drew’s evidentiary hearing, Nancy brought her A-game to find any and all evidence to clear her father’s name.

At The Claw, the Drew Crew brought in John to test Lucy’s bones for clues, but they were interrupted by an unexpected investigation led by Detective Tampura, Chief McGinnis’ replacement. It’s unclear what he wanted to find there since Tiffany Hudson’s death was solved. He was also overly suspicious of Nick, George, and Bess, which was understandable since their stories didn’t add up and they acted suspiciously while hiding the remains of the town’s most popular dead girl in the building, but still, it was random and felt forced simply for Tampura to find Lucy’s skull and pick a bone (ha) with the group.

But that’s honestly the least important part of the episode for now.

Amidst all of that, Nancy exhausted every piece of evidence and found a discrepancy between the emails sent by Ryan to Lucy and the email calling her a whore.

This seemed to prove that Ryan wasn’t the killer, but he could help her find out who was.

Getting all the answers required doing something they should have done initially before all of this even happened — retracing Lucy’s steps the night she died as it painted a clearer picture of where she was, who she saw, and what headspace she was in.

The first stop was at Ryan and Lucy’s “spot,” an ice-cream shop where waited for Ryan before leaving in a frazzled state when he didn’t show up. They learned that upon her exit, she was followed by a town car, Ryan’s father, who admitted that he told Lucy to stay away from his family because he didn’t want her to ruin Ryan’s life.

And while that seems like motive, he wasn’t the killer because he watched her go home and get into an argument with Karen.

And while she was good for Tiffany Hudson’s murder, Karen didn’t kill her best friend Lucy, though she did rig the SeaQueen competition in Lucy’s favor, which made her emotional state even direr.

Karen also offered Nancy a critical piece of information that led her to some substantial answers: her diary.

While Lucy’s home was searched up and down following her death, no one ever found her diary until Ryan and Lucy broke in and found it buried deep within a secret compartment in the wall.

It’s there that Nancy learned of the grim fate — after being bullied, threatened, and slut-shamed, Lucy decided to end her own life.

Lucy’s life, and death, was reduced to nothing more than town folklore when, in reality,  it was actually a heartbreaking tale of bullying that led to suicide.

Lucy wasn’t killed by a mystery killer, she was killed by the whole town.

And yet… that isn’t the end of Lucy Sable’s story because, as I mentioned previously, her soul wasn’t at peace.

Nancy still saw her lingering in the courthouse and knew that there was a bigger mystery that Lucy wanted and needed her to solve.

During her research, Nancy learned that there was another hair on “Dead Lucy’s” Seaqueen crown and figured that it may have belonged to her mother. She asked John to run the prints and test it against a strand of her hair.

The results weren’t a DNA match for Katherine Drew, but they were a match for Lucy Sable.

When Nancy confronted her father about what truly happened that night, the scene delivered the most emotional moment of the season.

Carson broke down and revealed that Lucy called him and Katherine the night she died. They rushed over to the cliff where they found her holding a baby girl that she’d just given birth to. Everett Hudson knew about the child and threatened to ruin her and Lucy’s life if she told anyone.

A terrified Lucy begged them to take her child and not to tell the Hudson’s about her.

And then, Lucy plunged to her death.

Carson and Katherine spent the whole night with the baby, fell in love, and decided to keep her. They left town for a little while so no one would get suspicious, and then came back to raise their daughter in Horsehoe Bay while shielding her from the truth.

As he’s revealing all of this, Nancy is growing more emotional by the minute and my jaw is on the floor.

I hear myself utter, “this cannot be happening.”

But it is. And finally, Nancy and Carson both confirm what we are now realizing to be the truth — the baby grew up to be a sharp, mystery lovin’ young woman.

“The baby is me,” Nancy finally exclaims in case you didn’t figure it out.

She finally solved her biggest mystery to date.

On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you?

The revelation exonerates Carson from all the shady moments because he now has a valid reason for lying to his daughter and trying to tiptoe around the truth of what happened the night at the cliff and why he was there.

At one point, Nancy assumed the worst of him when it was the complete opposite.

And even then, he protected her and Lucy and never told the truth to save himself; he was willing to go to jail. That’s the power of a father’s love.

I’m not as much shocked that Lucy Sable is Nancy’s mother because there was always a connection, we’ve just been missing the pregnancy piece of the puzzle. I’m more so thrown off by the fact that Ryan Hudson is Nancy’s father.

Maybe it’s because Riley Smith looks so young to me, but I just can’t see him having a twenty-year-old daughter.

And if that’s the case then Nancy’s father was sleeping and cheating on his wife with one of her best friends, George, which, wow gross.

But to make matters worse, George has now slept with both Nancy’s father and (soon) her ex-boyfriend.

Small towns are really messy.

It’s also weird to think that Nancy has spent all this time with Ryan, whom she assumed was a peer, only to find out it was her biological father this whole time.

Mostly, the reveal comes as a shock because I’ve been under the impression that Nancy was a little girl when Lucy died because she saw her parents burying “Dead Lucy’s” dress in her backyard. Did I make that up? Was that a dream?

There were definitely some clues hinting that Lucy was Nancy’s biological mother throughout the episode like when Ryan and Nancy both revealed that they were allergic to bees or the revelation that Lucy met with the Drew family days prior and called them “perfect.” She was likely vetting them to ensure they’d make a good family for her child.

In fact, I’m sure if you re-watch the first season, there’s plenty of clues like Lucy Sable’s mother mistaking Nancy for Lucy, a moment we simply chalked up to the mother’s fragile mental state.

Other Ghostly Musings

  • George and Nick need to bang out all that tension.
  • Nick found out Nancy slept with Owen thanks to Bess. Good job, Bess!
  • The way Ace said “the cops are here” made me laugh.
  • This point is just to reiterate how much I adore Ace.
  • George questioning if the new detective is a vampire is so weird but oddly perfect.
  • “We’re the busboys. I’m the senior busboy.”

What did you think of the episode? How are you feeling about the big reveal?

Did it seem logical or did it feel like a cop-out?

Will Nancy tell Ryan the truth? She has so much love and respect for her dad that she might not want him to know. Or will Ryan find out for himself?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Drew Crew Summons the Aglaeca and It Ends Poorly (1×15)



Nancy Drew The Terror of Horseshoe Bay Review

When Nancy Drew kicks off an episode celebrating some townie holiday dedicated to an urban legend, you know it’s about to go down.

And Harbor Day did not disappoint as the Drew Crew rallied together to call upon a new spirit, the Aglaeca, to get some answers about Lucy Sable’s death.

Many shows don’t understand the power of poking fun of themselves, but it’s a good thing Nancy Drew does because that light-hearted humor allows the darkness of the series not to consume it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which becomes a strength when a series relies so heavily on the audience suspending their belief.

George and Bess both made tongue-in-cheek comments about what happened the “last time” they called upon a spirit, and it’s those moments that echo the audience’s thoughts exactly.

Earlier on in the episode, Nancy’s reply to her father, who was insisting she stay home because of her near-death experience, was that “almost dying is my new normal.”

And it’s true. While the amount of times Nancy’s come close to death is slightly worrisome, it’s hard to imagine what Horseshoe Bay would be like without its bravest little sleuth.

Nancy didn’t have time to waste because she was on a mission to exonerate her father. And in order to do that, she needed to prove that he didn’t kill Lucy Sable. And in order to do that, she needed to get her hands dirty and meddle with some spirits.

Her first order of business was trying to poke a hole in Ryan’s alibi. He claimed to have been at boarding school the night of Lucy’s murder, but those emails would prove otherwise. After all, it’s the reason poor Tiffany is dead and Lucy’s brother, Josh, is scorched like a little raisin and on the run probably plotting Nancy’s murder.

Also, how did Josh just get up and walk out after that? Was he a ghost?

There’s no way a human could have survived that let alone just walked out as if nothing happened.

Nancy’s quest for answers takes her on a trip out of town with Owen, who offered because he wants to be supportive, gave her some insight into Ryan and Lucy’s relationship prior to her death and his whereabouts the night of.

Nancy Drew The Terror of Horseshoe Bay Review

Nancy Drew — “The Terror of Horseshoe Bay” — Image Number: NCD115a_0011b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Leah Lewis as George, Maddison Jaizani as Bess, Miles Gaston Villanueva as Owen and Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

However, all of that was quickly overshadowed by Nancy’s visions, if you can even call them that. I’m getting the sense that the Nancy Drew crew has way too much fun inserting dead Lucy into moments that literally scare the living crap out of me. I don’t even know how many times I screamed “whyyyyy.”

Anyway, to me it seems like Lucy is trying to scare Nancy away from looking into the case more because much like with Tiffany, she doesn’t want her to learn the truth. My working theory is that the email that called Lucy a whore either wasn’t sent by Ryan or it was after he found out she was pregnant with his father or something. It could’ve been an affair or it’s possible that Lucy was a victim of rape. It would explain why her soul hasn’t been able to find peace.

Unfortunately for her, Nancy isn’t easily scared (unlike me). She may have been spooked, but she deduced that Lucy wanted her to find her bones and get the answers that way, which is when they decided to summon the Aglaeca.

But before they could do that, Owen, Bess, and George needed some more information on how to do it properly, while Nancy needed to make a pitstop at the police station to help Max and Nick with their findings.

The duo set out the answer one question that was bugging them following the reveal that Josh killed Tiffany Hudson on accident: where did he get the poison?

Nick figured that at some point, Joshua and Claire (remember the crazy serial killer who tried to poison Nancy one of the times she almost died?) crossed paths at some point. But upon further investigation, it was revealed that they never did.

I shouldn’t even have to bring up how ridiculous it is that three teenagers are just hanging around the precinct and attempting to solve the town’s crimes, but it’s happening, and they’re actually doing a great job. Someone needs to put them on payroll because they’re doing free labor at this point.

Nick discovered that at some point, Claire’s poison was checked into the station as evidence, and they realized that there was a perfect opportunity to swipe it when it was temporarily moved because the fridge broke.

Nancy’s science skills came in handy here as she realized that the vial didn’t have poison in it but water. Furthermore, the person who signed off on the repairs was none other than Detective Karen.

I love the energy Nancy gets when she realizes she’s onto something!

Ace, our incredibly lovable friend, stupidly drank the contents of the vial to prove her point, and thankfully, it was just water. It would have ended pretty badly for him if it wasn’t, but then again, his decision to just go for it shows how much faith he has in Nancy. The whole team does. They’ll do anything for her because they trust her and know she’s never going to let them down or leave them behind. When it comes to shows with friendships at the core of the series, Nancy Drew takes the cake. They will literally follow her anywhere, even into a lake to conjure up the Aglaeca.

We’re getting there, I promise, but first, we have to deal with Karen. Oh, Karen.

When she realized there was no way out of this for her, she came clean and basically said she helped Joshua because she saw the emails that proved it was Ryan Hudson. Her anger at losing her best friend to a man who avoids punishment at all costs simply because he comes from a rich family got the best of her, so she helped Joshua get the poison to use it on Ryan.

As we all know, however, it was accidentally sprinkled on Tiffany Hudson’s salad and thus, Karen assisted in the homicide.

What’s worse is that Karen has been responsible this whole time but she put up a holier than thou attitude and pretended like Carons’s arrest for Lucy’s death was warranted. How could she believe that when she thought it was Ryan?

She knew damn well he was innocent and yet, if it hadn’t been for Ace, Carson would have been attacked and killed in prison!

And don’t even get me started on the fact that she put him in this mess in the first place by sneaking around and reading Nancy’s diary.

If you didn’t hate Karen before, you should probably move her over to your “hate” column now.

Okay, nooooow we get to the part where they summon that spirit and realize it was probably a really bad idea. Like, really bad. Couldn’t they just dig up Lucy Sable’s bones instead?

If the terrifying riddle that they had to recite wasn’t warning enough, calling up the spirit of the Aglaeca required a toll to be paid.

Owen offered to be the sixth person representing the six women despite Nancy’s insistence that he stay out of it. And he probably should have listened.

Instead, they all linked up, walked into the water, dropped some of their blood into the water (again the commentary here echoed our thoughts because no, that wasn’t sanitary at all but at least they all used their own knives), and then recited the chant.

Suddenly, bones appeared at their feet, which was weird but you know, it worked.

And for the toll, Owen got cemented into the ocean and his arm began to get deep cuts. Nancy wasn’t going to let anything happen to him, so they destroyed the wreath and hoped that severing the link was enough to shoo the spirit away.

Except, we all know it wasn’t. After Nancy drove Owen home, the two finally gave into the passion and slept together.

When she got home the next morning, Nancy had what I’d like to call the worst walk of shame in her life because she pulled out the whole ass wreath from her mouth.

I mean, it was probably the most vomit-inducing thing I’ve ever seen, so I’ll let you re-live it.

You’re welcome for that.

Clearly, the Drew Crew did not sufficiently pay the toll, but how can they make amends? Cause there’s no way Nancy is giving up that good looking man to no spirit!

Nancy Drew keeps getting better with each episode, and that’s a fact.

The ghost mysteries may fuel this show, but the friendship between the cast is the glue that holds it all together.

Will Nancy find a way to exonerate her dad? Find out next week, Cravers!

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