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Nancy Drew the Case of the Wayward Spirit Review Nancy Drew the Case of the Wayward Spirit Review

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew – The Case of the Wayward Spirit (1×05)

Credit: Nancy Drew/ The CW



We’re only on the fifth episode of Nancy Drew and so much has happened, the most important being George’s possession by Tiffany’s unsettled spirit.

Horseshoe Bay was seeing dead people in its first possession case.

Tiffany wasn’t just sticking around for no reason either, she had a vengeance against George and Ryan.

She wasted no time letting Ryan know that “she knew” about the waitress at The Claw.

Her anger is understandable. Her Ryan cheated on her — it was low on his part.

But poor Tiffany didn’t know two things: 1. she was dead and 2. she was inhabiting George’s body.

There has always been a supernatural element to Nancy Drew, but the possession cemented it. At the beginning of the episode, Nancy dismissed Bess’ assumption that George was possessed but by the end of the episode, she was on board and even trying to figure out what message Lucy Sable was sending her.

The strength of the episode was Leah Lewis, who did a phenomenal job embodying both George and Tiffany into one body.

When she was George, you could tell she was terrified and had absolutely no idea what just happened or why she was holding a knife and pressed up against a bookshelf by Ryan.

And when she switched over to Tiffany, she was confused but angry and ready to make someone pay.

These little nuances sold what would have been a cheap and cheesy storyline if not done right.

But as much as we embrace the supernatural, Nancy strikes me as someone who is always going to choose concrete evidence over everything and it’s exactly that balance the series needs to not go down a similar path as Ravenswood.

Playing with the idea that Tiffany wasn’t crossing over because she had unfinished business was fun, but the storyline didn’t overstay it’s welcome. When it was time, Tiffany let go and was banished while George reassumed her body feeling guiltier than ever.

I guess when you feel a spirit’s emotions and the hatred she had towards you, it takes a toll on you.

However, I would have loved for Nancy to get some kind of information out of Tiffany about her murder. Anything, even the slightest hint, would have been great.

They had the spirit of the dead woman at their disposable and didn’t get any leads into her death.

Tiffany left behind a ton of secrets, but the good thing is that she gave Nick the password to the drive that Laura found (Dantes as in Dantes Inferno, the first book she gave him), which revealed a ton of documents on the Hudson family signed by Owen Marvin.

Not only is the hunky dude that flirted with Nancy a member of the Marvin family (Bess, get your cousin) but he’s also involved in the mystery, which means Nancy may be in danger.

We know she can take care of herself, but you wish she picked up the call from Nick warning her of Owen’s possibly nefarious intentions.

Anyone associated with the Hudson’s cannot be trusted. It’s just a fact.

However, if it wasn’t for Owen, Nancy would have never connected Tiffany’s death with Lucy’s.

Since the first episode, Lucy has been a presence on the series and has been haunting Nancy and now, we know why — it all has to do with Ryan.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Ryan’s a scumbag.

And he may be at the center of two mysterious murders.

It was surprising to learn that Ryan was involved with Lucy Sable while they were in high school because of the age gap. Ryan’s sleeping with George who is Nancy’s age while Nancy’s dad is sleeping with Karen, who was Lucy Sable’s best friend.

It’s easy to forget Ryan was older and thus, could have been responsible for both deaths.

What exactly happened to Lucy at the exclusive party that Karen mentioned?

Why did she drift away from her best friend?

In retrospect, we should have figured out that Ryan was involved in Lucy’s murder in some way.

Nancy’s father had Lucy’s bloody dress hiding in his attic not because he killed her but because he was representing the man who did.

The series has stressed Carson’s involvement with the Hudson family ran deep and spanned years. It probably started with Lucy.

While the focus was on getting Tiffany’s spirit out of George’s body we got to know a lot about George through it.

Her family life is fractured and her relationship with her mother is complicated.

Victoria helping showed that she loves her daughter, but there’s also a layer of resentment stemming from George who likely had to grow up quickly to become the breadwinner and to be a parental figure for her siblings while her mom partied and acted like a child.

George even blamed her affair with a married man, which her mother referred to as immature, on her mother’s messy love life.

Overall, both of them are strong women who don’t see eye-to-eye but love each other nonetheless.

Hopefully, overcoming a possession brings them closer together and they work it out.

Bess and Lisbeth finally arranged a dinner date, though, as I said before, I don’t trust anyone who works so closely with the Hudson’s.

Lisbeth may like Beth, but she may also have ulterior motives.

Ace and Laura’s connection runs deep and he seems to be the only one able to reason with her to give up the drive, but he also has no willpower around her. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.

But when it comes to Ace as a person, his heart is in the right place. He’s harmless and genuinely on point when assessing situations about the real world and even the spiritual one.

What did you think of this week’s Nancy Drew?

Did Ryan kill both Lucy Sable and Tiffany?

Will George get over what happened to her?

How is Owen involved?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Review – The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge (1×06)



Nancy Drew The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge Review

These ghosts are getting really advanced on Nancy Drew.

Lucy Sable was not only able to appear in front of Ryan Hudson, but she was also able to grab his hand, transform herself into the way she looked years ago, and kiss him.

How is that possible?

I would not want to be haunted by this townie spirit.

The action took place at The Velvet Masque, an underground exclusive party where rich do weird stuff when they think nobody’s looking.

Nancy managed to work her way into the party alongside Ryan Hudson, who needed her help stealing some very expensive coins belonging to his family.

His goal was to sell them off in the auction so he could have some money to his name now that his father had cut him off.

Admittedly, if the coins were that expensive, they shouldn’t have been that easy to steal. They didn’t even show Nancy breaking in because it wouldn’t have been dynamic enough!

Nancy and Ryan weren’t the most obvious pairing, but they worked.

Nancy has a way of bringing out the best in people, even people like Ryan.

When Ryan realized he was making out with Luce’s ghost, he had no choice but to come clean to Nancy. I mean, you don’t call someone Luce if you didn’t have any personal involvement with them aside from a summer fling.

She had been helping him all day and all he had done was lie to her.

With Ryan filling in the blanks and Nancy decrypting Lucy Sable’s poem about the night she went to the ball, we’re starting to get a clearer picture as to what happened to her and she could possibly be connected to Tifanny.

When Nancy decrypted Lucy’s poem, she realized that the Kraken was Owen Marvin’s Uncle Sebastian, who was having an affair with Medusa, Ryan’s mother, while her husband, Everett, Ryan’s dad, had no idea.

But it’s likely that he did have an idea, or, at least, he figured it out.

When everyone began looking into those coins, they realized that they should have been at the bottom of the ocean.

Instead, the Hudson family had them in their possession, likely cashed out on their insurance, and they sank the ship with Uncle Sebastian on it.

Now, the Hudson’s have never needed money so everything plus the timing points to Everett killing Sebastian because he was a liability.

And around the same time, Lucy Sable was pushed off the cliff, shortly after she witnessed Ryan’s mom and Sebastian hooking up at the party and got called out for it.

All signs point to Ryan’s mom as Lucy’s murderer, but it cannot be that straightforward, right?

Nancy’s a little hot-headed when it comes to her investigations and she immediately called Ryan’s mother out without thinking how she could spin this to her advantage.

Why give up all your cards so quickly in the game? Now, Nancy put a target on her back.

There’s also the fact that her father, Carson Drew, had the bloodied dress stashed in his attic.

He always said he hated working for the Hudson family and from the sounds of it, he was the one who cleaned up their messes.

Did he kill Lucy Sable to protect them?

The next step of this mystery is how Tiffany ties into it.

Why was she killed as a result of Lucy Sable?

Did she figure out who the killer was?

Did she figure out something else that was incriminating about the Hudson’s?

Nancy’s still waiting on the blood test from Tiffany’s body, but the DNA picked up from Lucy Sable’s body belongs to another woman’s.

All the more reason to believe it was Ryan’s mom.

Unless Tiffany and Lucy somehow knew each other and she was there the night of the murder.

I’m cheering for Nick, George, Bess, and Ace to take down the family now more than ever.

Since Nancy got them the coins, they have everything they need to prove how corrupt the Hudson family really is.

Even Owen Marvin, who initially seemed like a bad guy, revealed that he wanted justice for his uncle.

His family always knew that the Hudson’s were responsible, but they never had any proof.

He’s overstepping with Nancy while fully knowing that she has a boyfriend, but while her mouth is talking about how much she loves Nick, her body language is pulling towards Owen and being rather flirtatious.

She clearly doesn’t see what it looks like from Nick’s perspective, but I felt for the guy.

He’s so into Nancy only to see her teaming up with Ryan and Owen and watch her lie about her ghost escapades.

Other Claw Thoughts

  • Bess was a nervous mess on her date with Lisbeth. Thank god they made up for it after.
  • Bess steals on the regular and couldn’t deliver when it mattered! How does a good thief manage to get their hand caught in the cookie jar?
  • Why do rich people always need a creepy sex room?
  • Where’s the Sheriff in all of this?
  • Everyone cleans up very nice!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

What’s the connection between Tiffany and Lucy?

Who killed Lucy?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew – The Curse of the Dark Storm (1×03)



Nancy Drew Curse of the Dark Storm Review

It’s confirmed —¬†Horseshoe Bay, Maine has a bit of a ghost problem, specifically when there’s a powerful Nor’easter blowing through the town that bringing restless spirits ashore.

As George tried to stay alive after being cursed by the bucket of blood in the annual Seawater Ceremony, she had her first encounter with a ghost named Rita.

Rita came into The Claw looking for a job but stuck around to warn George that she was marked for death. And if you believe in curses, you’d think she was onto something with all of the pointy objects hurling themselves in George’s direction.

Only after Rita disappeared into thin air did George realize she was a decapitated in a boating accident back in 1975. Um, spooky.

Will Rita have a bigger connection to the mystery or is she just thrown in there much like Lucy Sable’s menacing ghost.

Nancy confronted Nick about his past and got the answers she so desperately needed to convince her that he was a good person.

Here’s what we knew going into the episode: we knew that he’d killed someone and was in jail for manslaughter. We also knew Tiffany was the key witness that put him behind bars.

What we didn’t know is how these two were connected. Until now.

Nick was hesitant about telling Nancy the truth, but once cops raided his place looking for the burner phone (Nancy destroyed it as you’re supposed to do with burner phones), he showed her the package Tiffany hid inside her mother’s car.

The object isn’t anything overly exciting — it’s a clock with a key that solves a puzzle at Tiffany’s bed and breakfast, where she tucked around a safety deposit box with $5 million dollars inside.

Nick figures out all the clues using the books that Tiffany gifted him while trying to make amends for putting him behind bars.

The backstory is interesting, but the way it plays out in the past and in the present is rather clunky.

The stormy mission with Nick proved to Nancy that he wasn’t the killer (she’s probably very relieved), but it didn’t necessarily stop the police from trying to make a case against him.

Nancy refused to give up any information on him to clear her own record.

Instead, she proved to them that Nick had no motive to kill Tiffany because the two were actually acquaintances with no bad blood.

I’ll take that W for the Nancy Drew and friends column.

Nancy’s house is haunted, and you couldn’t pay me to live there. It’s probably because her father had something to do with Lucy Sable’s death, however, right now the scenes are used solely as a scare factor.

I’m not upset about it, but it does terrify me.

Ryan Hudson was spooked out too, and it seems he’s now understanding what his wife meant when she felt like she was being watched.

Everyone from the Claw, aside from Nancy and Nick, remains a suspect, but Bess and Ryan top the list.

If we’re to take a cue from most murder mysteries, that probably means they aren’t the killers.

But it’s hard to argue with the facts, and the fact is that they both had a motive.

Ryan’s desire for money was slightly shocking considering he’s been dubbed as the rich dude in town.

He visited Carson to get the prenup squared away because he needed Tiffany’s money to pay off some people.

Who has Ryan gotten in bed with?

The second suspect is obviously Bess.

While she seems innocent enough, Nancy also found Tiffany’s diamond ring inside Bess’ trailer, which got ruined in the storm.

Bess’ living situation is no longer a secret, but she didn’t seem too upset about it.

Did Nancy just invite the killer to stay with her?

What did you think of the episode?

Who do you think the killer is?

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew – The Secret of the Old Morgue (1×02)



Nancy Drew The Secret of the Old Morgue review

Nancy Drew got into some trouble yet again in the second episode of the season.

The episode wasn’t as thrilling as the first one, and despite being completely terrifying, the images of Lucy Sable’s ghost got old real fast.

I almost wish that the series would adopt a procedural case-by-case week instead of this overarching mystery plaguing the leading lady.

The death of Tiffany Hudson remains a mystery that Nancy is determined to solve.

When she gets wind that Ryan Hudson plans to move Tiffany’s body to a different town before completing an autopsy, she devises a plan that involves breaking into the morgue.

A girl has to clear her name somehow, am I right?

But despite priding herself as this brilliant detective, Nancy gets caught, which makes her look even more guilty.

On the other hand, she gets the blood from Tiffany which she ships off to a private doc.

As much as Nancy wants answers, George wants them, too.

George initially overheard Ryan talking about moving Tiffany’s body. She believed him when he said he had nothing to do with the murder, but it’s clear that he never intended to date her publicly.

The problem was never Tiffany, it was always Ryan.

George seems like a girl with a crush that she knows is bad for her but she just can’t help herself.

For this reason, I don’t think she was capable of murder.

However, there are bad omens coming her way as the bucket she kicked over, part of the town’s annual tradition, spilled in red blood rather than water.

That’s what happens when you sleep with a ghost’s husband.

Bess doesn’t seem like a top suspect anymore either.

She’s too preoccupied with status (which could explain why she has Tiffany’s ring) but also embarrassed by her living situation enough not to want to date anyone.

That narrows it down to the other two men in Nancy’s life aside from her father: Ned or Ace.

Ace is working undercover for someone and even texted “The Weed Guy” about their trip to the morgue.

Who is he reporting too?

Ned, on the other hand, has dark secrets that we don’t even understand.

Nancy’s father assured her that Ned would’ve never seen who the witness was in the testimony that got him charged for manslaughter, which made sense.

But that doesn’t explain why he was the last person she called.

Nancy snooped the number while getting put into the system, but when she called it, the phone was hidden in Nicky’s garage.

What’s his deal?

There’s also the mystery of Lucy Sable, the ghost that keeps haunting Nancy.

What does she want from Nancy?

Nancy’s father shrugged off her questions about the pink dress with bloodstains in the attic and didn’t give much reason not to trust him, but the dress wouldn’t be brought up if it didn’t play into a bigger picture.

And dear old dad wouldn’t be burning the dress shortly after that convo in the middle of the night by the water.

What’s he hiding?

After all, Nancy did say that “if he could lie about Karen, he could lie about anything.”

What do you think of Nancy Drew so far?

Who do you think killed Tiffany Hudson?

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