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Nina Dobrev A Contender in ‘Hush Hush’



It’s  face-off between Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson as they battle for the role of Nora Grey.

The role of Nora Grey in the upcoming movie, “Hush Hush” is one of the most sought out roles and The Vampire Diaries star is apparently in the running.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson  is also contender for the role  in the movie adaptation.

The character, Nora Grey, is a 16-year-old girl who is intrigued by her mysterious and sexy class-mate Patch, who has an unspeakable dark past and she’s determined to figure it out. Little does she know that he has a dark connection to her. Ian Somerhalder is also up for the role of Patch Cipriano and many fans of the novel are thrilled because of Somerhalder and Dobrev’s on-screen chemistry.

Mysterious and sexy? Check. But more on-screen Ian and Nina time? Nope. Truthfully, I think that would be super weird. On-screen these two will forever be Damon and Elena. They can’t just go be different characters together and fall in love in a different movie/show. Plus, why would two-exes who have been working together for six years want to do another project together? It seems fans can’t even distinguish these two actors as individuals anymore. Additionally, I don’t think Ian could pass as a 16-year-old. Nina? Maybe. But definitely not Ian. Unless they pull some, “he’s an angel from another planet so he’s older looking but really 16” type of thing.

The New York Times best selling novel  Rebecca Fitzpatrick has captured the hearts of many readers with its fantasy and love allure. ‘Hush Hush’ is about dark fallen angels who vassal into humans and than continue their journey hoping to become human once again. The predictable twist is as always, a love story which changes the males priorities.

What do you think? Would you like to see Ian and Nina together? Would Emma or Nina make a better Nora Grey? It’s a good thing these two ladies are friends and hopefully able to stay civil whatever the decision!

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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Trailer – How is Liz Ortecho Going to Explain Max’s Death and Rosa’s Return?



Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Extended Trailer

It’s been almost a year since Max sacrificed himself to bring Rosa back to the land of the living in a moment fueled purely by his love for Liz Ortecho.

Yes, we’re talking a full year (give or take a few weeks) since the heartbreaking and jaw-dropping finale of Roswell, New Mexico season 1 aired.

In that time, you’ve probably spent your days pondering how it was possible that Rose was resurrected, if Max was really dead, how people in town would react to Rosa’s return, if people would question where Max went, and if Liz would resent her sister for inadvertently killing her boyfriend.

All fair questions that the Roswell, New Mexico season 2 trailer is here to address… at least, in some capacity.

The extended trailer kicks off with Liz mourning the loss of Max by, quite literally, crying over his dead body.

Rosa comes out of nowhere and questions what happened, “I don’t understand, you look different,” she says to Liz who promises to “explain everything” just as soon as she wipes those tears away and accepts her new reality.

As Rosa suggests they call an ambulance, Liz assures her it’s too late because “he brought you back to life.”

Kyle, Liz’s ex-squeeze, is the first to see Rosa alive and he cannot believe his eyes.

His reaction is, and I quote, “whoa,” as a dumbfounded look spreads across his face.

Whoa, indeed. Rosa is alive, y’all.

Related: Catch up on Roswell, New Mexico Season One

Elsewhere, Isobel is not doing so hot following her husband’s death (remember – he was revealed to be the man responsible for killing Rosa), and all that anger starts blowing fuses in her house. Or is she being haunted by his ghost? Both are valid and possible.

She’s also using that anger to charge her powers to “protect herself.”

Liz gets questioned by the Sheriff about deputy Evans’ disappearance as she slides over a picture of the late (and definitely not great) Noah, who died the night of the lightning storm.

Also, Liz has a full-on breakdown in the shower showing us that she’s the queen of showcasing a full range of emotions in a trailer that clocks in at under 1:15.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep your head spinnin’ like a UFO, Alex Manes as his ex-lover Michael Guerin if there’s a possibility his girlfriend Maria DeLuca might have been abducted.

Guerin, who doesn’t want to hear it at first, is heard saying that “there might be an alien connection.” Well, when isn’t there one, Michael?

In the end, Liz explains she intends to repay Max for the ultimate sacrifice: “Max gave me back the only thing that mattered to me. Now, it’s my turn.”

Watch the trailer below:

And for those of you who don’t believe that Max is really dead, Nathan Parsons’ told Entertainment Weekly “I am fully dead.”

But don’t worry, being dead on The CW never limits anyone’s screentime and he assures us that the series found a creative way to use him so that he’s still very much part of the story.

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Chicago P.D

NBC Gives Three Season Renewal to One Chicago Shows ‘Chicago PD,’ ‘Chicago Fire,’ and ‘Chicago Med’



Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire renewed for three seasons

And that’s what we call a triple sweep!

Your favorite ER docs, firefighters, and detectives aren’t going anywhere anytime soon because NBC just gave the #OneChicago universe a massive pick-up.

All three series in Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” franchise will be returning for an additional three more seasons.

That brings Chicago Fire through season 11, Chicago PD through season 10, and Chicago Med through season 8.

According to Deadline, the renewals are part of a new deal between Wolf and Universal Studios.

“Dick Wolf has proven time and time again that he makes shows audiences love,” said Paul Telegdy, Chairman, NBC Entertainment. “We are delighted, excited and proud that as part of this epic deal with Wolf Entertainment, NBC’s loyal audience will know that their favorite shows have a certain future for the next three years.”

His other highly-rated and highly-performing drama, Law & Order SVU, also snagged three more seasons.

While nabbing three seasons at one time is surely a feat to be proud of, it isn’t unheard of at NBC, a network that loves to reward shows that simultaneously perform well live, in DVR viewing, and can also be syndicated. And if they have large, dedicated followings — which all 4 Wolf shows do — it only works in their favor.

The shows join the previously renewed medical drama New Amsterdam and the emotional family drama This Is Us, which was scored a three-season renewal.

Following the exciting news, the shows will have to renegotiate contracts with talent. Since three-years is a pretty massive chunk of time, it’s possible that not all of your favorites will stick around for the full-term.

Wolf has found success in both keeping his lead around for the entire duration of a series like Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU or swapping out the full cast entirely to offer a different perspective and reinvent the wheel. Either way,  it’s bound to be successful and lucrative.

Are you excited about the renewals?

Which show is your favorite?

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Love is Blind

Best and Wackiest Tweets About the Season Finale of ‘Love is Blind’



Best Tweets from the Love is Blind Season finale

Netflix dropped the season finale of Love is Blind, it’s highly-addictive new reality series, early Thursday morning.

And you better believe fans stayed up (or went to sleep early to wake up early) to watch the conclusion and see which couples successfully walked down the aisle to swap “I do’s” and which ones hit their partners with “I don’t.”

Based on the reaction on Twitter, the series finale was well worth the wait.

Check out the best and wackiest tweets about the finale below!

It was almost like the royal wedding…

Pretending to be shocked like…

Believing in true love got us like…

So many cringe-worthy moments with those two.


Amber living her best life, don’t @ her.

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