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One Tree Hill- Anyone Who Had a Heart



“Love means giving chances when there’s no more chances left to give.”
Mark Schwahn is an epic and brilliant writer and producer. As One Tree Hill is coming to a close he took us fans back to the very beginning. He instilled that same feeling in these last few episodes that the original One Tree Hill gave us. He created a show that could be quiet, dramatic, sad, happy, sexy and could make each and every person feel like they weren’t alone. He took characters and he made them our family. But eventually all good things must come to an end and it is bittersweet feeling. We have come a full 360. We grew up with these characters and 10 years later we can still relate to them. Few shows have that little piece of magic that Tree Hill has. 

This week we were taken back to the River Court, because of course that’s where everything started. Although we were missing Nathan and Lucas it was damn good to see Mouth, Skills, Fergie and the boys announcing and b-balling it up.  We saw the importance of Tric, honoring its owner Karen and creator P. Sawyer and we know that the finale will take place at a 10 year anniversary concert at Tric, which is brilliant since Tric was a vital part in the earlier episodes of OTH. You know so much can change and yet everything can stay the same and while one show ends for us, Julian begins to tell the story all over again because hell its a story worth telling. This week we got a little glimpse into the past but next weeks 2 hour series finale is going to take us all the way back home home… back to the girl behind the red door, back to Peyton’s dark and twisted room, back to that tragic hallway for literally the last time. 

But I think the most unexpected moment was the burning boat. As we allude to the very first episode the burning boat is tradition in Tree Hill. One that Lucas and Haley attended when Peyton was still dating Nathan and Brooke was trying to get into Lucas’s bed.  We throw in things we want to forget, to rid ourselves of.  Who would have ever thought that Brooke Davis kept a diary? I mean what happened to “good girls keep diaries, the bad girls never have the time.” One really fantastic thing about this season is that they are finally giving Brooke’s character justice. Unlike Haley who has been a well respected character throughout when you look back at old episodes Brooke was kind of a slutty ditz. Its nice to take a step back and look past all of that to see a girl who was just lonely and trouble and craving attention. And as awkward as it is that her parents are back together she finally got a shot at having a real family. In the past she always relied on the kindness of strangers, Karen, Peyton, or Lucas. Julian really is a fabulous husband for Brooke and although he wasn’t a core character for a majority of the first seasons he’s really made a place for himself. 

Quinn and Clay are also characters that haven’t been part of the Tree Hill family for too long their storyline has finally developed into something pure and magical and they have become characters that got a place in our hearts. With the addition of Logan they finally became a family that Clay always longed for and Quinn could never attain. It helps a lot that Logan is honestly the cutest munchkin on the planet, but despite everything he, like Brooke has finally gotten the parents he always wished for. Who knew a kid could bring people so close together that Clay even popped the will you marry me to question to Quinn. Logan came to the rescue with his power ring and I know that each and every person watching this episode couldn’t help but beam from one ear to the other. Unfortunately we will not get to witness much of the rest of this journey just how we won’t get to see Brooke’s boys grow up to be Jaime’s age or see his relationship with mini- Haley (Lidia). 

Even though we cant see all of favorite characters in the finale, seeing many of the familiar faces this season has really made it a superb one. It pains me to say goodbye but I must find the words and mentally prepare myself for next week. Everyone get your tissues ready. If one thing is for certain, Mark Schwahn will definitely not disappoint. 

Memorable Quotes

  • Brooke: What about vampires? We like vampires? We wanted more of them in the pilot. And werewolves!
  • Brooke: OMG
    • Dad: Funny thats what you were just saying.
  • Brooke: My dad screws me over, my mom screws me up at which point they start screwing each other and I give up. 
Here’s To Epic One Tree Hill Music!

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Chad Michael Murray Adresses Rumblings of “One Tree Hill” Revival at Chicago Convention



One Tree HIll reunion Eyecon

In the spirit of revivals, fans were eager to find out if a season 10 of the hit show “One Tree Hill” is in the works.

“We were just talking about this actually,” Stephen Colleti (bar manager Chase) said at the EyeCon convention this weekend.

“I’ll do it,” Antwon Tanner (Skills) added.

The story goes, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) approached James Lafferty (Nathan) after he heard “rumblings” of a possible One Tree Hill reunion/revival.

James, who is close to OTH creator Mark Schwahn, had not heard anything “official” but said he could “see it happening.”

“We haven’t heard anything substantial but we can agree with you guys, it’s worthy” Stephen added to a room full of ecstatic fans.

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There Was Huge “One Tree Hill” Reunion This Weekend!



One Tree Hill convention reunion

Is it too early to ask about a One Tree Hill revival?

The cast of our fave show reunited over the weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina for the first ever OTH themed convention.

For 3 days, many of the stars from the show hung out with the OTH fandom and relived the time well spent in Tree Hill.

The best part – the cast still hangs out with each other and they are all BFFs.

NALEY is stronger than ever:


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One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton is Coming to Forever



So long P. Sawyer, hello Dominatrix?

Hilarie Burton has scored a one episode spot on ABC’s new drama Forever.

Burton will appear as Iona Payne, a dominatrix who becomes a murder suspect after one of her clients is killed. (Dominatrix Payne… get it?)

Photo Credit: One Tree Hill/The CW
During the investigation, she crosses paths with Detective Henry Morgan and the two fall for each other. Yeah, I bet in all of his 200-year, Henry has never fallen for a woman like Sawyer Burton Payne.

Their infatuation is brief ‘m assuming since it’s only a one-episode arc. Wouldn’t it be great if she was permanently written in? Henry needs some romance in his life and maybe a dominatrix is just the thing! Does anyone else feel like it’s going to be really weird to see Sawyer in such an out-there role?

The episode will air on November 11. 

After she left the  teen drama One Tree Hill in season 6, Burton guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy as a charming doctor, and held recurring roles on White Collar and Hostages

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