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One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill- In The Room Where You Sleep



One Tree Hill has always been home to me and although there isn’t too much drama going on its still exciting to watch, because there is emotion, comical relief all tied together with history… but this weeks episode was so slow paced it was rather irrelevant. 

After much debate Alex let Chris Keller convince her that she will go on tour with her newest CD. Could Chase have pushed her to follow her dreams by letting his feelings for her show? I guess for a young actress living the fast life is what it is all about. She settled down with Chase, but how long can you keep a gorgeous, young and talented girl down? Sorry Chase but this looks to me like history is repeating itself and not only with the love triangle but also it looks like Keller might be heading onto a tour of his own, maybe joining Alex and becoming a power duo to boost both their careers. Taster Strudel just doesn’t seem to cut it no more.  This time Haley is not involved though. The light-heartedness that Chuck brings to the show is absolutely wonderful. Instead of “Chucking” Chris Keller he ended up be-friending him in a way that drove Chase mad. Oh Chuck. 

The Clay and Quinn story still seems mighty irrelevant and is starting to sound more like a soap opera than the OTH I know. You get the pills you take the pills. After not flying out to Europe as originally planned you’d think Clay would just take his medication, seek some help and try to get back on the right track but nope. He’s going to stretch this story line until it can be stretched no more. And that affects Nathan’s life because once again he has to leave his family and go take care of business leaving Haley, Jamie and Lydia alone with…. Dan. Did you hear his “I’m not going anywhere Jamie” and see his sly smile? That man is up to something. At first I assumed maybe he had changed and he was on a better path but that was a mistake. He was definitely the one trying to break into the Scott household, he was the one who burned down his own little diner and now what? I say they call in some Deb Scott for re-inforcements. Haley is definitely going to need them.

Brooke gives way to many chances. Her father has been missing from this show for a good 9 years and all of a sudden he comes back and wants to be a part of her clothing line. Victoria deserves some huge props for what she said to her ex–husband. If he is trying to hurt he so be it, but their daughter is the one person who loves him without restraint, who believes that he cares for her not just because he see’s her as a business investment. I would hate to see Brooke get burned on this. As for Julian, opening up a stage sound in North Carolina was probably a weak move. Not that I know much about movies and where they are filmed, but North Carolina… Really? 

The return of Mouth and Milly was not pleasant at all. No one can really say they missed Millie the crack-head but now Mouth is a fatty Mc fat fat stuffing his face with everything he can get his hands on? I always knew those chef’s would add on pounds but this story line is WEAKER than the Clay and Quinn one. I’m starting to think that bringing OTH on board for another season wasn’t such a good idea…. Lets hope that next week’s episode brings much more to the table and changes my mind quickly.. 

“See even God needs the devil and I’m one hell of a friend”

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Coffee Table News

Chad Michael Murray Adresses Rumblings of “One Tree Hill” Revival at Chicago Convention



One Tree HIll reunion Eyecon

In the spirit of revivals, fans were eager to find out if a season 10 of the hit show “One Tree Hill” is in the works.

“We were just talking about this actually,” Stephen Colleti (bar manager Chase) said at the EyeCon convention this weekend.

“I’ll do it,” Antwon Tanner (Skills) added.

The story goes, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) approached James Lafferty (Nathan) after he heard “rumblings” of a possible One Tree Hill reunion/revival.

James, who is close to OTH creator Mark Schwahn, had not heard anything “official” but said he could “see it happening.”

“We haven’t heard anything substantial but we can agree with you guys, it’s worthy” Stephen added to a room full of ecstatic fans.

Read more HERE!

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Coffee Table News

There Was Huge “One Tree Hill” Reunion This Weekend!



One Tree Hill convention reunion

Is it too early to ask about a One Tree Hill revival?

The cast of our fave show reunited over the weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina for the first ever OTH themed convention.

For 3 days, many of the stars from the show hung out with the OTH fandom and relived the time well spent in Tree Hill.

The best part – the cast still hangs out with each other and they are all BFFs.

NALEY is stronger than ever:


See all the reunion pics RIGHT HERE! (Trust us, there’s a lot)

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Coffee Table News

One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton is Coming to Forever



So long P. Sawyer, hello Dominatrix?

Hilarie Burton has scored a one episode spot on ABC’s new drama Forever.

Burton will appear as Iona Payne, a dominatrix who becomes a murder suspect after one of her clients is killed. (Dominatrix Payne… get it?)

Photo Credit: One Tree Hill/The CW
During the investigation, she crosses paths with Detective Henry Morgan and the two fall for each other. Yeah, I bet in all of his 200-year, Henry has never fallen for a woman like Sawyer Burton Payne.

Their infatuation is brief ‘m assuming since it’s only a one-episode arc. Wouldn’t it be great if she was permanently written in? Henry needs some romance in his life and maybe a dominatrix is just the thing! Does anyone else feel like it’s going to be really weird to see Sawyer in such an out-there role?

The episode will air on November 11. 

After she left the  teen drama One Tree Hill in season 6, Burton guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy as a charming doctor, and held recurring roles on White Collar and Hostages

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