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One Tree Hill- Love The Way You Lie



“And who lives in hotels? People whose stay is temporary.”
Leave it up to OTH to give us a cute and fun episode just to shatter our world in the last minute. For what its worth, every scene with Dan Scott pulls at my heart strings. I am fully aware of the fact that for 8 seasons we hated him for the way he treated Nathan, for abandoning Lucas and for killing Keith. I am also aware that he is probably up to so mischievous non-sense that we are not currently aware of. Yet every time I see his sad puppy dog eyes I feel bad for him. You have to hand it to the guy, as much as he sucked as a father, he is one heck of a chef and when Haley needed him most, he was there to help her. Haley is also not a dumb person so when someone made a scene about a “murderer” making their food, she surprisingly stood up for Dan. Although it wasn’t expected from Haley, it was the right thing to do. Dan served his time in jail, he has been trying to recompense for his mistakes and he doesn’t need strangers pointing that out to him. What did he poison your food? No. But of course every action has its consequence and this will mean that Haley might have just jeopardized her and Brooke’s cafe, or should I say Karen’s cafe. By kicking out all the business, their going to find a new place to go… Namely the new gourmet cafe that opened up right across the street. I wonder how Jaimie took the news that his grandfather is a murderer? Are the writers going to touch up on that? And seriously, when the hell is Nathan coming back?

Brooke Davis also breaks my heart because as powerful and determined as she is, she crumbles at the need of affection from her parents. And even when she gets that attention from her daddy it is only because she is used as a “bimbo” to score some deal and impress his friends. Sure she needed the financial backing from investors that her short skirt and kick-ass flirty personality got her, but she also needed quality time with her father. I guess you just cannot have it all can you?

Clearly, the Mouth and Milly storyline is still not making much sense. Although it gives for some humorous moments who cares if Mouth is fat? Milly is making this huge scene as if he’s “going to eat himself to death.” No he isn’t Milly. He gained some weight, he isn’t obese. There’s clearly a difference and putting him on the spot like that in front of millions of viewers was highly unnecessary. Speaking of irrelevant story lines that brings me to Quinn and Clay. Now the writers are tying in the fact that Clay suffered after the shooting to him buying drugs off the street to those drugs being the cause of his sleepwalking? So basically he is a druggie cause he has been using his pain medication recreationally. That’s why he didn’t pick up his prescription? There must be some more depth to this story. It just doesn’t seem believable that Clay would do all of this, jeopardize his relationship with Quinn and risk going to Europe because of an addiction. Next weeks promo’s show us Clay who isn’t capable of remembering anything that happened. As hazy as his memory is, the hazier this storyline gets. I need answers, quickly!

An unpredictable pairing we have with Chase and Chris Keller. Misery sure does love company huh? But did Alex actually break up with Chase or did she just leave to pursue her music career, cause those are two different things. Keller does have a point though, Alex was never a settle down forever kind of girl. Sure it seemed like she was for the little time they had together but let’s look at her past. She was a suffering actress who thrived through Hollywood, slept with millions of guys and had a thing for Julian.  Everything for her is always temporary and she’s always on to her next adventure in life. Who know’s maybe she will come back after the tours done, but it would be stupid of her to risk an opportunity like that for a person she may or may not be with for the rest of her life. Truthfully, nothing is forever, even life is temporary…

Now the big story is Julian. Dude what the hell. I know Julian isn’t the smartest of guys cause lets admit he’s a little dopey, but to LEAVE YOUR KID IN THE CAR! Are you insane! There is no excuse. He was nervous about his studio being rented out, thats explainable. Than he got a call that they want to meet in person, so trying to impress your potential partners is also explainable, but in the midst of all of that how the hell do you forget you have a kid with you. When Brooke called Julian and all the windows were broken and they were rescuing a child from the car my blood pressure literally skyrocketed. I cannot even begin to imagine what Brooke’s reaction the this might be. But the bigger questions: Did the baby die? Was it hot that day in Tree Hill? Will Julian have to go to jail? Are charges going to be pressed? How will this affect Brooke and Julian’s relationship? I mean the girl couldn’t have children and than she finally had twin boys and now your husband leaves one in the freaking car? Who cares about that deal you were just going to make. You can kiss all that goodbye. And if I was Brooke, you could kiss me goodbye as well…

Memorable Quotes

  • Victoria: Well i prefer him banned from picking up my grandsons but you know you can’t have it all.
  • Haley: Trust me I know Chris Keller is not good for relationships.
  • Chris: You show up for work looking like that, which is really sexy, and you work for free?
  • Chris: Yeah occasionally we do our own video shoots and we might use you as an extra. So did you bring that bikini?
  • Chris: Do you know what I was doing before I woke up in those random places? Some random chick.
  • Haley: Don’t shake his hand, you don’t know where its been.
  • Brooke: I’ll make my own coffee. Who am I kidding I still don’t know how to use this thing. Would you mind? Your so good at it!
  • Chuck: Contrary to popular opinion, he doesn’t speak for the both of us.
  • Chris: Who do I need to screw to get a burger around here? Please let it be you.
  • Chris: Chris Keller can do it all baby.
  • Chris: Alex is an actress we need constant affection and validation.

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