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Only Murders in the Building Review Flipping the Pieces Season 2 Episode 7 Only Murders in the Building Review Flipping the Pieces Season 2 Episode 7

Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building: Mabel’s Past Rears Its Head as Killer’s New Victim Revealed

Credit: Only Murders in the Building/ Hulu



Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 7 dove into Mabel’s backstory while she tried to desperately piece together what happened the night Bunny died and on the train when she stabbed the glitter suspect. 

Mabel’s past heavily influenced her present, even if she wasn’t entirely aware of it at first. 

The episode picked up the morning after the attack on the subway, but it was exactly clear who’s pristine apartment she was snoozing in. 

Mabel was equally as confused as fans, though it was soon revealed that Theo was on the same train as Mabel and saw the attack go down.

While she was understandably cautious of his hospitality–he killed her friend and lied about it!—she did need him for answers when she found out the killer stole her purse.

Theo proved himself useful by showing her a keycard that the suspected killer dropped after ambushing her on the train, which led them to Coney Island. 

Through their joint investigative skills, Mabel realized that Theo wasn’t a terrible person, he was just a kid who was wrapped up in something much larger than he was, kind of like she is right now. They’ve both gone through their fair share of terrible experiences, which are still affecting them in their adult lives. 

For Mabel, it was the loss of her father when she was 7. She admitted that since then, whenever anything was too painful or deep, she would ignore it by “flipping the pieces of the puzzle” and forgetting the core memory, which is what happened with both Bunny and the train. 

Mabel was too scared that by tapping into those memories, she would actually realize she’s a bad person who has the potential of harming others. 

However, Theo showed her just how important it is to be honest with yourself. With so much on the line, including her reputation, Mabel can’t afford to keep repressing core memories that could potentially make or break a case. 

When she had a near confrontation with the glitter killer—and didn’t see his face, yet again—she forced herself to face the pain. It was a beautifully filmed scene, and Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) as Mabel’s dad was the icing on the cake! 

And through it, she realized that she did not murder Bunny as she was already stabbed with the sewing needle when Mabel got back to her apartment. 

Mabel’s conscience may be cleared, but it means that the real murderer is still out there, and they’ve gotten so close to him now without even making a break in the case. 

I will say that it has to be someone that was aware that Mabel, Charles, and Oliver possessed a matchbook with a bloody fingerprint, and now many people knew about it aside from the waiter that worked at the diner. Could he be working with the killer?

Theo was a surprising addition to Mabel’s storyline, and while I didn’t completely trust him throughout it all, it was nice to see him redeem himself. And hopefully, he’s not involved with the whole murder in any way. 

It’s always possible that Theo led Mabel to Coney Island because he’s working with the murderer, but we don’t have any evidence pointing to anything other than Theo being a kind soul who wanted to help out an acquaintance.

Elsewhere, Oliver and Charles were interrogated by Detective Williams, who returned from maternity leave simply to get the truth out of them.

As always, hilarity ensued as both Oliver and Charles don’t seem to realize how paper-thin their walls truly are. 

They turned over the murder weapon—the knife they found in their apartment—and it’s a good thing Williams played it so cool with them instead of questioning what they had it in their possession in the first place. 

If they worked together more frequently, I truly believe they could solve this murder in a minute because right now, they aren’t making any headway. At the very least, it would allow for some more sweet moments with Oliver and Williams’ newborn. Also, how long does a DNA test take? Can we just please find out if Will is Oliver’s son already? The anticipation is killing me. 

When Mabel finally reunited with Oliver and Charles, who were, quite frankly, worried sick about her, she delivered a pretty jarring piece of information—the killer had a photo of Charles’ “stepdaughter” Lucy in his possession.

Of course, the moment Charles contacted Lucy, who informed him she was in his apartment, there was a citywide blackout. 

Honestly, this season’s killer has some wicked abilities; it’s almost A-like (PLL reference!).

Lucy didn’t seem to be aware of the imminent danger she was in, so my guess is that she has no idea she was the next target. And why is she the next target? Can they get to her before something bad happens again?

Does the killer know she was in the secret tunnels that day? And does this mean we’ll finally meet her mom/Charles’ ex that got away?

A blackout is never a good sign because, as we all know, things go bump in the night… and that’s especially concerning with a vengeful killer on the loose. 

Who do you think it could be? Do you have any new theories? Why is Theo involved? Was it simply to redeem himself or does he feel guilty for something else? With Jan, the killer stayed close to his suspects, but Theo’s involvement seemed like a coincidence… for now. 

And whatever happened to Alice after she was discovered to be obsessed with Mabel?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building – Did Cinda Canning Frame Mabel? (2×06)



Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 6 Performance Review

Bloody Mabel is in bloody trouble.

Things didn’t go very well for our beloved Mabel on Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 6 as she only got herself into more hot water. 

And unfortunately, it was both her fault and it wasn’t. Mabel was framed for Bunny’s murder, that much we know, which is what earned her the viral nickname in the first place, but stabbing someone on a public subway station is not how you make it all go away or prove your innocence in the court of public opinion. It’s honestly the exact opposite of what you want to do. 

Even if it is the alleged murderer that’s framing you. And even if it’s self-defense. These days, perception is everything. 

Mabel has gone through a lot of trauma in her life. Her past is pretty dark, and her recent situation with Bunny wasn’t ideal. Throw in the fact that she just found out that Charles was still communicating with Jan, the person who killed her friend, and that Alice was using her pain for some kind of art installation, and well, you have a bomb just waiting to explode. Not a pretty glitter bomb either.

With all that pain weighing on her, when Mabel saw the killer walking toward her on the train, it seemed as though she went into fight mode instead of flight mode. 

But my guess is that this is that the killer isn’t exactly stupid either. They never unmasked the killer at the site of the glitter explosion because they were all too busy and distracted, and by the time Mabel saw him/her on the train, a significant amount of time had passed. Enough time for the killer to swap clothing with someone else and even pay the person to trail Mabel or simply to get off at a stop that they knew would spook her. 

Mabel might be falling victim to the killer once more, though this time, on a much more public platform and completely red-handed.

It’s not looking good for her, especially paired with Cinda Canning’s podcast that just came out that basically paints her as an angry person capable of harming others. 

And let’s talk about that podcast for a minute, shall we?

Poppy’s storyline is introduced in this episode as she accepts being treated like garbage in exchange for paying her dues and working her way up to a promotion. A promotion that, as Cinda explains, is never going to come. She was waiting for a break that Cinda was never going to give her. 

Mabel helped Poppy eventually see the light right before she attacked the suspected killer on the train. The incident also happened right after Poppy called Mabel to inform her that Cinda is a liar who will “do anything to tell a good story,” perhaps a “tantalizing” one with beauty as the suspect. She thinks Mabel is a threat to her kingdom, and Poppy promised to know the scope of the plans considering she’s the brains behind the whole operation. 

It’s possible that Cinda is going to great lengths to ensure that she frames Mabel in order to help boost her own success. 

She was there the night of Bunny’s murder, so she could have very well texted them. She’s capitalizing on the murder with her podcast. She published an episode painting Mabel as violent with Jimmy Russo, a former co-worker. (The last name Russo is also not lost on me here. Wizards of Waverly Place fans, anyone?)

And it’s possible that Cinda was within earshot of Detective Kreps (not the brightest, remember?) telling them that Detective Williams is on maternity leave and can’t meet them in person hence the follow-up response. 

It also feels like Cinda has the potential to be one step ahead of them but also be ignorant enough to underestimate them about their Brazzos-style stakeout with planted evidence. 

Think about it — if it isn’t Cinda, why would Poppy get involved? And since Cinda doesn’t do anything for herself, it’s even likelier that the hooded person they Mariah’ed is her assistant, Luis.

Solving murders has never been this trio’s strong suit as they just can’t help but self-sabotage and pursue red herrings, but they really aren’t even trying this season. They took Kreps’s word about Williams at face value. Why couldn’t they just walk the evidence over to Williams instead of testing a number that they just assumed belonged to her? How careless. Do they even want to solve this murder? Do they want to clear their names? Can they focus for like half a minute!?

Alice, however, should likely be crossed off the suspect’s list. Everything that transpired with her is simply a diversion and a red herring to mislead the audience. Alice definitely looks guilty of something, but it’s not what we think. She’s either obsessed with Mabel or trying to help her work through the grief and solve the mystery. Or both. Or, a third option is that she’s just like Cinda in that she’s using Mabel’s viral popularity to elevate her artistic brand because she only cares about her own success. Once a liar, always a liar. But I don’t think she’s a killer. 

She’s also the catalyst to get Mabel to a moment where it’s believable that she would crack and stab somebody, even if in her mind, it was self-defense. It looks bad to the public, but we have to remember that Mabel has a target on her back so she’s always on edge. 

Elsewhere in the episode… 

After a pretty stern talking to from his friends, Charles broke up with Jan via Sazz. I can’t say that I missed Sazz in the slightest, but I’m glad Charles finally saw the light. I know he needed to get closure even after Jan was arrested for trying to kill him, but honestly, I wish they never brought her back. Jan is in the past, and she needs to stay there. Maybe he’ll be able to move on from the makeup artist on Brazzos! He deserves happiness!

Oliver also never got his answer about Will’s paternity. He seems convinced that it will somehow turn out that he’s Greek and not Irish, which ensures that Will is his son, but I think that’s just Oliver’s optimism/denial talking. Of course, blood doesn’t make someone family, and regardless of the outcome, Will will always be his child. No DNA test will ever change that even if it does shake Oliver’s self-image and self-worth slightly.

What did you think of the episode? Based on all the facts presented, who do you think the killer is?

What’s Alice’s deal? Is Cinda hiding something? And how do you think Mabel will restore her reputation now that the whole world believes she’s a killer or, at the very least, capable of hurting someone?

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 – Who is the Killer? We’re Logging Every Clue on the Murder Board

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Only Murders in the Building Review – The Tell (2×05)



Only Murders in the Building Review The Tell Season 2 Episode 5

Oh, Oliver Putnam did not read the room on Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 5. 

Murder mystery party games are my jam, but there’s a line that you simply cannot cross—accusing a party attendee of actual murder. 

This season’s mystery seems to be getting the best of our trio. We’re five episodes deep, and yet, they’ve somehow gotten away from any actual theories. It’s almost as if they never solved a mystery before in their lives. Are they simply too close to it this time? Closer than Charles dating the murderer?

Even their podcast groupies are onto the fact that they have a whole bunch of nothing after all this time investigating. 

And their work has gotten sloppy—they’re talking through theories out in the open for everyone to hear at what is possible a place the murderer frequents. They are being carless with facts. And they are openly revealing that they have absolutely no suspect in the whodunit by accusing Alice at the party. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s not one bone in my body that trusts Alice. I always thought she was an opportunist for pursuing Mabel, and after she basically admitted to being a poor man’s Anna Delvey in order to make a name for herself in the art world, I’m even more convinced of it. She knew that associating with Mabel would bring a lot of attention to herself and the gallery. There’s no doubt about her motives, though, it’s possible that at some point along the way, she actually fell in love. 

However, I’m with Oliver on the whole “you have a tell” thing. When confronted, Alice came clean about her fake identity, which made everyone, particularly Mabel, sympathetic to her cause. Of course, no one would suspect her of murder if she was just outed for being a fraud. But anyone who can blatantly lie to people like that about their upbringing is a master storyteller that can weave exceptional tales and, also, likely cover up murder. 

By making herself Oliver’s target, she has gained Mabel’s trust and created a rift, a fracture in the ecosystem of our amateur detectives. 

I’m hoping that they don’t count her out entirely because there was definitely something off about Alice from the moment we met her. And while I don’t ever want to agree with the lunatic Jan on anything, she does have a point about an artist staying close to her work.

With the heat off of Alice, she can now move in the shadows, and by gaining Mabel’s trust, she can always stay one step ahead of them because she’ll know what the plan is. It’s exactly why Jan remained so close to the case; she could steer it in the direction she wanted. 

On the other hand, it’s a bit too on the nose to have the killer be a romantic partner once again. It’s almost too predictable at this point. 

Admittedly, I’m truly disappointed with Charles for continuing to communicate with Jan. I understand that he’s lost and lonely, and no one has ever understood him the way Jan did—they had a genuine connection, aside from all the murder business— but there’s just no overlooking the crime she committed.

It would be one thing to talk to her for insight, but he’s falling into old patterns, which is a slippery slope.

Jan provides them with a look inside the mind of a killer, but this killer is intentionally framing them and they don’t seem to be the least bit interested into the why.

This season has provided backstories for both Charles and Oliver, so it’s fair to say that all these pieces likely fit into the overall puzzle. But for now, it’s unclear who.

Oliver’s backstory focused more on his ability to sniff out when someone is lying, and a lot of that had to do with his son Will.

It’s been nice to see the two of them patching things up and establishing a relationship, especially since they were so close when Will was younger, but it also underscored that the rockin’ ’70s party host had a bit of a blind spot when it came to the people he loved. 

While helping his son with a family tree project at school, Will did a DNA test and realized that half of his DNA was Greek and not Irish as he was led to believe.

When he confronted his father, Oliver put two and two together and realized that his wife had an affair with Teddy Dimas. And thus, Will was never Oliver’s son, he was the son of Oliver’s archnemesis. 

This gives a whole new meaning to Teddy’s “I’m going to f**** you, Oliver” threat from a few episodes prior!  Teddy has been messing with Oliver for years, but this is the biggest blow. 

How is it going to shape the story moving forward? And how does it fit into the murder mystery loosely holding the season together?

Teddy has plenty of reasons for wanting to frame Oliver, but I don’t think he’d do it by faking that the murder weapon was Mabel’s knitting needle. The paternity doesn’t seem to play any part in Bunny’s murder unless Bunny figured it out and threatened to expose the truth. If that’s the case, it’s possible that even Will’s mother and Oliver’s ex could be the killer!

Amid all the chaos, Mabel stumbled upon a clue while exploring the secret passageways (not so secret anymore), and the matchbook led them to a diner that Bunny frequented. Oliver befriended the waiter, Ivan, who pulled up the surveillance footage from a few days prior to her death. Unfortunately, it’s hard to figure out who the hooded figure might be, even if they do seemingly have a DNA blood sample on the matchbook. 

Is the killer connected to Oliver’s past? Charles’s past? Is Alice somehow involved? After all, she was the son of Sam and kept it a secret.

We’re digging deep into the relationships of Mabel, Oliver, and Charles to shape them as characters, and it turns out, they have a lot of deeply rooted isuses that could be exploited by anyone with nefarious intentions or a grudge. Could they all have a darkr side that we’ve never seen? Or are they the perfect victims to turn into suspects?

Are they too preoccupied with their own drama to give this case the attention it deserves?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building Review – Here’s Looking At You (2×04)



Only Murders In The Building Review Here’s Looking At You Season 2 Episode 4

The murder mystery at the Arconia continued on Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 4, and the unexpected arrival of Charles’s former stepdaughter Lucy (Zoe Margaret Colletti) threw everything into a twist. 

Lucy seemed like a genuinely good kid who geeked out over meeting Mabel and Oliver in person. Not to mention, she even got in on a little bit of the fun, but alas, by the end of the episode, she raised several suspicions all on her own.  


Because Lucy was at the Arconia the night of the murder. 

Furthermore, Lucy knows way more about that hotel than the core trio as she unearthed secret passageways that allowed them to spy on all of their neighbors. 

And, taking things even further, Lucy was hiding out in said passageway the night of Bunny’s murder. She even saw the murderer escape through the tunnels dressed in all black.

Because she actually saw the killer, Lucy is marked safe and she doesn’t make the suspects list, but it is suspicious that she chose to withhold that information from Charles. It’s possible that she simply didn’t want to worry her father figure, but maybe she has a clue as to who the killer may be and is protecting their identity? I have no idea. 

Her near-brush with the hooded figure revealed that the person sneezed while running through the tunnels. Maybe it’s dusty in those halls, sure, but maybe it alludes to the fact that the person is an allergy sufferer. 

Where am I getting with that? I personally don’t know, but I think it may be an important piece to hang onto as we move through the season. 

Their little venture through the hidden tunnels — the Arcatacombs, as Oliver called them — gave them some insight into potential suspects. 

After Oliver’s charged-up run-in with Teddy, who is out on parole, the man jumped to the top of the lists of potential suspects. It didn’t help that he downright threatened Oliver by promising to kill him. But would he actually make good on that promise? And if so, why would he take out Bunny first?

Oliver witnessed a pretty tense moment between Teddy and his son, Theo, and while their falling out is heartbreaking, it also might be a red herring. They were pivotal to season 1, but somehow, I don’t think there’s any involvement with what happened to Bunny. 

The trio, along with Lucy, also happened upon Nina’s apartment, which revealed that she had some big, futuristic plans for the Arconia — ones that Bunny would never agree to. While it definitely gave her motive, when they tried to push the pregnant and hormonal lady to the edge, they actually just pushed her into labor. And while she was screaming in pain, she revealed that she really wished Bunny was around to meet her future baby. It would make sense for the murderer to divert suspicion away from themselves by demanding that the trio find out who murdered Bunny, but honestly, my gut tells me she’s innocent. 

I don’t put it past Nina’s baby daddy Jarred, however. He has a stake in modernizing the Arconia, he gains from removing Bunny and making Nina the Board President, and he would have all the blueprints to the Arconia, which means there’s a possibility he knew about the tunnels. 

He also seems to come from wealth, so there’s a chance he could’ve been an art fanatic and wanted the artwork from Bunny. Who knows, maybe he was even Bunny’s secret child who came back to get what was his and when she refused, he decided to kill her. 

Jarred did kind of match the silhouette that Lucy saw running through the halls that night. It’s a stretch, but this show always serves up the most unlikely murder suspects. It’s unclear how any of this would connect to Charles though as we haven’t actually circled back to his father and the painting in a few episodes. 

The murder weapon that just so happened to appear in Charles’ apartment when Lucy arrived (yes, it’s suspicious but I think it’s also bad timing) was definitely placed there to mess with the trio. Oliver recognizes the knife, which means that there’s a deliberate plan to frame all three of them. But the murderer is playing a long game because, as they pointed out, if the killer wanted them to get caught, the police would be knocking with a search warrant at the ready. 

So what is the plan?

It makes me think that Cinda Canning is still somehow responsible. And if not her, my money is on Howard. Remeber the allergies clue? He strikes me as an allergy sufferer! 

At the end of the episode, something Lucy said to Charles about not having all the information convinced him to finally connect with the unknown caller hounding him for days. 


Oh, Jan, we missed you. 

Obviously, Jan couldn’t be the murderer because she was already in custody, but there’s nothing like poking the mind of a killer to catch one. 

Will Charles, Oliver, and Mabel find the killer before he/she finds them? And how is anyone getting any sleep in that place knowing that there are secret entrances that give strangers and killers access to their apartments?!

Share your theories in the comments below. You can also check out of murder board right here

Only Murders in the Building Review – Framed (2×02)

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