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The Originals- From A Cradle To A Grave (1×22)



“In spite of our differences, there is no one I would trust more with my daughters life.”

That was a mother of a finale!!! When war is declared in New Orleans, its a blend of tragedy, heartbreak and somewhere in between, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. What happens when you’re enemies start out-smarting you with their newly acquired parental instincts? Hayley’s willing to do absolutely anything to save her baby, while we get a fantastic season finale, without going too overboard! Let’s dig in shall we?

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We start off with Hayley writing a letter to her unborn baby girl, explaining how tough it was for her growing up without parents. She promises that’s something she won’t ever have to do because she will always have  a safe home, someone to tell her ‘I love you’ every single day and someone to fight for her. She’s going to have a real family, in other words. There’s a beautifully touching moment between parents-to-be as she invites Klaus to touch her kicking belly. We see how genuinely happy this baby makes Klaus because it brings out a side of him that I don’t think he even knew he had.

That happy moment is quickly cut short by the witches, who are on a mission to kill the newborn when the moon fades. As Hayley lies on the church table giving birth, Klaus burst through to protect his baby momma– but weakened, isn’t strong enough. The witches pin him up to the wall to watch his baby’s birth.  Hayley gets to hold her beautiful daughter and for a split second, everything is perfect. That is until Monique slices Hayley’s throat, leaving her to bleed out on the table as Genevieve takes the baby for the sacrifice. This was literally two minutes into the finale and so many emotions had gone through me. I was mad, sad, excited, happy and completely unsure if the tears streaming down my face were joyful or full of sorrow. Either way, I was ready to find out how the hell the writers would get out of this one.

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Soon enough, Elijah mustered up the strength to arrive at the church only to see Klaus holding Hayley’s lifeless body. His facial expression emitted so much pain and my tears just kept pouring. Seeing these two original brothers, the bad guys crumble over this one woman. How a woman can change everything! But the damage had been done and they had to get it together to save the new little lady in their life. They headed over to the cemetary but no luck. Elijah was convinced the witches must have gone somewhere else but Klaus realized that the witches had put a spell on the cemetery, turning into a long fun-house maze. It’s at that moment that Elijah finally (I think for the first time) lost his cool and broke down. He literally let it all go, expressing how he finally let someone in, something he never does. He needed Hayley to survive, but because of Klaus’s need for power, she was gone and Elijah was left broken. It was refreshing to see him actually express emotions and explain what he’s feeling.


PLOT TWIST: Hayley’s not actually dead! Were you really going to fall for that guys? In a normal world, she totally would have been but not after giving birth to a hybrid-wolf-vampire-witch baby. (She’s part witch because Klaus’s mother was the original witch! Therefore, when she died with the baby’s blood still in her system she awoke a couple of hours later in transition. Hayley was becoming a hybrid! The look of shock and relief on Elijah’s face when he saw her walk in literally gave me goosebumps. You could tell just how in love he really is with her and while it might be a weird triangle, Klaus seemed genuinely glad that she was alive and his brother was happy. But onto the more pressing issues. Without her, the boys would have never been able to find where the witches were planning to sacrifice the baby. Thankfully, Hayley had a new-mother connection to her daughter–she could sense her presence and they were able to find the witches right in time. Despite being originals and hybrids, their powers didn’t stand a chance against the witches who were channeling the power of their ancestors. But, the trio had something that dead witches don’t have– brains and a cause to fight. Klaus figured that if he killed one of the harvest witches, she would interrupt the spell and stop channeling the elders. That left Monique who was super determined to kill the baby and get back their fourth harvest girl. Marcel arrived just in time to throw the dagger that he found in Kieran’s lair, which sliced with a thousand cuts. I can’t say that I’m disappointed to see her go. She was such a pain in the ass. Despite saving the baby, Marcel ran off with her in order to save his people who were all still suffering from last nights fight and slowly dying because of the guerrera wolf bites.

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Meanwhile, Davina was growing more and more upset with Klaus. She arrived at the Quarter to see all the vampires dying, including Josh and Marcel. She was able to gather just enough off Klaus’s blood from the street where he and Marcel fought, to save one person. Marcel offers the blood to Josh, who clearly has less time than he does. All the events leading up to this episode have made Davina pretty much despise Klaus so she finally decides to steal some dark magical artifacts from Kieran’s lair to use when she does the spell to bring back Michael from the dead. Literally, the whole time she was doing the spell I couldn’t help but think how stupid she had become. There should be a rule between meddling with forces from the other realm. Also, why is it so easy for these teenage witches to perform such spells, but all the witches in Mystic Falls can’t do them?! It doesn’t make sense. I guess there’s one part that does redeem Davina in my book. When she made the spell, she included the part that makes Michael her personal prisoner. Just like she was locked up in the attic for a long time, now she has control over his actions. He can have his revenge on Klaus, but only when she says its time. This will definitely become useful when she realizes just how stupid her decision to bring back the evil father was.

And you know she’ll regret bringing him back even if she thinks he’s her secret weapon because Marcel and Klaus finally made peace. Most of the wars happening in the Quarter were because once upon a time Marcel tried to bring Michael back to destroy Klaus. It’s literally like history repeating itself. Upon returning to the quarter and seeing all of his men dead, he finally realized that this war was all his fault and pretty pointless. As a thank you for saving his newborn baby, Klaus insisted Marcel drink his blood to heal his werewolf bite. The two made up and Klaus promised he would find whoever killed off the vampire army, clearly unaware that it was Michael and assuming that it was the guerrera wolves.


Meanwhile, Elijah had captured and tied Genevieve up. Hayley wanted to know why she had try to kill an innocent baby and she revealed who was behind the whole idea in the first place; Ester. Yeah, Elijah and Klaus’s dead mother was communicating through to Genevieve that this baby should be killed. Her need to “annihilate all of her flesh and blood,” was even powerful from the grave. Genevieve explained that nothing would stop her until the baby was dead. Blood started pouring from her eyes and nose as the ancestors started killing her. She asked that they apoligize to Klaus for her, but Hayley was in no mood for her bull-crap. She stabbed her full force. “Well I’m not sorry,” she exclaimed. You go momma!

The harsh realization dawned upon everyone that their hope for a safe environment and family for the baby would never be possible. The innocent baby had inherited all of their enemies, but no powers to protect itself (at least for now.) They could try to keep the baby safe in New Orleans or take it out of the city, but either way enemies needing power would never stop looking for her. Hayley’s only plan was that they fake the babies death and give her away so she can have a normal and happy life– not the kind of life Hayley had after her parents died and she was left lonely and scared. Despite how upsetting the choice to give up her baby was, Hayley realized there was no way they could ever protect their little girl and she wanted better for her. So that’s what they did. Marcel found a still-born baby at a hospital, stole it, put it in a box and led Oliver to it. He explained that the wolves would stop trying to kill off the vampires in the town or else he would let Klaus know that he killed his baby. After this, Marcel agreed to have his memory wiped so that he would not put the baby in any danger. When Francesca held a city meeting explaining how the gang violence on the street from the night before had to be taken care of, she set up a memorial for its victims. In the middle of that memorial was a tribute to baby Mikealson.

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Cami arrived at Klaus’ place after hearing the news that his baby had passed. This scene was surprisingly sad. I’m not sure if I’m on team Cami and Klaus or team Cami and Marcel, or if there even is a team. Regardless, Klaus has some strong feelings for many women in this town, Cami included. He thanked her for coming with condolences but admitted that there are so many demons that are trying to kill him and those beautiful things around him. She’s beautiful and he doesn’t want her to be collateral damage, so he insisted that they couldn’t be friends anymore. It was hard, but it was the right thing to do. Will she stay away? Probably not. I feel Cami has a much bigger role in all of this!

The parent’s said goodbye to their baby girl. Hayley drank a little blood from its finger, thus completing her transition. In order for their plan to work, it had to be believable. If all three of them didn’t show up at the memorial that night it would become suspicious. Therefore Hayley and Elijah went to publicly display her grief of losing the baby. Meanwhile, Klaus went to deliver the baby to her new care-giver/ mom, Rebekah!!! See, she wasn’t really gone for good!! The reunion was a bittersweet one. Despite their differences, there is no one Klaus trusted more with his daughters life. Rebekah took the baby and promised to find a witch that would put a cloaking spell on her. She envisioned a yard for the littler girl to play in with a white fence to keep her safe. It really came full circle. Rebekah had always been looking for a family and love. While she might have been disappointed in the family and had no luck with love from men, this baby would be everything she ever needed. Don’t you think Rebekah would make like the best/sweetest/most protective mom ever?? “What’s her name?” she asked. “Hope,” Klaus replied. “Her name is Hope.” A more fitting name does not exist. This baby is hope that maybe love is possible. That evil can become good. That not everyone is born into this world bearing the cross of their parents. That there is a way out from the madness that is involved in being a hybrid-werewolf-vampire-witch. That maybe, forgiveness can be given. This baby is everything for Klaus. It’s the hope that one day, they might all see each other again.

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I would have been satisfied with this ending because in this instance, a cliffhanger just wasn’t necessary. There’s enough to keep me going through until the fall. Enough questions. With all the witches killed, will the fourth harvest girl resurrect? What will happen between the witches and vampires? Will Klaus ever find love? Will Hayley and Elijah be an item? Is Rebekah not an obvious person to give their child too? Will anyone catch on that the baby never died? How/when will Klaus find out Mikheal is alive and how will he defeat him? See, so many questions! The cliffhanger wasn’t too ‘omg’. It was just enough to really put the icing on the cake. While Klaus & co. believed everything was finally going to be ok, Esther resurrected herself from the dead into a youngin’s body. As she placed a rose on her own grave, the man that returned wit her said, “may you rest in peace.” “What fun would that be?” she replied. The end. You know things are going to get super crazy once the season returns in the fall. Now both Mikealson parents are back. After all, this is The Originals!

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Coffee Table News

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’



If you’ve been waiting for the day where Klaus Mikealson strolls back into Mystic Falls to pay his daughter, Hope Mikealson, and the Salvatore School — which he helped fund — a visit, well, don’t get your hopes up. 

The first two seasons of Legacies have given us some grade-A guest stars from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals including Aunt Freya (Riley Voekel), Kai Parker (Chris Wood), and Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig).  We even briefly saw Lizzie and Josie Saltzman’s birth mother Josette (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). 

But as for baddie Klaus Mikealson, the man who brought him to life, Joseph Morgan, doesn’t think he’ll ever reprise his role again.

And turns out, he has a really good reason!

TV Guide caught up with the actor to talk about his Peacock show, Brave New World, and when asked about guest starring on The CW teen drama, he bluntly and rapidly shut down the possibility.

“No never, never. You’re never going to see it.” Morgan said. “You can hold your breath as long as you want. You know why? I have The Originals box set on my shelf, and it’s a beautiful thing because it’s five DVD sets that are a complete story from beginning to end of this guy, Klaus Mikaelson — well, starting back in The Vampire Diaries Season 2. So I just feel like to come back as a ghost or a flashback or something, for me, that journey, that story has ended. That’s the complete story, and it just doesn’t feel right to me to do that.”

As much as we’d like to see Klaus in the flesh again, you have to admit that’s a satisfactory answer. It shows that Morgan cares enough about the character not to reprise him without a purpose or taint his legacy. 

Klaus Mikealson’s story came to a fitting end in the series finale of The Originals when he redeemed himself for the greater good and sacrificed himself alongside his brother Elijah to save his daughter. Since then, Hope has carried on his legacy; his memory lives on as she mentions him pretty often and channels what he taught her to protect her friends and fight off a plethora of demons and monsters. 

Morgan added that he felt like series creator Julie Plec understood where he was coming from. 

“I think Julie [Plec] feels the same. It just feels like it would be strange, like a little forced,” Morgan continued. “Like I’m coming back just so we can see something else of him, but when we see it we go, ‘Ugh, that was it?’ And I don’t want his legacy to be, ‘Ugh.’ I don’t know what the scene could be that it would be exciting enough and epic enough after the journey that he’s had.” 

Morgan may get a pass, but Candace Accola surely doesn’t.  We’d love to see her reprise her role of Caroline Forbes considering she’s raising two daughters with Alaric but has yet to pay them a visit or help out with the school! Don’t let us down, Caroline! 

The fact that she is still alive in the supernatural world and has such close ties to Mystic Falls but yet never comes to visit doesn’t paint her in a great light! 

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Coffee Table News

The Originals’ Claire Holt Welcomes First Child With Husband Andrew



Claire Holt Gives Birth

Welcome, James Holt Joblon!

Claire Holt and husband Andrew Joblon welcomed their first child together.

The Originals actress shared a picture of her little man on Instagram writing, “Everything they say is true. There is no love like it.”

In the photo, James is wrapped in a hospital blanket and peacefully sleeping in his momma’s arms.

Pregnancy has been a difficult journey for Holt who suffered a miscarriage and underwent a consequent dilation and curettage procedure just seven months before she became pregnant with James.

View this post on Instagram

As I inch closer to my due date, I often find myself reflecting on the incredible capacity of the female body. I cannot believe that I’ve created, nourished and housed a little human! It hasn’t been an easy process – I’ve cried many tears and cursed my aching body countless times. However, I have never loved or respected myself more than I do now. This #internationalwomensday is a particularly meaningful one for me. I am truly in awe of all those who have taken the journey of motherhood before me, and I feel so excited to be joining their ranks. I’m also reminded of the incredible strength that women possess, which extends far beyond having children. Every day I see examples of kind women, passionate women, intelligent women, driven women. I am endlessly inspired by ladies I know and love as well as by those I’ve never even met. Thank you to all the women in my life – and to women everywhere – for never ceasing to amaze me.

A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on

In October, she announced her pregnancy writing:

“My heart is bursting. I’m so happy to share with you that we are having a baby! It still doesn’t feel real. These past few months have been filled with excitement, anxiety, tears, joy, uncertainty but most of all gratitude,” she wrote alongside the pregnancy announcement.

View this post on Instagram

My heart is bursting. I’m so happy to share with you that we are having a baby! It still doesn’t feel real. These past few months have been filled with excitement, anxiety, tears, joy, uncertainty but most of all gratitude. You never forget the deep pain of loss. It dims with time but it informs many of your experiences. Our loss earlier this year was the darkest moment of my life. Yet, it made me infinitely more thankful for the precious baby growing inside me today. I want to take a moment to acknowledge all those struggling with miscarriage, infertility or any of the difficulties that come with bringing new life into the world. I know that these announcements can hurt. I’ve felt it all. My heart is with you and I pray that our story gives you hope. Thank you all so much for your love and support – I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on

She also reflected on the miscarriage writing, “You never forget the deep pain of loss. It dims with time but it informs many of your experiences.”

We’re so happy for Claire and Andrew!

Sending congrats and love to the family!

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The Originals

Legacies – Mombie Dearest (1×06)



Legacies Mombie Dearest

Alaric has faced dragons, gargoyles and dryads, but the most threatening and terrifying monster was his late bride.

No, not because Jo herself was scary but because whatever resurrected her was hoping to use human emotion to pry the knife from Ric.

Of course, Ric is a vampire hunter with years of experience under his belt so, despite the jarring visual of his late fiancee standing in front of him in her still-bloody wedding dress, he didn’t fall for it immediately.

I’m proud to say he initially pointed a crossbow at “that thing” before slowly warming up to the idea that maybe it was really Jo.

However, at no point did Ric let his guard down because he knew that eventually, the true monster would come to light.

And boy, the zombie did.

The zombie knew that there was no way it could fool Ric so it latched onto Josie, the twin most interested in connecting with her birth mother on her 16th birthday.

Josie, who is named after Jo, was drawn to her birth mother because as she mentioned, she’s never found much of herself in Caroline.

That isn’t to say that she doesn’t love her mom, but Lizzie has always been more like Caroline, which us OG TVD fans can attest to.

Thankfully, we also know that Caroline grew out of the insecure, mean-girl shenanigans so there’s hope for Lizzie. More on that later.

Sadly, Jo’s bonding time with her mother ended with her getting buried alive. Not ideal by any means, but at least her friends Penelope, Hope and M.J all came to the rescue.

They fought through what looked like an episode of The Walking Dead before M.J could hear Josie’s screams and dig her up.

Thankfully, she was wearing Hope’s necklace, one that makes quiet things loud.

It’s poetic actually to see how many people want to help Josie free herself from Lizzie’s shadow.

Despite Penelope’s toxic attitude, she really does have Josie’s best interests at heart and seeing how she almost lost her, the two reconnected romantically.

What does that mean for Rafael?

As for Lizzie, she needs a major attitude adjustment.

Yes, seeing your birth mother in the flesh may come as a surprise but her hostility was not necessary.

Admittedly, she was being protective in order not to get hurt, but there’s nothing to blame or hate your “bio mom” for. It’s not like she wanted to die and never be a part of your life!

Secondly, everyone is right — she’s a terrible sister.

Lizzie takes Josie for granted which was more noticeable on this episode than ever before.

Her only priority is herself; she wanted to get the guy, she wanted to be happy, and Josie was only deserving of the “consolation prize.”

She didn’t even notice Josie was missing from the party until Rafael hurt her by telling her that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her despite their hook-up from the previous night.

And only after she felt hurt did she even notice her sister never showed up to the party!

With the Gemini Curse creeping up on them on their 22 birthday, these two really have to find some common ground otherwise Josie doesn’t stand a chance next to the dominant twin.

I know Penelope wanted to prove to MJ that Lizzie was a terrible person but until Rafael showed up, it seems like she was really going to give MJ a chance.

Unfortunately, it’s because of girls like her that the good guys never win. MJ was so smitten with her, he knew everything about her down to her favorite song yet she still chose the “good looks” over the guy who went above and beyond to treat her like a princess.

Now that Rafael was honest with her, she’ll likely pursue MJ, but I sincerely hope he treats her the same way she’s been treating him.

Thank u, next!

I’m glad Rafael had a heart-to-heart with Hope and admitted that he wasn’t completely over his girlfriend’s death.

It was a bit concerning that he just fell for Josie instead of mourning his girlfriend. However, his hook-up with Lizzie and his desire to “be there” for her now makes more sense.

He’s trying to ease his guilt.

Their friendship is surprising but when Landon’s personal life comes into play, specifically his connection to the knife, Rafael will be a good contact for Hope.

You could probably tell from my reviews that I haven’t really been too keen on Legacies. I just couldn’t get into it because it was lacking the magic that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals had.

They say it usually takes about four full episodes to really fall in love with a show. Mombie Dearest was the one that changed things for me.

It’s the most fun I’ve had watching an episode which I think mainly stems from the fact that it evoked so many of the emotions I’ve felt while watching the Vampire Diaries.

I was crying the same way I used to back in season one.

It could be because there were so many references to the sister shows — Jo, Caroline, the curse, Stefan Salvatore, the debutant ball, Hope’s aunt — but this episode just had the Mystic Falls vibe. The friendships are falling into place, the characters are being fleshed out and the main story-arc is promising.

I knew it was impossible for Jo to stay especially because she’s a witch who believes in the natural order of things, but I so hoped they’d find a way to keep her around.

It would have added so much to the show.

It was also hard to say goodbye to her again. I can’t imagine having to do that shortly after meeting your biological mom, but at least Josie and Lizzie got the opportunity.

As for Ric, it was definitely heartbreaking to see him lose Jo again, but the moment provided the closure he never had. After sixteen years, he was able to let her go knowing she was in a better place.

And I’m obviously still holding out for Caroline’s return. She’s bound to make a few visits considering, as we predicted, she’s traveling the world in hopes of finding the cure to break the Gemini Curse.

I wonder when they’ll tell the twins about that.

And if the knife possibly has something to do with it!

What are your thought on “Mombie Dearest?” Are you Team Josie or Team Lizzie?

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