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Outer Banks

Outer Banks Season 3: We’re Breaking Down All Those Unhinged Moments

Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Carlacia Grant as Cleo in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022



Outer Banks hit the streaming giant on February 23, and it wasted absolutely no time, throwing audiences back into an intense and unhinged treasure hunt that far exceeded expectations.

The episode kicked off in Poguelandia, the deserted island where the Pogues made a humble home for themselves while secretly looking for a way off the island, but when the moment finally came, it simply thrust them back into the crossfire, with a new key player, Singh, far more nefarious than Ward Cameron determined to get his hands on the gold. Singh set his sights on El Dorado and threatened to kill anyone who got in his way. 

Eventually, the Pogues (and Pogue-Kooks) came out victorious, but they definitely paid the price for unearthing the lost city of gold. 

We’re breaking down the most shocking and jaw-dropping moments below:

Outer Banks. (L to R) Rudy Pankow as JJ, Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Director Jonas Pate, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Carlacia Grant as Cleo in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023

Another Opportunity Presents Itself

We’re going on another treasure hunt! While most people would probably groan at the idea of getting tangled up in yet another risky adventure, the news was music to John B’s ears. He had a bit of a tough season getting overshadowed by his father, but it helped him realize that despite their core differences, he always was and will be his father’s son, and he’s determined to keep up his legacy by pursuing other gold-seeking opportunities like the one that presented itself following their domination of El Dorado and the time-jump that followed—the search for Edward Teach aka Blackbeard’s shipwreck. John B’s eyes lit all the way up as he exclaimed, “hot damn,” and well, it’s good news for OBX fans as well because it guarantees at least one more season! Hot damn, indeed.

Outer Banks. (L to R) Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 310 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022

From Misfits to Heroes

There’s a pretty clear-cut divide economically between the two tribes in Kildare, and the Pogues were largely frowned upon for three seasons. But that all changed when they returned from South America victorious. Suddenly, a town that turned its back on them on every occasion was hailing them as heroes and celebrating their accomplishments. While it must’ve felt good, I can’t imagine that anyone—especially John B, JJ, and Pope—would be swayed by a town that only cared about them now that they had glory, money, and power.

However, it’s an exciting development from a storytelling perspective because it’s almost like hitting reset for the future season/seasons. We’ve closed one chapter and are moving on with a new dynamic and evolved character. I’m interested to see how the series will handle this shift in the upcoming season, as it will be one of the first where the Pogues aren’t on the run, being hunted, or forced to hide from the public. 

Everything We Know About Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Rudy Pankow as JJ in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


John B and Big John Reunite

John B had a gut feeling that the church bells were a call from his father since that’s how he used to call him home, and though improbable since everyone believed him to be dead, it ended up being a heartfelt moment that lent itself to an exciting father-son reunion. Unfortunately, it was short-lived.

Big John was a bit of a disappointment, but in retrospect, we should’ve been prepared for it. When we first met John B, he was already an orphan who was pursuing the treasure hunt to find answers about his father’s death.

When someone dies, people quickly forget the bad things about them, holding onto only the memories they want to remember. We miss those who are gone, so our memories of them skew in a positive light. We eagerly ignore their bad qualities and forget their less-than-appealing behaviors, which is exactly what John B did. And therefore, the audience got that version of Big John: a good and caring father who put his son first. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. Countless times, Big John was actually willing to lose it all on his quest for gold, putting John B in danger, dismissing his feelings, ignoring his concerns, overshadowing him, forcing him into uneasy situations (like when he killed two people right in front of his son), and damaging his relationships with his friends and even Sarah.

Maybe if Big John would’ve been just a little more careful, he could’ve cheated death yet again.

Outer Banks. (L to R) Chase Stokes as John B, Charles Halford as Big John in episode 304 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Death is Inevitable

Which brings me to my next point… death.

Tracking down a 500-year-old treasure that has been the stuff of myths and legends comes with its fair share of danger, so naturally, there was no shortage of character deaths this season. 

It was a bummer that Big John died so soon after John B learned he was alive because they never got to have that true father/son moment that wasn’t centered around the gold, but there was no other outcome that made sense since Big John was careless and dove headfirst into questionable situations.

Ward’s death was also investable as he’s been the villain for far too long and needed one moment to redeem himself and make it up to his daughter. There was only so much more we were willing to take from him before the character was exhausted, so I’m glad the series knew when it was time to end his run. 

Both Ward and Big John succeeded in fulfilling their lifelong mission of finding the gold, while simultaneously providing for their children and ensuring that their children were set for life. The hunt for the treasure may have consumed their lives, and though seeing it and touching it was short-lived, they did it and that was good enough. And then it went to their kids and provided a legacy and instilled in them a sense of adventure that they’ll carry on.

As for Singh, well, he was such a one-dimensional bad guy who was truly only there to create chaos and problems. Not only did he want the treasure, he felt entitled to it, but he didn’t deserve it. He got what was coming his way for being such a thorn and trying to kill them all on several occasions.

Outer Banks. (L to R) Andy McQueen as Singh, Chase Stokes as John B in episode 306 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way 

It seems to be the motto. Big John took it a little too far, but we’ve seen the Pogues adopt the mindset on multiple occasions, always pivoting and finding their way out of any mess. They are damn resourceful and don’t let any little hiccup veer them too far off track. They found their way off of a deserted island, managed to outrun Singh and his men multiple times, resurfaced in Kildare on a stolen boat, found a way to get to South America without money or passports and with an arrest warrant out for John B, made good with a drug dealer, broke out of a wilderness resort, and so much more. They are the literal definition of if there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Outer Banks. (L to R) Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Rudy Pankow as JJ in episode 309 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Kie’s Parents 

Honestly, her relationship with her parents was glossed over toward the end, but I feel like the series should’ve taken a beat to address it considering the number of problems they caused. Kie’s parents were such buzzkills.

I can understand where they were coming from, especially after they thought they lost her forever. They were concerned about their baby girl and wanted the best for her as they thought she was getting sidetracked by the wrong crowd, but not once did they listen to her or try to understand her side of the story before sending her away to a wilderness camp that was essentially a prison. It was the ultimate betrayal and pushed her away even further when they should have been working harder to make the most of their second chance with her. 

And we never saw what happened after JJ risked it all to break her out of the camp. Following the time jump, we saw her parents in the crowd supporting her and celebrating her success, but it felt misplaced considering everything they’ve done. I wish we saw a scene where they apologized and admitted that they underestimated her and her friends. At the very least, they definitely owe JJ an apology. He may have a reputation on the island, but he didn’t deserve to be berated and belittled at every turn. He was hurting, but he loves Kie so much. 

Outer Banks. (L to R) Rudy Pankow as JJ, Madison Bailey as Kiara in episode 305 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Sarah’s Cheating

This is another situation where I can understand why she did it—she was torn between being a Pogue and a Kook, she was alone after losing everything, including her family, and she was alienated by John B, who ran off with his dad and lied to her for the first time ever. Sarah was in a low place, so she gravitated to what she knew and what felt safe at the moment: Topper. But honestly, I’m finding it much harder to forgive her than John B did simply because it was such a betrayal of trust, particularly after everything they’ve been through and their time on a desert island as Mr. and Mrs. Routledge. They made a promise to each other, and she broke it the first chance she got. 

Sarah redeemed herself by the end, not only getting Topper to hit pause on pressing charges but getting John B out of jail, securing a flight to South America, and figuring out the final piece of the legendary puzzle that unearthed El Dorado, but it was hard to shake her infidelity and even more disappointing that the writers thought this was a good decision for her character. 

Outer Banks. (L to R) Austin North as Topper, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron in episode 306 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Love Bubbling Up to the Surface

Many fans have mentioned that John B and Sarah’s relationship is the least exciting this season, and I have to agree. OBX Season 3 was Kie and JJ’s season—his romantic dash to save her from the wilderness camp, his vulnerability when apologizing, and their embrace in the cabin was the stuff that epic romances are made of. 

A close second was definitely Pope and Cleo’s friendship-turned-relationship. Audiences knew that the series was setting it up, but the romance seemed to catch Pope by surprise. However, it was gradually building ever since she came back with him from the deserted island, became his closest confidant and trusted by his parents, and ensured that he stayed on the right track and made “smart decisions.” In turn, Pope gave Cleo something she’s never had—real friends, a real family, and a future. 

I can’t wait to see where these promising couples will go next season!

Outer Banks. (L to R) Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Chase Stokes as John B, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Jonathan Daviss as Pope in episode 301 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023


Rafe Burning the Cross of Santo Domingo

This was also just super disappointing considering it was a priceless historical artifact. I know Rafe is too dense to understand its true value, but man, I really wish he didn’t do it and Pope was able to get this piece back for his family. 

Rafe made plenty of missteps this season—melting down the cross being the biggest one of them—but he did also have a moment of clarity and saved his father after putting a hit on his back. 

Ward and Rafe have had a tumultuous relationship through the seasons, but it would have destroyed Rafe if he was responsible for his dad’s murder. They needed to make amends before Ward’s death—with Ward making it clear that he was entrusting his son with the keys to the kingdom—so that Rafe felt confident that his father believed in him, which has always been a core issue between them. 

It’s a bummer we didn’t get to see Rafe’s reaction to learning about Ward’s passing or his sister/the Pogue’s getting the gold, but hopefully, the next season will backtrack and fill in the blanks with flashbacks!

Outer Banks. (L to R) Drew Starkey as Rafe, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron in episode 309 of Outer Banks. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2023

What did you think of Outer Banks Season 3? What was your favorite episode?

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Outer Banks

Will There Be a 4th Season of ‘Outer Banks’? Here’s What We Know



Everything We Know About Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks season 3 dropped on Netflix on Feb. 23, 2023, and while the treasure hunt was officially wrapped up within 10 episodes, the adventure seems to be far from over. 

Stop reading if you haven’t watched the most recent season of OBX and don’t want to see any spoilers. 

The final few moments of the recent season pretty much set the scene for an upcoming season as a new mystery was introduced when the Pogues—who were being celebrated by the town after succeeding in their quest to find El Dorado—were approached by a man who needed their expertise. 

He was impressed with their accomplishments thus far and showed them a journal belonging to Edward Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard. The mission: find Blackbeard’s Royal Merchant shipwreck. 

Everyone’s eyes widened, particularly John B’s, who realized in the 18 months following their risky quest to the lost city of gold, that he was his father’s son and was not content living a simple and quiet life—he needed adventure. 

“Hot damn,” he explained at the possibility of a new treasure hunt taking hold, which lends itself to the officially confirmed fourth season of OBX

Read on: Outer Banks Season 3: We’re Breaking Down All Those Unhinged Moments

Mere days before the third season debuted, Netflix and the cast of the series—including Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Carlacia Grant, Austin North and Drew Starkey—revealed that the series was picked up for season 4. It’s such a relief that we no longer have to wonder if there will be another season of Outer Banks because the answer is yes!

The announcement was made at the show’s Poguelandia fan event in Huntington Beach, California on Feb. 18.

“Seeing Poguelandia come to life was nothing short of spectacular,” series creators Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke said in a statement, adding, “The Pogues are enjoying an adventure of a lifetime, and we now get to map out more twists and turns as the joyride continues into season four of Outer Banks.”

Despite the good news, a premiere date has not been announced just yet. The first season debuted in April 2020 with the second following on July 30, 2021, and finally, a third season in 2023, so it’s safe to say we won’t get anything new until 2024 at the earliest due to filming, but the good news is that there’s at least one more adventure in the vault for the Pogues. 

P4l, baby! 

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8 Biggest & Most Shocking Moments from Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’



8 Biggest & Most Shocking Moments from Season 2 of 'Outer Banks'

Outer Banks Season 2 is all about searching for the gold (just like all those Olympic athletes in Tokyo) and embarking on a new and deadly treasure hunt.

The season is packed with action right out of the gate as it picks up with John B and Sarah’s adventure in the Bahamas. 

Throughout the season, it becomes clear that the Pogues can never catch a break. And though they don’t come out on top in the end, they never lose their sense of self or their purpose. 

They are Pogues through and through — the Pogue life might not be easy, but it is eventful. 

There are lots of jaw-dropping moments that it’s hard to narrow down to just a topline few, but we’ll do our best.


Sarah and John B Get Married

Their relationship was a little touch and go for a bit after they got home from the Bahamas, but as Sarah learned the ugly truth about her family and her father, she grew closer and closer to John B. It’s a little out of the ordinary for 16-year-old’s to get married (and yes, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they are only 16!), but it was more of a “promise ring” situation than an actual marriage. However, the feelings they have for each other are real and strong. They’ve been through hell and back together, and they understand each other in a way that others don’t. Sarah is officially a “P4L.”

8 Biggest & Most Shocking Moments from Season 2 of 'Outer Banks'


Rafe Tries to Kill Sarah

Rafe was not in the right headspace throughout the season, which he himself admitted. Mental health is important, but it was completely brushed off by his father who constantly told him to “man up.” As a result, Rafe had trouble navigating his thoughts and turned into a monster that was all too comfortable with killing and was ready to do absolutely anything to protect his family. When it became obvious that Sarah was going to become an issue since she planned to testify that he murdered Sheriff Peterkin, Rafe tried to reason with her. When that failed, he dunked her head underwater and attempted to drown her. If it wasn’t for Topper, who just happened to be around (why was he around?), Sarah might not be alive today. 


Injuries Galore

Since the action didn’t stop for a minute, there were a lot of injuries amongst the Pogues. Sarah was shot by Rafe while trying to steal the gold in Nassau, Kiara almost drowned while scouring the sewers for the gun that killed Sheriff Peterkin (also because of Rafe), John B almost became an alligator’s snack (one of the more random moments of the season), Pope was stung by a handful of wasps while trying to find the Cross of Santo Domingo (poor guy swoll up like a balloon), and JJ almost drowned after being knocked out by the blunt end of a machete and going overboard (he survived thanks to Kiara who kept him afloat until the Pogues could pull him to safety!). It’s safe to say, it was an intense and dangerous season for everyone involved in this elaborate and high-stakes treasure hunt.

8 Biggest & Most Shocking Moments from Season 2 of 'Outer Banks'


John B Is Arrested for Murder

And he was facing the death penalty. It’s not surprising for someone accused of murdering a Sheriff in cold blood, but it was surprising considering we know that John B is innocent and being framed. The Pogues made several attempts to clear his name, and though it seemed like Shoupe was turning a blind eye to the truth because he was on Ward’s payroll, he eventually pieced it all together secretly and the charges against John B were dropped. Of course, it was almost a little too late as Ward put a hit out on John B in prison that almost killed him. 


Ward Kills Himself… Well, Almost

There’s a Polish idiom that basically translates to “no disaster can befall an evil person,” and that couldn’t be truer for Ward. No one is able to bring him down no matter how hard they try because he’s always one step ahead of everyone. He manipulates people and pays them off, which allows him to get away with everything.

When it seemed like the walls were caving in on him and justice would finally be served, he killed himself on his boat. My mother (who did not watch season 1 and got sucked into season 2 by accident) immediately stated that he faked his death and likely snorkeled out through the bottom. Surprisingly, she was 100% correct. Of course, Ward planned his escape in a way that would clear Rafe of all charges and allow his family to escape without being held accountable for anything. Ward never showed any remorse for all the murders he committed; he only ever thought about himself and what he wanted. 

John B almost had him again on the ship headed to Guadalupe. After he saw Ward choking Sarah out (he realized she was a Pogue and not a Kook, which meant she posed a threat to the family and had to be “taken care of”), John B knocked him out and was so close to throwing him overboard. However, John B couldn’t bring himself to do it. While it would’ve been the perfect revenge for his father as Ward killed him and threw him overboard, it’s a good thing he didn’t cross that line because he would’ve never been able to come back from it. John B is not a killer. 

While most people would naturally die from such injuries, Ward held on and was recovering in the infirmary on the ship. 

8 Biggest & Most Shocking Moments from Season 2 of 'Outer Banks'


The Key, Denmark Tanny, and the Cross of Monte Cristo

There was a lot happening with this B-plot, which later took over as the main storyline after Ward stole back the gold in the Bahamas. A woman named Carla Limbrey reached out to Pope looking for a key that led to the Cross of Santo Domingo. Pope wasn’t sure what she was talking about initially, but once he found the key in his MeeMaw’s old apartment, he did some digging and found out he was the descendant of Denmark Tanny, a slave who was involved with the sinking of the Royal Merchant. He was the one who hid the gold and the cross, which now belonged to Pope. The cross allegedly held a healing shroud inside, which is why Carla wanted it. However, when she got her hands on it, she was disappointed to learn that the shroud was not inside. 

Upon learning how valuable it was, Rafe and Reid, Carla’s step-brother, stole the cross from Pope and the Pogues. Pope was so fed up with having everything taken from him that he fought back. The cross ended up on the ship, and the Pogues snuck on by hiding in a shipping container. They were so close to stealing the cross back (which honestly, was probably too heavy for them to steal to begin with), but when the plan went sideways, Pope decided that he’d rather dump it in the ocean than let Rafe and the Cameron’s have it. Unfortunately, Rafe and the men on board were able to pull the cross back onto the ship as the Pogues sped off in a lifeboat.



The Pogues docked on an uninhabited island somewhere in the Caribbean where I imagine they will likely recoup and re-strategize. My guess is that when Netflix renews the show for a third season, the fight for the treasure will continue. Pope declared that “it wasn’t over,” and with their motto being “nothing to lose,” I can’t imagine they’ll let this go so easily. The Cameron’s have taken way too much from them already. 


John B’s Father Is Alive

In one last shocking twist, Carla Limbrey arrived in Barbados on official Royal Merchant business and confronted John B’s father… who is very much alive. It seems as though he allowed everyone to believe he was dead and hid out on an island plotting his revenge. Like father, like son, right?

The two of them talk about the Cross of Santo Domingo and the cloth with healing powers…. but why? Why is he in cahoots with Carla, a woman who was so willing to screw over his son? Why does he want the cloth?


What did you think of the season? What was the most shocking moment in your opinion?

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‘Outer Banks’ Gets Season 2 Summer Premiere Date on Netflix – Watch the Trailer



Outer Banks Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

The adventures of the Pogues will continue on Netflix.

The streaming giant renewed Outer Banks for a second season last year, but now, we have a summer premiere date and the first trailer!

The drama will officially return on Friday, July 30!

Check it out:

The season will pick up with the JJ, Kiara and Pope paying tribute to their friends John B and Sarah, who they think died at sea. However, John B and Sarah Cameron were saved by a boat on its way to Nassau where Ward stashed his gold.

Here’s the official synopsis for season 2:

“The $400M is still in the game, but will the uncovering of a new-found secret reunite the group for a fresh mission? The adventure of a lifetime awaits, but uncharted waters ahead mean our Pogues must do all they can to make it out alive,” per the official description.

‘Outer Banks’ Struggled to Find Its Identity


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