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Pilot Scoop: ABCs ‘Uncle Buck’, 7 New Comedies, NBCs ‘Problem Child’ & More




ABC is reviving Uncle Buck. The network ordered the pilot to the small-screen adaptation of the 1989 John Candy film. Uncle Buck is described as a family comedy about a childish man who has to learn how to be an adult by taking care of his brothers kids.

Also ordered, Family Fortune, starring Chelsea Lately’s Fortune Feimster as a popular gym teacher who comes out of the closet to her small circle of family and friends, while her divorced parents “come out” that their sleeping together again. Tine Fey will executive produce the comedy.

Before Superbowl Sunday, ABC ordered a total of seven comedy pilots. Here they are:

  • An untitled Johnny Knoxville pilot starring the man himself as he talks about life growing up in Knoxville, Tenn. and how it shaped him to be the prankster he is today.
  • Delores and Jermaine is based on comedian Jermaine Fowler’s real life experiences. It focuses on on millennial Jermaine, who like all of us is part lazy, part inventive. He moves in with his strict and football obsessed granny, who’s also a former cop. 
  • Untitled NBA project surrounds a non-English speaking rookie player and his non-basketball speaking translator trying to navigate life in the NBA.
  • The 46 Percenters dedicates time to saving three couple’s marriages, instead of allowing them to divorce like 54% of American couples.
  • The King of 7B finds a man who hasn’t left his apartment in 20 years, leaving for the first time after he sees who he believes to be his soulmate across the street for the first time.
  • Untitled Judah Mill Project surround a broadway star and her smart husband who are thrown into the world of youth sports with their athletic son.
  • In The Brainy Bunch, a man returns from the military and becomes a stay at home dad only to realize he and his wife Mona Lisa, raised their kids to be too smart and too socially awkward.

As for dramas, four more have been picked up by ABC.

  • College conspiracy drama, Kingmakers, surrounds a man who finds his sister dead during her freshman year at an Ivy League school and adopts a new identity, to go undercover and investigate the schools century-old secret society of privileged students, faculty and high profile alums.
  • The Advocate follows a perfectionist businesswoman who experiences the horrors of the healthcare system when suffering a medical misdiagnosis. She ups and leaves her career behind to help those caught in the maze of modern medicine.
  • Boom is a modern day story about the biggest oil discovery in America, which triggers and economic boom in North Dakota. It follows a young couple as they brave the modern “wild west”.
  • The Adversaries follows a New York lawyer forcing his federal prosecutor daughter to choose a side in his trial. 

Our Opinion: Personally, none of the comedies look interesting to me. From dramas, I’m definitely intrigued by The Kingmakers…. as a second choice, possible The Adversaries. 


NBC has ordered a pilot based on the 1990 film Problem Child. The original John Ritter film depicted a life between a loving couple and their evil son.

Also getting a pilot pickup--Cuckoo, an adaptation of the UK series which saw Andy Samberg in season 1 and Taylor Lautner is season 2. The pilot is straight to development after receiving it’s commitment back in 2013. 

It surrounds a daughter coming back from a study abroad program married to a man named Cuckoo, which doesn’t sit well with her father. 


Fox has given a pilot order to Kevin Connolly’s Fantasy Life. It’s based on Matthew Berry’s book about a hard working man who gets his dream job hosting a fantasy football show. But 

Also ordered: comedy pilot Detour, inspired by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s real life decision of quitting the band and enrolling in college at the age of 30. 

CBS gave two drama pilot orders.

After making a production commitment, CBS continued with Sneaky Pete, a series about a middle aged con man who leaves prison, assumes his cellmates identity and hides from debtors by toiling his new family’s bail bond business. 

Also ordered, For Justice, loosely based on novelist James Patterson’s The Thomas Berryman Number. It follows an FBI agent torn between his real family and professional family. 

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27 Best Secret Siblings on Television



Secret Siblings and Long Lost Siblings on Television

There are a lot of secret siblings on television.

Plenty of TV shows tend to build their foundation on common tropes such as the cringe-worthy love triangle trope and the long lost sibling trope.

If you need to stir up some drama, especially in a campy teen series, there’s no better way than by bringing in a secret sibling that’s jealous, scorned, vengeful, broken, betrayed, looking for a family, or all of the above.

Some secret siblings are introduced in a sensical way with the serious laying some breadcrumbs leading up to the introduction.

Other reveals come out of left field and frustrate audiences by appearing as mere plot devices thrown in for the sake of it.

And sometimes, the trope works well as the secret siblings become pivotal to the storyline and the main character’s development.

We’re looking back at some of our favorite secret siblings on television. Which ones would you add to the list?

Chic/ Charles – Riverdale

On Riverdale, Betty and Jughead’s first half brother (yes, they’re still dating), Chic, was a poser but stirred up enough drama to make the fandom collectively hate him. Eventually, we meet the real Charles, an FBI agent, who bonded with Betty over her mother’s time at The Farm.

Unfortunately, Charles turned out to be just as crazy as Chic. The two were revealed to be lovers who are plotting something against the family that abandoned them.

Scott Rosson – Gossip Girl

Scott appeared in the second season of Gossip Girl as the love child of Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey thus making BF and GF Serena and Dan half-siblings.

Everyone tried to keep Scott a secret for as long as they could but eventually, the secret sibling was outed by the one and only Gossip Girl. XoXo.

Adam – Dynasty

Adam, the kidnapped child of Blake Carrington and Alexis Carrington, appeared early on in Dynasty but was quickly revealed to be a fake hired by Alexis to get her hands on the Carrington money.

The real Adam Carrington makes his way to the Manor, though, he’s equally as deranged and way more dangerous as his predecessor. He had his brother, Steven, committed in Europe after thinking he was having “hallucinations,” shoved his mother’s face into the fireplace, and continues to sabotage his half-sister, Fallon, daily all while hoping to gain his father’s love.

Ari and Ziva – NCIS

After Ari murdered NCIS agent Kate Todd, everyone believed that Ziva David was simply his Mossad control officer. It’s only after Ziva kills Ari to save Gibbs that we find out that he was her half-brother.

It’s a storyline that took place during NCIS Season 3 and has had repercussions that have lasted until present day NCIS Season 17!

Zelena – Once Upon a Time

Zelena, aka the Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz), arrives in Once Upon a Time Season 3. She is Regina Mills’ (the Evil Queen) half-sister, who was abandoned as a child and wished dearly for a family. Her jealousy over Regina consumed her and led to plenty of magical wars before the sisters mend their relationship and lived happily ever after.

Anezka – Jane the Virgin

Yael Groblas pulled double duty on Jane the Virgin to portray the main character Petra and her long lost twin, Anezka. Anezka was a “shy mouse” who grew up in an orphanage in the Czech Republic before being brought to America by their evil mother, Magda.

Though it seems like she wants a genuine relationship with Petra, she’s later revealed to be conspiring with Magda to steal Rafael’s money and flee the country.

Maggie and Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 finale, we learn that Maggie and Meredith are half-sisters. Their mother, Ellis, had a fling with Richard when Meredith was very young.

They put Maggie up for adoption, but when she got older, she learned her late mother was a top-notch surgeon at Grace Seattle Hospital. While the sisters had a strange relationship at first, they later came around and developed a friendship.

Adam- Supernatural

Adam was revealed to be John Winchester’s son on Supernatural, yet it was more shocking to find out that John was actually a better father to Adam than our boys, Dean and Sam. It’s no surprise that they left him in hell. The resentment is real.

Wally – Flash

The Flash Season 2 introduces us to Wally, who is revealed to be Iris’ long lost brother from her estranged mother. Wally hesitates to embrace the familial unit, but eventually joins Team Flash and becomes Kid Flash

Alex Drake – Pretty Little Liars

The PLL family tree was more complicated than the Game of Thrones one and there was plenty of surprise sibling reveals including Alex Drake as “AD” in the series finale.

Alex is the daughter of Mary Drake and Peter Hastings, and Spencer’s identical twin sister. While Spencer was given to her biological father and his wife, Alex was given up for adoption to an orphanage in the UK where she plotted her insanely complex revenge.

Charlotte DiLaurentis – Pretty Little Liars

Like I said, the family tree is very complicated. Charlotte was born “Charles” and transitioned into the character we know as CeCe. Though she is the biological daughter of Mary Drake and Pastor Ted, she was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis (Jessica’s sister is Mary).

This makes her Alison and Jason’s biological cousin and adoptive sister (and she had a romantic relationship with Jason!), and also, the biological half-sister of Spencer Hastings.

Derek – One Tree Hill

In yet another case where we meet the “fake” secret sibling before meeting the real one, a deranged and broken man named Ian poses as Peyton’s half-brother, Derek, to get close to her.

When fake Derek realizes that he’s losing Peyton, he tries to rape her but thankfully, Lucas and her real brother, Derek, a US Marine, come to her rescue.

See the full list at TV Fanatic! 

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Trailer: Being The Queen of Hell is Hard Work



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Trailer

If you can’t contain your excitement for the season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, join the club.

The new trailer for the series premiering on January 24 (soon) on Netflix introduces us to Sabrina: the Queen of Hell.

“You know what you have to do, Sabrina. Claim the throne,” a voice begins as Sabrina realizes she has to make the ultimate sacrifice to “save her precious Greendale” and her boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch, who sacrificed himself in season 2 to save his girl.

With the balance off in hell, heaven, and Earth, things are a little wonky yet also much darker than in previous seasons. There’s also new demons, cheerleading practice, and Sabrina wearing a lot of white colors.

“Hell’s under new management now,” Sabrina declares confidently.

Though, Sabrina’s decision doesn’t sit well with Aunt Zelda who informs her “being Queen of Hell” isn’t a summer job.

“You’re putting the whole coven in peril just so you can see your boyfriend.”

Watch the trailer above.

According to the Netflix synopsis: “Part Three finds Sabrina reeling from the harrowing events of Part Two. Though she defeated her father Lucifer, the Dark Lord remains trapped within the human prison of her beloved boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch.”

The series also put out this fun and twisted music video. It’s catchy — you’ve been warned.

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Joe Goldberg Stalks Again as Netflix Renews YOU for Season 3



YOU Renewed For Season 3

Joe Goldberg will stalk again when YOU returns for its recently renewed third season!

Netflix gave the official green-light to the Penn Badgley-fronted drama on Tuesday.

“See you soon neighbor,” the YOU Twitter account posted along with a video teasing the new season.

The series originally premiered on Lifetime but found massive success after scoring a streaming deal on Netflix.

By the time the second season premiered on Dec. 26, it was one of Netflix’s most-watched premieres of 2019.

With Joe Goldberg becoming a pop culture phenomenon, the show gaining a massive following, and the second season ending on a mighty cliffhanger, a renewal was almost a sure thing.

Entertainment Weekly reports that season 3 will consist of 10 new episodes. Badgley will reprise his role as the stalker/killer who’s trying his best while his baby momma Victoria Pedretti will return as the equally deranged, Love.

Related: 11 of the Funniest Memes About Season 2 of ‘You’ on Netflix

The new season will premiere sometime in 2021 and will hopefully give us the following answers (spoilers ahead):

  • Who is the neighbor and will she become the object of Joe’s affection? Could Beck be alive? Is it Beck’s sister? A total stranger?
  • How are Love and Joe preparing to be parents?
  • Are they going to continue killing together?
  • Is it Joe’s baby? Or did Love lie?
  • What happened to Ellie? We seriously hope she’s okay.
  • Will we get more clarity on what happened to Joe’s mother?

The series is based on two bestsellers from Caroline Kepnes, “YOU” and “Hidden Bodies.” She’s currently writing the third book, though it’s unclear if it will be the basis for the upcoming season, especially given how much has changed in the screen-adaptation.

Just remember Joe, we know where the bodies are buried.

Catch Up on Season 1 of YOU Now

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