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Tabby on Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1 Episode 5 Tabby on Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Season 1 Episode 5

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

PLL Original Sin Review – Halloween Comes to Millwood as ‘A’ Claims Another Victim

Credit: HBO Max/ Pretty Little Liars Original Sin



Halloween episodes were always a specialty of the original Pretty Little Liars, and Original Sin lived up to the hype, delivering a seamless continuation of the story while also leaning into the Halloween Michael Myers franchise.

The party Imogen threw to find a way to pay the mortgage on her childhood home so that she wouldn’t have to sell it (how much is a mortgage in Millwood if you can fund the payment by selling pizza slices?!) gathered everyone together in one place. And as you can imagine… chaos ensued. 

There were also some sub-storylines that were definitely concerning for our little liars, and it goes to show that even if you think you know someone, everyone is hiding some kind of dark and twisted secret. 

So, let’s break them down, shall we?

The episode kicked off with a flashback to the bully moms as they forced Angela to throw dog crap at a house as part of an “initiation.” It’s clear that they’re constantly gaslighting Angela, making her a scapegoat, and exploiting her desire to fit in and befriend them. Seeing them treat a girl like this is heartbreaking to watch—to the point that you can almost justify “‘A’s” desire for revenge, even if you don’t support the murderous tendencies to get said revenge. The moms were mean girls by the very definition, but you also have to wonder, why Angela? Was it because she wanted to fit in? Is it because they simply found someone who they could treat like less than? 

We don’t get to learn any more about the moms or Angela, however, our present-day liars are making the connection that “A” is definitely connected to Angela. Imogen, especially, is determined to find out what everyone is hiding and why no one in town wants to talk about her. By the end of the episode, she gets a call from a random man who claims to have known Imogen’s mother, Angela, and Angela’s family. The man definitely seems like he has a lot of insight, but honestly, it raises a lot of red flags. Who is this man? I know Imogen is desperate for answers, but I need her to sit down and stop meeting random people while she’s pregnant. 

Tabby is still reeling from Chip’s decision to film her movie scene for her as it invalidates the whole purpose of swapping gender roles. It’s clear that something else is really bugging Tabby, but poor Chip is the one who bears the brunt of her anger regardless. And he takes it all in stride because he’s smitten. Tabby doesn’t realize just how much Chip loves her, and it’s truly a shame. She’s missing out on something really great, but we soon learn it’s beyond her control as she’s dealing with a traumatic life event. Her anger festers throughout the evening as she deals with Tyler, Greg, and his misogynistic group of jock friends, and eventually, she throws a punch in front of everyone that definitely connects with Tyler’s nose. I mean, you can hear the bones breaking. Considering he made some really crude and racist comments directed at all of the girls while also calling them inappropriate names, it’s safe to say he definitely deserved it. No one was feeling sorry for Tyler… but that’s all about to change pretty soon. And it’s not going to look good for Tabby that she was the last person to have an altercation with him. 

“A,” who dons Angela’s pumpkin mask to remain incognito, watches Tyler and Tabby’s whole situation pan out, and then he delivers the final blow by killing him in the bathroom while no one is watching. The whole gruesome scene is set to “Monster Mash,” which is quite a choice that lessens the blow of the murder while also highlighting just how messed up it is all the same time.

A few things are made evident about “A” in this episode. It’s clear that the person under the mask has to be a guy as. he has enough strength to not only choke out a jock but also carry his lifeless body into the van. Sorry, but I truly don’t think Kelly or Karen would be able to accomplish that. Also, since when does “A” clean up his messes?

You have to give it up to “A” for staying dedicated to the “take out the bullies” agenda, but it’s clear that he’s also someone who knows what happened to Angela. My guess is that it’s either a former classmate who knew her or it’s someone who had access to her diary where she recounted all the terrible things that the ’90s liars did to her. There’s a lot of emphasis on diaries!

Since everyone was at the party, there’s also a world of possibilities for who “A” could be, but all the liars’ male friends are definitely at the top of the suspect’s list. Shawn, Ash, and Henry all had an opportunity to sneak away and pop on the costume. Chip is even under the microscope as killing Tyler came directly after he upset Tabby. And again, with “A’s” desire to punish those who did Angela wrong, it wouldn’t completely shocking if one of the male students was secretly her child. I’m still a firm believer that she gave birth the night she died. 

Imogen eventually had a heart-to-heart with Tabby where she questioned what prompted Tabby to punch Tyler, and Tabby finally confesses that something happened to her at a bonfire in the woods. This explains why Tabby has a camera set up in the boys’ locker room as she’s trying to piece together the night that I assume led to her assault. She doesn’t even need to say much as Imogen explains that something happened to her too. And it’s possible they were assaulted by the same person who is lifeless in the back of “A’s” car.

Faran continues spiraling as she digs deeper into her twin swap theory. And honestly, I commend her for sticking with her gut. I don’t understand why she brought it up to her vile ballet instructor, who essentially tells her that she has a wild imagination and that Kelly harms herself in order for her to drop it. It’s clear she’s gaslighting her, but Faran considers that maybe she’s being a little too intense about the whole thing. That is until she sees Kelly hooking up with Greg at the party. She confronts her, but, as expected, Kelly denies everything and calls out Faran for being a psychopath. The next thing you know, Faran is kicked off the Swan Lake production as Kelly gloats to her mother, who also calls her Karen, about getting the part. The teacher and Kelly/Karen seem to be in cahoots, as for Faran, well, she truly should have waited until she had undeniable proof about the switch. 

Either way, “A” seemed privy to the whole conversation, so my guess is that he’s going to come after Kelly now and potentially expose her secret.

And then there’s Mouse’s whole storyline, which is a lot to unpack.

When I first saw her communicating with someone and holding up a missing photo of a girl named Rachel, I assumed she was trying to be some local her who exposes online predators, but then she actually went to meet up with this dude who bought her costumes, made her food, and took her trick-or-treating dressed as Wendy from Casper. 

It became more and more obvious that Mouse was pretending to be Rachel, the man’s missing child, to fill a void. At one point, he even told her to call him “dad” before breaking down in the car and apologizing until she forgave him. He seemed to truly care about Mouse, but the whole thing was beyond strange and kind of came out of nowhere.

But it’s also a reminder that we don’t actually know these liars — and they don’t know each other. They are clinging to each other because of a shared bond, but they were never friends before they started being tormented by “A” and Karen.

When Mouse finally makes it home from the party the next day, she has a vague conversation referring to a man that is gone. We then see her look at pictures of a man, with the logical assumption being that he was her father. Based on this moment, one can infer that she connected with Steve not only to help him deal with the loss of his child, but also to fill a void following her own father’s death. It becomes slightly less creepy and a bit more heartbreaking, but until I have all the facts, I’m going to stay wary of a middle-aged man meeting up with a young girl he met off the internet. Naturally, Mouse knows that their meetings are wrong too, otherwise, she would tell people. 

We’re still far away from ever learning “A’s” identity, but at the very least, the liars are making some progress in the right direction and taking the big swings to make sure that it doesn’t take several seasons to crack the mystery. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from the OG PLL, it’s that the moment you think you’ve figured it out, you actually got it all wrong and you have to start from scratch. 

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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    Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

    Who Is ‘A’ on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?



    Who Is 'A' on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

    Fans of Pretty Little Liars know that the show is only as good as its villain. 

    The HBO Max spinoff, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, reimagined “A” as a much more menacing villain that torments and terrorizes a new group of little liars. 

    As fans get invested in yet another slashes franchise, they are desperately trying to figure out the identity of the stalker and murderer.

    Here are some of the best theories we’ve come up with. (This post will be updated on a rolling basis as more suspects are added to the list!)


    Angela’s Secret Child

    This theory tops the list because it’s the most probable. “A” is connected to Angela as he wants to make all the bullies pay for how they treated her and what they did to her. In the first scene of the series, Angela runs into the Y2K party seeking help from her friends. While it’s unclear what was going on just mere moments before she ran into that warehouse, it does look like she may have gone through something traumatic like a birth, which would also explain why she needed someone’s help. It’s possible that Angela left behind a secret child, who learned all about what happened to his/her mother and decided to do something about it. If the secret child theory is true, it means that any of the liars’ schoolmates could be the enemy, including Chip, Henry, or Shawn. On that note, it could also be a secret sibling or someone who was close to Angela and knew exactly what happened. 



    Twin twists are a trope that PLL has utilized in the past, so it’s not surprising that fans aren’t completely convinced that Karen Beasley died during the Spirit Queen ball. There have been a few mentions of “twin fusion,” and we’ve seen Karen and Kelly switch places, so it’s entirely possible that the person who fell to her death was Kelly and Karen simply assumed her identity. Even Farron jumps on this theory, which means it cannot be that far-fetched. “Kelly” is also way too chill about her sister’s death, so it’s entirely possible that she was responsible for the fall. However, what would her motive be for dishing out so much chaos and torturing her fellow classmates? While I think there’s a good chance Kelly is Karen, I’m less convinced she’s the true villain of the series. 



    We have to consider that Kelly is who she says she is. Maybe she played a role in Karen’s death because she hated living in her sister’s shadow. There’s a point where we see a photo of Karen and Imogen holding each other while Kelly is pushed off to the side, so it’s possible all of this stems from jealousy. Kelly could have wanted to be in the spotlight, so she took it upon herself to eliminate the competition. Again, Kelly doesn’t show much remorse for Karen’s death. 

    Who Is 'A' on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

    Credit: HBO Max/ Pretty Little Liars Original Sin

    Madame Giry

    While there’s something truly concerning about all of the adults in Millwood, the ballet teacher, Madame Giry, is especially concerning. She seems particularly motivated to destroy Farran, as we’ve seen her spew rude, hateful, and racist comments her way. She even threatens to sabotage her at one point by exposing her secret to the school of her dreams. Her cold attitude does not extend to Karen, however, and, at times, it almost seems like they are in cahoots together. 


    Sheriff Beasley

    The only person worse than Madame Giry is Sheriff Beasley. He’s hellbent on getting revenge on the liars following Karen’s death, but the obsessive nature of his anger is truly worrisome. Beasley is filled with rage, and he’s emotionally abusive to everyone around him, including his wife and family. Karen even made it clear that she hates her father as he hides behind religion despite being a walking version of toxic masculinity. And he’s also a person who has many dark secrets of his own, so why not add one more to the list? Beasley likely went to school with the mom group responsible for Angela’s death. Considering his thirst for power, I’d say he likely wasn’t the most popular guy in high school, so it’s possible that he even knew Angela or was her only friend. Maybe they were even in love. Beasley also has the means, resources, and money to pull off the level of stalking that “A” does. 


    Steve/Mouse’s Father

    Mouse gets a strange side story involving a man named Steve, who lost his daughter. He chats with Mouse and even meets up with her on Halloween to fill a void. And Mouse later reveals that someone close to her is gone after a traumatic situation. From the photos, it seems like it might be her father, but we don’t have any indication of what happened to him. Is it possible that he became estranged and spiraled into “A”? Or is Steve so obsessed with Mouse that he moonlights as the stalker?


    Imogen’s Baby Daddy/ Actual Daddy

    There are a lot of possible theories here simply because we don’t know the history or anyone’s backstory. We know Davie is Imogen’s mother, but who is her father? And who is the baby daddy that Imogen seems to refer to as a terrible dude? Is it possible that Imogen is Angela’s secret child that Davie adopted? Is there someone out there who knows the truth, possibly Angela’s baby daddy, who wants revenge? In fact, while we know all of the liars’ moms, we don’t know anything about their fathers, which opens up a world of possibilities as it seems the person under the mask is a man that has enough strength to load up a lifeless body into his van.


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    Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

    PLL Original Sin Review: ‘A’ Attacks One of the Liars



    Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Review The (Fe)male Gaze Season 1 Episode 4

    Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 4 proves Imogen’s theory that “A” is connected to Angela Waters. 

    Imogen had a gut feeling that everyone was keeping a huge secret about Angela, but she couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. She tried her best to get to the bottom of it and kept hitting dead ends. She even went as far as confronting Tabby’s mother about it, and still… dead end.

    It was dead end after dead end. Every time she thought she might’ve gotten some insight, she hit a wall, including when she dug up her mother’s old diaries only to find that whatever she wrote in there leading up to the Y2k party was ripped right out. 

    Imogen is determined though, so she’s likely never going to stop looking, especially because Noa survived an in-person showdown with “A” and lived to tell the tale.

    While it definitely seemed like “A” was only interested in killing Noa, when she managed to free herself from his grip and put a safe distance between them, she realized that he wanted revenge on her mother instead. 

    “Punish the guilty” is what he said as Noa, given no other choice, called the hospital and snitched on her mother for allegedly stealing drugs. But the thing is, I don’t think she did at all. The pill bottle is the one she received from “A,” along with a teddy bear she once gave Angela as a make-good for letting her take the fall for smoking.

    Marjorie may not be using right now, but it’s clear A wants her to pay for the pain she inflicted on Angela back in the day. And she never learned her lesson as she did the same exact thing with her daughter, allowing her to take the fall for drugs that didn’t belong to her. 

    It’s a terrible situation to be in, but I don’t think Marjorie deserves to lose her job over it. She needs professional help! 

    Of course, this reflects poorly on Shawn as he’s the only one who actually knew that Noa took the wrap for her mother. But could Shawn be A? 

    “A” isn’t just a do-gooder dishing out punishment to people he deems terrible; he has to be connected to Angela somehow.

    In flashbacks to the Y2K party, as she’s begging her friends for help, she looks as though she’s pregnant or just given birth. Why else would she be begging for help? Maybe she had a baby outside of the party, who is now a high school teen looking to get revenge on his mother’s tormentors? It wouldn’t be the craziest thing. Maybe that baby is Shawn! 

    One by one, all of the mothers are going to be punished for their actions, and if this is any indication, “A” is going to destroy them using their own children. 

    There were so many moments I thought “A” was going to attack or partake in some jump scares, especially when they were filming the Psycho scenes. Isn’t his lair right there? Greg stripping down naked while filming a horror scene just lends itself to an actual attack. 

    I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with Tabby. Half the time, she seems like a really solid and level-headed character, but when Greg stripped down, she seemed triggered by his presence. And when she went to get some fresh air, she had some flashbacks to a night that looked pretty dark and twisted. Does she have a history with Greg? Did he do something to her?

    Faran, meanwhile, is on her own playing field and knee-deep in the twin trope theory that Kelly is Karen. PLL fans are all too familiar with twin swaps, and all signs point to Karen and Kelly switching places right before the murder. Karen has assumed her sister’s identity to get a clean slate, but Faran is onto her. There are so many signs, including Kelly moving to Karen’s locker, wearing Karen’s clothes, saying the same phrases as she does, and even being more confident whereas Kelly was timid and always in her sister’s shadow. 

    And if that’s the case, then I think there’s an argument to be made about Karen’s mental health. I don’t know if she has it in her to be “A,” per se, considering his masculine voice when he spoke to Noa, but there’s definitely something wrong with these former twins. Faran shared her theory with Henry, but considering how defensive he was of Kelly after Faran’s first training session with her, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put our full trust in him.

    In fact, let’s get rid of the whole family cause Sheriff Beasley continues to be the absolute worst for no reason. He has it out for Noa as he wants to make her and her friends pay for what happened to Karen, but coming to Noa’s house to search the place is his way of asserting dominance and proving that he owns her as if he doesn’t know she could destroy him in a heartbeat.  I’m so glad Noa is hardly ever phased by his power-hungry vibe. For someone who is so mad over the death of his daughter, it’s hilarious that he hasn’t even realized he’s mourning the wrong twin. 

    Imogen hosts a seance to connect with her late mom, but it quickly takes a turn for the worst as she basically screams at her mother and blames her for all the pain she’s going through. It’s definitely a part of her grieving process, and I’m glad her friends acknowledged it. There’s no way to sugarcoat this but Imogen is hormonal. She’s also scared and uncovering the truth that maybe her mother wasn’t the person she always thought she was. Imogen had this perfect image of Davie, but with all the Angela stuff bubbling to the surface, it reveals that her mom had some dark secrets that she kept from her despite making it seem like she was an open book with her daughter. Imogen feels hurt and betrayed, so lashing out at a ghost is valid. 

    Will Imogen and the little liars get to the bottom of what happened to Angela? I think Tabby’s mother is lying about the girl coming from an unstable household plagued with mental health issues because when Angela takes the fall for smoking, she notes that her mother is going to be very mad at her. 

    What did you think of the episode? Do you think Imogen is ridiculous for walking into a creepy basement all by herself while pregnant?

    Did you think her grieving scene was cathartic and necessary? 

    And who do you think A is?

    Hopefully, a PLL Halloween episode is coming up. The holiday was teased in the episode, and the OG PLL had some iconic Halloween episodes. I hope the new series keeps up the tradition!

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    HBO Max

    Internet Reacts to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spinoff ‘Original Sin’



    Internet Reacts to 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff 'Original Sin'

    We’re not in Rosewood anymore. Millwood is a blue-collar town that’s darker and harbors a tragic secret that transcends the new generation of liars. The trauma began with their mothers, and the new version of “A” is hellbent on making them pay the price at any cost. 

    Since Pretty Little Liars had such a dedicated fan base, it’s only fitting that the internet has a lot of thoughts about the reboot, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

    Here are some of the best tweets and internet reactions! 

    Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Series Premiere Review – Spirit Week (1×01)

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