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Pretty Little Liars Stars Are Working Hard This Summer!



Nothing can hold down the stars of Pretty Little Liars. 

Now that Mona is dead, and only appearing through flashbacks, Janel Parish has a bit of time on her hands.

Parish followed in Brant Daugherty’s footsteps (he plays Noel Kahn) and joined the new celebrity cast of Dancing With the Stars season 19. The PLL has been partnered up with dancer Val Chermkovskiy! (Hmm maybe a little dance partner romance?)

This might be the fetch-est season yet, as Jonathan Bennett, aka Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls has also joined. Others include, Alfonso Ribeiro of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” fame, “Duck Dynasty” reality star Sadie Robertson, Lea Thompson, best known as Marty McFly’s mom in the “Back to the Future” films, and YouTube star Bethany Mota, Olympian Lolo Jones, Antonio Sabato Jr. of “General Hospital,” fashion designer Betsey Johnson, NASCAR champion Michael Waltrip, comedian Tommy Chong, Ultimate Fighting Champion Randy Couture and talk show host Travis Smiley.

The big reveal came during this mornings, Good Morning America.

But Parish isn’t the only liar from Rosewood doing big things during the hiatus.

Julian Morris, who plays Wren on PLL and Prince Phillip on Once Upon A Time, has landed a recurring guest role on New Girl!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

The hunk will play Ryan, a handsome teacher who replaces Jess in the classroom as she takes her role of vice principal.

The problem? Well he’s hot, distracting and Jess falls for him… which is wrong since she’s technically his boss. She’s going to be fighting her feelings to avoid any complications at work.

New Girl returns Sept. 16 but we won’t see Julian until an episode airing in October!

And lastly, Torrey DeVito is going to be solving some new kind of crimes… other than figuring out who A is.  The PLL star, who plays Spencer’s mysterious sister, Spencer, has joined the cast of

And lastly, Torrey DeVito is going to be solving some new kind of crimes… other than figuring out who A is.  The PLL star, who plays Spencer’s mysterious sister, Spencer, has joined the cast of Major Crimes. 

She will be guest starring as Nicole Flynn, daughter of Lt. Andy Flynn. Her character is described as ““professional, endearing” and having “a touch of Flynn’s edge and sense of humor.”

She’s also going to be involved in a romance, and stirring up trouble between Andy and Sharon, even though their not dating. Hmm, sounds just like Melissa Hastings!

You can catch her in a Dec. 8 episode titled, “Acting Out.”


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Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3



Why Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on Stranger Things Season 3

This post contains spoilers. If you have not watched Stranger Things Season 3, do not continue reading.

Billy Hargrove made a splash on Stranger Things Season 2 as the resident bad boy, but it wasn’t until the third season where he became fully integrated and essential to the core storyline.

In the third season, Billy rose from being a supporting character to essentially carrying the series, yet he never got the recognition he deserved.

There have been a handful of characters who I could’ve demanded justice for in the Stranger Things realm from Barb to Bob to Alexei. Trust me, they all deserve it, but Billy’s storyline especially triggered me because he was cheated from the very beginning.

He was never set up to win, and when he finally did achieve his redemption arc, it was glossed over because of a bigger death; one that admittedly, carried more weight.

I’m obviously referring to Hopper’s death.

The emotional stock of Billy’s decision to fight through the evil coursing through his body in order to save Eleven didn’t have time to sink in or resonate before the writers ripped our hearts in half by killing the hot-headed-who-always-meant-well police chief and Eleven’s dad.

But here’s why Hopper’s death shouldn’t have overshadowed Billy: there’s a huge probability that Hopper isn’t dead.

The scene following the credits showed the Russian’s referring to an “American” prisoner.

Why Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on Stranger Things Season 3

Credit: Stranger Things/ Netflix

The Russians referred to Hopper as the American multiple times throughout the season, so it’s likely that Stranger Things Season 4 will be a rescue mission to save Eleven’s beloved papa.

But Billy is gone for good, and still died a secondary death.

And in his final moments, the only person who mourned him was Max, who for most of the season was forced to turn against her brother because he became the Mind Flayer’s host.

At no point did any of Max’s friends show concern over Billy nor did they try to save him from the Mind Flayer’s control. From the getgo, they rode him off as the “bad guy” because he wasn’t liked around town and accepted his fate.

Billy may have been deemed the “classic bully” and boy, he did a good job at it, but Bily wasn’t a bad guy who deserved his death.

Billy was broken and tormented.

As we saw when El tapped into his subconscious, his father was abusive and his mother abandoned him.

Instead of dealing with the trauma, Billy acted out and became a womanizer.

Read the rest of the post at TV Fanatic.

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19 TV Characters with Chemistry So Hot It Sets Off Fireworks



TV Show Characters Chemistry Set Off Fireworks

Chemistry is that “thing” between two characters that is so electric, it cannot be ignored.

It’s hard to explain what happens in that moment, but it’s best described as a spark that almost makes you forget that your watching and rooting for a fictional couple.

We’re constantly drawn to relationships between two characters because of their undeniable chemistry.

The best type of chemistry is the one that isn’t forced — it’s natural and effortless and oftentimes, translates off-screen.

It can happen between friends that aren’t aware of their feelings for each other, a couple that’s about to embark on a romantic relationship, or lovers who, despite the obvious chemistry, can’t seem to make it work.

Here’s our list of characters with undeniable chemistry that could set off fireworks. There are so many to choose from that we couldn’t add them all. Let us know who you’d add onto the list!

See the full slideshow at TV Fanatic! 

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All of the Explosive Details We Know About Stranger Things Season 3



All the Explosive Details About Stranger Things Season 3

The fourth of July is a time to celebrate Independence and also, the premiere of the long-awaited third season of Stranger Things. Cue the fireworks.

And there is much to celebrate, including our overdue return to Hawkins, Indiana.

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A lot has changed since we last caught up with Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Max in the fall of 2017. One thing is for certain — there’s still an imminent threat from the supernatural entities that occupy the Upside Down.

Click the next page to see what you need to know before you cancel your BBQ to indulge in a celebratory binge-watch.

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