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Pretty Little Liars Day- Favorite PLL Moments EVER!



In honor of the Pretty Little Liars season 5 premiere tomorrow, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite PLL moments thus far!!!! Check them out! Do you agree? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know!!!

Mona is A and is admitted into Radley

Honestly, everything about this episode was jaw-droppingly, shocking!! From having Mona lure Spencer into the A lair, to revealing that she was A (which we now know isn’t actually A but A’s minion). But the seeing Mona appear in that black hoodie, nonchalantly knocking her out without even missing a beat, Spencer secretly calling the liars for help, the harsh realization that Hannah’s bff was evil, Spencer pulling the e-brake, the girls fighting and Spencer throwing Mona off the cliff. I mean, watching that scene now leaves me unable to breathe. It was the BEST season finale to date and no revelations after this were ever as shocking. This was the icing on the cake. This was the scene to prove just how worthy PLL is.

Mona’s Speech

Because that scene wasn’t enough, they had to top it off with this incredibly amazing, but horrifyingly psychotic speech after Mona is diagnosed as living in a perpetual state of hyper reality. It was the harsh realization that Mona wasn’t just working with A, she was full blown crazy. And it was fantastic! Gah, the chills!! They just keep coming!  This was also the moment where Mona made it clear that A was more than just one person. “Don’t they know thats what WE want?”

Someone tries to Kill Mona

A has had his/her fair share of trying to kill people. But remember that time A tried to kill his own minion Mona? The girls are onto their next lead, A’s lair RV to get some clues. When they go to search it, it’s gone and they think it’s Mona being Mona, until A tries to choke her, probably for trying to help the girls. Then A pulls that epic “I’m going to run you over move” disclocating Emily’s shoulder in the process.This is also the same episode/moment where the liars try to figure out who the creepy woman in the black veil was at the funeral. We kind of put her to the back burner, but thinking back, we still want to know who was under that damn veil!

The Fire

This episode revealed that Ali might actually be alive, rather than just a vision that we thought the girls were seeing in their dream-like states. A was using the girls to find Red Coat and obviously the girls wanted to find Red Coat too, except they were unaware that Red Coat was actually Ali and that she was really alive. In this episode, Hannah and Mona saw her, except now we know Mona has always known Ali was alive. So the question is, was Mona behind the fire? Or did the B-team light the fire because Mona was in there?

Anytime we’re really in Ravenswood.

Literally, Ravenswood is the creepiest place in the world (and I’m not even including what happened in the actual show, I’m just going based off what we’ve seen in PLL). In Ravenswood we found out that there were two Red Coats, Emily was almost turned into sawdust, we found out Ms. Grimwauld helped Ali the night she was buried alive, and the liars found A’s new lair, which ended up belonging to EzrA! So many crucial moments in one episode!!!

Than we were a part of that wicked Halloween episode that revealed that Alison was actually alive. The girls finally saw her in the flesh and it felt almost dreamlike. Plus, their adventures in the haunted mansion totally had us on the edge of our seats & that’s really what makes a great PLL episode. Thrill factor 1000!

A drives into Emily’s house

Literally, Emily has gotten the worst of it from A. We wonder why? Maybe A is jealous that Emily and Ali had a thing? In this case it would make sense for A to be Paige wouldn’t it? Either way, one of the worst moments for Em’s was when A literally DROVE A CAR through her apartment. You know, A has been known for doing some crazy stuff, but this one topped the list! Although its even scarier to think that maybe A was trying to hurt Emily’s mother?

Jenna almost Drowns at Emily’s surprise party

Once again, Emily! She wasn’t the target this time, but it happened during her surprise party. One thing we should all have learned by now that parties with big groups of people and parties in the woods are probably not the best ideas! But why was A targeting Jenna? For a while we thought that Jenna was on the A-team, but after almost being drowned by A, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Plus, Jenna was being accompanied by Shana, who we know is working with Ali on keeping her safe. Maybe all the people we thought were enemies actually aren’t? Either way, this scene was dramatic and terrifying and once again pushed the envelope as to what A was really capable of and how far he/she was willing to go.

Wren’s connection to Red coat?

Wren knows about Red Coat??? Wren has been a very controversial character throughout the show. At first, I liked him but than he became shadier and shadier. He had a relationship with Melissa, cheated on her with Spencer, had a little rendezvous with Spence and than got back together with Melissa and moved to London with her. Occasionally, he comes back to Rosewood and plays doctor (insert theory that he isn’t really a doctor). When he was talking to Mona at Radley, it felt like he knew a little more than he was leading onto. And than he was coloring in a picture of Red Coat. Does that mean he knows Ali is alive? What’s his involvement in all of this?

Ezra is A…. or not A, but used Aria?!

We kind of went through this already when mentioning the greatness that was Ravenswood, but it goes even deeper when Aria finally realizes that Ezra is A. It is a heartbreaking moment for her but it’s also scary because now Ezra is this person that we thought we knew, but really don’t. What is he capable of? When Ezra realizes that Aria read his manuscript, he goes on a hunt for her in the woods. The scene with them on the ski-lift is epic (not because of Aria’s crying face) but because we get a shitty explanation from Ezra and feel Aria’s pain. It’s like watching a traincrash and not being able to stop it. But it’s also one of the best plot twists that I didn’t see coming. Even if Ezra isn’t A, this is damage enough. Now he has to try to earn back brownie points and thankfully, he knows a lot about A which makes him more involved. I’ve always wanted the boyfriends to get more involved!! They can’t just be oblivious to the fact that their gfs are being tormented.

Halloween episodes

The first one was great considering we found out A had been stalking and threatening Ali was before she “died”. But hat’s off go to the second one, which was spook-tastic and featured Aria in a box with dead Garrettt. It challenged what I thought PLL would actually ever do, plus it revealed that the stakes are high and A isn’t playing. Plus, Ezra popped out of nowehere and said he was “following the train” to surprise Aria, which immedietaly let us know that while we love said English teacher, he really cannot be trusted.

The dolls….

The dolls give me nightmares… Everything about them. Mona playing with dolls in flashbacks brushing their hair, setting them up in their little dollhouse to A sending the liars dolls in coffins. But the creepiest had to have been when the girls were lured into the toy shop, which was run by a grandmother and her young nephew. When they broke into the shop and than all the dolls started chanting, “Follow Me End Up Like Me” I was ready to tap out! Then they opened up the closet and the doll was buried in the dirt moving just like Alison! It was creepy, but most of the best PLL scenes are great because of their creep factor!

Jasons photography obsession

Jason’s another character I’ve always been super suspicious of and I’m assuming for good reason. When he first came to town and the girls broke into his shack, they found all of these pictures of Aria being developed. Not normal pictures though, creepy, stalkerish, close-up pictures. We’ve seen those same pictures in A’s lair and it begs the question if Jason is part of the A team? Why was he watching Aria? Has he been tormented by A and possibly thinks that Aria is A? He’s also Ali’s brother and Spencer’s step-brother, which gives him motive. Hopefully we found out more about his role in all of this in season 5.

There is no video clip that I could find for this unfortunately but it happened, I swear!


Aria and Ezra rain scene

Let’s go back to a happier time for Aria and Ezra… season one!! Every legit couple needs a decent romantic rain scene to really make fans swoon over how incredibly adorable their relationship is. It’s no different for these two. Except now, when we watch this scene it just makes us sad that Ezra completely betrayed Aria’s (and our) trust. Damn you Ezra!

Everything Noir

I’m a sucker for themed episodes, so it’s not a surprise that I thought the noir episode was fantastic. I mean, it didn’t need to take Spencer a whole episode to figure out that she already had all the clues to figure everything out. Yet, there was something interesting about this episode. Seeing all of our liars in black and white, wearing the styles of the 40/50’s. The curls, the top hats. It was really fulfilling and I think we can spare one episode in a season to delve deeper into Spencer’s complicated brain, don’t you think?


Ali’s Mother Buried Her Daughter Alive

This one is a killer (no pun intended). How could a mother just bury her daughter alive? Did she not hear her breathing? Why was she so eager to cover up the fact that someone killed her daughter? Who was she protecting? Who actually hurt Ali that night? A twin? Jason? Did Mrs. D know Ali was actually alive after burying her? There has got to be so much more to this story…. and we might never find out because Mrs. D got buried alive at the end of s4!!! Is she dead? Did she make it out alive? Was A taking out the trash— anyone who knows anything? Whatever the answers to all these questions may be, one thing is for sure. Watching Ali talk about this moment in her life to the liars was heartbreaking. It shows just how broken & how strong this girl really is. This s4 finale revelation changed the dynamic for the upcoming season for sure as it provided the return of ALI from the dead.


Ezra is Shot

OBviously this moment also changed everything! Despite being shady and using all the liars, especially Aria for his novel about Ali, he could possibly die. The man Aria loves is in critical condition, which makes her kind of forgive all the things he’s done. Plus Ezra knows who A is, which could really help the girls so they have to keep him safe because A is going to want to eliminate Ezra before he can tell anyone! This is also a crucial lead in to season 5. Plus, as fans we’re emotionally attached to Ezra and Aria’s relationship so this one broke our hearts…. and we were supposed to stay mad at him!

Photo & Video Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

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Her co-stars immediately jumped into the comment section to share their congratulations—warming the hearts of The CW fans all around—as Michael Vlamis wrote “VLAMIS GOT MARRIED!!!!” Tyler Blackburn shared a series of heart emojis, Heather Hemmens wrote “So beautiful! Congrats you two!” and Lily Cowles added, “So gorgeous! Felicitaciones mi amor.”

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