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pretty little liars: original sin season 1 episode 3 review aftermath pretty little liars: original sin season 1 episode 3 review aftermath

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Review – Aftermath (1×03)

Credit: pretty little liars: original sin/ HBO Max



Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 Episode 3 picks up right after Karen’s death and takes us through her funeral, with the girls eventually coming to terms with what happened and their role in the tragedy. 

Because, for now, they are still under the impression that it was a tragedy. 

While Imogene definitely saw Karen get pushed, the shock of everything seems to be clouding their judgement. They know that Karen was murdered, but since they are the only ones who even got a text from A, they’re simply hoping that if they fall in line and keep his secret, all of it will go away.

But that’s where they are dead wrong. They don’t yet grasp just how threatening and menacing A actually is. 

Imogene has started piecing together moments and clues, but she’s not entirely sure how it all fits together. 

She realized that her mother got a flyer for a Y2k party right before she died, so she does a little digging and finds information about Angela Waters, which leads her to an old abandoned warehouse. 

When Imogene and Tabby encounter her mother, Sidney, at the warehouse, they begin to ask questions, but much like he story that everyone knows about Karen’s death, Sidney only tell them the cover story about Angela that everyone knows. 

Sidney explains that her death was a terrible accident as Sidney was a damaged girl who came from a broken family. No one looked into her death because it all kind of tracked. 

And yet, there’s a deeply unsettling truth that was buried with Sidney; and it’s only a matter of time before A digs it up or forces the PLL moms to confront it. 

In hopes of avoiding history repeating itself, the moms truly want to help their kids get out of this mess, but Karen’s dad seems hellbent on making them pay. 

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It’s almost to an obsessive point. A family’s grief is understandable, but the Sheriff’s decision to drink and commit his life to making “those lying bitches” pay is next level. 

Even Kelly realizes it, so she comes clean about why Karen was up in the rafters in the first place, corroborating Imogene’s story that she saw her up there with a bucket. We later learn that Kelly confessed because she felt guilty that she concocted the plan that essentially got Karen killed. 

I doubt her father is going to be too pleased that the little liars got away with everything, for now, and it almost makes me think that he has all the makings of being A. If it wasn’t his own daughter that was killed, I wouldn’t be sure that the Sheriff is behind the deeply unsettling mask. 

I’m also just waiting for Kelly to confess that she’s actually Karen. It almost felt like Imogene picked up on that little truth and thought about telling her friends before deciding against it. And that’s not the only time where it felt like Imogene knew more than she was letting on but was being dishonest. I can’t place my finger on it. 

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I love that there’s an open dialogue between the characters that allows everyone to be on the same page. Slashers can get pretty frustrating because characters make dumb decisions that keep others in the dark, but that isn’t the case here. The liars all acknowledged they’ve seen A stalking him, meanwhile, the moms have all been open about any information they’ve come across and even contemplated that it can’t be a coincidence their daughters are all in trouble together. It helps keep the pacing of the series because we don’t have to wait several episodes for everyone to get up to speed. 

Other Moments to Note

  • Wes continues to be a huge creep who tried to manipulate Tabby into having a romantic dinner with him. And he wanted to get her drunk off of wine so that she wouldn’t catch onto his behavior. I truly thought that he drugged her, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case. And I love that she just got up and left, leaving him hanging. Also, why did they never watch what was on the flash drive? My guess is that it wasn’t the one she was looking for, but it would have been some kind of incriminating evidence that he’s a creep. 
  • Why is Shawn so shady? When Noa told him that she took the wrap for her mom, he couldn’t be less supportive. Sure, he had valid points that a mother should never let her daughter take the fall for her, but Not didn’t need to be judged, she needed someone who would be in her corner.
  • Imogene revealed that the guy who took the drunk video of Karen was Tyler. While we don’t see him, I’m standing firmly by my theory that he’s Imogene’s baby daddy. 
  • Also, Imogene should not be going through all this stress — it’s not good for the baby that was just cursed by Karen’s distraught mother. 
  • I’m glad Noa, Farran, and Mouse decided not to turn on Tabby and Imogene. It’s exactly the kind of ammo A would’ve used against them, but to be honest, they were all in this together, so they needed to face the consequences together as well. 

The liars tried to make amends with the late Karen, but it didn’t seem like A was too pleased by the way he stared at them at the cemetery. 

With Angela still being the core reason why A is targeting them — and yes, Angela and A aren’t lost on me — we can’t really form a solid theory about a potential suspect until we know more about her and what happened in 1999. 

Do you have any theories? What do you think of the series so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liar: Summer School Review – Sweet Sixteen (203)



Pretty Little Liar: Summer School Review - Sweet Sixteen (203)

There was nothing sweet about Mouse’s sweet 16 on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 2 Episode 3. 

At such a tender age, these girls have survived one serial killer, only to be preyed on by another, seemingly more deranged, one. 

My whole heart hurt for Mouse as she realized that the location where Lola dropped her off for her surprise party was a trap set by Bloody Rose Waters, considering how depressed she was when she thought her friends weren’t prioritizing her birthday.

All sweet Mouse wanted was to feel special, but instead, she was fighting for her life at every turn—and thanks to some quick thinking, managed to make her way out of the abandoned restaurant after Bloody Rose set it on fire. 

All those months of therapy went down the drain in a flash as the trauma returned upon the realization that it was happening again—their biggest fears were manifesting. Not to mention poor Imogen is going to struggle between distinguishing reality from her nightmares/hallucinations as Bloody Rose exists in both.  

The final girls needed to once again prove that they could survive a serial killer. 

Throughout the episode, I kept trying to figure out who could be behind Bloody Rose. While there’s always the possibility it is actually Archie’s mom, I’m inclined to believe it’s someone who knew what happened to them and wants to continue preying on them. 

Pretty Little Liar: Summer School Review - Sweet Sixteen (203)

Credit: PLL Summer School/Max

However, all of the topline suspects were at the roller rink for Mouse’s actual surprise party—that she sadly didn’t get to enjoy—including Imogen’s crush, Johnny, Noa’s juvie friend, Jen, Tabby’s new work crush Christian, and Kelly and Gregg. 

There were a few people missing, including Henry and Sean, which I found suspicious. I don’t actually think Sean is behind any of it, but I can’t shake the feeling I’m getting about Henry, especially as it would make sense for the killer to be someone all too familiar with what happened to them last year. 

Then there’s Ash, who wasn’t at the party but did come to Mouse’s rescue, once he found out about her other “surprise” party from Lola. He seemed very much in the dark the whole time, so I think we can rule him out. 

I’m not counting out Kelly’s mom, Chip’s mom (who has a reason for wanting revenge), and Dr. Sullivan herself, who knows the liars’ deepest darkest secrets and can frankly use them against them. 

Murder and serial killers aside, Tabby and Imogen both confided in their new crushes about their trauma and PTSD—and much like in the original, the guy seems like they will be a source of support, which is nice. Everyone needs supportive partners, especially when you’re being hounded by a psychopath.

Faran owned her power after a terrifying experience at the pool, and while being intimidating might warrant some haters—especially the dude she fired—it was also warranted as he was negligent on the job twice, and it almost led to a terrible accident. 

And I’ve got to ask, what’s with all the douchey dudes in Millwood? For every good one, there are several around to make derogatory and misogynistic comments for absolutely no reason.

What did you think of the episode? Is Bloody Rose taking things too far? How will the liars ensure their survival this time around?

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Premiere Review – Bloody Rose Waters Emerges as Millwood’s Newest Threat (201×202)



Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Premiere Review - Bloody Rose Waters Emerges as Millwood's Newest Threat (201x202)

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School hit Max earlier this week (it took me a minute to binge-watch without screener access, okay?), but I’m here and ready to discuss the first two episodes of season 2.

The series takes us back right to Millwood, Pennsylvania, picking up with the horrors of A–Archie Waters. What you thought the town would just forget about him? That the girls wouldn’t experience a lifetime of trauma? That being “final girls” would just be a blip on their radar? Absolutely not.

Archie Waters took something from them, forcing them to constantly look over their shoulder, anticipating the next attack. In a way, he did them a favor for what’s to come next, but living in constant fear also wreaks havoc on your mental and emotional state.

With A on trial, the saga was far from over, especially as the girls feared he would get off by reason of insanity. They’ve seen him escape police custody once, so they knew a mental asylum would never be able to keep him locked up. And, as film buff Tabby pointed out, he was tying up loose ends, which also meant the five survivors and Imogen’s baby, Estelle. 

The baby’s safety was a huge concern for Imogen, rightfully so, but Dr. Sullivan (yes, that Dr. Sullivan for OG PLL fans) suggested that she should probably stop paying the gay couple who adopted the little girl (she pulled back on the Ezria adoption as Ezra gave her “weird vibes”) so many visits as she was a beacon leading A right to her. The good part is that the girls seem to really trust their therapist and heed her advice, which is a huge step in recovery—the bad news is that Sullivan doesn’t understand the extent of what they went through, or how capable A, and now, Bloody Rose Waters, truly are. And as we’ve seen, the dangers are very much still out there—and still as real as ever.

Imogen may believe she’s experiencing hallucinations, but the Bloody Rose Waters she saw at the bus stop—and the one Mouse’s Lola saw standing outside the window while she was “sleepwalking”—pose a very real threat.

The girls seem very transparent about their struggle to move forward from what they endured under A’s reign, which is a welcome change of pace for slasher dramas. The self-awareness is very much appreciated at first, but then it’s washed away with moments where they brush off moments they should be bringing up: the random red roses, the unknown callers, etc. Of course, these all seem innocuous right, but would it hurt them to just bring it up as a temperature gauge? 

The frame of thought seems to be “don’t make something out of nothing,” with most of them just assuming that they are exaggerating as a result of the past trauma when they should be making the most of their hot girl summer—even if summer school is their biggest concern right now… for now.

Summer school and the hunt for a summer job are nothing in comparison to another deranged serial killer on the loose claiming victims left and right. 

The tales on Mouse’s obsession, Spookyspaghetti, aren’t just fables—Bloody Rose Waters is out there claiming victims, including the two students missing from summer school who decided to hook up in her shack and Sandy, who set her eyes on Greg, Kelly’s sex-obsessed boyfriend who has “needs.”

Archie and Rose’s body count combined clocks in at about 10 in the premiere, so it’s a bloody massacre in Millwood. The girls were right to be terrified it seems, and Mouse seems to get that hint when Bloody Rose Waters sends her a direct message on SpookySpaghetti. There’s no denying that she and her friend group are the target now…even if the means of communication is a little silly.

And this sparks the question—who is Bloody Rose Waters. Is it actually Archie’s mother? Is it someone trying to get vengeance on the girls? Because if anyone comes to mind, it’s Chip’s grieving mother who refuses to admit that her son was a rapist.

Who Is Bloody Rose Waters on PLL: Summer School?

Who Is Bloody Rose Waters on PLL: Summer School?

Of course, the messages all come on the heels of the girls giving their number out to a slew of new people in town—all of whom seem nice, but you never know the true intentions lurking in the shadows. 

Is it Christian, Chip’s replacement at the Orpheum who takes an immediate interest in Tabby? Is it Pastor Malachi, who has turned Kelly into some kind of revirginized Mary? Is it Faran’s swim coach (and I know the series is bashing Ezra and Aria’s relationship, but is anyone picking up on any chemistry between these two?), Is it Noa’s juvie lover Jen? Is it Kelly? Her whereabouts were seemingly accounted for, but you can never be too sure as the first victims were all people who were hooking up/looking to cheat. 

Could it just be Rose Waters? Seems kind of on the nose, but A was Archie, so it’s possible. 

Other options also include Mrs. Beasley, Kelly’s mom who has given herself to the church in light of her losses, or even Dr. Sullivan herself, which would be quite the delicious twist. 

For now, it’s hard to pin one person down as the season’s assailant, but there are plenty of newcomers who may have nefarious intentions.

Other Major Moments in the premiere:

  •  Faran becomes captain at the lifeguard gig, even after punching Greg in the face, and seems to be really growing into her own.
  • She also tells Henry she won’t be pursuing ballet, to which he replies by professing his love for her and giving up his dreams and staying in town to be with her. 
  • Imogen applies for a job at the local ice cream shop, Millwood Creamery, where a hot hunk named Johnny also works. 
  • Ash and Mouse are still going strong, but they are definitely concerned about her SpookySpaghetti obsession 
  • Noa’s mom remains in rehab, but her relationship with Shawn gets rocky when Jen comes back into town. She’ll have to tell him about the fling eventually. 
  • I love that they chose to play the throwback game of Bloody Mary in the mirror we all did in middle school. Ah, nostalgia. 

What did you think of the premiere? Are you excited for this season?

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Shares Cryptic Tease About ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on Halloween



Who Is 'A' on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

If you follow Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on Instagram, you were likely puzzled by his latest post teasing Pretty Little Liars Summer School.

As the announcement was made on Halloween, it’s a bit of a trick and treat—we know something’s coming, we just don’t know what that something is. 

“Happy Halloween! It may still be October, but it’s not too early to start thinking about summer vacation. Or in the case of Millwood High’s [Pretty Little Liars],” Aguirre-Sacasa wrote on Instagram that was accompanied by some pretty gnarly artwork.

The announcements immediately sent fans into a frenzy.

Is it a tease for Season 2 of PLL: Original Sin? Could it be yet another spinoff as part of the PLL franchise?

One user pointed out in the comments that the girl in the key art looks a lot like Karen, one of the mean girls from the first season of the PLL spinoff. The caption also mentions Millwood High, so it likely wouldn’t be a new show. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (@writerras)

And since the draws inspiration from 1981’s slasher parody Student Bodies, it’s in line with the slasher vibe that the first season embodied. 

Chandler Kinney, who plays Tabby, also commented on the post, writing, “SUMMERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!”

And she wasn’t the only one!

“The kettle is whistling, the TEA is HOT,” Bailee Madison, who stars as Imogen Adams, wrote, while Malia Pyles, who plays Minnie, emphasized the “summer” season in her comment. Zaria Simone, who stars as Faran, commented, “Kelly? Karen,” which also makes you wonder if the second season could be a prequel set prior to the events of season 1. 

All of this leads us to the very real possibility that the cast and RAS are dropping hints about the upcoming season, specifically, a premiere date.

And if that’s the case, we have a few months to prepare, liars! 

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