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Ravenswood- Scared to Death (1×05)



What a midseason finale! There’s not much that I can say about this show, cause it’s really something else. All I can say for sure is that I don’t ever want to die if that’s what its like.. We got some kind of Pandora’s box of clues, which raised more questions than answers and I’m starting to have a hard time distinguishing fact and fiction!

lkLast week Miranda found her mother and happily walked through an illuminating door with her, to a place she believed was heaven. She woke up in a house with her mother and father there and for a split second, things were the way she’d always imagined them. There was also a little girl in the closet that was apparently a stray adopted into the family. Miranda takes Max in, but don’t be fooled by the blonde tresses and small figure. The girl, Max,  is evil in the purest form.  Through some weird connection, Caleb is able to see Miranda in his dreams and sometimes even visit her. While Miranda’s blinded by happiness, he see’s clearly that this illusion is fake and fears for Miranda’s safety. I mean, did you see that demonic 360 head turn?!

iojCaleb’s uncle, Henry, who brought him this box of secrets last week, was found dead. Coincidence? I think not. The verdict, he was scared to death. Literally. This seems a bit fishy to Caleb, as it should be.  I can’t place my finger on Ray, nor can I figure out what his game is, but he killed the uncle. The question is why? What is he trying to hide? He also killed Miranda, of that I’m sure. And Ms. Grimwauld is also in on the secret as she pretends to be aiding Caleb in his mission to find Miranda, but telling Ray he has to do ‘this tonight’. Hold up, what is this? How does she know Caleb’s looking for Miranda? Is it normal to see dead people in Ravenswood? I just don’t get it.

As this show comes from the writers and producers of Pretty Little Liars, I’m not surprised that by episode 5, I’m utterly confused! Olivia’s boyfriend, Dillon, feels like he’s being replaced by Caleb and that she’s giving him more time than her own bf. She decides to include him in on some of the mystery solving and he proves to be quite helpful. He uncovers the code on the parchment as coordinates, which Remi leads them too after she sleep walks again. She feels this is the place their ‘suppose to be’ at. We also quickly realize that Remi and Luke’s relationship quibble has to be put on hold, because there’s clearly no time for drama amidst the search for a way to break the curse and not die.


The map indicates that the room their standing in was originally two rooms. The teens bash through a brick wall to uncover a room with two skeletons sitting inside. We’re than provided with this abstract and absurd explanation to the curse of 5. Initially, in the box, they found a love letter from Caleb to Miranda (the real ones). In this damp and death occupied room, they find a letter from Miranda to Caleb. They soon realize these aren’t just love letters but vows. The two got married on a boat, on the same night that they died. The two skeletons in the room were Thomas and Esther, a couple that barracaded themselves inside, wanting to die in hopes that they could bring Miranda and Caleb back from the dead and reverse the curse.

Okay, in simpler words, this is ridiculous, confusing and if true, means Miranda and Caleb, the Caleb we know from Rosewood, are actually people from like 100 years ago, destined soulmates that are here to break some spell. I’m sticking with Caleb on this one, this is ludicrous. We finally got some insight into the romantic lives of Miranda and Caleb , seeing their dopplegangers in the past. Could this really be true though? If it is, I want to know more of the backstory.


At the same time that these youngins are discovering the hidden room, Ray is digging up Miranda’s grave and Ms. Grimwauld is hurrying him up. She keeps insisting he’s running out of time. But for what? Which Miranda is he digging up? Why? He clearly knows where she is! In the end we see him put something in a jar and than place that jar in a box with all the other jars. What is with his fetish and jars!?!?

The teens find a picture of old Miranda standing by her family home and figure this is where the real Miranda must be. Through Caleb’s dreams, he’s realized that she’s in trouble and someone needs to go get her out of that house. She’s trapped living not with her parents, but with demons. Once the teens enter the house, they come face to face with the little blonde girl in the red coat. Why must all creepy characters be little girls singing childhood songs like Ring Around A Rosie. Seriously? Not cool. They were tricked into coming to this house and from the looks of it, this was a mission to eliminate Caleb?


Anyways, they find Miranda and do their best to convince her to leave. Pretty soon the house is shaking and in walks Miranda’s mother pleading for her to leave with her. Miranda asks if she remembers when she taught her to bike ride and her mother admits it was the happiest day of her life. Well, tricks on her cause Miranda never did learn how to bike ride. The demonic thing finally tells her that the truth doesn’t matter, as long as she’s happy but thats living an ignorant blissful life and Miranda’s smarter than that, so she leaves the house. As Caleb tries to jump out, the house starts collapsing and he falls, coming face to face with Miranda. He’s able to touch her, to feel her. He’s DEAD!!!! But instead of freaking out about leaving Hannah behind (uh you remember Hannah right? You were just talking about going back to Ravenswood and snuggling with her) he says that he feels content being dead with Miranda. Fortunately for him, it is not his time yet and Miranda sends him back to life, where he is in a hospital bed with the rest of the gang surrounding him.


Here’s where the biggest mystery comes into play. Liv calls Dillon after the accident and he comes to comfort her in the hospital. He leaves the room to get some ‘coffee’ and the little girl in the red coat comes walking through the hallway. Yep, still creepy. He proceeds to follow her to the room and I’m over here thinking, ‘Great this is a trap, she’s going to kill him.’ But no!!! Their working together and Dillon’s upset that Caleb survived. He angrily tells the little girl, “After all we did to get them in that house.” And the little girl admits that “Their connection was stronger than I thought.” I’m assuming this means Caleb and Miranda’s??? He continues by saying, “He’s going to be very unhappy.” Who is?? Who are they working for? Why do they want Caleb dead?

Are these two teens that accidentally met on the bus when Caleb was going to find Hannah soul mates from the 1900’s?? Is this Marlene King’s way of telling us that Caleb and Hannah are going to be ‘dunzo’. Hannah (Ashley Benson) guest-starred on this episode in order to reiterate that the couple was still together. Caleb has been keeping all the supernatural doings in Ravenswood a secret from Hannah most likely to protect her. He hasn’t even told her Miranda died. Hannah wanted to surprise him stating she booked a room at the Ravenswood Inn, but instead Caleb told her to cancel it cause he was coming back home. Therefore, a set up for Caleb to come to Rosewood for the January premiere of PLL and deal with some Ali is alive drama. I don’t know how this kid is keeping up man!! I January cannot come fast enough.

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Ravenswood Cancelled!




ABC Family has pulled the plug on the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Ravenswood. After just one short season, (well half) the network has cancelled the ghostly, supernatural show.

Are you surprised by this decision?? At first, we at CraveYouTV  hated the show. But with time, and that insane cliffhanging winter finale, we’re craving more!!!! This decision is totally disappointing!! On what grounds ABC Family??!?!?!

It also raises so many questions. What’s going to happen to the five teens? And Abbadon? And Colins? Will those poor souls affected by the curse ever be freed? And what about Caleb and Miranda? Will we ever see closure to their relationship? I mean, she’s dead. It’s not like she can really come cruising into Rosewood.

On the upside, Caleb is heading back to Rosewood to spend more time with his sugar plum Hannah!!! Woohoo reunion!!! Will he just forget about his friends in Ravenswood and the curse though? How are the writers going to play this out!?!?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts with us!!! And if you want to make a difference, check out this PETITION that was started to bring back Ravenswood!


Featured Image CR:(ABC FAMILY/Ravenswood)

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Ravenswood- My Haunted Heart (1×10)



“Whoever questions this gets the same answer: death”

Hannah arrives in Ravenswood, while the five teens a lot of answers regarding the curse, Collin’s and the real story of what happened to Luke and Liv’s father. Tragically, or not, a (sort of) main character dies, while another one possibly finds love…

tyler-blackburn-ravenswood-my-haunted-heartAfter some digging Remy figured out that the kid she keeps seeing in her “visions” with the bleeding eyes was actually a blind teen killed by the curse, who is trying to show them the truth. He’s appeared to Remy multiple times and once to Liv, and showed them certain situations which would help them better understand the curse (the signing of the pact, Collins’ meeting with Dillon). Desperate for answers, they thought that if they went to Luke and Liv’s dads old office, he would come and show them who really killed their father. It’s a long stretch, but it worked. The teen transported them back to the day of their fathers death. Papa Matheson was on the phone with Mama and looking at articles about the curse (ah so he knew!), when Dillon bolted in and stabbed him with the three edged blade. As much as we all wanted answers, this scene was a punch to the gut and was painful to watch. I mean, imagine seeing your boyfriend kill your father!!! It was unsettling and showed us just how in deep Dillon had actually gotten with the curse. Thankfully, while Liv was balling her eyes out on Luke’s shoulder, Remy noticed that Dillon touched a book leaving his fingerprint with some blood. Evidence putting Dillon at the scene of the crime!!!

imagesWhile this could be exactly what Mama Matheson needs to get the po-po off her trail, it makes no difference to Dillon. (I know its bad to rejoice, but I can’t help it.) Back at home, Remy was attacked by the man of the hour himself. She put up a good fight but ultimately, ended up getting knocked out and dragged out of her house. Cue the missing person’s report. When we’re dealing with supernatural forces, there’s not much the police can really do. Dillon kidnapped Remy in order to bring all the five teens together in the chapel for Reverend Gabriel. In a blurry of red-light and confusion, Abaddon started chanting a curse while Miranda started getting her pulse back. Suddenly Collin’s ran in to stop him to stop the spell and spill some beans about the curse. While, Miranda really wanted to come back to life, it was a trap. The reason none of the other teens died, is because they all had to be alive in order to die. That’s why they were in the car together, but something went wrong because only Miranda died. Which technically means, their all semi-safe.. as long as Miranda stays a dead sacrifice and no one figures out how to bring her back.

images (1)All of this left Dillon really confused. It’s safe to say the deals that Dillon was making with “him” was with Reverend Abadon and not Collin’s. It’s still unclear what Dillon and Collin’s talked about in the car the night Remy saw him, but it seems like Collin’s is actually good, which makes Miranda a happy camper. While Abaddon was trying to bring Miranda back to the living, Dillon ran for it (probably thinking he was getting sacrificed to bring her back). On his run, he encountered Max, the creepy little blonde girl who told him she would help him. As Dillon followed her, he fell on train tracks and well, you can figure out the rest. It’s safe to say you can’t cheat death. And you can’t make deals with him either.

NICOLE GALE ANDERSON, ASHLEY BENSON, TYLER BLACKBURNWhen Caleb confronted Collins about Dillon being the murder, he was actually really surprised and shocked by the information. Collin’s has been helping this whole time. I think that’s when the pieces started coming together for him and why he ultimately ended up at the church. When he spoke to Caleb he admitted that everyone he knew who tried to break the curse died. He wasn’t going to risk that, so in order to keep the souls taken by the curse safe, he kept them in locked in the jars. This was his way of keeping order in an un-orderly town. When Collin’s went to help the teens and stop the chant from bringing Miranda back to the dead, he traded Abadon something, or should I say someone, who was much more powerful: Caleb Rivers the original one. At the end of the episode, we see Miranda still dead sulking in the cemetery when old Caleb finds her. For him it seems like a reunion with the love of his life. Could this be the Caleb she’s really in love with? Is Miranda actually old Miranda??? What does any of this mean?

han 1It would be good if old Caleb and new Miranda started a relationship because her chances with new Caleb are slim to none. Also, maybe old Caleb can shed some light on breaking the curse! After all, Caleb and Miranda are more powerful than Abaddon when together. Does it matter which Caleb and Miranda?  While new Caleb does have feelings for her, he’s in love with Hannah, who made a surprise visit this week and kind of reconciled her relationship with her ex. There were a lot of emotions associated with this reunion as Hannah finally found out that Miranda is actually dead. Isn’t that a trip. She comes to Ravenswood to give Miranda a piece of her mind for stealing her boyfriend and finds out homegirl is dead. Even better? That her boyfriend can still see her and talks to her on a daily basis. Yeah, I’d be like “sayonara” too.  But, Hannah’s reasonable. She’s got enough craziness going on in Rosewood with A drama that she can kind of believe Caleb’s story. She has an emotional but sweet telepathic conversation with Miranda in the church, than finds a sulking Caleb and explains that as sad as she is that Miranda died, it breaks her heart that he almost did too. Thank god she doesn’t know about the curse of 5!!!  She gives Caleb a big kiss and is on her merry way to safety…. Well, not really. I don’t think she’s any safer in Rosewood than she is here now with Spencer on the Ezra trail but at least these two got their happy ending!  With such a season finale, it’s going to be impossible to wait till next season!!!


Other Burning Questions

  • So it seems that when Caleb was in the chapel with Miranda, the list of six names was originally the people who were suppose to be in the pact. Those names only included Dillon and Caleb’s, so what about the others? Obviously, Dillon traded his spot with Liv’s but that didn’t really help him. Now that he’s dead, is she safe? Did other families switch? Did getting married change curse last names? If so, it would mean only six families were royally screwed every time there was a war…
  • Will Dillon stick around and be a ghostly companion to Miranda?? It’s a possibility. Maybe Collin’s has his hair follicle in a jar too. He would be able to shed some light on the curse too, although its too bad Olivia can’t get her revenge.
  • Alright… lets talk about Max. Who is she? First she tried to trick Miranda into thinking her parents were alive. Than she was working with Dillon. And recently she wanted to lure in Hannah. Plus, we saw her in the Halloween episode and she wasn’t less creepy. What’s the deal with her?
  • Is it safe to conclude that the spider lady was just Abaddon in disguise?
  • Is new Miranda the same as old Miranda? If not, why is her meeting with old Caleb so important? If the original Miranda and Caleb were the only two people that had the power to break the curse, could old Miranda be substituted by new Miranda? Is that why Abaddon didn’t want Miranda dead?
  • Will the police find evidence incriminating Dillon or was it just a waste of time informing the cops? Will they finally let momma of the hook?
  • Collins keeps the souls of the victims safe until the contract is broken. How can that happen? What do we need to do?? I say we form a huge group and work on breaking it right now!!!


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Ravenswood: Along Came a Spider (1×09)



“You can still crave something you can’t have.”

Amidst all the crazy and spooky things happening in Ravenswood, Caleb (and the others) still has to go to school. His first day offers some new revelations as it pertains to the curse. And while we’ve ditch the scary nightmares, we’ve moved on to deserted chapels and steamy saunas….


Caleb’s probably the only one who attended school and its a good thing he did because his history teacher Mr. Price ended up giving him some insight on Collins.  Price has never trusted Collin’s and mentioned that it’s odd that Colin’s wont let anyone into the little chapel in the cemetery. Obviously, this sparks Caleb’s curiosity, but Miranda assures him that there isn’t anything out of the ordinary there. Once inside, a beam of light shines onto a tile on the floor, which reveals all of the members that signed the pact for the curse. Caleb’s last name, River’s, is the only one on the tile, along with Dillon’s last name. Also, Caleb pretty much alienates everyone by chatting up with his ghost friend, you know something normal people do. It was cute, but definitely set himself up for being the freak of the school. The perks of being a ghost though is that you can totally slam lockers and haunt the people that are mean to your friend!

hvkThe Matheson’s just really can’t catch a break. On their first day of school, Luke and Liv’s mom is arrested. Shocker. At this point we’re 9 episodes in and I think she’s been arrested in like 7 of them. Despite that, the twins stay home and fret about what to do. While the family doesn’t have enough money to post her bail, Miranda snoops in on a conversation between Rochelle and Raymond and urges Liv to take Collin’s up on his offer to help their mother. He ends up mortgaging his funeral home and getting her out of jail. But, at what price? While Miranda might have seen a softer side of Raymond, I still don’t think he’s trust worthy. What will he want in exchange for Rochelle’s freedom? He’s already keeping the curse from everyone…. unless the mom knows more than she’s letting on.

hvklDillon finally shows up and sweet talks his way back into naive Liv’s heart. All her anger and Springer’s warning go out the door when Dillon mentions that he was at bible camp after his mom found condoms in his drawer. Yeah, ok. Can’t believe Liv fell for that one. She might be book smart, but she’s really lacking the common sense gene. But Luke being the overprotective brother, doesn’t believe Dillon’s story for a second. He confronts Dillon in the locker room after the game, and gets a lot more than he asked for. Dillon confesses that he made a deal (with the devil) and sacrificed Olivia to “him”… him being the ultimate demon man running the whole show! Meaning he was suppose to be in that car that went off the bridge, but made a deal to get out of it. Yeah… Worst boyfriend award for sure. He also warns Luke that he can’t hurt him because he’s got backup and his supernatural friends fog up the locker room and strangle Luke until they get bored.  When he’s finally home and tells Liv the news, she seems hesitant to believe him. After all, she knows Dillon best right?!


Luke really has a lot on his mind now. Aside from his mom getting arrested, his girlfriend sleep stabbing/ drawing, a curse that is suppose to kill him, a funeral man getting cozy with his mom, and his sister’s psychotic boyfriend, he’s also pretty upset after finding out she slept with Dillon. A part of it is the fact that she’s sleeping with some crazy evil guy, but most of the anger is at the fact that his sister did it before him. When he mentions this to Remy, he makes her feel a little guilty that she wanted to wait till they graduate high school. Poor girl has enough on her plate trying to get answers from Springer and getting shunned from her father’s magazine for printing an article questioning if Springer’s father was wrongfully put into prison. That article was her bribe for Springer to tell the cops he planted the knife in Liv’s backyard. She’s trying to do her friends a favor!! But ultimately, I feel like she’s the next one to die from the group. She came really close during her nightmare and now she’s just getting weird chilly vibes when walking around town almost as if the universe is saying, ‘You’re next.’

Other Thoughts

– If you’re a ghost, one of your biggest worries is not being able to drink papaya juice. It sounds pleasant, yet depressing all at the same time.

-The scary lady Luke’s seeing that has a spider crawling out of her face!  What’s that all about? I have no idea, but I hope never to see it again. It was gross. Did I mention I hate spiders?? A lot!!

– Why is Collins in the car with Dillon at the end of the episode? Did Dillon make a deal with Collins and that’s why he’s safe?

– Since Remy saw the two of them at the end, does that mean she’s going to pay for ‘seeing too much’ again.

-When Hannah comes to Ravenswood in next weeks season finale, will she finally find out the truth about everything???? Will Hannah and Caleb get back together!!! AHHH… fingers crossed!

– On the tile, there are only two names of the teens that are supposedly in this curse. Who are the others? Did their last names change along the way cause of marriages?? What are we not piecing together here?

– By sleeping with Dillon, did Olivia seal the deal and his fate that he would live? Is she going to get pregnant now in some twisted turn of events?

– Why does at least one person take nightly strolls?? These people are just asking to get killed. Where are you even going??!?!

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