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Red Widow

Red Widow- The Captive



“Whatever you have to do. Whomever you had to do it to.”
At first I found the storyline of Marta’s young daughter kidnapped for ransom kind of predictable and totally worthless. I thought it would be Schiller to the rescue, Marta falls in love and that whole dynamic of being stuck in a “bratva” would be over. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to see the characters grow and expand in a way I didn’t even think about.

Natalie was ditching school and acting weird all because she felt like she was alone. No one would tell her the truth about what was going on, so she decided to try and help her brother out by throwing some graffiti on a brick wall with the killers shoe on it. Alright, not the smartest move but she is only like 15, I’ll let it go.

Poor girl couldn’t expect to be kidnapped, especially not by her uncle Mike. Of course the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. Mike lost his wife and owes a whole lot of money to some really bad people. He can’t get any shipments, Marta fired him and he’s addicted to the white stuff. What better way of getting some free cash than by kidnapping your god daughter. Of course, knowing her mother is completely loaded after the passing of your best friend and that she would do anything for her daughter. Totally avoiding the fact that she is a Petrov and working with Schiller.

What was interesting is that Natalie stood up for Mike and protected him, despite what he did to her, because he was the only one that was truthful with her. Well, up until he told her that Schiller killed her father. This of course, is probably completely false, but it does lead to an interesting story arc. Natalie now knows her mother is doing a lot of stuff to protect the family and clean up her fathers mess. Seeing the two of them bond after being reunited was really touching and some great writing. There is nothing stronger than a mothers love. While Marta was suppose to do a drive through of the boats through the waters to see how long the shipment of Alexandra’s guns would come in, she was sidetracked by an amber alert, technically. This mean that Schiller paid her a visit at home and Natalie heard her mother confronting Schiller about “working for him.” Lets just see how that one will play out. I still think that the shoe has to do something with Marta father and his body guard. 

Well while Marta couldn’t do a test drive with her boats, she trusted Evan to do it for her. I don’t know why people keep trusting him but they do. He was than informed by Gabriel that this was where the packages were hidden. So now Evan has all of Schiller’s missing coke, he’s on the boat with Schiller’s employee, whose trying to strike him a deal to get into the coke selling business. I don’t know about you, but I already sense trouble for everyone involved, especially Marta. Involving the children in drug matters is probably the biggest mistake one can make.

I don’t understand why the grandfather is allowing Gabriel to be involved in “bratva” matters, but this is an obvious parenting failure for Marta, whose trying to keep her family out of the drug business. I don’t blame her, I just don’t want Gabriel to go down that road. Especially seeing how your grandfather and uncle beat down on someone who was clearly a family member at one point. Its sickening to teacha young boy that and Marta is clearly not doing a good job, since her father wants her to strike up a deal with Alexandra Dechenko and her family and ultimately take down Schiller. It doesn’t seem like thats going to happen. My prediction; Marta now knows how powerful Schiller is. She will hopefully ask him to track down her husbands killer based on Boris’s memories. That will lead to her papa and his mob, which will than cause turmoil for the whole family. That including the fact that Evan is sleeping with his father girlfriend, who honestly gets treated like trash on the show (not that she comes off any different.) 

Two things I enjoyed within this episode. Kat was finally spending quality time with her husband, even if it is to tell him she has the hots for agent Ramos. And agent Ramos was nowhere to be seen and hopefully minding his own business dealing with his crack headed wife. Ultimately though, if the Petrov-Walraven family comes into war, and the Deschenko, Schiller and Ramos families are involved, I am strapping myself in for the ride. Definitely potential for this show, yet I don’t think that a break is needed just yet as the writers are still trying to establish themselves as a serial, especially when week to week the numbers keep falling. This week their down to measly 1.0 for 18-49. Could it possibly be that too many good things are on Sunday nights? Would a different day work better for the crime-thriller? 

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