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Red Widow

Red Widow- The Escape



“We live and die by our word.”
Red Widow is picking up the pace and with Irvin out of prison, nerve wrecking moments are a dime a dozen. Although everything went wrong on Marta’s first consignment, nothing about it was really hitting a nerve, making me anxious or fearful for her life. In comes in the really dumb brother, who makes poor life decisions and puts everyone in danger; now I’m worried. Instead of running as she had planned to, Marta ends up doing another deal with the devil thanks to her brother, who promises Schiller that he can get Orson to be their grower. One problem? Orson isn’t on board Of course after a punch to the gut, a gun shot wounded man and some negotiation, Orson ends up on board. Good for Marta, if that’s what you consider good nowadays. 

My problem with Schiller is the way he lives his life at ease. He’s genuinely happy having this control over people. People fear him and people risk their lives for him, granted he can kill them at any moment. He thrives off of his need to control and people suffer because of their lack of control in their own life. Marta lives in fear knowing she has no real power over her life and that she cannot protect her children. She never wants that for her kids. Obviously, the only option is running. Or sleeping with the enemy, which I think that’s where this is going. See, Schiller has the hots for Marta and in some twisted way, she’s going to be involved with him for more than just consignments. You have to do what you have to do to survive I guess.

That will and need to do anything to protect her children is something she clearly didn’t inherit from her father. When he came to Schiller to ask for his daughters freedom, I believed he was a good man. Schiller agreed as long as he would give up his land and retire. He than came home and told Marta that he tried to persuade Schiller and it didn’t work. Is money and drugs really that important that you would risk the well being and safety of your daughter? Well apparently. Although Marta doesn’t know about the deal yet, I’m sure when Schiller slips up about it, it will drive a huge wedge between her and her father, which is exactly what Schiller wants. 

Luther seems like a genuinely good man. Its funny because when you see all these drug dealers, they all have this huge line of protection, They have their men and they have security. Marta walks into this blindly and alone, but with Petrova instincts and she comes out of it alive, everytime. Luck of the Russian? I doubt it. She’s got good intuition, which is what makes her very valuable to Schiller. Luther seems to truly want to protect Marta and I could see their relationship going to different places as well, but I’m also suspicious. Boris has been remembering things about his father’s death. Natalie is drawing out the shoe that Boris remembers the killer wearing. When Luther see’s this, he becomes very on edge and takes the drawing to “look into it.” Could it be possible that Andrei and Luther were behind the shooting of Evan? Maybe they thought he was bringing danger to the family or he was a potential threat to Andrei’s business? Schiller is definitely not behind it and there doesn’t seem to be anyone else that would want Evan dead, given they all said he played it safe and was on good terms with many of his “employees.”

Although, I think Irvin is probably the dumbest drug smuggler out thee, Mike is pretty pathetic in his coke addiction. Because of his gambling problems and his coke problems he’s putting Dina in danger. It was sad to see how blind Dina was to the whole situation, but its even worse that Marta, her only friend doesn’t just tell her the truth and keeps her in the dark. Mike is no good for Dina and he’s just putting her in danger. Marta has a point that he should leave Dina before he puts her in some real harm. Maybe witness protection would be good for Dina, since Marta doesn’t trust agent Ramos. I know as humans were always skeptical of the police. But is going in with the enemy really safer than just turning to the cops for help?? Why is she so not trusting of agent Ramos?? Could the fact that his wife is also addicted to heroin play a major role in why he’s trying to save Marta from destruction? His need to help someone cause he couldn’t help his wife?? Things are starting to pick up on Red Widow. Hopefully so are the ratings. 

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Red Widow

Red Widow- The Hit (1×08)



“I’m About To Give You A Reason To Trust Me or Kill Me.”


The (and I will series finale although it was technically the season finale) was a battle between whose lying and betraying whom. All in all, the ending tied the storyline together really well with a legit conclusion while leaving Red Widow open for a possible second season. If it goes, it goes with dignity.

Martha ended up on top. She found out that her father killed her husband, which was probably the lowest of lows but something I saw coming. While she was planning to kill Schiller for her husbands murder, she didn’t realize she was being manipulated by her father and Luther, who purposely made her believe Schiller’s men murder Evan by cutting off the guys toes and sticking the shoes on his feet. (gross!) Truthfully, I hated dadushcko for his disgusting way of life, greed and ability to kill his daughters husband and take his grand children’s father away. Drugs really have a way of ruining a family. But what was even worse is that he had other men do his dirty work. Definition of coward.


I like that although the father was such an ass to the mother, she ultimately got the credit. Throughout the whole season she was always the quiet one pretending that she didn’t know about anything that was happening. Well in the end she was the only one that knew who actually killed Martha’s husband. Luther was also given justice as a decent guy when he vouched to protect Martha despite getting smacked in the face and ended up quitting the business when the guilt and the blood on his hands got to him.

All loose ends were tied up. Aleksandra lost to Schiller as she was so convinced he would never do anything to hurt her. Obviously, Schiller is dangerous but he has a weak spot for Martha, especially since she told him the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as dangerous as it could be. They brought the Duchenko family down, which leaves them at peace for now but opens up a new story line for a potential second season. Martha also succeeded in the gun shipment, getting Aleksndra’s money, putting the Petrov Bratva behind bars, saving her brother, and finally freeing herself from Schiller’s reign, something she’s been fighting for the whole season. In the end her family had some peace and quiet, finally.

The kids vengeance left open for next season. Although a weak cliffhanger, Red Widow isn’t promised a renewal. Despite that, Natalie and her brother are still convinced that Schiller killed their father and they are obviously looking for revenge. Its clearly a poor attempt, but yeah. The show really had so much potential, but it failed to deliver or even wow in the same way other ABC shows do. Farewell Red Widow.


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Red Widow

Red Widow- The Recorder



“Even dangerous people need reason to kill.”
My predictions were right and the Russian mafia proved it; Schiller has the hots for Marta. While she proved to be trustworthy and capable to Schiller on this weeks Red Widow, she also is putting herself in grave danger. Its one thing if your drug lord boss has jobs for you, its another when he has the hots for you. It will end up causing him harm because he will let his guard down eventually and Marta will either take advantage of that or fall in love with him as well. There is only one thing that Schiller’s been successful at doing and that’s taking Marta out of her comfort zone. 

I take back everything I said about trusting the cops. While they want to protect Marta, sending her in to Schiller’s office bugged is just dumb and way too risky. They want her to help them build a case against Schiller, but if he had found that out, he would have shot her right than and there. For now he needs her because the only reason’s he’s getting any shipments is through her. She’s persuasive, but she also has Petrova blood and that intimates people. I have to give this girl props, while she’s being a mom and taking care of her kids with mediocre life problems, she’s also living this double life. What is stupid though, is allowing the drug smuggling to happen on your marina and than taking your little son’s class on that same marina. Stupid. Just thoughtless. That place is crawling with dangerous people. But, that stupid move revealed the location of the stolen coke. If Marta can give all of that back to Schiller, maybe he will let her off. Yeah, I doubt it too, but it was worth a try. She’s too deeply involved and too knowledgable about Schiller to be able to make a run for it now.

Her father hates rats and he’s ruthless. He acts surprised that Evan was working with the police, but he is also trying to convince Marta that Schiller is responsible for her husbands murder. In reality, I don’t think thats the truth. I think that her father is responsible for her husbands murder, I just don’t know why. Was Evan a threat to him? Did he know he was working with the police? Both the father and his security guard act way too intimidated by the picture and the fact that Boris is remembering things from that night.

The relationship drama is actually what adds spice to the drama. Mike dug himself into a huge hole and his only way of getting out was working with Marta on those shipments. Without the money and the missing coke, he’s basically done for. Dina did a smart thing by leaving him because as much as it hurt her, she would eventually end up being ransom or something for her husbands mistakes. Young love in the air, fueled by hormones is always troublesome. Gabriel is experimenting with not only sex, but drugs, with his older girlfriend. Gabriel is an interesting character because he takes care of his family, but at the same time has to grow up and experience things for himself during this confusing time. I’m sure sex and drugs aren’t the answer, but it brings back Marta into the “real” world, with children being children. If I was a mother I would never allow that girl back into my house because of her horrible influence on my kids. She’s around so much, I feel like she knows too much and she’s actually woking for someone.

The most surprising relationship was that of Kat and Agent Ramos. While Kat’s wedding was just weeks ago she’s already feeling like it was a mistake. She seems like one of those free spirits that met someone an than just hopped on the wedding train. She regrets her marriage cause her husband isn’t understanding. He doesn’t accept when she’s helping her sister through a hard time. She can’t tell her husband about anything going on in her life and she finds a deeper connection with agent Ramos, who deals with drug lords and families all the time. She secretly has had a crush on him, but when he was sitting there feeling horrible about not being on watch when Evan got shot because his wife was overdosing, that was the part that got her. He really feels like its his fault Evan died. He puts his life on the line for the Petrova/ Walraven family despite all that he has to deal with at home, which is a wife that loves drugs more than him. He works to protect people from it, because he knows what happens because of it. 

Next week looks to be quite interesting because Natalie gets kidnapped. Why someone is targeting Marta’s children is beyond me. Could it be Mike trying to get revenge on Marta for firing him? No one else really has it out for Marta and we can rule out that its Schiller because in the preview she calls him for help. I’m really rooting for this show and hoping it doesn’t get pulled off the air because the storyline seems promising. There are definitely faults and loopholes with the plot and characters that need more development, but I feel that once it picks up momentum, we will see the improvement. 

Memorable Quotes

  • Schiller’s father: I want to look her in the eye and see is she’s trustworthy.
    • Schiller: She isn’t.
    • Schiller’s father: Slave labor never is.
  • Alexandra De Costa: This is a celebration
    • Schiller: What’s the occasion?
    • De Costa: Its Tuesday.
  • Alexandra: You were married to long to see how another man looks at you but be very careful. If he has feelings for you he will hate you for it. 

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Red Widow

Red Widow- The Consignment



I don’t want to bash Red Widow, like most sites are doing. The ratings could definitely be better at this point. “Consignment” came in at a Nielsen rating of 1.1, which is pretty mediocre for an ABC show following the likes of “Once Upon a Time” and “Revenge”. I think the reason is the Red Widow hasn’t developed its niche or its core audience. Its trying a little bit of everything from crime fighting drama, to drug trafficking, to family issues and its just a bit jumbled. In a way it reminds me of the CW’s Ringer. It had so much potential, yet it couldn’t really establish itself with the viewers. 

The third episode was kind of dull. Although it was suppose to be this big deal in Marta’s life as it was her first consignment to Schiller to pay off all her husbands debts, it moved quite slowly and without much action. She ran into every problem she could, solved it while her partner in crime was snorting cocaine and his wife was stupidly oblivious to the fact that he’s in the drug business in the first place. Than Marta’s wingman Logan got shot after she brought him to the delivery of the cocaine because Schiller saw him as a liability. In Schiller’s mind your either a liability or an asset to him and Marta is an asset because of her keen sense at fixing problems and her Petrova bloodline. He assigns her another job, which establishes that she is basically working for Schiller now.

Agent Ramos is on the scene at the Marina because he has been keeping close watch on Marta and trying to keep her from doing something stupid, which is obviously whats happening. He has no leads on her and is unable to stop the shipment from happening– good for Marta because Schiller would probably kill her if the feds got involved. But with a family of three, she is in no position to be a mob drug boss. Her only way out is to run. Now if she confided in agent Ramos, maybe he would be able to help her and her family disappear, but there’s no guarantee that it would keep her father or sister safe as well. Plus Schiller would hunt Marta down until he found her and killed her. She knows the in’s of the business now, so therefore she’s a liability.

The most interesting characters on the show are the children. Boris is dealing with seeing his father get murder, except that he doesn’t really remember anything. All he knows is that whenever he hears a motorcycle, he hears the gun shots. He’s being tormented by nightmares because his subconscious wants him to remember. Eventually, he reveals to big sister Natalie that he remembers the killers shoes had a yellow stripe on them. Natalie is also a captivating character because she’s no longer a girl, but not really a teen; she’s a pre-teen, who see’s her mother freaking out and talking about guns. She has an idea that her mother is in some danger and involved in something bad and when no one will give her any answers or advice, she takes Boris and goes straight to agent Ramos. Bad for Marta, who clearly cannot juggle the stress of drug smuggling and raising a family. She is missing all the signs that her children are in danger and scared for her. I think that incorporating the children in to the mix will create for a very twisted and dangerous storyline. I can see them being put in witness protection or something of that sort.

Like I said, Red Widow has potential, but the writing has to stop being monotone. Its passive and not aggresive. When a Russian mob show becomes predictable (I mean everyone knew Logan was about get shot) it takes away from the mystery, the fear and the excitement. The writing needs to be less Twilight, because the audience isn’t young pre-teens. There is a lot of competition on those networks and we need to be able to fall in love with the characters, fall in hate with them and fear for them without knowing what will happen next. So far Schiller doesn’t scare me one bit and I don’t really care if the brother dies in jail. Step it up!

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