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The Resident Lost Love The Resident Lost Love

The Resident

The Resident – Lost Love (1×09)



Even fluffy, adorable puppies couldn’t lift our moods after tonight’s heartbreaking The Resident. Although, we really appreciated Cookie’s efforts.

Lily’s biggest mistake in life was choosing Dr. Lane as her doctor and trusting her doubtlessly.

Initially, I thought Dr. Bell was the biggest villain in the series but I was gravely mistaken. He may have ego but he still has some soul left. Dr. Lane? There’s nary a good quality left in her.

She murdered Lily in cold blood simply to get revenge on Nic for trying to recommend her patient to a different oncologist. A doctor who claims you don’t need a second opinion raises many red flags. If she was so confident in herself, she would be confident that after getting various opinions, they would still come back to her for treatment. But she knew that if anyone else were to see her files and treatment plans, they would whiff out her scam and she would lose millions.

It’s utterly disgusting.

How can someone purposefully kill an innocent girl and celebrate by grabbing dinner?

What’s worse is that Nic didn’t even know she was walking into a trap. She’s going to have to carry that guilt for the rest of her life. And her career? She can kiss that goodbye because Chastain is getting ready to get rid of the “problem” doctors; the one that cover up mistakes by calling them “complications.”

Of course, the world isn’t a fair place and the people that actually are making the mistakes and costing the hospital money — Lane, Bell, etc. — won’t be terminated, but the decent doctors who put in long hours and personal energy into the patients will be the first to go.

The higher-ups in Chastain wear so many faces. Lane showed her ugliest side with this stunt, but Bell wasn’t any better.

He knows he’s running out of time as Claire tries to eliminate surgical errors by installing cameras.

Somehow, he’s been avoiding close calls like Catherine’s emergency surgery, which would have definitely revealed his inability to perform.

Conrad conveniently pulled him off because Catherine is his ex-fiancee and he couldn’t risk anything happening to her.

If everyone knows his nickname that Bell’s nickname HODAD, how is Claire so out of the loop? It seems to be common knowledge that he fudges up procedures and puts patients at risk.

Sadly, just because all the interns and residents know something, doesn’t mean they can do anything about it.

Who would the boards believe? Someone that’s just starting out their career or acclaimed surgeons and doctors who have years of experience? That was a rhetorical question.

However, since they’ve involved Devon’s fiancee Priya, we’ve found out something very interesting — many of her patients are in complete remission for incurable cancers.

It could be a miracle or it could be that she’s misdiagnosis patients.

It felt a bit like foreshadowing when the other oncologist asked for a full workup, including a name of who referred Lily in the first place. If no one referred her, maybe she was never sick! Can you imagine if Lane was pumping chemo into a perfectly good patient to line her own pockets?

Ugh, this woman just keeps getting more and more despicable.

I hope they bring her down and make her pay for every single person she’s put at risk. This definitely means war.

I was really rooting for Lily — she’s become the picture of innocence in this series — and was convinced Conrad would be able to save her.

His refusal to give up on Lily so painful because there wasn’t anything more he could do. He was so emotionally invested in her care and she was just gone and he couldn’t bring himself to let go.

That’s really what makes Conrad such a great doctor — he cares about his patients.

At first, I thought Catherine’s visit would be really cliche; old girlfriend comes to get treatment from an ex-boyfriend and tries to get back with him.

But in actuality, Catherine helped move the Conrad and Nic storyline forward while allowing us to learn a bit more about the doctor and his feelings for the nurse.

His relationship with Catherine fell apart for the same reason it ended with Nic — he couldn’t open up and fully let them in.

However, Catherine tells Nic she must be special as he gave her his mother’s ring, which she still wears even though they broke up.

“You must mean a great deal to him if he gave it to you,” she adds.

Nic confronts Conrad about it and he reveals that his mother told him to give the ring to “the love of his life.”

If you weren’t shipping these two before, you definitely are now.

Catherine admitted that Conrad has definitely changed; he’s no longer the wild and rebellious guy she knew. I’d argue that he’s channeled his rebellion into defying authority and breaking rules to help his patients. But he’s still a guy who needs guidance from Nic and she loves him enough to be his rock.

However, as much as I’m rooting for them, I don’t mind seeing them in the friend-zone for now because they make it work.

Conrad is walking proof that you can stay friends with your exes, even ex-fiancees.

He couldn’t be more genuine when telling Catherine about her pregnancy, especially since he knew how badly she always wanted to have kids. And he went out of his way to save her during unexpected surgical complications.

To be honest, if my ex was a brilliant doctor and all-around good human like Conrad, I’d probably seek treatment from him, as well.

Thoughts on The Resident? What will happen to Nic after she inadvertently killed Lily? Will they find any incriminating evidence to take down Lane? When will Nic and Conrad get together?

And most importantly, will every episode feature puppies?

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The Resident

The Resident – Betrayal (2×17)



The Resident / FOX

Mission save Dr. Abe Benedict and destroy Gordon Page was in full swing on The Resident.

And Chastain’s finest succeeded in accomplishing both!

FOX needs to stop snoozing on this show, get with the program and renew it for a third season because it’ll be a shame if they flatline while delivering some of the best and well-rounded storylines on television.

I’ll go on record and tell anyone and everyone that The Resident is straight up good TV.

For much of season 2, it seemed like Gordon Page was untouchable and indestructible, but his day of reckoning eventually came.

And damn, it was satisfying.

Gordon Page finally met his match in Marshall Winthrop, who risked everything to bring him down.

I have to say, there was a moment where I thought that Winthrop was going to align with Gordon Page despite knowing that his devices were defective.

I’m so happy that wasn’t the case and that fooling Page was all part of Winthrop’s elaborate plan concocted alongside Conrad.

These two have come so far. Conrad genuinely cares and worries about his father.

Gordon became sloppy and began leaving bodies around, figuratively and literally.

While Julian’s disappearance was still a mystery, AJ found Abe unconscious following a botched suicide attempt.

The whole moment screamed ‘Gordon Page is trying to tie up loose ends.’

Even AJ knew that his friend and mentor would never try to kill himself nor would he, a renowned heart surgeon, miss his actual heart.

Saving Abe wasn’t just a priority because of AJ’s relationship with him, it became necessary if they even wanted critical intel to bring Page down.

Marshall’s elaborate plan hit a bit of a snag when Gordon Page requested to see proof of life from Abe, but the timing couldn’t have been better because Pravesh’s plan to save Abe worked just as Conrad got the call from his father.

We never got a full explanation to what ‘SEVER’ meant, but it seemed to prove to Gordon that Marshall wasn’t bluffing.

However, Gordon was tipped off by Marshall’s watch which wasn’t the 80K Rolex he was wearing earlier in the day.

I’m not a watch person, but even I know that watch people are very detail oriented. How did Marshall not consider that?

At that point though, it didn’t matter all that much.

The FBI heard Page’s admittance of guilt and were on their way to put him away.

I was actually surprised that the FBI followed through considering Page had plenty of government agencies in his pocket turning the other cheek when Julian attempted to bust him.

Conrad rushed over to Quo Vadis after everything went down worried that his father was hurt.

And after seeing Marshall unconscious on the floor and the cops wheeling out a body bag, I truly believed that for a second, Marshall made the biggest sacrifice for the greater good.

Thankfully, Marshall walked out of the situation relatively unscathed. And he redeemed himself not only in Conrad’s eyes but also the viewers. I’m sorry we ever doubted you, Marshall. And I am SO GLAD you’re okay.

Conrad’s heart couldn’t take it if he found out he allowed his father to walk into a deadly situation.

Gordon’s attempts at running from the cops were idiotic, but he also didn’t have anything left to lose.

Seeing his car go up in fiery flames was a joyous moment, one that felt as if all balance was restored.

Page was a promising bad guy with villain-like qualities, but his storyline didn’t overstay its welcome.

However, the fact that they wrapped it up so quickly and permanently makes me wonder that maybe The Resident writers are preparing for a series finale and tying up loose ends in case they don’t get renewed.

Ah, I really hope that isn’t the case.

With Page out of the picture, it’s safe for Julian to come back into the fold.

Yep — she’s alive!

A promo for the upcoming episode confirms my speculations — Page didn’t succeed in getting rid of her completely, but she did go into hiding for some time.

What do you think happened to her after her car was run off the road?

Seeing Julian was comforting, but I much rather the writers kept that a surprise until the actual episode. This is why I hate watching promos sometimes!

Will Julian and Pravesh find the spark they had before she went away? Has she moved on?

One would argue that a focus on taking down Page and saving Abe would have been enough to fill a 45-minute episode, but The Resident never skimps on emotionally-laden patients of the week.

Conrad and Nic focused on Evan, a patient who was admitted with mono and ended up being placed on an ECMO because his lungs were giving out.

We were all rooting for Evan and his best friend, Sydney, who realized she had feelings for him only after it became evident that he might not make it out alive.

Side-note: I’ve had mono before and it was excruciatingly painful. I definitely did not look as together as Sydney did throughout the course of this episode. What a lie.

Evan’s condition created a bit of conflict between the staff when both he and Abe needed the ECMO yet there was only one available at Chastain.

The residents were forced to have a meeting of the minds to decide who the more deserving patient was.

While AJ and Pravesh made compelling arguments, they allowed their emotions to cloud their judgment.

Mina was absolutely right — no matter how much they wanted Abe alive, Evan was the more deserving patient.

How terrifying is it that these are the kinds of issues hospitals deal with? That doctors have to choose between two patients because supplies are limited.

It’s ridiculous.

My least favorite thing about these patient-of-the-week storylines is that all too often, we don’t get much closure.

Did Evan survive? AJ telling him that “he’s alive because of Nic” was the only acknowledgment we got about his prognosis.

Was Sydney finally able to tell him how she really felt?

I became so emotionally invested in their love story, I would have wanted to see how it ends.

What did you think of “Betrayal?”

Are you happy Gordon Page is finally out of the picture? Are you glad Julian is alive?

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The Resident

The Resident – Adverse Events (2×16)



The Resident Adverse Events

Well, Gordon Page is a pain in everyone’s side, isn’t he?

I don’t think I’ve ever despised someone as much as I despise him. Page will do anything to make his money including knowingly killing and hurting patients.

Sadly, the same can be said for Marshall Winthrop.

Do you know how we all believed that maybe Marshall had turned over a new leaf after his near brush with death and reconciliation with Conrad? We were wrong.

Winthrop successfully stopped Page’s VNS from going public by convincing the military that his products were shipped from China, but he then turned around and tried to make a deal with Page that would make them both a lot of money.

Winthrop saw just how dangerous the defective VNS was, saw how upset Conrad was because it put Henry’s life at risk, and he still put business first.

My jaw was on the floor.

At this point, everyone has become a target for Page.

Zoey was Chastain’s only hope and bringing light to Page’s defective device and even she managed to be bought out.

This twist really upset me because Zoey trusted the man and the company that almost killed her child.

Page should never be trusted, and though his offer was appealing, Zoey’s main goal should have been to spread awareness so that other parents didn’t go through the same thing.

Instead, she allowed herself to be silenced by a man who has gone back on his word multiple times and cannot be trusted.

If Marshall buys out Quo Vadis, Page won’t honor the promise he made her and she will have lost the only chance at going public.

Then, of course, there’s Abe who seemingly knew about Page’s defective valves but refused to talk unless it was with AJ.

It’s a shame Mina and Pravesh couldn’t reach him in time because his meetup with Page afterward was eerily similar to Julian’s just before they ran her off the road. It was nice knowing ya, Abe.

Aside from the hoopla surrounding Page, Bell treated a colleague, Simon, a man he’s known since his residency.

Simon saw how much Chastain changed Bell, but the two still remained good friends.

His prognosis was bleak but as a gambler, he decided to have the risky surgery and hopefully “beat the odds.”

Sadly, he didn’t, and the scene with Bell cleaning up the operation room with such care was a beautiful sendoff to Simon.

He did him proud, even if he couldn’t save his life.

This season has unearthed a more complex Bell; he’s no longer a one-dimensional bad guy. Bell gets along with his co-workers despite the few spats with Conrad, he cares about patients, and he’s back to doing surgery and being good at it.

His dynamic with Simon and the way he cared about him even after his death humanized Bell and made him a more likable character.

Nic was split between Chastain and her clinic with Alec as she helped one of his patients from back home with a gallbladder issue.

But really, we’re all laser-focused on the fact that Alec made a move on Nic despite knowing she’s with Conrad.

Nic handled it professionally, but things are never going to be the same between them.

Alec isn’t wrong about the chemistry between them, but is it enough to jeopardize what she has with Conrad? Would she even want too?

I just hope Alec respects her and her relationship enough not to go in for a kiss.

I wouldn’t be opposed to the two of them as a couple, but my heart beats for Conrad and that will never change!

What did you think about this week’s The Resident?

Did Marshall make you proud only to dissapoint you in the same scene? Is Nic going to fall for Alec? Is anyone going to take Page down?

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The Resident

The Resident – Stupid Things in the Name of Sex (2×14)



The Resident Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

Can you feel the love tonight?

Most of Chastain could except for Pravesh of course who was still mourning the loss of Julian.

In fact, Pravesh was right in pointing out that it seems the only person who cares about Julian’s disappearance is himself.

The police don’t seem to care, her family doesn’t care, if it wasn’t for Pravesh it would be like she never existed.

Pravesh didn’t spend too much time moping around, however, because of Mrs. Gertie, Mina’s neighbor who passed away unexpectedly.

Both Mina and Pravesh dedicated much of their time to finding out what happened to Gertie as her self-absorbed, money-hungry niece only cared about the death certificate so she could score her aunt’s money.

But Mina and Pravesh’s vested interest actually saved the nieces life. A rogue autopsy performed by AJ led them to the discovery that Gertie had an aneurysm.

When they scanned her niece, they found the same aneurysm was causing her headaches and would have ruptured at any moment.

AJ is in love with Mina, that’s undeniable, but as I’ve said before, I love that he respects her relationship with Micah.

And because of AJ, Mina and Micah may be engaged!

That is is Mina accepts his cliche Valentine’s Day proposal. Micah’s a good guy and it’s clear Mina loves him, but I have a feeling she’s going to turn him down and that’ll lead to a break-up.

Seeing as Mina just watched Pravesh pull the plug on his wedding, I doubt she’s going to be gung-ho about getting into an engagement herself.

Plus, I don’t foresee her curbing her worries about Micah’s heart condition which isn’t healthy for their relationship.

Mina and Micah’s break-up will then allow for some sparks between Mina and AJ. Though, at this point, I’m content with their friendship remaining strictly platonic.

Jesse went to rehab which is a good sign for her relationship with Nic.

Nic made good on her promise to be there for Jesse if she agreed to get help and thus, she had to spend Valentine’s Day at rehab’s family night.

I’m still confused as to Conrad and Nic’s fight from two episodes ago when she made it clear she wasn’t interested in moving in with him yet, however, it seems like these two are going strong.

A Valentine’s Day date with mozzarella sticks and sparkling water is honestly better than any fancy dinner. Good job, Conrad.

Even the cases of the week were romantic in nature.

Conrad’s patient was a man suffering from dementia brought upon by years of alcohol abuse. As his memory was withering away, his husband made a conscious choice to exist with him in this new world even if it wasn’t what they’d planned on.

Dr. Kitt’s patient may have been the funniest as he was looking for love in all the wrong places and positions.

Seriously, car sex seems really dangerous.

Though Kitt’s lecture about all the germs in the hospital was laughable as I think every couple has hooked up at Chastain at some point, including Irving and Jessica.

I wouldn’t be surprised if pretty soon Bell and Kitt hook up in some spare closet or something.

Their relationship is bound to happen and I’m not complaining, Kitt brings out a gentler side of Bell that’s going to be good for Chastain.

As for Irving and Jessica, well, it’s about time they made things official.

I don’t exactly understand why Irving felt it was necessary to keep their relationship a secret or why he needed to see another woman become interested in him to realize Jessica was the one, but hey, at least it happened.

Thoughts on tonight’s The Resident?

All the love delivered a slower-paced episode but sometimes, that’s exactly what you need before things really heat up.

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