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Revenge- Resurrection



“Let the punishment fit the crime. Victoria took my mother away from me, its time I took her daughter away from her.”

Ding Dong, the bitch is back. And the way she returned was nothing short of impressive. This weeks episode was filled with surprises, retribution and deception. After failing to get Charlotte’s part of the inheritance, there was nothing else left for her to do but to revert to plan B. But plan B was dangerous and full of manipulation, which is clearly what Victoria is best at. Together with her spiteful husband Conrad, who was speechless when he found out she was still alive, she plotted against the man with the white hair. Its funny because although they were allies, she was always scared of him. He had been with her through everything, every murder, every spiteful plan and now she was turning her back on him like this. That’s the thing about Victoria, when you look at her there is nothing left there, not even a speckle of soul. This union is a pretty bold step and opens up a lot of doors. First off could there be a possible reunion? Probably not since Conrad was a bit too eager to take his anger out on her face, but you never know what people are into these days. Secondly, what happens with the children. Honestly, no matter what kind of messed up stuff is going down, if I was Charlotte I would not let this go so easily. She is so eager to believe the best in people and believe her mother, whom I still cannot figure out. Is she in this to save herself and her daughter or is she just in it for the money? Also, Daniel is a pretty smart kid.  The way he stood up to Conrad and how he acted to help out his sister was noble. I hope this doesn’t mean he will forgive his father and let him off the hook. The children are too easily fooled with made up stories rather than investigating and questioning the real motives. All I know is that the bond between Emily and Charlotte is really adorable and I know that Emily won’t let anything happen to her sister. Its quite touching, but it must be very hard to live such a lie. 

You can never really trust anyone. At least, that’s the world Emily lives in. Once you know to much you become a liability and the only way to get rid of you is by death. Even after she forked over all her evidence against Victoria to the white haired man, enough evidence to exonerate him, he still attempted to kill her. Sure, he told her a little bit too much, like the fact that her mother was a smart and brave woman just like Emily and that they never really were successful in killing her. This means she’s still out there right? But was she ever crazy or was that all Victoria’s work?  Well I guess we won’t be getting that answer from the white haired man since he got shot by the man spying and working for Takeda.  But who is he?? Why is he helping Emily??? Is he helping Emily??? In previews we see that she’s not so fond of him. But than again, previews can be deceiving.

As usual, relationships. The most disgusting couple on this show has to be Ashley and Daniel, mainly because they aren’t really in love. I think she might even be in love with Conrad. It makes senses since she’s always wanted to become Victoria. Ashley and Daniel don’t even have that connection, there’s no spark. Its just empty. Same goes for Amanda and Jack. Although she really wants this relationship to work out, it just wont because both of these guys are still in love with Emily, probably because she’s just so real and humble. Which is quite hilarious if you think about it because she’s the one with the deepest secrets and lies. Yet, who is she in it for? Jack? She told Amanda that she would alter the pregnancy test results, and although she did and now Jack knows the baby is his, she still told Amanda that it wasn’t. Is that only to get Amanda to skip town so she could be with Jack? Vicious is what it is. Its a dog eat dog kind of world out there in the Hampton’s. Lastly, for someone who has been so out of the loop with relationships, you know ever since his gay encounters last season, I sense some romance. At least thats what I think the whole point of his accountant or whatever being introduced. 

Honestly, I cannot foretell what the next few episodes hold, but all I know is that there will be a lot surrounding the death of the man in white and Emily’s mother. Where the story will go once she finds her mother, I have no clue, but thats the beauty of a good T.V. show, us normal people just cant figure it out.

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Revenge- Two Graves (4×23)



And just like that, we close the chapter of Revenge. We say goodbye to Victoria Grayson, David Clarke, Emily Thorne and most importantly Amanda Clarke. Can I say I’m totally content with the ending? Yes and no.

Amanda said, when you embark on the path or revenge, always dig two graves. One for Victoria- may she rest in peace. The other, for Amanda and all the parts of herself she lost along the way. That was metaphorical. The second grave, was for her father, David Clarke, who got a piece of her back that was gone before the revenge. In the end, she gained time to get to know him, but lost him to the cancer. You always lose something while gaining something else.

But let’s reverse a little shall we. We picked up this final episode with Amanda admitting that she was guilty of killing Victoria after finding out Ben had been murdered. She knew the only way to end this once and for all was to get transferred to a maximum security prison and break out with Nolan and Jack’s help.

When Victoria found out Amanda was out of jail, she began taking precautions. But, eventually, her heart got in the way of things. Margaux had set everything up; she got Victoria a passport and a private jet out of town. But, Victoria decided to attend her own funeral where she heard Louise speak fondly of her. She decided she didn’t want her to mourn her death, so she asked Margaux to bring Louise to her. She was obviously really shocked, but agreed to keep Victoria’s secret.

Victoria admitted to putting her mothers body in the explosion, hence the dental records that came back linking the body to Victoria. Before she sacrificed her mothers corpse, she went to visit her in the hospital. I didn’t really get the point of this whole scene and only really figured that Victoria had the same relationship with Emily as her mother had with her. Plus, she’d also failed as a mother with all of her children, but her weakness was that heart of hers, which ultimately got her killed.

When Amanda learned that Victoria used her mother, things were really set in motion. Nolan figured out that Margaux was helping Victoria by hiring hit-woman White Gold. When they realized White Gold was coming for Emily, it was too late. Thankfully, David made the call to 911 and they saved Jack, who did quite the job defending himself from the assailant.

This led Amanda to make the ultimate choice- she was ready to kill Victoria. But how? How would she find out where she was hiding. Louise! After finding out Victoria had played her, she realized that Nolan had been right the whole time; Victoria was a manipulative bitch who didn’t care about anyone but herself. She physically brought Amanda to Victoria’s hiding place and I couldn’t have been more proud. At this point, Victoria knew she was going to die– you could see it in Amanda’s eyes. She was done playing- she knew the only way to end this once and for all was to end Victoria. As she was about to pull the trigger, David shot Victoria. As she lay dying, she used her last breath to pick up a gun and shoot Amanda.

Okay, at this point, I was like holy crap, Amanda cannot die. We’ve come so far. Done so much. Four-years worth of revenging…. They can’t both die at the same time right? Right! Amanda was saved, spent a lot of time with David in his last few months before the cancer took him, reconnected with Charlotte and married Jack.

Sort of perfect ending if you think about it. She got her revenge, she got to know her dad, she got rid of the bitch and she got the boy. Sure, she lost a lot of people along the way and part of herself, but I feel like it was worth it. She knew what she was getting herself into when she started this whole thing. And that’s what’s most important.

Louise finally redeemed herself. Margaux also took the high road, helping Nolan bring down White Gold and turning herself in in honor of Daniel. She wanted to be proud of the person she was and helping Victoria destroyed her soul. It’s funny if you think about it. Victoria thought she had all these minions who seemed faithful but weren’t because eventually, they realized they were fighting for the wrong thing. Amanda was painted as this evil person, but she did everything out of love. Victoria, she did it for self-preservation and she wasn’t afraid to throw anyone under the bus.

As Amanda and Jack jetted off into the sunset, after having a beautiful wedding with Carl as the ring bearer, she had a terrifying dream. At least, I hope it’s a dream. In it, the doctor thanks Charlotte for agreeing to use her mothers heart for a heart transplant to save Amanda. It seems rather ridiculous that they would include this though and maybe, Amanda’s heart really does belong to Victoria now. Maybe in a funny way, she ended up having to save her. And this was Charlotte’s way of getting back at her mother. Or, it’s just a reminder that she’ll never shake Victoria. Either way, we’ll never know and I guess its left up to interpretation.

As for Nolan, I feel like that was also left open for a possible spinoff show. He was so worried about what he would do after revenge since he got so good at it and Amanda made sure to send a guy his way that a. could be a potential love interest and b. needs help getting revenge for his mother. Oh, how things never change.

Were you satisfied with the series finale? Are you happy Amanda and Jack ended up together? Do you wish David Clarke made it through? Are you glad Victoria is finally 5 feet under? You know she never stood a chance against Amanda. I say, I’ll be content with the finale because Amanda, well, she pretty much got everything she wanted and more. I raise my glass to you Ms. Clarke!

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Revenge- Plea (4×22)



Alright Revengers, are you ready for the end? Next week is the series finale of Revenge and I am completely devastated. While I agree, the show needs to end, I don’t think all of my questions can be answered in one episode. I don’t think the closure I need from this weeks episode can come in 45 minutes! With that being said, lets tackle the biggest moments of this weeks episode…

  •  Louise got smart for one second and figured out that Victoria might be faking her own death. Who knew Louise could consider Victoria as anything but an “angel.” That didn’t last long however because she told Margaux that she found a hoodie similar to the one Ems wore when she allegedly attacked Victoria and the French liar once again fooled Louise into believing bull. Ugh get it together Lou-Lou!
  • After all this time, you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised by Emily’s bold decisions, but I still am. Why did she think switching her ankle monitor was a good idea? I don’t care how good Nolan is at his job, you know she’s going to get caught. You know Ben won’t let up and he’ll come to check on her. She was asking for trouble. If she involved Nolan and Jack in this for years, she could at least accept their help. Although I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t go cause they would end up dead.
  • Charlotte Greyson returned and it was tragic and totally useless. Rehab has done wonders for her yeah. She turned over a new leaf and is “helping” people, but did we really need to see her just to know that she didn’t care if her mom “died” again. She might be the smartest person in the Hamptons knowing her mom is capable of faking her own death just to get ahead.
  • Jack willingly helping Emily, believing her and bringing down Margaux was sweet to see. Thank god he finally came to his senses. And Margaux was key in Emily finding out how Victoria got away with such an elaborate plan. Also, how the hell does Emily know how to get keys in jail and stuff? Her life skills are on a pro level, for real.
  • David only has 6 months to live… give or take since the cancer has spread to his brain. This pissed me off. Emily did all of this just to lose her father to cancer? And without even getting a decent amount of time with him? I call BS!
  • Emily finally told Jack she had feelings for him and it wasn’t all that it should have been. When they kissed the nigh Sammy died, it still felt real. Then Emily fell in love with Aiden and now seeing her “want” Jack seems delusional and totally passionless. Boo.
  • Can you honestly believe Margaux stooped down so low? She was even the one who attacked Victoria just to frame Emily. And she’s using her magazine to expose that truth. It’s so sad since she was actually a pretty legit character before hitching her wagon to Victoria’s.
  • So the bitch isn’t really dead. She’s totally alive. Victoria is alive. We knew that, we speculated, but it was still really shocking seeing her casually walk out of the shower only to come face to face with Ben.
  • Who was in disbelief because this whole time he thought Emily was crazy but she was actually telling the truth. She was the one he should have trusted. Unfortunately, when he finally realized all of that he was stabbed by Courtney Love’s character and died. Oh Ben. He never even saw it coming which makes him a crap cop. But it was still sad. Let’s just say Emily won’t be happy to hear about this and there’s one more person just gone that could have corroborated Emily’s story! So, how will she get out? How will she prove her innocence?

Do you think Emily will die next week? The episode is called Two Graves which links back to the very first quote of the show… When starting Revenge, always dig two graves. Is one for Victoria and one for her? For her dad? For her old identity- Emily Thorne? I’d be super pissed if Emily, Nolan or Jack died… I’d literally take my red sharpie out and start avenging them. But, the promo doesn’t look too promising for either Victoria, Jack or Ems. What do you think? Use this week to mental prepare yourselves!

2. Victoria is alive. I mean, we speculated it would happen, but seeing her casually walk out of the bathroom still stunned us.


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Revenge- Aftermath (4×21)



Ding dong, is the bitch really dead? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure…. she’s turned the tables on the revenge game and it’s not looking pretty for Emily.

After Grayson manor exploded, no one seemed to think much of it. Amanda thought that it was pretty good timing considering she was closing the chapter on Emily. Louise and Margaux seemed to think it was karma. No one thought it was Victoria’s evil plan to make Emily pay for everything she’s done. That is until they found a body and positively ID’d it as Victoria’s.

Then people thought it was simply a suicide, considering Vicki left a suicide letter for Margaux. Nolan was like ‘omg I can’t believe she’s gone’ and Amanda figured a world without Victoria was pretty sweet. That is until Louise began thinking with her southern little head and saw Victoria’s staged break in. That’s when Emily became suspect number one. After all, Victoria, her sworn enemy, died in her house. Coincidence? I think not.

When she came in for questioning, she didn’t have an alibi like the rest of the suspects. Well, she did but it was a dead guy and Ben wasn’t falling for it. He needed proof and Emily willingly gave up her car to be fingerprinted so that they could see, she did actually talk to Mason Treadwell that day. And that’s how she fell into the trap. Who would have thought Victoria and Mason were actually working together? They finally pulled out the big red sharpie themselves…  and all of this was staged to frame Amanda for Victoria’s death. When he met up with Em’s in her car, he wasn’t sick… he was dropping Victoria’s hair and spraying her blood on the floor. How cruel.

When he finally called her to tell her what’s up– after she cleared his name of course– he also sent her a little goodbye message from Victoria, which conveniently deleted off her server just as the cops, with Ben in tow, came to arrest her for murder. Emily genuinely got played and she didn’t see this one coming. Gah! In fact, neither did I.

The big question is, is Victoria really dead? I can’t seem to believe she’d actually blow herself up just for the sake of revenge. But, the actress that plays her, Madeline Stowe, said Victoria is definitely not returning if the season gets renewed. So maybe she did really pull the trigger one last time. The second question, is this really the end of Revenge? I was really leaning towards heck yes. But after this weeks episode, I just don’t see how they can wrap all of this up in two episodes and actually be fair to the audience. I’m thinking, Revenge needs to be renewed for at least another half season!

Other Important Moments

  • Margaux is trying to expose Emily but honestly, a woman from her grave can do it better. Can we just get rid of this character once and for all? And can she take Louise too?
  • Jack returned from LA because clearly it looked totally suspicious that he was leaving the minute Emily’s house, with Victoria in it, blew up. He iced Em’s out completely until Ben told him that Emily went chasing his plane to stop him from leaving. He won. Emily loved him. He came to tell her that night but unfortunately witnessed her getting arrested for murder. Now, it’s really all up to Jack, David and Nolan. Will they believe their girl and get her out?
  • Em’s also finally found out her dad had cancer. There’s nothing this girl can’t overcome and this will just be another obstacle for them. Plus, being framed for murder might be worse at this point.
  • Charlotte Grayson returns next week. What team will she be on? Team Emily? Team Mom? Or Team WTF is going on? I pick the last one.
  • Poor Nolan. He was finally falling for someone and then boom, the dude breaks up with him cause his adoption just went through and he needs to be a single dad. Touching but I also think he’s up to no good, so maybe not as touching as I thought.

What are your thoughts? Will Emily free herself from this “revenge” plot of Victoria’s? Is Revenge done for good? Will she finally walk off into the sunset with her dad, Jack and baby Karl? How mad would you be if Emily ended up getting screwed over in the end!?



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