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Ringer- Oh God, Theres Two of Them



“Mr. Butler, What happened to your wife?”

Breathe. The plot line of ringer just keeps getting more and more twisted, so before all of you get lost in Shiv/Bridget’s mess lets clarify it a bit.

First off were taking by surprise the minute the show opens and Henry and Andrew both tell detectives that the girl in the picture is Bridget Kelly. Wait what? How did they know. But Bridget is always one step ahead of detectives, even if she doesnt cover up her tracks thoroughly occasionally… For example when detectives came to her house and she went into the other room and faked a “Bridget” phone call. Don’t you ever think What If someone walked in on me right now? I sure as hell would be more paranoid then she ever is. She’s very good at fake “hating” herself I might add. 

Juliet’s teacher creeps me out and the story line was made oddly unbelievable by the fact that we have only met her teacher once- at the same time she met him. There has been no other instances where the two have been together honing a relationship. I guess the writers left it for us to assume that they see each other everyday and have gotten close but I just felt odd when that happened. Sort of like Andrew did when he got that call. And seems to me like Monica is going to be paying the price for that night for quite a while. I’m intrigued how the little trust fund brat will cope with being well, “poor”.

Charlie. Good old Charlie. He had me fooled!!!! After Bridget confided in him and asked him to be her new sponsor, she decided to trust him and ask him for help with the whole “Where is Jemma situation.” After she told him where the car was I was a little confused on why he was being so sneaky in a hood and all but then it happened!!! He broke into the car, cleaned up the blood at which point I was like wait, no. Thats evidence dude! Then he called Siobhan and told her that everything was still according to plan! The flashback of the night when Jemma was murdered shows Charlie doing the deed. He is Siobhans hitman! My question then is how far will Siobhan go? She had no problem killing her best friend. What does she want? Is she trying to frame Bridget? Get back at her? What could have been SO bad that her sister would go through all this trouble to ruin her life??? Also, when Bridget told Victor Machado that her sister was in Europe was this sheer coincidence? Does Bridget know more then she’s letting onto? Are the writers trying to instill some sense of “twin connection” bond even through all this hate and madness?

Lastly there is the Malcolm story line. I’m 50/50 on this one. They really expect me to believe after weeks of torture to this poor man Macawi would let him out of his sight with two, pretty stupid, hitmen who would leave him abandoned while they went to pee and he would suddenly regain all consciousness and strength and break free. Conveniently he was also by his house to get his wallet and then knocked out one of the guys and ran away. Kind of a stretch to believe if you ask me but lets pretend I did. Why would he go to New York and lead them right to Bridget? He even mentioned that they will find her because wherever he goes Bridget is always close by. He’s just asking for trouble. And then Bridget ends up fainting after she see’s him at Jemma’s opening party and he’s at the hospital!!! How is she planning on explaining the baby situation. I mean she’s obviously not pregnant! Or is she??? On this show you just honestly never know anymore!

Memorable Quotes

  • Andrew: Really Juliet?
    • Juliet: Their not here for me!
  • Juliet: Oh God, There’s Two of Them?
  • Bridge: Bridget represents a part of my life I thought was over. I never thought I’d see her again.
  • Bridget: Can I get another wish?
    • Malcom: Sure
    • B: I wish you never leave.
    • M: Where would I go?
    • B: People leave all the time.
  • Siobhan: Trust me the less you know the better.
  • Charlie: Falls under the category of too many questions right?
  • Siobhan: I guess I was afraid if I told you the truth it would change the way you think about me. I know its wrong sometimes its easier to lie.
  • Siobhan: Andrew, no one tells the truth 100 percent of the time. Being honest makes you vulnerable and thats scary. I’ve already lost too much I don’t want to lose you too. 
  • Juliet: What are you going to do put me up for adoption?
    • Andrew: No because I know you would actually enjoy that.
  • Juliet: You owe me bitch, like 10 million dollars. 
  • Siobhan: That you didn’t know how much you loved her until you couldn’t tell her. 

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Ringer- I’m the Good Twin



“I knew you were too good to be true… Bridget”

Oh My, What a season finale! For every horrible or un-clear Ringer episode we have been given the finale and they literally pulled out all the stops on this weeks episode. For starters what are we going to focus on now that Botoway Macawi is dead???? That, aside from many side story lines, was our major concern. What will agent Machado do now? And does this mean that Bridget is finally safe to get her well deserved second chance??

Bridget really did become a better person in the 7 months that she knew Andrew and Juliet. As messed up as she was before, she was always a better person than Siobhan. All Siobhan does is destroy the things around her because of her need for vendetta. Her sister never intentionally killed Sean, but because of that mentality she hasn’t been able to let go, so she holds on to what’s safe. And in order to keep Henry, she needs to lie. Except that it seems Henry grew some…. and was finally one step ahead of her. He caught her in a lie and realized that she’s the reason his life is falling apart. A woman that is capable of killing her own sister is definitely not a woman that can be trusted. Without any remorse he literally just threw her out onto the street. I have never been prouder in my life. 

If Bridget wanted too she could have kept her real identity hidden. She could have went on a great vacation, with a man that was deeply in love with her and she could have gotten married and lived happily ever after, but she would always live with that guilt. The guilt that she was lying to the people she loved most. So she told the truth. Of course, after revealing that you’ve been impersonating your twin sister for 7 months its perfectly understandably that everyone would push you to the curb. What really pissed me off is that no one really asked why she did what she did? Sure, Catherine is mentally sick so thats her excuse but Bridget has a legit reason too! She was being chased down by a psychotic murderer….. If thats not a valid excuse I don’t know what is.

But than we come to that pulse rising, heart stopping scene in the loft where Bridget realizes that Macawi is in the building, but Siobhan is already being attacked by him. I had absolutely no idea how this was going to end I just knew that the it was about time Bridget realized Siobhan was alive and playing her. I didn’t think Bridget had it in her to shoot someone but than I guess if she didn’t shoot him he would have killed her without thinking twice about it. What really caught me off guard was when Bridget came into Henry’s apartment and demanded answers and he told her the truth! He really is on this whole honesty kick! My assumption for next season is that Henry is going to team up with Bridget to get revenge on Siobhan and Arbergast. I know if I was Bridget my number one priority now that Macawi is dead would be to get revenge on my manipulative, lying sister. 

 I also think that Andrew will come around and realize that although Bridget lied to him, he hated Siobhan, but was able to make a life with Bridget that actually left him happy. Not once in those 7 months was Bridget a threat nor did she come off as a prostitute druggie. He couldn’t even tell the difference between them both. Plus, once he finds out that Bridget was set up and lied to by Siobhan, he might think differently about the whole situation. Plus Juliet really bonded with Bridget and Bridget really is the reason that they were a family.  But what’s going to happen when Andrew realizes the real Siobhan is alive and just gave birth to his twins? I swear it is like one day your life is going smoothly and the next your on a sinking ship. Either way, the producers, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, really did one on us with this episode! It’ll be exciting to begin a second season with a whole new motive and storyline. 

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Ringer- Its Called Improvising, Bitch!



“I mean whose life is so pathetic that they have to pretend to be someone else?”

Sorry for the late Ringer update but believe it or not it actually wasn’t on Tuesday where I’m at but rather aired Sunday night. Nonetheless, it was full of OMG and gasp moments! How many of you are happy that Catherine is finally locked away??? You know Machado was fired from his job for being too into his cases, well someone needs to be since the police are not capable of protecting the innocent. But that love triangle with Olivia threw me for a curve. This just proves that Catherine really isn’t all there and all she needs is someone to comfort her. First it was the whole scam with the teacher, who she was sleeping with. Now she planned to kill Siobhan cause she stole her husband so she slept with his partner… Clearly not all up there. It really is unfortunate that Juliet has to witness all of this. I wonder what this all means for Martin Charles now that the police know its a ponzi scheme and they finally found Olivia. 

But lets talk about the problems that Henry and the real Siobhan might have. While Henry may or may not go to jail, Siobhan tried messing with the case again. She was at the scene where the witness took too much cocaine and died right than and there. Truly sad but my question is when the cops get there and they will, wont they check the place out? If she left those passports I’m sure they have her finger prints on them. Anyways, the closet really isn’t the most convenient place to go into labor but unfortunately for Siobhan thats what happened. I assume that she had two twin girls, which kind of make the odds of the kids being Henry’s more believable because he already has twins. Either way, Henry is definitely faking being in “love” with Siobhan since he asked for a paternity test. Do you guys think the kids are his? Wouldn’t it be something if they were actually Andrews! Seems to me that if Henry had to throw Shiv under the bus to save himself and get his boys back he definitely would.

This brings me to Bridget. After hearing Catherine call her pathetic for living someone else’s life she hit a weak spot. This is the moment where Bridget will realize she has to tell the truth about who she is, but she is risking loosing Andrew and Juliet and going back on the streets. Jail is even an option if Macahdo finds out. Is honesty really worth it at this point? Although maybe its better if she tells the truth because the lid is bound to come off sometime. Does no one really catch on that Siobhan just gave birth to twins at a hospital, while Siobhan was a hostage at home with her husband and daughter? I mean really, someone please make the connection. What do you guys think will happen on the season finale? Preview spoiler alert: Macawi is getting his revenge on “the wrong girl.” Whichever the right girl is anyways.

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Ringer- If You’re Just an Evil Bitch Than Get Over It



“Lucky for me dead men don’t talk.”

With the ways things were going it was just a matter of time before someone went completely crazy on Ringer. That is if Catherine wasn’t already looney. I don’t think many sane people hire hit men on their ex husband’s new wives, no matter how jealous they are. I will admit that this was well played on the writers parts. I knew Catherine would go to extremes but to physically try to kill Siobhan. And after she slit her own wrists only to make Andrew feel guilty for her pain. That’s ridiculous. Its actually a surprise Juliet is still “normal” with a mother like that. As most of the episode seemed to be pretty bland and monotonous, Catherine really brought on the drama. And while danger seems to be following Bridget’s middle name, its a good thing Machado is still working on the case despite getting put on probation. We need more cops like him around. Cops that are willing to break the rules and do some illegal sh*t just to get to the bottom of something. (By the way how creepy is it that that guy was actually hiding a dead, frozen body in the basement of his house. A house that his wife and kids lived in. Gross). Anyways, the fact that Machado got the finger prints for the picture means that Catherine cannot get away with staging Siobhan’s “murder.”

Siobhan really just destroys everything she touches. She ran from a marriage with a husband that hated her and a step daughter that despised her. Yet, when Bridget took over she somehow pieced the whole family together. Its because of Siobhan that Gemma is dead. Now Henry has lost his boys and is going down for the murder of Tyler. If thats not enough, Siobhan tried to fix the situation by paying the maid to change her statement. You know you may be able to manipulate Henry Shiv, but other people will do the ethical thing when it comes to testifying against a murder. How long before she gives up the charade and reveals herself. I mean these people must really be clueless since they haven’t figured out that for some reason multiple people keep claiming to have seen Siobhan in places Bridget hasn’t been. Piece the puzzle together Bridget, it will really bring some new light to your world. She caught on to Henry’s lies its about time to realize that your sister is full of them. 

Aside from the psycho ex wife and screwed over Henry, the show has sort of lost direction. Yes, they picked up the hit man storyline again and cleared that one up, but in the process we lost the Macawi storyline. After all this time why is he still looking for Bridget? Is her life not in danger anymore? And truthfully, how the hell will everyone get out of this mess sane? Seems that the odds are against Henry, Siobhan is going to pop her unborn child out any minute, Bridget may or may not live and Andrew and Juliet are going to need LOTS of therapy after they lock Catherine up in an institute. Oddly enough, she really is the only one that shows any emotion in this show. 

Memorable Quotes
  • Catherine: I just want to die.
  • Machada: Do you have any idea who might want you dead?
  • Arbergast: I will make you and Siobhan pay for what you did. 
  • Juliet: If your sick I want you to get better but if your just an evil bitch than get over it.
  • Siobhan: I don’t care about revenge if I lose you. 

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