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Riverdale – The Blackboard Jungle (2×10)

Riverdale -- "Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle" -- Image Number: RVD210a_0078.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Cole Spouse as Jughead, Jordan Connor as Sweet Pea, Vanessa Morgan as Toni, Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs and KJ Apa as Archie -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.



There’s no shortage of creepy men in Riverdale.

The Black Hood was just the tip of the iceberg, apparently.

The winter premiere brought FBI Agent Adams to the small town who was set on taking down the big, bad Hiram Lodge. Honestly, I would make a more compelling agent with my name written on the back of my Target receipt but whatever.

Archie was hesitant at first but agreed to help this man out without so much as Googling him. All because the man promised to keep his father and Ronnie safe in the takedown.

Archie’s first mission as a “secret agent” was to find out if Hiram Lodge was behind Nick St. Claire’s brutal ski-accident.

He goes to New York under the guise that he’s getting Cheryl another check for her “troubles” aka the attempted rape. Except Nick reads right through Archie and begins to taunt him. Needless to say, he can now add a broken nose to his list of injuries.

Almost immediately, Veronica finds out about her BF’s secret shenanigans. Archie blurts out that it was because he wanted Nick to suffer for what he did to her and Cheryl, thus revealing that he knew that she was almost a victim.

Before he can explain himself, Cheryl interjects and takes full responsibility. She claims that Archie did it because she asked him too and of course, Veronica lets it go.

That is until her girlfriend’s intuition leads her to believe that Archie is hiding something, which she’s right about. He really is a terrible liar, isn’t he? Instead of telling her the truth — that he’s working with the FBI on an epic takedown of her criminal father — he confesses to kissing Betty. (They were on a BREAK!)

Veronica is disgusted and a little hurt; that’s her best friend after all. And a best friend who was very open about her feelings for Archie. But she forgives him because he’s honest and that’s something she’s not used to in the Lodge family. Or at least, she thinks he’s honest.

Arche is harboring a dangerous secret if the FBI agent is real. But something tells me, homie is a figment of Archie’s imagination. It was believable up until the agent revealed that he knew all about Black Hood because he was following Archie for quite some time. You’re telling me I’m supposed to believe that a federal agent saw Archie almost get buried alive and didn’t intervene or report it to the authorities? Yeah, okay. Archie is slowly losing it and it’s probably because he, like all of us, know that Svenson was not their man; he was simply a victim just like they all are. Oh, Arch.

Veronica can’t even be mad at Archie for lying because she’s not being truthful about anything. In fact, she’s just as bad as her parents are because she’s “in” on the family business now and promised to smooth the transition of Serpents from Southside High to Riverdale after their school closed down.

Ronnie knew that all hell would break out when both sides would be forced into classrooms together, but she was fine with it as long as her parents could seize the property under the school and Mayor McCoy could gain control of the Southside. Not ot mention line her pockets with reelections money from the Lodges. Veronica is really no better, no less corrupt than Hiram. When Archie begins to dig deeper into the family, their relationship will falter because he’ll realize that there’s a whole side of Veronica, a whole Lodge persona, that he wasn’t aware of.

The Serpents in Riverdale-branded clothing is definitely a sight. I’m surprised by how easy it was for Toni, Fangs and Sweet Pea to conform and how conflicted Jughead was by it all, considering he’s the newest member, a former student and the only one with friends here.

He made such a big deal about “shedding his skin” when everyone else was fine with taking the coats off during school hours. I guess it makes sense when you realize that Juggy finally feels like he has a family with the Serpents and doesn’t want that threatened, especially by the likes of Cheryl, Reggie, and the coterie.

However, if longtime members are fine with it, maybe he should just let up. I can’t wait to see what his secret club brings.

Betty never seems to learn. Like series said, she traded in one monster for another… and this one, she’s letting sleep in her house. I don’t know why no one stopped her from finding Chick and simply said, “hey, this seems like a terrible idea.” Replacing one sibling with a long-lost one is like asking for trouble.

We always thought Polly was weird, especially after she gave birth to her cousin’s (Jason’s) babies on a farm and named them Juniper and Dogwood, after trees. But Chick is on a whole new level.

First of all, he’s definitely not Hal’s child, which is why Hal refused to allow Alice and Betty to see him. Second, he lives in a ragged motel because he never got adopted from the Sister’s. Why on earth did Alice expect a big and warm welcome from a son who probably led a terrible and lonely life? Newsflash: he probably hates you.

And then we find out his job is fantasy fulfillment. What is that even? Porn. THEN, Betty decides to give him another chance and finds him getting beat up by what I thought was the motel receptionist. He’s clearly into some dark and twisted things.

So of course, Betty decides to bring him home and seek help from her parents. And no one even bats an eyelash about letting some stranger sleep in their house. Look, if it was me, I’d be sleeping with one eye open but nope, there’s Betty sleeping, blissfully unaware that her psycho brother is just watching her. I mean, she’s the girl in the scary movies that says “hello” when she hears a sound in the basement. Don’t be that girl Betty.

Cheryl continues to provide the mean-girl antics, but also, the hilarity on the series. To pay off all of Cheryl’s Christmas debt, her mother becomes a “male companion,” much to her daughter’s disgust. And she thoroughly enjoys it. This might be the best thing that even happened to Mrs. Blossom. And the worst to Cheryl.

With everything that’s going on, it’s hard to remember the town as tormented by a hooded figure, but it was and it still is. Who is the Black Hood? When will he strike again?

What do you think Chick’s deal is? Will he assimilate into the Cooper lifestyle? Or is he going to get revenge? Is he jealous that Betty was never put up for adoption? Will Polly’s weird ass ever come home? Is Archie losing it? Is Veronica going to be the next Lodge felon in the family?

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Riverdale Review – What Really Happened to Jughead Jones? (4×14)



Riverdale How to Get Away with Murder Review

We need to figure out what happened to Jughead Jones.

While Riverdale may have painted a fuller picture on this week’s episode, it still doesn’t exactly reveal who struck the “fatal” blow nor does it explain any part of, what we can only assume, was Jughead’s intricate plan for find out the truth and taking the Stonie’s down once and for all.

And it most definitely doesn’t explain why he’s still narrating his own story unless the revelation is that it hinges on the theory that this is all Jughead’s Baxter Brother’s novel playing out.

But, as Jughead said, the moment we’ve been waiting for finally happened as the series caught up with all those flash-forward teases that kept us in the dark and up at night throughout much of Riverdale Season 4.

While the TV rule is that you never believe someone is dead until you see a body, Riverdale crossed that out and updated it so now, going forward, you never believe anyone is dead even if you see a body. Death is not final on television — there’s always a loophole.

The episode, aptly titled “How to Get Away with Murder,” followed Betty, Veronica, and Archie as they did just that.

It would have been better fitted it said “Try to Get Away with Murder” because they tried so hard.

The episode picked up with the trio (poorly) getting rid of any evidence, including Jughead’s beloved beanie, and making their way home in nothing but undergarments.

Narrator Jughead was right — they should have gotten their stories straight. But you have to give it to them for making up some pretty realistic and sensible excuses on the spot.

Archie told his mom he went skinny dipping and the Stonie’s stole their clothes, Betty claimed to have spilled red wine, and Veronica was involved in a scathing match of strip poker.

From there, they were on the defense and playing catch-up as the Stonie’s were always one step ahead of them.

Since they could anticipate their every move, it was absolutely impossible for Betty, Archie, and Veronica to not dig themselves into a bigger hole.

They looked guilty and all the signs pointed to ponytail killing her boyfriend, so Betty decided to own it.

When Britney Spears said, “you say I’m crazy, I got you crazy,” Betty embodied it.

How much longer could she go on pretending that Jughead wasn’t dead and allowing someone else to control the narrative and dictate her every move? Eventually, the truth, or the fabricated truth, was going to come out.

So, Betty, Archie, and Veronica planned a search party, led F.P. Jones to Jughead’s body, and identified the body at the morgue, just like we saw in previous flash-forwards.

It was a bold move on their part that Donna didn’t anticipate, and they succeeded in throwing her off the game.

Betty was no longer afraid of getting accused of Jughead’s death if she could bring Donna down with her.

This episode also cemented the fact that Donna was the true villain and not Brett.

Jughead was the only person that Betty ever cared about, and she’d do anything to take down his enemies, avenge his death, and make them pay.

But you can’t help but wonder how it’s going to pan out for her.

As it stands, despite Betty knowing the truth, the case is stacked heavily against her. She moved the body, lied about the murder, and destroyed evidence aka the murder weapon. Not to mention, she had no solid proof connecting Donna or the Stonies to the murder.

Betty also made several missteps. Normally, I’d say that’s normal for someone who never attempted to get away with murder, but these were pretty terrible for someone as cunning as Betty.

For starters, how did she not realize she had Jughead’s phone? Even if someone at Stonewall Prep slipped it into her jacket, she should have realized it.

Secondly, what’s with asking Jelly Bean for fake blood? It could very easily connect back to her if F.P. realizes the rock was covered in fake blood while she knew about the evidence.

And lastly, looping in Charles was her worst decision of all, though, it’s not her fault because she’s unaware that Charles is working against her and with Chic. For all we know, he could be conspiring with the Stonie’s, which is why they were always ahead of her and onto her plan.

Betty shouldn’t have brought anyone into this that she couldn’t trust with her whole life.

But for a girl who just lost her boyfriend, she was surprisingly composed. Sans a few breakdowns, Betty was always on top of it and working a new plan.

While it didn’t seem like Betty knew anything of Jughead’s original plan, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing if he somehow left her some clues or filled her in before that final confrontation with Donna.

It was badass as Betty channeled this fierce energy while wearing Jughead’s coat that seemed to shake Donna to her core.

What changed?

I don’t know how Jughead pulled this off, especially since we saw his body, but I just don’t think he’s dead.

I’m also glad Betty was drugged with a powder known as Devil’s Breath that caused her blackout and not actually triggered by some magic word. Evelyn’s power was always manipulative, and she’s good at convincing people that she’s capable of doing the impossible.

The revelation that it wasn’t more than a drug makes her less threatening.

There’s always the possibility that Jughead clued in Archie on his plan, so this whole time, Archie’s been steering the ship without revealing too much.

At least, that’s what I think he was confessing to his mother, but I could be wrong and he might just be telling the truth because he knows he’s going to need her legal advice.

Thank god for Mary right now, right?

Also, Mary revealed her relationship with a Navy Commander, which came out of the blue and was ill-fitting with an already storyline heavy episode.

Veronica wasn’t just dealing with the murder of her friend, she was also at odds with her family after Hiram wanted her to sign a will without coming clean to her about his disease.

Veronica and Hiram have been at each other’s throats for so long that a conversation where they both admitted to loving each other was strange.

Riverdale is a strange place.

However, I can’t help but think that Hiram is using his daughter’s love for him and her emotions as a weakness to get what he wants.

It would be his lowest point if he was manipulating her with some sob story about his illness.

And what is Hermosa’s deal? Veronica agreed to a truce, so let it be, girl. Is she the one who got Veronica put on hold at Barnard?

Other Thoughts

  • This may be a stretch, but Jughead loves to eat and he made a “you have to have the stomach for it” reference when talking about murder.
  • If I never have to hear the name Evelyn Evernever again, I’ll be okay.
  • Do they not have anything better to do with Kevin than to bring him into one scene where he crashes a convo between the trio?
  • Anyone else digging that Archie and Betty are working much closer together?
  • Why did F.P. immediately turn on Betty when he found the phone? Emotions are running high, but wouldn’t you think he’d approach the situation differently as he knows how deep Betty and Jughead’s love is?

What did you think of the episode?

Do you think Jughead is alive? Did you pick up on any clues?

What’s Betty’s plan? Is Hiram playing Veronica?

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Does This Major Character Exit Confirm Jughead’s Death on ‘Riverdale’ Season 4?



Does Skeet Ulrich's exit from Riverdale confirm Jughead's death?

Over the weekend, Riverdale fans were hit with some devastating news — not one, but two cast members were leaving the show.

Skeet Ulrich, who plays Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) father, F.P. Jones, in the series, announced is departure following The CW’s fourth season.

In a statement to Deadline, Ulrich wrote: “I’m incredibly grateful for the friendships I’ve made on Riverdale, and I will miss seeing everyone on a daily basis.” He added, “I’m proud to have been part of such a talented group of people, in front of the camera and behind. But I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on to explore other creative opportunities.”

The former Scream actor also addressed the exit on his social media writing, “I can’t even begin to thank you all for the unwavering support and love!! It is remarkable and deeply appreciated. I may be leaving Riverdale but my experience over the last four years will never leave my heart. A very special thanks to @writerras for giving me this opportunity ❤️”

And if losing one parental figure in a town where they’re already scarce isn’t bad enough, Marisol Nichols, who plays Veronica Lodge’s (Camila Mendes) mother, Hermione Lodge, in the series, also announced her departure.

She shared similar sentiments on Instagram writing, “I am incredible grateful for my time on Riverdale, my second family. These are friendships that go beyond set life. Portraying Hermione Lodge was a joy, and working with this cast was an honor, truly.
The best part has been all of you. Without your enthusiastic embracing of our show and these characters we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for the opportunity to entertain you all,” alongside a poster from the most recent season.

It’s unclear if either will reprise their roles in guest appearances, but you have to wonder how the series will explain their departures.

Producer and writer Roberto Aguirre posted a photo of Ulrich’s character Jones and assured fans that “All will be revealed before this season of #Riverdale ends,” which is slightly worrisome considering where the series left off with Jughead’s storyline. 

On Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13, Betty seemingly killed Jughead by hitting him over the head with a rock after being triggered by a “magic word” given to Donna by The Farm’s incarcerated Evelyn Evernever.

Fans immediately began looking for clues to discredit what was being presented on the screen because Jughead can’t really be dead, can he?

Riverdale is known for playing tricks on the audience and showing a storyline that doesn’t reflect what’s actually happening, so fans believe that Jughead’s death is either a fake-out or part of his long-term plan to take down Stonewall Prep, Brett, Donna, and the rest of them.

And truthfully, there are a lot of clues suggesting that’s the case despite the flas-forward scenes that show F.P. looking for Jughead in the forest (with presumed killer Betty), F.P. identifying Jughead’s body with Betty, and later, F.P. arresting Betty, Veronica, and Archie for Jughead’s murder.

Fans were content believing that the scenes were just part of  Jughead’s “perfect murder” novel… until now.

Riverdale Review – Did Betty Really Kill Jughead? (4×13)

The announcement that Ulrich is leaving the show threw everyone for a loop because it might be confirmation that Sprouse’s’ Jughead dies on the show.

Parents aren’t heavily involved in their teenagers’ lives in the murder-capital of the world, but they do exist and pop in from time-to-time.

Jughead and F.P. have grown close over the course of four-seasons mending their fractured relationship and become a dynamic father-son duo that supports each other and has each other’s back.

If Jughead died, F.P. would be heartbroken, disgusted, and looking to get out of a town that reminded him of his son.

It would take something major like a loss for F.P to leave Riverdale and never look back.

Still, we’re choosing to remain optimistic.

Maybe F.P. is so fed up after finding out Jughead faked his death that it strains their relationship and he skips town.

Or maybe F.P. just realizes he doesn’t want to be surrounded by the toxicity of a town famous for the Black Hood, the Gargoyle King, and Hiram Lodge.

If he’s lucky, he’ll get a good job offer somewhere else and join the ranks of the only few people (see also: Josie) to successfully get out of Riverdale alive. This may not be a bad thing.

Riverdale seems to be a town that holds people back from living their full potential.

And after all, Jughead is likely going off to college next year, so having the parents around won’t be as necessary. Plus, Archie’s been doing just fine taking care of himself since his father Fred’s (the late Luke Perry) passing.

If we’re being forced to say goodbye to F.P. let’s hope his other storylines — his romance with Alice and his role as Sheriff — get proper closure.

Hermione’s departure isn’t as crippling because Veronica is still left with one, albeit worse, paren.

Her story was never as pivotal as F.P’s. or her husband, Hiram’s, and so, it’ll be much easier to explain her departure. I can even see them saying something like Hermione realized she doesn’t want to be with Hiram anymore and is moving back to New York City. Done deal.

How do you think Riverdale will write off F.P. and Hermione?

Does F.P.’s exit confirm Jughead’s death?

Riverdale was renewed for a fifth season in January 2020.

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Riverdale Review – Did Betty Really Kill Jughead? (4×13)



Riverdale The Ides of March review

It started out like any normal Riverdale episode, and none of us had any idea how it would end.

Except that we kind of did because we’ve seen brief flash-forward’s to this very moment and assumed there would be some explanation because there was no way the writers would kill off Forsythe Pendelton Jones III.

And then, they did. That’s it, Jughead is dead. Or is he?

I know we’re all still holding out hope that maybe Jughead’s just unconscious and Archie’s a bad pulse-checker (which means he’ll snag a job as a doctor in Riverdale for sure), but from the looks of it, Betty killed Jughead by clonking him over the head with a rock.

It all started when Betty and Jughead teamed up to pull one over on the Stone Wall Prep students but found they weren’t a match for them. Or were they?

Riverdale is a dark place, and though Betty, Jughead and the rest of the students have dark demons, they have morals and would never even think about killing or hurting anyone.

But these Stonewall Preppies are a whole different breed; they aren’t above or beneath any of it. Jughead said it best — the game was rigged and there was no chance that they’d ever win.

But it’s possible that Betty and Jughead outsmarted them using their shared love of murder mysteries.

Let’s channel our inner teen detectives to figure out what went down in the last moments of “March of Ides.”

While Jughead was writing a novel about the perfect murder, his Stonewall Prep classmates were planning his.

There’s still a chance that this is all still part of Jughead’s story for the Baxter Brothers that we’re seeing play out in realtime.

However, all signs are pointing at this being an elaborate part of Jughead’s plans to level with the Preppies and finally teach them a lesson after weeks of torment that concluded with framing Jughead for plagiarism of his own story, stealing his idea for a Baxter Brother’s novel without giving him credit, and threatening to out his and Betty’s sex tape. You know, that’s enough to get anybody pissed off.

Clue #1 is when Donna said the”magic word” given to her by Evelyn Evernever, which allegedly triggered Dark Betty right before Jughead’s murder. It was an uneven playing field because Betty didn’t even know there was a second trigger word in addition to “tangerine” that made her violent towards her loved ones.

We never saw what happened after that so it’s possible Donna didn’t say anything, it didn’t work, or that it put Betty in a trance instead while someone else like Donna or Brett clobbered Jughead over the head and made it look like she did it. See, so many possibilities in just this one moment.

Betty’s face seemed genuinely concerned when she realized what happened in the forest, but Betty is a good actress and the only person who could help him sell this one. She’s the daughter of the Black Hood, of course. She took on the Farm. She’s a badass!

Clue #2 is when Jughead asked Betty if she “trusts him” right before hatching his devious plan which placed heavy emphasis on Jughead putting on his Southside Serpent jacket and his signature beanie. Seeing him putting on his jacket was a moment in itself and yes, I cheered because it meant he was putting to bed Stonewall and embracing his Serpent lifestyle again, but there’s also something to be said for Jughead wearing clothing that would make his identification unmistakable.

It’s like he wanted people to know who he was. Was he even wearing the jacket when Archie checked his pulse or did he give it to someone else when he followed Brett into the woods?

Clue #3 includes the plan Jughead tells Betty he has. Jughead, a man capable of whipping up a murder mystery novel in a few short days, would never concoct a plan that simply found him wearing a bunny mask and wielding a knife.

It’s also very un-Jughead like. He can serve up some punches, but Jughead leads with his brain. He’d never murder anyone, so I’m convinced there had to be more to the story we aren’t seeing. He also told Betty he was going to get back the leverage they had on him and retrieving a sex tape means he has to find where it’s hidden first, which could mean Jughead faked his own death as part of a surprise ambush. Maybe this is a waiting game.

Clue #4 is that we never see the murder happen, and that means anything could have happened in the meantime. There is a lot of missing time and therefore, plenty of opportunities for Jughead to switch places with someone else. We also don’t know what transpired between Jughead of Brett before the “murder,” what went down between Betty and Donna, or how Betty and Jughead found each other.

The biggest giveaway in all of this might possibly be that Jughead was voicing over his own murder. How is that possible if he’s dead? This isn’t Greendale for Satan’s sake.

Does this mean we’re watching Jughead’s story pan out?

There’s also a lot of evidence that could support Jughead’s death including Betty’s terrified expression, Archie confirming that Jughead is dead (unless he’s in on it too), and some of the flash-forward moments we’ve seen including the trio burning Jughead’s beanie, FP arresting them for murder, Betty and Archie mourning his death at Pop’s, and Betty getting into Harvard.

Jughead could have pulled off the perfect murder of himself and not informed anyone even Betty so it would be believable.

Or maybe he really is dead and all of this is just out attempt at avoiding reality and hoping for a re-write.

Personally, I wish they just ditched the party, washed their hands of this demented and psychotic school, and moved on with their lives.

The fans of Riverdale aren’t interested in dealing with a storyline that found Betty unconsciously killing her boyfriend and then covering it up! We didn’t ask for this.

In fact, before all of this, it seemed like Riverdale was finding its way back to become a level-headed and enjoyable series.

Back in Riverdale, Archie and Veronica were having a lot of sex. Like so much. I know teenage hormones are all over the place, but come on!

They had sex in a forest, in his room, and even in the music room, which has a window looking into the hallway of the school! Y’all crazy.

Veronica was also caught with a flash of rum in her locker — which Archie took the blame for — and was all about “having fun” after finding out about her father’s diagnosis.

She’s acting out because she feels scared of losing her father and betrayed that he didn’t confide in her.

Veronica may claim to despise Hiram, but the cat-and-mouse game is how they show each other their love.

The thought of not having that competition scares her.

Despite most of our doubts, it seems Hiram Lodge didn’t lie about his illness.

In fact, he seems to be feeling his mortality and turning over a new leaf as he uses Archie’s center as his new training facility.

There were some solid moments between the former-arch enemy’s with Hiram even having some “good” and fatherlike moments with Archie.

Then again, he could have been trying to influence Archie into selling Andrews Construction for his own personal gain.

One can never be too trusting of Mr. Lodge.

Hiram’s other daughter, Hermosa, tried to infiltrate the Maple Club and get information on Veronica’s whiskey by seducing Toni and Cheryl. It seemed as though both of the girls were actually into whatever she was selling but thankfully, they didn’t fall prey to her trap and allowed Ronnie to shut it down.

Even when Hiram is ill, he still has his minions doing his dirty work.

Archie bailed on the sale last minute because it just didn’t feel right, and I agree. Despite the center bearing Fred’s name, selling the company his family built was like turning his back on a legacy.

Having Mr. Keller take over as foreman allows Archie to focus on things that matter to him and hopefully, school because at the rate he’s going, he’s not going to graduate with his friends. That is if any of them get to graduation before getting arrested for murder.

Principal Weatherbee probably should cut Archie some slack. His father died, his mother is barely around, he’s raising and supporting himself, running a business, and opened up a center for kids to stay safe and get off the streets. That has to count for something.

Other Maple Syrup Musings

  • Jughead’s prep school mystery nicknames were hilarious: Jardhead instead of Jughead, Byson instead of Moose, why even try to cover up anyone’s real identity?
  • Why couldn’t the Stonewall Preppies just accept that Jughead conceded and let him leave? Did they hate him so much that they needed to kill him?
  • Why couldn’t Jughead just tell the tribunal that Brett threatened him with a sex tape? That way, if the tape got leaked, you would know who did it.
  • Is Mr. DuPont the villain that Betty thinks he is?
  • What was Betty’s goal with her milkshake meeting with Donna? Does she know why Donna is lying about Mr. Chipping?

What did you think of the episode?

Is Jughead really dead?

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