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Riverdale – The Hills Have Eyes (2×14)

Riverdale/ The CW



Nope, the horror-movie inspired title isn’t a coincidence. Riverdale tried their hand at the teen-lakehouse-horror niche and well, I don’t think it lived up to the hype.

When a regular dad tells you to go spend a weekend at the lakehouse, you go eagerly. When Hiram Lodge tells you, you question his motives.

What father, especially one that was so skeptical of Archie in the first place, suggests his teen daughter and her boyfriend spend a weekend alone in a cabin? The kind of dad who is up to some shady dealings in town and doesn’t want his daughter and her friends to get in the way.

And yes, the fact that these high-schoolers are Hiram Lodge’s biggest concern is in itself concerning.

The foursome — because I can definitely call them that after they all basically swapped spit (we’re still waiting on you Archie and Jughead) – drive out to Lodge Lodge (clever!) for the weekend and almost immediately, Jughead is convinced it’s a distraction.

Everyone tries to tell him that he’s become “too obsessed with conspiracy’s about Hiram Lodge,” but Jughead seems to be the ONLY one who is seeing things clearly.

Heck, even his father thinks that Hiram buying back the Sunnyside Trailer Park is a show of good faith. Since when does Hiram do anything without an ulterior motive? Never.

When the words “relax” and “unwind” are thrown around so loosely, it’s almost a guarantee that the weekend will be filled with teen angst, which comes immediately in the form of a scorned-Cheryl.

Cheryl has impeccable timing but revealing the Barchie kiss to Jughead doesn’t exact the reaction she had hoped for. Her twisted brain thought everyone was emotionally weak just like her, but Veronica and Archie were never phased by the kiss and Jughead wasn’t mad either, he was more concerned with why Betty didn’t tell him. 

Truthfully, if Jughead did get upset about it, he’d be a hypocrite considering he did worse things with Toni, who oddly enough is expressing interest in Cheryl. More on that later.

We can’t even blame Cheryl for deliberately trying to ruin their weekend because she’s so damaged. In addition to being a fill de Joie, her mother is also emotionally abusive! Cheryl is simply lashing out because of her pain.  

There were a few moments foreshadowing the horror that was about to go down at Lodge Lodge.

First off, Archie saw Andre’s gun when he dropped them off at the lakehouse. Why would the moment be *so* obvious if it wasn’t going to be relevant later?

Then, while the girls were loose-lipped about their “richness” in town, Jughead made a comment about how close they all were if anything happened, “we’d all blow up.”

The “explosion” came in the form of a couple’s fight – Archie & Veronica vs. Betty and Jughead.

Betty joined Jughead in accusing Hiram of trying to screw everyone over after she found out he bought The Register.

Dude, Hiram is trying to buy all of Riverdale like he bought Veronica’s love but in this case, it’s having adverse effects.

“He’s trying to control the free press,” budding journalist Jughead yelled out. And he wouldn’t be wrong — Hiram has been buying properties for his SoDale project and with his purchase of the newspaper, he ensures no one slanders his name in the press.

And yeah, it doesn’t seem like Riverdale has a local news channel… yet.

Before they can even hash things out, our fantastic four are ambushed by a group of punk-ass dudes wearing ski-masks, which really brings the Black Hood PTSD out of Archie. 

Yes, the “robbery” is a traumatic but this Black Hood fake-out kind of negates the purpose of the episode.

The teaser made us believe that the Black Hood, which we know is still out there, was coming back for blood. But it turned out to be some kids who wanted cash, which Veronica gave them while enacting the emergency security button.

Archie sat by idly when his dad got shot, but he couldn’t do that now, which actually put him in more danger.

As he chased down the masked robber, Andre arrived to “take care of it,” which is where his gun came into play.

I can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve heard the sound of a gunshot in the distance on this series on one hand.

Archie now has this guys blood on his hands, but he doesn’t feel guilty because unlike with the Black Hood, he didn’t let him get away.

Riverdale The Hills Have Eyes

Riverdale/ The CW

However, I’d argue these guys weren’t as dangerous nor was the crime as severe as BH’s. 

Hiram was oddly proud of Archie for protecting his own and there’s something to be said about him wanting to turn Veronica’s boyfriend into a cold-blooded killer like himself. Does anyone else hate their new bond besides Veronica and I?

I worry that this robbery was yet another set up to test’s Archie’s loyalty, just like with the fake FBI agent. 

Now back to Cheryl, who stayed behind in Riverdale and ended up one of the many solo-movie goers on a Friday night. Really, do people actually do that? Small towns are so weird. 


The series has dropped hints of a possible bi-storyline for Cheryl first with her relationship with Josie and now with her moments with Toni.

We know Toni is bi and her interest in “taking care and lending a hand’” to Cheryl raises a few eyebrows. 

We’ve always assumed Cheryl’s just an entitled child with a strained relationship with her mother, however, we never knew that it was because her mother ripped her first-love away from her.

Or that her first love was a girl named Heather who she was caught in bed with.

Trying to picture Penelope, a woman of questionable morals, calling anyone a deviant is hilarious.

I can bet money that Toni and Cheryl will develop feelings for each other, which will not only infuriate Jughead and also cause friction within the Serpents since Cheryl has always been an adversary.

While we’re airing out secrets, we can add Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller’s relationship to the list.

Surprisingly, Josie knew that her mother was cheating and in an attempt to spite her, informed Kevin, who was not pleased with his father’s affair while his mother was “risking her life.”

Kevin does have a point, this is a pretty low blow for Keller.

It’s not the only dissapointment Kevin is facing this week though, as Moose is also being pretty shady when it comes to their “relationship.” Heck, even their friendship. 

Kevin’s been into Moose every since they began hooking up occasionally in the wood and while Moose insisted Midge knew about them and was “open” to the idea, he was actually lying.


Midge clearly picked up on some tension when she asked Kevin to join them at Pops’.

Will she dump him when she finds out of his “deviant” ways? Sorry, the word is just too good.

And poor Betty returned from a crappy trip to her crappy reality as a prisoner in her own home.

As Jughead narrated, sometimes intruders don’t barge in, they creep up quietly after being invited in. We’re obviously referring to Chic, who like Hiram, is playing some larger game with the Cooper’s.

He’s obviously out to destroy them, possibly for putting him up for adoption all those years ago.

I’d say he was the mastermind behind the whole murder because he knew Alice and Betty would cover for him and he would be able to dangle it over their heads and manipulate them in the future.

Must I point out that creepy smile he gave Jughead when he made it a point for him not to say anything or it would be “bad for Alice and Betty”? He seemed all too pleased with himself for pushing them into a corner.

And if my theory about Chic being Alice and FP’s child is true, it means that Chic is also Jughead’s stepbrother.

So twisted.

Is Chic working with the Black Hood?

Other Thoughts

  • Did Dark Betty give up web-caming and is exclusively dressing up for Jughead?
  • Veronica’s comment about Betty’s role-playing was cold and also, too much information for Archie.
  • I love how Veronica thinks she has any pull in this Hiram-Archie bromance.
  • “Is that their response for everything? Can’t they ever just have a conversation.” I love Jughead’s observation of Varchie’s active sex-life.
  • Jughead was way too eager to kiss Veronica. Clearly he’s still a guy in high school. Or just a guy, really.

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‘Katy Keene’ Cancelled at The CW After One Season – ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff Looking for New Home



After weeks of waiting, The CW has decided against renewing Katy Keene after just one season. 

The network announced that the Lucy Hale-led Riverdale spinoff will not be picked up for season 2. 

Katy Keene was the only series awaiting a decision after the network’s bulk renewal back in January, which saw all of its scripted shows get renewed including freshman dramas Batwoman and Nancy Drew. All shows are scheduled to return in January due to the coronavirus production delays. 

QUIZ: Which ‘Katy Keene’ Character Are You?

Show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took to Instagram to share the news with fans alongside a photo of the cast, writing, “From the first #katykeene table read. It seems like a dream. So proud of this show and the beautiful souls who came together to make it.💔.”

Hale commented writing: “I am …devastated. But love you all so much.”

Julia Chan (Pepper Smith) chimed in expressing her gratitude: “Love you, Roberto and Michael and my beloved @cw_katykeene family. Eternally grateful. ♥️”

Hale also addressed the fans directly on Instagram Live. “Sad to deliver this news ! But I love the show. I love what it stands for. And mostly I love YOU. To the cast, crew and all involved. I adore you,” she captioned the clip. 

Despite all the fan-love, the series was not a rating’s hit garnering a 0.2 rating in the demo with delayed viewing accounted for, per Nielsen. 
However, Deadline reports that the studio behind the series, Warner Bros. Television, plans to shop it around to potentially find the series a new home. There’s word that if the series does snag a second season, it will likely be on HBO Max as the streaming platform recently began airing the first season. 
We’re bummed about the news here at CraveYouTV as we truly thought Katy Keene was a fun, refreshing sidekick to Riverdale, but for now, we’re hopeful and optimistic that all is not lost. Be sure to check back as we’ll continue to keep you posted! 

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Skeet Ulrich Explains Why He’s Leaving ‘Riverdale’ – 5 Ways The Series Can Explain FP Jones’ Exit



How Riverdale Will Explain Skeet Ulrich's Departure F.P. Jones

When Riverdale announced Skeet Ulrich’s exit in February following season 4, the fandom began to worry.

Ulrich plays FP Jones, the father of Jughead Jones, a former Serpent gang leader who has managed to turn his life around, become a Sheriff, and snag the love of his life.

He’s become an instrumental part of the series as he helps Jughead and his friends navigate normalcy in the fictitious murderous town.

In an Instagram Live in May, Ulrich elaborated about his departure explaining that he was “bored creatively.”

“I’m leaving Riverdale because I got bored creatively,” Ulrich said. “How’s that? The most honest answer.” Brutal. Honest. It’s what we’ve come to expect from FP.

At first, fans thought FP’s exit might confirm Jughead’s death, however, now that we know Jughead survived staged “perfect murder” with his father’s help, it’s unclear how the show will tackle the departure.

We have some thoughts about how Riverdale can explain the exit of one of the show’s finest dads:

1.Kids go off to college

In the “most obvious” lane, the kids go off to college and the parents are no longer a focal point of the series. Jughead and his buds are currently in their senior year and will be going to college in just a few months, pending they actually graduate.

Expectedly, the role of the parents will dwindle as the teens leave town and begin their “adult” lives. If this is the avenue they take, Riverdale might not even have to explain FP’s exit because he’ll simply still be there just not as frequently as when Jughead was living at home. And if Ulrich agrees to some guest appearances, they can very easily break him out of his contract while keeping the character and his relationship with his son in tact.

It’s now been confirmed that season 5 will have a time jump when it returns in 2021, and thus, FP existing off-screen seems like the most obvious avenue for the series to pursue.

“Season five of Riverdale will begin with our characters’ final days as students at Riverdale High. From an epic Senior Prom to a bittersweet Graduation, there are a lot of emotional moments and goodbyes yet to come—with some couples breaking up, as everyone goes their separate ways to college—or elsewhere,” The CW said in a release. “Then, we will redock with our gang as young adults, all returning to Riverdale to escape their troubled pasts. And life—and romance—will only be more complicated now that they’re in their twenties…”
How Riverdale Will Explain Skeet Ulrich's Departure F.P. Jones

Credit: Riverdale/ The CW

2. New Job Opportunity

After Jughead’s death, FP spiraled slightly (despite being in on the whole thing) and it led to a confrontation with Hiram Lodge. Hiram suggested that maybe FP was too close to the case, and FP straight up resigned as Sheriff.

With nothing tying him to this town any longer and Jughead gearing up to fly the coop, FP might look for job opportunities in other towns. FP deserves happiness and a fulfilling career, so we’re on board with this 100%.

3. Living It Up with Alice

Much like the teens of Riverdale, the parents have lived a life that could only be described as small-town hell. They were involved with the Gargoyle King since they were teenagers, Alice’s husband turned out to be the Black Hood, they’ve endured so much mayhem and suffering, and the one ray of hope has been that Alice and FP have found their way back to each other and allowed their romance to blossom.

How Riverdale Will Explain Skeet Ulrich's Departure F.P. Jones

Riverdale — “Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm” — Image Number: RVD407b_0319.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones and Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW– © 2019 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

If anyone deserves a vacation, possibly even a permanent vacation, it’s these two love-birds. They need to leave Riverdale and never look back as they ride off into the sunset together.

4. Fed Up with Riverdale

For all the reasons listed above, FP might just be done putting up with Riverdale’s insanity. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was just fed up and done with Riverdale and using this opportunity now that his son is off to college and he doesn’t have a job to pursue a better life somewhere, anywhere else.

5. Death

I hate to say this, but if Ulrich never wants to return to Riverdale, there is a permanent solution. It would break fans’ hearts, but they don’t call it the murder capital of the world for nothing, right?

Turning it over to you, Cravers.

How do you think that Riverdale will write off FP? Will his exit be permanent?

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Riverdale Season Finale – Killing Mr. Honey (4×19)



Riverdale Killing Mr. Honey review

The rise and fall of Mr. Honey played out during the early season 4 finale of Riverdale.

Riverdale Season 4 Episode 19 was not supposed to be the finale, but alas, the coronavirus pandemic had different plans for all of us. 

Still, it was a fitting way to end leaving us on a head-scratching cliffhanger that brings the mystery of the videotapes to the forefront. 

The VHS tapes have been sprinkled in throughout much of the season but larger mysteries like the shenanigans at Stonewall Prep took precedence. 

The episode blurred the line between fact and fiction delivering two very different realities that slightly paralleled each other and offered up some beneath-the-surface commentary about the murderous and twisted town of Riverdale. 

Jughead, who was given a shot at attention the University of Iowa, had to submit yet another story and felt inspired by the group’s collective hatred for Mr. Honey, the principal who set out to ruin their senior year by cancelling the yearbook (gasp!) and senior prom (the horror!). 

I had to dig deep and put myself in the mindset of a senior to fully grasp the motivation here. Admittedly, senior prom is a big deal, but the yearbook, well, a year from now, none of them will even know they chucked the thing.

Prom, on the other hand, was the student body’s treat for enduring a twisted year ranging from psychopaths to murderers, so they weren’t going down without a fight; they deserved this. 

Mr Honey made a lot of enemies during his short-tenure and initially, it seemed almost justified since he’s never given the characters or the audience a reason to root for him. In fact, many of us were convinced he was the season’s villain and the man behind the tapes. 

Alas, Riverdale had other, bigger plans for him. 

Both storylines started off with an epic senior prank only in Jughead’s fictitious story, the prank was darker and involved kidnapping Honey dressed as Stonewall Preppies.

In reality, Honey retaliated to the sticky prank by cancelling prom completely, which is where the seniors brought in reinforcements: the hot moms and dads of Riverdale. The dads, aside from Hiram, were simply there for muscle. But the moms… oh, they meant business. 

They threatened to sue, they threatened to gather the PTA, it was nuts. 

Riverdale Killing Mr. Honey review Season Finale 4x19

Credit: Riverdale/ The CW

And they got their way until Honey made a copycat video pretending to be the Voyeur to get prom cancelled once again under the guise that it was too dangerous. 

In Jughead’s short story, Mr. Honey was kidnapped and got a good beating from Reggie. Veronica and Archie found him passed out and the group covered up his “accidental” murder by pretending to never speak of this moment again. Sound familiar? Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie have been down this road once before, so Jughead was definitely pulling from his own reality. 

In the story, Reggie’s guilty conscience got the best of him so they killed him too. Ruthless. 

In reality, once the group succeeded in firing Honey in reality and Jughead read the letter of recommendation that the principal wrote on his behalf did he realize that he needed to change the narrative of his story. 

Miss Bell informed them that Honey has been the best principal Riverdale High has ever seen (sure, I guess), and was only trying to protect them. 

At this point, Jughead realized he’s been reveling in the twisted narrative of the town and using it as an excuse. Mr. Honey may not have made a good impression on any of us, but he was right that the murder, mayhem, and manipulation was not normal and needed to be eliminated. 

However, it’s hard to accept that Mr. Honey was truly trying to steer the students towards a new and promising reality since there was never any explanation as to why Honey wanted to cancel prom. He explained he was trying to protect the students and prepare them for the real world, but what did prom have to do with that? Did he know who was behind the tapes?

It didn’t explain why Honey cancelled prom at every other school he worked at or why he was a frequent visitor of the Blue Velvet where all the Voyeur’s tapes were found prior to it getting shut down.

It almost felt like the writers needed to redeem him so they did it without offering up expanations to any of our other questions and we were just supposed to go along with it. 

And let’s say that we did just go along with it, the final moments in the episode were equal parts twisted and confusing.

Whoever is sending the tapes knows about the cabin where Veronica’s mom had an affair. They could’ve picked any place for Betty and Jughead to go, so what’s the significance of that cabin other than its the place Sheriff Minetta was murdered?

The Voyeur also seems to be interested in reminding Riverdale of all its sins while also trying to frame Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Cheryl, and Reggie for murder as the cliffhanger featured six masked people dressed as them killing “Principal Honey” by stabbing him. 

This, again, paralleled Jughead’s story prior to his re-writing. 

It seems they’ve walked right into the Voyeur’s trap. 

Early on in the episode, Jughead gave away the point of the videotapes as being the rehearsal before the actual murder. 

Everything we were seeing was “the rehearsal” leading up to that final moment where Jughead and Betty were visibly shaken and disturbed by the videotape. 

It’s weird to say that I was glad to see them express such disturbance, but for a moment there, it seemed as though Betty and Jughead were normalizing murder as a way of life because they’ve been exposed to it for so long. The town turned them into monsters and they were okay with it. Thankfully, they diverged from that path rather quickly and their reactions to the tape of a man, a good man, possibly dying, prove it. 

Now, the fact that Honey accepted a job at Stonewall Prep in the first place after everything that happened during Jughead’s time there makes me think he’s not as “good” of a principal as they let on. 

It’s also unclear whether or not Mr. Honey was the man “murdered” in that final scene or if it was just a re-enactment as if the tapes were serving as a “I Know What You Did Last Summer” reminder. 

And then, there’s the question of who is actually behind them.

Jughead focused on writing his story for much of the episode, and aside from his core group of friends, the only other person who knew about it was Charles. 

In my review of Riverdale Season 4 Episode 18, I argued that their half-brother is behind the videotapes because he has time, access, and control of the situation. He’s been privy to every “private” situation, and could have gotten the other tapes when the FBI raided the Blue Velvet.

Think about it — what if Charles, Chic, Ethel, Evelyn, Donna, and Brett are all working together and the ones behind that final video to mess with #Bughead. 

However, with Jughead leaving pages of his short story around the school randomly, it’s possibly its someone else entirely.

The mystery and all the relationship drama (that was completely absent from the episode) would have likely been wrapped up in the final episodes of season 4, but with the current situation, everything is being pushed to season 5.

So, no worries, Riverdale fans, we’ll get our answers soon, we just have to wait a bit longer than expected. 

Other Sticky as Maple Syrup Moments

  • The classic prank of sticking Honey to a chair and phone was an oldie but a goodie. I thought maybe it would foreshadow that he got his hand stuck in the honey jar (aka — he’s the culprit behind the tapes), and I still think that would’ve been cute. 
  • It was fun to see the cast all together in the scenes including Cheryl and Reggie. It adds a new dynamic because their personalities are so distinct. 
  • RIP Midge Klump.
  • As of this episode, Cheryl is going to Highsmith College, Veronica is going to Barnard in New York, Betty is going to Yale in Connecticut, Archie is off to the Naval Academy, Jughead tentatively heading to University of Iowa, and Reggie is hopefully going to attend Riverdale Community College. 
  • I couldn’t help but laugh that they all have experience moving a dead body except for Reggie. Welcome to the team.

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