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Riverdale Review Citizen Lodge Season 5 Episode 12 Riverdale Review Citizen Lodge Season 5 Episode 12


Riverdale Review – Hiram’s Origin Story (5×12)

Riverdale -- "Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge" -- Image Number: RVD512fg_0020r -- Pictured (L - R): Mark Consuelos as Javier Luna and Michael Consuelos as Young Hiram -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



TV’s greatest villain got his origin story tonight… and it was, as expected, dark, twisted, and a little harrowing.

On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 12, we finally tapped into what led to Hiram Lodge becoming the most feared man in town. 

Hiram might be all mighty and powerful now, but that wasn’t always the case.

Jaime’s origin story (his real name isn’t Hiram) starts in New York assisting his father with his shoe-shining business.

A wealthy suit informs them about palladium in Riverdale, which motivates Jaime’s father, Javier, to move there in hopes of digging it up.

When his plans hit a snag following an accident at the mines, he gives up his quest and revives his shoe-shining business outside of Pops. 

At this point, we begin to understand what motivated young Jaime to become someone different, and eventually, to pursue the palladium his father long searched for. 

Jaime doesn’t enjoy being looked down on by the upper class and jumps at the opportunity to make some extra cash by running deals for Vito, a gangster in town. 

The rise of Hiram Lodge — a name young Hermione helped him pick — is largely fueled by Vito. 

He admires the boss for being able to make a lot of money with little effort, he proves his loyalty by not selling him out when he gets arrested, and he eventually, gets promoted to collector. 

While Hiram definitely seems to enjoy the finer things in life, he’s also getting the extra cash to help out his family. 

However, when he tries to officially change his name from Jaime Luna to Hiram Lodge, some of the guys in class, including Reggie’s father, Marty Mantle, give him a hard time. 

The moment is crucial for explaining why there’s so much animosity between Hiram and Marty in the present day.

When Hiram shakes him and some of the other jocks down after school, it leads to a tense fight with his father that serves as a turning point in Hiram’s life. 

A lot of words were said that they wish they could take back, including “being your son is embarrassing,” which were the last words Hiram ever spoke to his father. Throughout the conversation, he also belittled his father for not being able to provide for the family. 

It’s a truly heartbreaking scene as you realize that Hiram’s father was only trying to keep food on the table by doing honest work. 

After their argument, Javier pays Vito a visit and demands that he leave Hiram alone. When Vito pushes back, Javier threatens to go to the police. 

At this point, it’s very clear that Javier was naive about the whole situation, which is unfortunate. Dealing with shady and terrible men his whole life should have made him more aware of the dangers of threatening a mob boss. And while he knew Vito was a bad man, but he didn’t know just how bad he was since he always saw the good in people. 

In trying to save his son, he was gunned down right in front of Pops.

Riverdale Review Citizen Lodge Season 5 Episode 12

Riverdale — “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge” — Image Number: RVD512a_0149r — Pictured: Michael Consuelos as Young Hiram — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Can you believe how much Pop has seen in his lifetime?

What happens next is yet another turning point for Hiram as it leads to the point of no return. 

Vito shows up at Javier’s funeral and basically confesses to ordering the hit on his father. Shortly after, Hiram kills all of Vito’s men as payback. 

It’s a deeply powerful scene that shows just how far Hiram was willing to go to avenge his father. 

And since then, that’s all he’s been trying to do. 

I like Hiram as a villain, but he’s a terrible man. This doesn’t make me like him anymore, but it does explain why he is the way that he is and why he does the things that he does. 

His quest for palladium is all about doing what his father was never able to do. 

It’s unclear why he has to destroy Riverdale in the process, but well, it’s not surprising as destruction seems to follow him around wherever he goes. 

After Hiram’s murder spree, Vito was never seen in town ever again, but in the present day, Hermosa was able to track him down to a nursing home where Hiram paid him a little visit and put a bullet in his head. 

Hiram is known to keep a grudge, but this was dark even for him. 

Now, while I’m sure that was satisfying to finally make your father’s murderer pay, but could he not have done it in a way that was more subtle?

In the present day, Hiram’s past also reminded him of what was happening with Marty and Reggie. Marty paid Hiram a visit beginning him to leave his son alone, and while Hiram initially told him to get out, he cut ties with Reggie because he didn’t want history to repeat itself. 

He couldn’t change the past and how his relationship with his father ended, but he could save another father-and-son from making the same mistakes he did. 

It was big of Hiram, however, Marty and Reggie’s relationship is slightly different since Marty used to beat his son. Abuse is never okay, and I’m a bit disappointed that the series made it seem as though Reggie needed to forgive his dad and work with him side-by-side. After everything he’s been through, it was his prerogative to walk away from his father and all the pain he’s caused him.

Hiram regretted how his relationship with his father went down, but that doesn’t mean Reggie would’ve regretted his decision. 

Though, I am glad Reggie drew a line and told his father that he needed to trust him more. Reggie’s skilled and has good instincts. 

The fact that Hiram said he would give up anything to have some more time with his dad proves why he’s constantly searching for more and more. 

Hiram has never let up on Riverdale because he’ll never be happy as he can’t have the one thing he always wanted. 

Becoming the big man on campus cost Hiram a lot, including his father, his wife, and his daughter.

He informs Hermosa that he hopes he can get them back once he digs up the palladium under the Blossom estate. 

Good luck with that.

Now that Penelope has opened up her own church, I doubt she’s letting anyone dig on her land. 

Is there a redemption arc for Hiram Lodge in our near future?

Other Riverdale Musings

  • How awesome is it that Mark Conseulos got to act opposite of his son, Michael Consuelos, who played young Hiram on the episode. 
  • While I’m sure it was all fun to film, can you imagine how intense it had to be to film the fight scene between Hiram and Jaime considering Mark and Michael are actually father and son?
  • It’s always fun to see the core cast play the young versions of their parents.
  • I truly appreciate the shirtless scenes of Mark. Keep ’em coming. 
  • It also makes sense why Hiram was so upset when Veronica changed her name to Luna as the name reminds him of weakness.
  • The more I hear Jughead narrating the episodes, the more I think this is all part of one of his stories. What if none of this is real?
  • The connection to New York would’ve been cool if Katy Keene was still airing since last we saw, Hiram returned to his hometown to torment Jorge and the rest of the residents!
  • It was cool to see the beginning of Hiram and Hermione’s relationship, especially how she pushed him aside since he wasn’t good enough at first because he was the son of a “lowly shoe shiner.”
  • I love that we got to see Hermione on The Real Housewives. Despite everything we learned about Hiram, she would be a fool to come back to him again!

The episode strayed from the typical formula, but it worked. It was well constructed, well written, and quite a blast getting to see what shaped Hiram into the devious man he is now. 

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Riverdale Review – Biblical (6×18)



Riverdale Review Season 6 Episode 18 Biblical

Percival Pickens is stoking the fire and pressing the gas on his plans to destroy Riverdale.

And, unfortunately, his plans were on a collision course with Toni and Fangs’ wedding.

It’s unfair that the one and only true wedding we’ve ever gotten on the series ends with the death of all first born’s in town, but it’s also quite fitting for the wicked town.

And the group had to have known that something was bound to go wrong as Percival continuously cursed them with various Biblical plagues leading up to the “I do.”

I don’t think it’s entirely justified to say that they underestimated Percival because they were all very much aware that he’s a powerful and dark sorcerer, but on some level, I think they just assume this is the kind of threat that they’ve faced before and overcome, which is absolutely not the case.

The residents of Riverdale have a lot going for them, but they have absolutely no idea of the kind of forces they are dealing with.

They are sharp and skilled, I’ll give them that, but it’s no match for the powers that Percival possesses. I mean, the guy is building a ghost train for crying out loud, why would they ever assume that his only ability was mind control? The guy has a whole arsenal of powers that he’s just waiting to use when the time comes. 

It was clever to use Cheryl and Heather’s powers of invisibility to plan an ambush on Percival and put him in the stockade that rendered his powers useless, but why did they think it was a good idea to take their eyes off of him? They should have been taking turns watching Percival to ensure that he wasn’t up to anything.

Instead, they all decided to pretend that everything is fine for a night and enjoy themselves, and while they did briefly, the good times were fleeting as they resulted in one of the direst plagues: the death of their loved ones. 

With Archie, Fangs, and most of the town dead, including Jughead, it’s up to the women + Kevin and Moose, to put Percival in his place and save Riverdale.

Heather, however, realized that the scope of the situation was far above her pay grade, so she suggested looping in a Necromancer (no, The CW fans, not that one) — Sabrina Spellman.

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Tabitha in a coven of their own run by Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka)? Pinch me, I’m dreaming. 

I don’t want to celebrate the death of the men, but if there’s anyone that can save Riverdale’s soul, it’s the women who make it a worthy place to save, to begin with.

Sabrina Spellman would also be the only witch strong enough to stand a chance against Percy. Dark magic recognizes dark magic. And he likely didn’t foresee this ace up their sleeves. I was going to say that she already dealt with thwarting the implosion of two universes, but I believe the timeline is off here and that hasn’t happened just yet.

It’s important to note that all the events of the last Rivervale implosion also took place at a wedding, though Archie and Betty’s, so maybe this is just history repeating itself only in a slightly altered? 

The women on Riverdale have always been powerful, but we can’t discredit the men entirely.

Prior to their deaths, Archie and Jughead played a significant role, and without them, pieces of the puzzle are missing.

Archie was more so the muscle of the operation, but Jughead was critical in connecting with the other author, another version of himself — our Jughead — to write the stories that needed to be written. 

It’s kind of confusing to explain, but as the worlds continue to bleed into one another, it seems Jughead’s writing was essential to saving the universes. He was told “keep writing” via a message through the portal in the bunker, just like we know that our Jughead was writing to save Riverdale. Maybe it’s the same idea that this Jughead must write to save Rivervale?

That said. I do think our Jughead saved Parallel Jughead in some way. The Pop’s burger couldn’t have been just a peace offering. I think our Jughead knew what was going to happen, so he gave PJ some kind of anecdote early on (which is why he got so sick after eating it) so that he will wake up ready to do his part in destroying Percival once and for all. But our Jughead also seemed pretty puzzled by what was happening to his counterpart, so maybe he didn’t anticipate any of this at all?

I could’ve sworn that we’ve seen the scene about the cast discussing baby Anthony’s fate mirrored the ones in Rivervale and trying to protect the child from La Llorona, which is further proof of the twin-versus.  There was a lot of mirroring going on, quite frankly, and while I can’t remember everyone who died in the Rivervale timeline, it seems as though the same is happening now as they prepare for the big fight. Even Sabrina’s arrival mirrors her arrival in Rivervale to help Cheryl and Nana Rose before the final battle. 

We’ve seen all of these moments, again slightly altered, before. 

And the characters are beginning to realize it to. 

Everyone is having dreams, memories, vision — you name it, they’re having it. It’s clearer by the minute that something very strange is happening, and no one is able to deny it any longer.Just like Betty’s vision of being the Harlot, something she vividly remembers the TBK calling her. Who knew the TBK would somehow be connected to whatever Percival is planning?

Also, we still have no indication of TBK’s identity despite Betty vanquishing him, so that’s a little frustrating.

The mystery of this season has been gripping, albeit confusing, but the slow pace of the answers has always been one of the show’s biggest flaws.

It’s truly a shame that all of this took away from Toni and Fangs’ wedding because again, it was a sliver of happiness that this town so desperately need.

Furthermore, Toni and Fangs deserved a moment where they could just bask in their happiness without a care in the world with baby Anthony by their side. I hate when promising character moments are overshadowed by a show’s darkness almost as if the wedding is just a plot device to bring on the reckoning or what not.

Both Cheryl and Toni are very mature in how they are handling this new phase in their relationship. It was bold of Toni to ask Cheryl to marry her and Fangs, but even bolder of Cheryl to say yes. There’s still so much love between them, and they are both able to recognize it and be happy for each other regardless.

It also seems like #Varchie isn’t over just yet. While #Barchie looked totally smitten with each other, Veronica, who was totally in her feels about being single, seemed to admit that maybe she’s not quite over her ex just yet. While everyone seemed to know what they were fighting for, Veronica felt lost and confused. Eventually, she realized that she was fighting for her friends, but it might just be that she was fighting to be more than friends with Archie. 

And naturally, this would complicate everything. When she asked Tabitha about who is “endgame” since she’s seen the future, she was about to find out if Archie’s future heart pines for her or for Betty when everyone started collapsing and dying.

My thing is — if Tabitha has seen that far into the future, why didn’t she see this plague coming? Or that Jughead was going to have this experience with his other self? It doesn’t track.

At least going into the upcoming episode (which will air July 10), we have some hope with Sabrina’s arrival. If she’s able to resurrect the rest of the squad, they might just beat Percival at his own game.

Other Musings

  • Baby Anthony, despite being an only child, is still very much alive, but that’s a very bad sign because it means Percival has big plans for him.
  • Is Nana Rose gone for good? I can’t believe Percival just snuffed her like that after everything the poor lady has been through.
  • Kevin finally came to his senses when he saw just how dark and twisted Percival truly is. And that convinced him to put an end to the custody battle over baby Anthony. Of course, now, with Fangs and Toni gone, he’s baby Anthony’s sole caretaker. Funny how that worked out. 
  • Jughead’s love for burgers knows no bounds. 
  • Veronica’s solo was… well, it definitely wasn’t wedding-appropriate. 
  • Things got so biblical that Sweet Water River turned blood red. The strangest things happen in Riverdale and the citizens don’t even seem phased half the time.
  • We know the bomb explosion between Riverdale and Rivervale wasn’t supposed to happen, so is that the catalyst for the world’s bleeding into each other?
  • Or are these characters two halves that are going to morph into one fully realized version?

It’s all confusing, but hopefully, the answers aren’t too far off. It’s hard to fully comprehend what’s going on or where the show is headed when Rivervale feels like it aired so long ago and our recollections of those events are choppy at best. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you have any theories as to what’s happening to Riverdale?  The curse of the first born’s was to be the last plague, but what next? What’s Percival’s ultimate chess move is going to be?

Sound off in the comments below! 

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5 Hottest Moments Between Betty and Archie on ‘Riverdale’



5 Hottest Moments Between Betty and Archie on 'Riverdale'

There are a handful of ships on Riverdale that make fans go wild, but when it comes to Betty, you’re either team #Bughead or team #Barchie.

While #Bughead had some really fantastic moments, many fans will argue that #Barchie was always meant to be — I think the proper term for that is “soulmates”!

In celebration, we’re looking back on a few of Betty and Archie’s steamiest moments on Riverdale!


Season 4 Episode 15 — “To Die For”

Fake dating? Don’t have to ask them twice. When Jughead fakes his death in order to solve the Stonewall Prep mystery, Betty and Archie pretend to be a couple. And in order to sell it to everyone, they share a kiss in the music room. But the only people they seem to be fooling are themselves because there’s so much chemistry and feelings wrapped up in that one moment that they begin to question everything


Season 4 Episode 17 — “Wicked Little Town”

Okay, so fake kissing almost always leads to real kissing. Betty and Archie learned that the hard way when they locked lips for real in the musical episode. While practicing a song together — a ballad that Archie wrote for Betty, nonetheless — they share a passionate smooch (one of television’s finest!), but since they are both in committed relationships, (er, Jughead and Veronica, anyone?) the guilt consumes them and they decide that being friends is the best course of action… for now. That’s the perk of knowing the future, you know that they will end up together when the time is right. And timing, as they say, is everything. 

Betty and Archie Kiss on Riverdale! Do you ship it?

Credit: The CW/ Riverdale


Season 5 Episode 5 — “Homecoming

Okay, this may have been the absolute hottest scene between Archie and Betty like… ever. After several seasons, Riverdale finally gave fans the Betty and Archie moment they’ve been waiting for. The long-awaited and frankly highly-anticipated moment finally came via a steamy shower sex scene following a seven-year time jump. It was so hot that I found myself wondering if this kind of thing is even allowed on The CW. That steam wasn’t from the hot shower, that’s all I’m going to say! When these two reunited, sparks flew and caught fire.


Season 5 Episode 6 — “Unbelievable”

The Titanic hook-up that’s worthy of its very own Oscar! While things may not have ended so well for Jack and Rose, the odds are faring slightly better for Betty and Archie (aside from the whole bomb going off under the bed and creating some alternate dimension that has given them superpowers thing). The couple finally gave romance a try as adults, and since then, they haven’t been able to keep their hands off of each other. The video is a lot, but hey, that’s why you’re here, right?


Season 6 Episode 17 — “American Psychos”

Okay, hear me out — passion and intimacy don’t always have to be physical. It can be in the emotional, in the exchange of “I love you’s” and the realization that the person you’re with sees the parts of you that you don’t see in yourself.  All six seasons have been building up to this moment!

As Betty questioned whether her darkness was too consuming to allow her to be in a happy relationship with Archie, he reminded her that he knows exactly who she is and has always loved her for it. She’s been so focused on the incident with her cat that she totally forgot about the time she saved a bird with Archie. Not only is it a reminder that darkness doesn’t define her, but it’s a reminder that they were friends before they were lovers, which ensures that they have an intimate and unbreakable bond. The relationship has been a long time coming, but it was always the right one. Even Veronica acknowledged it.


What scenes would you add to the list?

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Riverdale Meets Rivervale in New Promo – Will Jughead Figure Out The Parallel Universe?



Riverdale Meets Rivervale in Season 6 Episode 18 Promo - Will Jughead Figure Out The Parallel Universe?

Is the veil between Riverdale and Rivervale merging?

The new promo for Riverdale Season 6 Episode 18 is definitely giving off vibes that a return to the supernatural parallel universe isn’t too far off. And that means… all hell is bound to break loose. 

Rivervale was first introduced in a five-episode event that ultimately ended up with Archie waking up from a strange dream when a bomb in his house was set off. However, the events from that alternate reality have been bleeding through into the “real world,” and it seems like we’re about to find out why! 

There’s speculation that the alternate reality has to do with Percival’s — who some believe is a resident of Rivervale — plans to build a ghost train where Pop’s used to be — in order to utilize the celestial properties of Bailey’s comet. 
Some characters have also experienced vague flashbacks to Rivervale events, but no one has actually made any sense of it. 

Related: Riverdale Season Premiere Review – Welcome to Rivervale (6×01)

But Jughead just might. 
When he began to hear voices in his mind, he secluded himself in the bunker in order to silence them, which is when he heard his own conversations with the alternate reality versions of his friends
Now, the promo finds him coming face to face with La Llorona, a legend from Mexican folklore that appeared in a Rivervale episode. The episode ended with Toni becoming the vengeful ghost in order to save Baby Anthony, so it’s possible her appearance in Riverdale is a warning about the child. 
There are other monsters and supernatural attacks on the horizon likely as part of Percival’s promised “biblical punishment” against Archie, Betty, and friends for standing in his way of destroying Riverdale. 
As Betty herself notes, “it’s another plague” with rivers running red, flies, and frogs. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit to see how Archie and friends will weather this storm as the episode Riverdale Season 6, Episode 18 will air on Sunday, June 26, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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