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Riverdale Review Graduation Day Season 5 Episode 3 Riverdale Review Graduation Day Season 5 Episode 3


Riverdale Review – Graduation Day (5×03)

Credit: Riverdale/ The CW



Graduation is so bittersweet. 

As Riverdale High’s brightest wrapped up their last day of senior year and walked across the stage, it marked the end of the Riverdale we’ve come to know, love, and even fear at times. 

Considering how dark and twisted the town has gotten over the last four years, maybe it’s a good thing that nothing will ever be the same?

The episode was shockingly normal, with the first half jammed with happy and celebratory moments. It didn’t feel entirely on-brand for Riverdale, but it fit the mood. 

The final day of high school wasn’t plagued by any bad moments or darkness aside from Archie learning that he would need to repeat senior year in order to graduate high school, but he was still allowed to walk with his friends and celebrate the moment. 

I love that the series acknowledged just how much bad stuff has happened in such a small town. Betty’s speech about making the town better for generations to come was inspiring, but considering a “new crisis and mystery” is expected to bring everyone back together in seven years, it doesn’t seem like that happens. In their absence, the curse of Riverdale will likely just take hold of the new generation… in a way, it already has. 

Jellybean wasn’t even in town for that long and fell in with the wrong crowd as the auteur tormenting the town with creepy videotapes. It’s probably for the best that FP made the decision to take her back to Toledo. Riverdale clearly has a bad influence on people and makes them do crazy things. 

Sadly, putting his family first meant that FP left Alice behind. I wish she could’ve hopped on the bike with him and they could have ridden off into the sunset together. Alice always wanted a big, happy home, but instead, she was left all alone after graduation. 

Riverdale Review Graduation Day Season 5 Episode 3

Credit: Riverdale/ The CW

The capsule was the perfect way to say goodbye to the old, especially Jughead’s signature beanie, which he never took off. I’m going to miss that thing. Betty also put in the final edition of the Riverdale Register and the Blue and Gold, Reggie threw in a football signed by the Bulldogs, Ronnie added a Pop’s menu and a matchbook from La Bonne Nuit, Kevin put in programs from his musicals and Josie’s cat ears (hope she’s still living it up in New York), Cheryl put in the “HBIC” shirt since she didn’t find anyone else to give it to, Toni put in her Pretty Poisons jacket, and Archie gave a guitar pic and his dad’s hammer. 

And I’d say, all those items are pretty representative of their Riverdale. It’s a snapshot in time that focuses on some of the good things throughout the four years — the times that weren’t plagued by death and heartache. 

As everyone geared up for their college adventure, Archie was stuck without a plan, but he felt a calling to join the army. While this isn’t a decision that should be made lightly, Archie was set on joining the Naval Academy prior, so his destiny was always somehow tied to the military.

I wouldn’t say it was a surprising choice for him either, so I don’t know why Veronica flipped out the way she did. Even Archie’s mom was cool with his decision as long as it was what he wanted to do.

I’m glad that Veronica eventually put her fears and anxieties aside and came around to the idea even if she wasn’t completely supportive; it was the moment she realized that since she was no longer his girlfriend, she couldn’t control what he did. 

I’m also impressed with how Riverdale handled the whole love square between the foursome. Veronica and Archie knew that their paths were drifting apart, but they didn’t want to ignore the love and admiration between them. Instead, they spent their last night together and embraced the moment for what it was. 

Betty also finally came clean to Jughead about her kiss with Archie, but he wasn’t mad at either of them because he knew it wasn’t done out of spite. It was refreshing to see such a level of understanding when it would have been normal to just get angry. And it’s probably because they all knew that regardless of the cheating, they were all about to go their separate ways anyway. They were no longer bound to the drama of the smalltown. 

I don’t know why they made it seem like Archie was going off to prison or being held against his will when he was on the U.S. Army bus, but it was sweet to see his best friends send him off on his journey. 

If Veronica is going to be married in the time-jump, at least #Varchie fans got a proper goodbye. And while it seems as though Jughead and Betty’s love didn’t conquer the distance, things with Archie may not have sparked either. In fact, when they all confronted the cheating, it seemed like Betty and Archie weren’t even into each other anymore. Sorry, #Barchie fans. 

Archie was the glue that held their friendship together. Once he left, the rest were quick to follow. Ronnie jetted off to the Hamptons to be with her mom and Andy Cohen. I still laugh at that every time. Betty then decided to leave early and take a road trip with her mom to get settled at Yale. And before long, Jughead was off to Iowa — the first Jones man to go to college.

Things weren’t better for Toni and Cheryl either as they also went their separate ways. Cheryl sacrificed her college dreams to run the family maple business and rehabilitate the Blossom name and image in hopes of one day being embraced and welcomed by Toni’s family. 

Everything that was familiar about Riverdale was suddenly gone in an instant.


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Riverdale -- “Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation” -- Image Number: RVD503a_0151r -- Pictured (L-R): KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Casey Cott as Kevin Keller, Jordan Connor as Sweet Pea and Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

And you can’t blame them for eagerly leaving the toxic town in their rearview mirror. 

No one was interested in looking back except Jughead, the only one who honored the pact of coming back to their booth at Pop’s every year to catch up and reconnect. 

The episode then flashed forward one year where we saw a more mature Jughead sitting at Pops. He said that it would be another six years before he would see his friends again.

This brings us to that highly-anticipated time-jump, which allows Riverdale to introduce a new tone and new versions of the characters we’ve come to love. They’ve all grown up and been changed by their experiences. 

I can’t wait to see what the “future Riverdale” is like, what the core four are up to, and what brings them all back together. Is the dynamic still the same? Do they fall into old habits? What are their new “looks?” There’s so much potential here, so while it’s sad to say goodbye, there’s promise in the future. 

‘Riverdale’ Season 5: What Every Character Is Up to After the Seven-Year Time Jump

Other Stray Thoughts

  • Archie’s mother sold the house! Jughead stayed in it for a little bit before the lights, gas, and water were eventually shut off. I don’t know why the idea of his house being sold is what triggered me the most, but I think it’s tied to the fact that this was always a reminder of Fred Andrews. 
  • The graduation footage of Fred saying he “didn’t think he’d live to see this day” was haunting. 
  • Hiram reinstated Tom Keller as Sheriff, which, well, is probably for the best. 
  • Penelope Blossom willingly turned herself over to the police, but Hiram promised he’d take care of her in prison. It’s weird, but what about the Blossom family isn’t? Maybe the guilt is finally starting to catch up with her?
  • Pops finally has full ownership of Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe. About damn time. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to this version of Riverdale? Did you have the time of your life?

Let us know what you thought about the episode in the comments below! 



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    Riverdale Season 7 Premiere Review – Don’t Worry Darling



    Riverdale Season 7 Premiere Review Don't Worry Darling Episode 1

    It’s the beginning of the end for Riverdale. After an 8 months hiatus, The CW series kicked off transporting the Riverdaleans (Cheryl said it!) smack dab into the middle of 1955. 

    Jughead was seemingly the only one from the group to remember that they were actually from the future, but his attempts at jogging everyone’s memory using a time capsule were fruitless, nearly backfiring as Archie, the picture of an all-American boy, suggested people were going to think he was a “loony” and warned him not to get sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Remember how good it was when that place no longer existed?

    Much of the episode focused on Jughead wondering if the cataclysmic event of Bailey’s Comet simply brought them to the past or if this was a past from another alternate universe, while the rest of Riverdale’s finest lived their best lives… or as good as they were going to get in the ’50s. 

    Veronica Lodge arrived in town from sunny Los Angeles where things were anything but. After a deep heart-to-heart with Archie, who was goo-goo gaga over her the minute she walked into the classroom, she revealed that her parents abandoned her because of their devotion to their hit series, Oh Mija! Is it giving anyone else Live with Kelly! vibes? Veronica hid behind red lipstick and thick-framed spectacles, but in reality, she was just covering up that she’s a lonely girl who wants to be loved. 

    It was nice seeing the characters in the “original” Archie Comics versions, though I don’t think anyone is actually buying that Archie can pass for a junior in high school, not even KJ Apa. There were times when it almost seemed like he was trying to stifle a laugh over the material, but I chalked it up to Archie’s go-lucky attitude. 

    Riverdale Season 7 : Lili Reinhart Claps Back at Haters

    Riverdale — “Chapter One Hundred Eighteen: Don’t Worry Darling” — Image Number: RVD701fg_0028r — Pictured: Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper — Photo: The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Betty spent most of the episode helping Toni and Tabatha spread the message of what they witnessed in Mississippi during the Emmett Till trial. Riverdale has always steered from addressing current events, but you can’t really tap into the fabric of the ’50s without acknowledging one of the most appalling events of the era. There was so much more to the time that would shape the future other than rock n’ roll, hot rods, and poodle skirts—though that was a vibe. 

    As Jughead put it, anyone who considered the ’50s to be the greatest decade needed their head examined. I’m sure you could say that about any decade, but the focus on Till’s murder lent itself to a point that the real Tabitha made toward the end of the episode about ensuring that the moral arc of this universe bends toward justice. Even without that knowledge, the ladies of ’50s Riverdale went above and beyond to ensure that Till’s story was told, deciding to deal with whatever consequences may come at a later time. They were determined to make a stand, be heard, and make a change, kickstarting important discussions. It was also nice to see Toni get some powerful material to work with. 

    All of their actions in this timeline ensure that, at some point, they can make it back to a Riverdale that’s not on the verge of moral and societal collapse as it was right before Bailey’s Comic struck. It’s a situation of the past impacting the present.

    Riverdale has never been a series that’s forthcoming with answers, so it was nice that the real Tabitha—the one from the present and Riverdale’s Guardian Angel—clarified what happened to not only Jughead, who was kind of spiraling, but also the audience. We don’t have to wait several episodes to get some clarity! 

    In short, Cheryl wasn’t successful in stopping Bailey’s Comic from extinguishing Riverdale, and the trip to the ’50s was Tabitha’s last-ditch effort to save everyone by throwing them into a timeline where she would have enough time to reverse the effects and hopefully find a way to get everything back sorted and everyone back to their timelines. It’s a tall order, and one she needs to embark on knowing that Jughead isn’t running around causing ripples and corrupting the timeline by asking too many questions. Essentially, there’s no Riverdale to get back to, so why would she let Jughead suffer in the ’50s by holding onto all of his memories, especially when no one else had any recollection of the past-future? It would be torture for him. And thus, she made the conscious choice to erase his memory, which actually might be more torturous for him as now he’ll go on trying to remember what it is that he forgot. 

    'Riverdale' and 'Nancy Drew' Announce Final Season Premiere Dates—And Series Finale Dates

    Riverdale — “Chapter One Hundred Eighteen: Don’t Worry Darling” — Image Number: RVD701a_0716r — Pictured (L – R): Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Casey Cott as Kevin Keller and Nicholas Barasch as Juilian Blossom — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Maybe he’ll figure it all out with time. He did write all those comics logging what happened to them while chowing down a 30-cent burger and fries at Pops! All I know is that his makeout session with Veronica in the teaser trailer makes a lot more sense if Jughead has absolutely no idea what’s going on just like the rest of them.

    It’s a different dynamic for Riverdale, but somehow, it feels like the most grounded and normal season… for now, at least. I know things are about to take a wild turn as everyone fully embraces the ’50s and new relationships start forming, but it also feels like the closest we’ve ever gotten to the most authentic Archie Comics characters. It’s a refreshing twist for the final season, that’s for sure.

    The slate has basically been wiped clean, and anything can happen, but the innocence of the season likely won’t stick around for much longer either, if the teasers are to be believed. Tabitha mentioned that the timelines have been knotted, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that means that strange things are about to start happening—stranger than we’ve ever seen before.

    Other Musings

    • Jughead telling everyone where they end up in the future was comical as he really had to hold back for Kevin and Cheryl, simply suggesting that one of them joined an organ harvesting club and the other became a witch. I wouldn’t believe Jughead either. 
    • Jughead suggesting Betty and Archie make out on his bed while they blow up a bomb underneath wasn’t his best moment… I know that’s how they got into this mess in the first place, but it was pretty desperate. 
    • It’s strange to see Betty’s whole family back together again as one big happy unit, including Hal Cooper. 
    • I’m hoping we get to see an appearance from Hiram Lodge this season—he’s a crucial part of Riverdale. 
    • Jughead owning a dog named Hot Dog truly is so fitting.
    • Cheryl’s twin isn’t Jason Blossom, it’s Julian, which might be the hardest change to wrap your head around, especially because her relationship with Julian is the complete opposite of the bond she had with Jason!
    • Tabitha and Jughead truly are endgame. Their kiss at the end was mesmerizing, and such a heartbreaking moment for her to give up the love of her life for the greater good. 
    • “Awesome… I mean swell.”  The writers are having a lot of fun here already. 

    I can’t wait to see how the series comes back from an extinction-level event and reverses all of this. It’s been—and continues to be—a wild ride. 

    What did you think of the episode? Did you like the reset or do you miss old, tortured Riverdale?

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    Riverdale Tales From The Darkside

    Riverdale has seen its fair share of psychos, serial killers, and murderous villains. After all, it didn’t get the nickname ‘the murder capital of the world’ for no reason.

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    Lili Reinhart Claps Back at ‘Riverdale’ Haters Ahead of Final Season Premiere



    Riverdale Season 7 : Lili Reinhart Claps Back at Haters

    The wait for the seventh and final season of Riverdale is almost over, but not everyone has nice things to say about it. 

    While it’s true that The CW series has gone off the rails the last few seasons, it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why fans continue to tune in. In fact, I’m personally looking forward to seeing how unhinged things actually get in their final hurrah. 

    On March 2, the network gave fans a look at all the madness, revealing that 1955 might be the craziest time period yet, as all of Riverdale’s finest revert to high schoolers after Cheryl Blossom destroyed a comet and somehow, accidentally caused everyone to travel back in time

    Anyway, the point is, things are all over the place in the trailer as Archie and Cheryl are dating and planning on getting married, Jughead—reportedly the only one who actually remembers the present-day and knows what’s really going on—making out with Veronica for some reason, Betty trying to have sex with Kevin (who is in the closet because it’s the ’50s), zombies… maybe?, the return of Ethel Muggs covered in blood, a possible orgy, and honestly, so much more that I can’t even wrap my head around. 

    Riverdale is going out with a bang, pushing the boundaries to where they haven’t gone before—and they’ve gone far. 

    Most fans, like myself, are thrilled, but one comment didn’t sit well with Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper. 

    “oh my god….. those poor actors are finally gonna be free,” one user on Twitter wrote, likely prompting the scathing response from Reinhart on Instagram Story.

    “Assholes saying “can’t wait for this show to end,” like, babe, why does the show have such an impact on your life that you feel the need to make a public comment about it? Run along now,” she wrote. 

    And honestly, that’s the Betty Cooper energy we need. The cast may have spoken out about their willingness to pursue other projects after seven seasons, but there’s no denying that this is the show that put them on the map and catapulted them into stardom.

    There’s also the fact that we’ve all, fans included, invested an enormous amount of time into the series, so no matter what, we’re going to be sad when it ends. 

    As one comment pointed out, the show prides itself on being “weird” and that isn’t news. 

    We—and the cast— know what we’re getting into with Riverdale…. and we’re doing so willingly. 

    Riverdale’s final season kicks off on Wednesday, March 29 on The CW! You can catch up on all of our previous content and reviews right here! 

    ‘Riverdale’ Season 7 – Everything We Know About the Final Season

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