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Riverdale How to Get Away with Murder Review Riverdale How to Get Away with Murder Review


Riverdale Review – What Really Happened to Jughead Jones? (4×14)

Riverdale -- "Chapter Seventy-One: How To Get Away With Murder" -- Image Number: RVD414b_0335b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): KJ Apa as Archie and Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



We need to figure out what happened to Jughead Jones.

While Riverdale may have painted a fuller picture on this week’s episode, it still doesn’t exactly reveal who struck the “fatal” blow nor does it explain any part of, what we can only assume, was Jughead’s intricate plan for find out the truth and taking the Stonie’s down once and for all.

And it most definitely doesn’t explain why he’s still narrating his own story unless the revelation is that it hinges on the theory that this is all Jughead’s Baxter Brother’s novel playing out.

But, as Jughead said, the moment we’ve been waiting for finally happened as the series caught up with all those flash-forward teases that kept us in the dark and up at night throughout much of Riverdale Season 4.

While the TV rule is that you never believe someone is dead until you see a body, Riverdale crossed that out and updated it so now, going forward, you never believe anyone is dead even if you see a body. Death is not final on television — there’s always a loophole.

The episode, aptly titled “How to Get Away with Murder,” followed Betty, Veronica, and Archie as they did just that.

It would have been better fitted it said “Try to Get Away with Murder” because they tried so hard.

The episode picked up with the trio (poorly) getting rid of any evidence, including Jughead’s beloved beanie, and making their way home in nothing but undergarments.

Narrator Jughead was right — they should have gotten their stories straight. But you have to give it to them for making up some pretty realistic and sensible excuses on the spot.

Archie told his mom he went skinny dipping and the Stonie’s stole their clothes, Betty claimed to have spilled red wine, and Veronica was involved in a scathing match of strip poker.

From there, they were on the defense and playing catch-up as the Stonie’s were always one step ahead of them.

Since they could anticipate their every move, it was absolutely impossible for Betty, Archie, and Veronica to not dig themselves into a bigger hole.

They looked guilty and all the signs pointed to ponytail killing her boyfriend, so Betty decided to own it.

When Britney Spears said, “you say I’m crazy, I got you crazy,” Betty embodied it.

How much longer could she go on pretending that Jughead wasn’t dead and allowing someone else to control the narrative and dictate her every move? Eventually, the truth, or the fabricated truth, was going to come out.

So, Betty, Archie, and Veronica planned a search party, led F.P. Jones to Jughead’s body, and identified the body at the morgue, just like we saw in previous flash-forwards.

It was a bold move on their part that Donna didn’t anticipate, and they succeeded in throwing her off the game.

Betty was no longer afraid of getting accused of Jughead’s death if she could bring Donna down with her.

This episode also cemented the fact that Donna was the true villain and not Brett.

Jughead was the only person that Betty ever cared about, and she’d do anything to take down his enemies, avenge his death, and make them pay.

But you can’t help but wonder how it’s going to pan out for her.

As it stands, despite Betty knowing the truth, the case is stacked heavily against her. She moved the body, lied about the murder, and destroyed evidence aka the murder weapon. Not to mention, she had no solid proof connecting Donna or the Stonies to the murder.

Betty also made several missteps. Normally, I’d say that’s normal for someone who never attempted to get away with murder, but these were pretty terrible for someone as cunning as Betty.

For starters, how did she not realize she had Jughead’s phone? Even if someone at Stonewall Prep slipped it into her jacket, she should have realized it.

Secondly, what’s with asking Jelly Bean for fake blood? It could very easily connect back to her if F.P. realizes the rock was covered in fake blood while she knew about the evidence.

And lastly, looping in Charles was her worst decision of all, though, it’s not her fault because she’s unaware that Charles is working against her and with Chic. For all we know, he could be conspiring with the Stonie’s, which is why they were always ahead of her and onto her plan.

Betty shouldn’t have brought anyone into this that she couldn’t trust with her whole life.

But for a girl who just lost her boyfriend, she was surprisingly composed. Sans a few breakdowns, Betty was always on top of it and working a new plan.

While it didn’t seem like Betty knew anything of Jughead’s original plan, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing if he somehow left her some clues or filled her in before that final confrontation with Donna.

It was badass as Betty channeled this fierce energy while wearing Jughead’s coat that seemed to shake Donna to her core.

What changed?

I don’t know how Jughead pulled this off, especially since we saw his body, but I just don’t think he’s dead.

I’m also glad Betty was drugged with a powder known as Devil’s Breath that caused her blackout and not actually triggered by some magic word. Evelyn’s power was always manipulative, and she’s good at convincing people that she’s capable of doing the impossible.

The revelation that it wasn’t more than a drug makes her less threatening.

There’s always the possibility that Jughead clued in Archie on his plan, so this whole time, Archie’s been steering the ship without revealing too much.

At least, that’s what I think he was confessing to his mother, but I could be wrong and he might just be telling the truth because he knows he’s going to need her legal advice.

Thank god for Mary right now, right?

Also, Mary revealed her relationship with a Navy Commander, which came out of the blue and was ill-fitting with an already storyline heavy episode.

Veronica wasn’t just dealing with the murder of her friend, she was also at odds with her family after Hiram wanted her to sign a will without coming clean to her about his disease.

Veronica and Hiram have been at each other’s throats for so long that a conversation where they both admitted to loving each other was strange.

Riverdale is a strange place.

However, I can’t help but think that Hiram is using his daughter’s love for him and her emotions as a weakness to get what he wants.

It would be his lowest point if he was manipulating her with some sob story about his illness.

And what is Hermosa’s deal? Veronica agreed to a truce, so let it be, girl. Is she the one who got Veronica put on hold at Barnard?

Other Thoughts

  • This may be a stretch, but Jughead loves to eat and he made a “you have to have the stomach for it” reference when talking about murder.
  • If I never have to hear the name Evelyn Evernever again, I’ll be okay.
  • Do they not have anything better to do with Kevin than to bring him into one scene where he crashes a convo between the trio?
  • Anyone else digging that Archie and Betty are working much closer together?
  • Why did F.P. immediately turn on Betty when he found the phone? Emotions are running high, but wouldn’t you think he’d approach the situation differently as he knows how deep Betty and Jughead’s love is?

What did you think of the episode?

Do you think Jughead is alive? Did you pick up on any clues?

What’s Betty’s plan? Is Hiram playing Veronica?

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Riverdale Review – Mothman (5×06)



Riverdale Back to School Review Season 5 Episode 6


You never truly get over the first day of school jitters, even seven years after you’ve graduated. 

Veronica, Betty, Archie, and Jughead returned to Riverdale High on Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6, but this time, they weren’t students, they were teachers. 

Archie was spearheading the RROTC, Jughead was teaching English, Veronica tackled Economics, while Betty handled Shop Class, which personally, I found to be the most interesting. I would’ve never pegged our sweet FBI recruit for a car gal.

Everyone was there to restore Riverdale to the great town that it once was, well, aside from all the murder.

But in a weird way, it’s almost as though they’ve never really grown up. 

This criticism is specific to Cheryl, who still seems way overly invested and possessive over the Vixens.

It’s a bit strange that she would get upset and jealous over Toni reviving the cheerleading squad when she had seven years to manage the team and hid out in Thornhill. 

But it’s obvious that this is how the show aims to bring back Cheryl to some sense of reality, and it’s better that she’s at least involved in the school functions rather than hiding in her mansion afraid of some made-up Blossom curse. 

If everyone is going to get a gig at the high school, it only makes sense that Cheryl and Toni return as co-HBIC’s.

Riverdale’s success went against Hiram’s plans to destroy the small-town, so he sent his goons from the Stonewall Prep football team to start a fire at the school and send a little message. 

But since Archie is never one to back down without a fight, he decided to revive Riverdale’s football team, the Bulldogs. 

I’ll admit that it was sad to see that the team, which has brought so much pride to town, was a “thing of the past.” However, with the right coach, it could be the town’s pride and joy once again.

Hope can go a long way. Hiram knows that, which is why he’ll do anything to see Riverdale fail.

Interestingly, we’ve yet again returned to the Hiram versus Archie Andrews dynamic. Archie will forever remain a thorn in his side. 

It’s also upsetting to see Reggie side with Hiram; he’s lost sight of everything that’s important. 

Riverdale Back to School Review Season 5 Episode 6

Riverdale — “Chapter Eighty-Two: Back To School” — Image Number: RVD506fg_0016r — Pictured (L-R): Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty, Casey Cott as Kevin Keller, Chris Mason as Chad Gekko, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Archie runs into a bit of trouble securing funding for the football team. He tries to play to “dead brother” card to Cheryl, but it doesn’t go well. 

Why do they think Cheryl has the money to singlehandedly fund the town? Even if she is selling fake art and passing it off as the original, it’s not her responsibility to dole out mounds of cash for the local high school.

He eventually resorts to asking Veronica for help, and if you thought it was weird asking your ex for $20K (even though she was more than happy to contribute to her beloved Bulldogs), just imagine how weird it is to get pushback from her overly jealous husband.

There were some cute moments between Ronnie and Chadwick, but ultimately, he’s a snake that’s controlling and doesn’t have Veronica’s best interests at heart.

He brought up doing nice things for her like singing karaoke and being nice to her friends as if they were some kind of chore or like he was doing her a favor to keep her happy. In a normal relationship, those are acts of love. 

It was the final straw – well, that and finding out that he’s been secretly chatting with Hiram – that convinced Veronica that they needed to take a break. 

Veronica was living a fake life in New York, but by returning to Riverdale, she once again remembered who she was and what mattered to her. 

She and Chadwick simply aren’t on the same wavelength.

However, I don’t want her and Archie to get back together in the near future either. 

Archie’s relationship with Betty is really growing on me; it’s refreshing and fun to watch. (More of my thoughts on that here!)

Of course, sneaking around when you’re in your mid-twenties should be a lot easier, but I’m not going to complain about that Titanic re-enactment in the car either.

Things between them are steamy. 

And if we were just to revert to the previous couples, hitting reset on the show would all be for nothing. 

Plus, there are definitely some sparks flying between Jughead and Tabitha Tate.

While the show never established how old Tabitha was, the fact that she made six-figures in Chicago and could have taken a CEO job at any point alludes to her being around the same age as Jughead. 

Initially, Tabitha was a little weary of Jughead, but he seems to have grown on her as she’s even offering to help him work on his story!

Aside from his brief interactions with Archie, Jughead spent much of the episode secluded from his old friend group and getting more familiar with his new boss. 

He interviewed Tabitha for his small-town story, but she did him a solid and set him up with Dreyfus, a local who told him his story of the Mothman, who kidnapped his friends working the mines and took them abroad some kind of ship. 

Yes, it sounds like folklore, but may I remind you that the mines are near Greendale, and we know that supernatural entities are in abundance there. (It’s a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reference.)

Jughead’s investigation led him to the realization that all of Dreyfus’ friends that went on the ship passed away from cancer. Coincidence or is there something more awry at play?

He also mentioned that the ship was in the woods in a cave off the Lonely Highway… and you know what else was last seen on the Lonely Highway? Polly… three days ago. 

Is there a chance the mothman is connected to Polly’s (and Freaky’s) disappearance? My gut instinct tells me there is. 

Betty put her FBI training to use as she investigated what happened to Polly. She learned that Polly would frequent truck stops to sell Jingle Jangle and hook up with truckers (boy, did her life really take a turn!) using Nedlist (lol) to set up meetings. 

Betty tracked down the last trucker Polly arranged a meeting with (Truckerboy69… really?!), but he informed her that Polly ran off that night in a panic. 

Betty then turned to Alice for help and together, the sleuthing mom-and-daughter duo located a bunch of Polly’s things on the side of the road. She eventually decided to ping Polly’s phone, which likely should have been her first move. Betty, Kevin, and Alice then took look around the marsh area at night (because waiting till morning would have been too logical) and stumbled upon a corpse’s hand sticking out from the ground. Does it belong to Polly? We’ll have to wait to find out. 

In addition to that cliffhanger, Hiram also sent Archie yet another message by setting a fire all around the perimeter of his home. I guess the message was “don’t play with fire,” and look, I get that Hiram goes to extremes to get what he wants, but almost killing someone is a bit much, don’t you think?

Overall, it was an interesting episode that set up plenty of new mysteries for audiences while also taking a sentimental trip down memory lane by focusing most of its events around Riverdale High. 

Other Small Town Musings

  • Hiram loves Doritos… who knew?
  • It’s hard to do justice by “Shallow” but Veronica and Chadwick killed it!
  • Nana has really upped her fashion game! Also, how is she still alive?
  • There was a brief Chilling of Adventures crossover when Dorcas made an appearance as Cheryl’s art appraiser Minerva Marble.
  • Doris Bell is one little snitch! Keeping Cheryl informed about what happens at Riverdale High is one thing, but giving intel to Hiram? Not cute. 

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Riverdale? Are you enjoying the post-time jump reality?

Be sure to follow us on socials: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

We appreciate your support as we aim to become your #1 destination for the TV shows you crave

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Coffee Table News

New Couple Alert: ‘Katy Keene’s Lucy Hale and ‘Riverdale’s Skeet Ulrich Spotted Kissing



'Katy Keene's Lucy Hale and 'Riverdale's Skeet Ulrich Spotted Kissing

This is one couple you didn’t see coming! Who would’ve thought we’d ever see a liar dating a serpent?

Pretty Little Liars and Katy Keene alum Lucy Hale was spotted packing on the PDA with Riverdale star Skeet Ulrich on Sunday, February 21!

Photos of their romantic outing were captured by Page Six.

You can see the 31-year-old star leaning in for a kiss with the 51-year-old actor. 

The duo were also spotted holding hands at the table.

Once they finished their meal, they put on their masks and the “Scream” alum embraced the actress from behind. 

Ulrich previously dated Megan Blake Irwin and were criticized for their 20-year-age difference, which she defended. 

While Ulrich and Hale starred in sister-show’s on the CW, they never crossed paths. Ulrich recently wrapped up his five-season arc as Forsythe Pendleton Jones II (FP Jones) on Riverdale, while Hale starred in the Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene as the titular character for one season before it got canceled.

Neither Ulrich or Hale have commented on the relationship.

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Let’s Talk About What #Barchie’s Steamy Shower Scene on ‘Riverdale’ Means for the Ship



Let's Talk About What #Barchie's Steamy Shower Scene on 'Riverdale' Means for the Ship

It finally happened, #Barchie fans!

If you’re a #Bughead fan, you might want to stop reading at this point because this is a full post dedicated to the Betty and Archie hook-up!

After several seasons, Riverdale finally gave fans the Betty and Archie moment they’ve been waiting for.

This moment has been a long time coming.

There were some close calls through the years, though mainly, fans were left disappointed and wondering if the pairing would ever see the light of day.

At the end of season 4, the duo shared a romantic kiss but ultimately decided to bury their feelings out of respect for their significant others. 

But you don’t just write a love ballad for someone and forget about them!

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated moment finally came via a steamy shower sex scene following a seven-year time-jump. It was so hot, I found myself wondering if this is even allowed on The CW. That steam wasn’t from the hot shower, that’s all I’m going to say! 

Archie, who survived a war, and Betty, who has been catching serial killers while training to be an FBI agent at Quantico, reunited and fell right back into their old feelings without even realizing it. 

Post hook-up, when Archie questioned what just happened between them, Betty informed  him that it’s something “we’ve been wanting to do since high school but never got around to it.” And you have to appreciate her honesty here. 

Since they’re both mature and single adults — Archie’s ex Veronica is “happily” married, while Betty hasn’t been with Jughead for years — they decided to keep the moment of passion under wraps. 

Riverdale can be a bit ridiculous at times, but this was the smartest decision these two ever made. They don’t owe anyone, including Veronica and Jughead, anything. 

This moment singlehandedly changed the Betty and Archie relationship forever. 

And when I tell you fans were thrilled, I mean they were straight geeking out on Twitter. 

But what does this mean for #Barchie moving forward? Was it a one-time thing that they needed to get out of their system?

Based on the glowing aftermath, methinks not. The chemistry and sexual tension is there, and they’re clearly into each other. And for the first time, they’re both in a place where they can pursue a relationship. 

Well, there is the small issue of Betty’s boyfriend, Glen, back in Virginia, but I doubt that will pose much of a problem since she seemed to forget all about him. She didn’t even call him to inform him she decided to stick around for a while and teach at her old high school, which tells you everything you need to know! 

And while Archie and Jughead’s new roomie situation may make things a bit more complicated and awkward, I think Archie and Betty owe it to each other to explore these longtime feelings. 

They’ve never been given the opportunity to figure what these feelings truly mean — is it love or is it just lust? — because they’ve always repressed them out of respect for others. 

There’s no better time like the present to put them to the test.

Though, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t see it lasting long. I’d love the idea of #Barchie babies, but with the core four back in each other’s orbits, they’re bound to fall into old habits. 

Jughead and Betty don’t seem like they’re going to get back together anytime soon, but based on their conversation, they never got closure following their abrupt breakup. With a new mystery in tow, I see their paths merging again, though, I am really digging that Betty and Archie have been working together on the “Polly mystery.”

As for Ronnie, she may be married, but it’s not going to last long. She and Chadwick are already having marital issues that stem mainly from his insecurities and jealousy. I wouldn’t rule out a post-divorce reunion for Archie and Veronica. 

She’s always wanted someone who can handle her Lodge independence, and Archie has always been that man. 

So, while Betty and Archie might not be able to keep their hands to themselves in the short-term, I don’t think that there’s potential for them in the long run. And that’s okay too.

Sometimes the best thing before settling down is the fling you’ve always fantasized about!

At the end of the day, I’m rooting for the ships that will bring each other happiness — whoever that may be!

Don’t forget to check out our full review of Riverdale Season 5 Episode 5 now!  

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