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Riverdale Review – Was It The Perfect Murder? Jughead’s Fate Is Finally Revealed (4×15)

Credit: Riverdale/The CW



It was the perfect murder.

After weeks of leaving Riverdale fans clamoring for answers about Jughead’s fate, everything began falling into place, and the mystery was well worth the wait.

Riverdale has always been a series that required you to suspend some belief, but the murder of Jughead Jones is the least far-fetched in comparison to the Gargoyle King, the Black Hood, and The Farm.

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for murder mysteries, but watching Donna unravel while Betty played her like a fiddle using classic, proven, and timeless murder plots was so enjoyable.

About halfway through the episode, it was evident that Jughead was alive based solely on how Archie, Betty, and Veronica were acting. But there was always the uncertainty creeping in at each turn as the series kept you tangled in the question mark.

One of the biggest giveaways was the whole Barchie scene. There may be sparks between Archie and Betty, and they may be destined to be with each other because of the comics, but Barchie would never be stupid enough to publicly kiss in the music room.

Veronica would also never believe it nor would she attack Betty in such a manner. None of that was believable if you truly understood the characters, but it was one hell of a performance.

For much of the hour, it felt as if Riverdale’s creator and writers were trolling us through Alice’s documentary that looked like it was filmed in 1999.

The murder capital of the world deserves a proper documentary, you know?


Riverdale To Die For Review

Credit: Riverdale/ The CW

But all the references about some people shipping Barchie, some thinking that Bughead shouldn’t be a “thing,” and even the back-and-forth questioning of whether Forsythe was alive felt like Twitter had come to life.

They made an episode at our expense and got pleasure in toying with us!

There were plenty of clues alluding to the fact that Jughead faked his own death, some of which I pointed out in previous reviews and many in this episode.

Aside from Donna coming to the conclusion herself, which had to happen because she’s honestly too bright for her own good, it was teased with the closed casket, the fact that FP went from arresting and questioning the trio to sharing breakfast with Betty, and the fact that they were all more concerned with pinning it on the Stonies than actually mourning Jughead.

And let’s not forget Kevin quite literally telling the camera that Jughead thought “faking your own death” a la Tom Sawyer was cool back in the day.

As Betty said during the wake/funeral, Jughead loved crime stories and drew lots of inspiration from them.

Still, the episode kept taking so many twisted and curved turns that it was hard to keep track of the facts and everyone’s motivation.

Until… finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Jughead is alive!

We knew it was coming and yet, the moment so victorious and satisfying.

It wasn’t just Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Veronica in on the plan because taking down the Stonies takes a whole village.

FP, Alice, Mary Andrews, and Dr. Curdle Jr (the man!) were all in on it, which means they all have some superb acting.

FP played the grieving father in such a believable way, it was hard to tell whether he was acting or if he was being genuine.

The showdown between Betty and Donna was also juicy because they’re both so fierce and conniving. The only way to make Donna trip up is to make her seem like she’s lost her marbles, which they would have successfully done had she not seen old milkshakes and deduced that Archie and Betty’s relationship was a ploy to continue the lie.

Brett tried to tell Donna to “let it go,” which only confirmed what Betty and Jughead knew — that she calls the shots and is the mastermind behind everything happening at Stonewall Prep.

Hermosa, who was quite the pot-stirrer this episode before proving to be a useful P.I, dug up some dirt on Donna that surprisingly not even Charles could find. Upon seeing it, Jughead knew it was the “final piece of the puzzle.”

But what could it be? My off-the-wall theory (although, how off-the-wall can anything really be in Riverdale?) is that Donna Sweett is actually an Everner. It’s possible she’s Evelyn and Edgar Evernever’s daughter and this has been so long con. The only people we’ve ever met that were as deranged as Donna were the Evernever’s.

What’s your Donna Sweett theory? What could be so bad that it would allow them to take her down?

Other Murder Capital Musings

  •  Does this mean neither Betty or Jughead are attending Yale?
  • Archie and Betty openly flirted with each other but denied having feelings for each other to their significant others. Obviously, if Veronica and Jughead had to ask, they’re worried about something. Will Barchie happen for real for real?
  • Nana Rose with a documentary cameo as the oldest resident of Riverdale.
  • Despite Cheryl instigating all the necessary drama between Archie, Betty, and Veronica, she proved to be a good cousin when she put Betty on suicide-watch.
  • Also, Cheryl’s comment about feeling bad for calling Jughead a hobo that one time was hilarious.
  • Hiram is ruthless and really attempted to fire FP while he was grieving his son. FP took it upon himself to quit, which sadly feels like the beginning of Skeet Ulrichs’ exit from the series.
  • What happened to Jonathan?!
  • Archie and the girls were arrested and let go because they were innocent and yet, the whole town believed what they heard that Archie was a murderer. It goes to show you how dangerous and detrimental to one’s reputation name-calling can be.
  • Betty saying “bitch I’m done with you” to Donna was the best moment.
  • Oh, Dilton’s bunker.

It’s a game of psychological warfare, friends, and Betty and Jughead are two of the best players.

Next week, Jughead pops back into class like “surprise, I’m alive!” as they walk Donna, Bret, and the other Stonies in a step-by-step guide of how they pulled it off.

And really, the audience needs to know, too. We know Jughead was knocked out but still alive — he has the bruise to prove it. But how did they pull off everything else?

Till next week, Cravers.

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Riverdale Back in Production as Creator Teases Prom Photo

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Not even the coronavirus pandemic could prevent these teens from the right of passage that is the senior dance on Riverdale

The CW teen drama’s showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa shared a photo on Instagram that gave fans a glimpse into season 5’s prom episode.

The photo featured the beloved couple “Choni” aka Madelaine Petsch’s Cheryl Blossom and Vanessa Morgan’s Toni Topaz.

“Rest assured, ALL the queens will [be] reigning SUPREMELY next season,” he captioned the post seemingly alluding the Morgan’s outspoken criticism of the show for its lack of diversity and proper storylines for diverse characters. At the time, Aguirre-Sacasa promised to do better.

The prom episode was initially supposed to be part of the show’s fourth season, but it was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the show to suspend production three episodes shy of its promised count. 

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Therefore, the upcoming season of Riverdale will include all those milestone high school moments before doing a significant time jump that will likely find our favorites from the murderous town in college.

While the photo serves as confirmation that the series is back in production (we couldn’t be more excited), it was taken during the remaining few days on set for season 4 as since filming hasn’t picked back up again.

Of course, this also means that the series is back on track to return during the midseason in January 2021. 

All good things! 

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Shortly after Vanessa Morgan announced she was expecting her first child, a baby boy, her husband of several months, Michael Kopech, filed for divorce. 

Citing court docs, the Chicago Tribune reports revealed that the MLB player filed back in June. It was sealed on Monday.

No hearing has been scheduled.

Reps for Kopech and Morgan did not offer up comments. Neither have commented on the divorce or pregnancy announcement. 

Fans grew concerned when Morgan posted the baby announcement without any mention of Kopech. He was not in any of the videos or photos.

The couple wed in January after a year-long engagement and one year of dating. 

It’s unclear what led to the split. 



Original post July 25:

Congrats are in order for Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan.

The CW actress is expecting her first child! 

The 28-year-old shared the exciting news with fans on Instagram with pictures from her gender reveal. 

If you can’t handle the suspense — she’s having a baby boy!

While she admitted that she would like to keep this part of her life private, she said she wanted fans to hear it from her before they found out by eventually seeing her growing bump.

“I do want to keep this chapter of my life private but did want to be the first to share the news. I am overjoyed to be welcoming my baby boy into the world this January,” she wrote. “It’s almost like everything I thought mattered in this life has completely changed.. We’re here for such a greater purpose and life is so precious.”

She continued to gush about the exciting milestone in her life: “I can’t believe how much growth & strength you’ve already given me as your mom,” the actor added. “It’s like God knew I needed you, my angel. The universe works in mysterious ways but always times everything the way it was meant to be. Lil one you were made with so much love & already exude a light so strong it warms my belly. Thank you God for this blessing I’m just so happy & can’t wait to dedicate every day to being the best mommy I can be.”

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Morgan and Kopech, who is a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in January. 

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‘Katy Keene’ Cancelled at The CW After One Season – ‘Riverdale’ Spinoff Looking for New Home



After weeks of waiting, The CW has decided against renewing Katy Keene after just one season. 

The network announced that the Lucy Hale-led Riverdale spinoff will not be picked up for season 2. 

Katy Keene was the only series awaiting a decision after the network’s bulk renewal back in January, which saw all of its scripted shows get renewed including freshman dramas Batwoman and Nancy Drew. All shows are scheduled to return in January due to the coronavirus production delays. 

QUIZ: Which ‘Katy Keene’ Character Are You?

Show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took to Instagram to share the news with fans alongside a photo of the cast, writing, “From the first #katykeene table read. It seems like a dream. So proud of this show and the beautiful souls who came together to make it.💔.”

Hale commented writing: “I am …devastated. But love you all so much.”

Julia Chan (Pepper Smith) chimed in expressing her gratitude: “Love you, Roberto and Michael and my beloved @cw_katykeene family. Eternally grateful. ♥️”

Hale also addressed the fans directly on Instagram Live. “Sad to deliver this news ! But I love the show. I love what it stands for. And mostly I love YOU. To the cast, crew and all involved. I adore you,” she captioned the clip. 

Despite all the fan-love, the series was not a rating’s hit garnering a 0.2 rating in the demo with delayed viewing accounted for, per Nielsen. 
However, Deadline reports that the studio behind the series, Warner Bros. Television, plans to shop it around to potentially find the series a new home. There’s word that if the series does snag a second season, it will likely be on HBO Max as the streaming platform recently began airing the first season. 
We’re bummed about the news here at CraveYouTV as we truly thought Katy Keene was a fun, refreshing sidekick to Riverdale, but for now, we’re hopeful and optimistic that all is not lost. Be sure to check back as we’ll continue to keep you posted! 

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