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Riverdale There Will Be Blood Riverdale There Will Be Blood


Riverdale – There Will Be Blood (2×15)

Riverdale -- "Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood" -- Image Number: RVD215b_0166.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Tiera Skovbye as Polly, Lili Reinhart as Betty and Lochlyn Munro as Hal -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Riverdale may soon have a new Mayor.

And it isn’t going to be Fred Andrews as the Lodge’s had hoped.

Jughead has been trying to figure out Hiram’s plan for quite some time now but after the Lodge’s put Hermione on the Mayor’s ticket, it became pretty obvious — they want control of Riverdale.

Initially, Hiram had hoped he could convince Fred, who dreamt of running for Mayor since he was a young boy. (Did anyone else find it funny that Fred’s vision for Riverdale 2020 was so futuristic and yet in 2018, the only major happenings involve murder and a corrupt man?)

The Lodge’s were pressuring Veronica to make it happen, which only infuriated Archie. It’s one thing if he’s involved with them but it’s another when they try to use his dad.

And that’s what they were doing; using someone that’s well-liked and respected in town to do their dirty work.

At first I thought Veronica’s dedication to her family was going to put a strain on her relationship with Archie. He did tell her to lay off when it came to his father and she told her family she wasn’t going to be “handling” him anymore.

Knowing Jughead and his father were closing in on the truth — you know this town’s journalistic integrity doesn’t exist when the person exposing the shadiest businessman is a high school gang member — Hiram decided to tell Fred his plans: he was going to turn Riverdale into a prison.

More specifically a private prison with housing for those working in the private prison.

Fred refused to run for Mayor than but Archie let his dad go and stuck around to hear Mr. Lodge out.

Honestly Archie, where do your loyalties lie?

Well, the answer is with the Lodges because soonafter saving his dad he made a blood pact with Mr. Lodge.

Once again, the fact that a middle-aged man is making blood pacts (see also: gross) with a highschool kid is kind of ridiculuos.

“Now Archie, we come first,” Hiram told him. Great, there’s no getting out of this one. What happens if he and Ronnie broke up? What are the rules in terms of blood pact then?

And poor Juggy couldn’t expose any of this. Realistically, Hiram has been scooping up properties for a while now but no one has cared because they are all on the South side. But buying Pop’s shop? That’s something that would rile people up.

Unfortunately, Pop’s asked him to keep it hush-hush because knowing he broke family tradition and sold the business would break his mother’s heart. Messy right?

Elsewhere in Riverdale, all the Blossoms were gathering for Clifford Blossom’s will reading. I say all the Blossoms because aside from Toni Topaz, everyone there had something to gain.

Including Hal, Cheryl and Polly (of course she’d come back into town when word of money got around!), who as you recall are half Blossom.

Of course, nothing is ever drama-free in this town and Alice crashed the party after realizing Hal wanted a divorce so he didn’t have to give her any of the money. Honestly, the LEAST she could do is set him free after siding with creepy-ass Chic. Plus, if she’s divorced it finally gives her the opportunity to hook it up with FP and before you say that’s awkward because Betty and Jug are dating, may I remind you that this family is used to the inbreeding. Small town problems.

Once Alice is removed from the premises, the will reading commences. Nana Blossom keeps Thistle House, Penelope keeps Thornhill, Cheryl and Jason (RIP) keep half of his fortune.

The other half is to be split between anyone who provides medical authentication that Blossom blood flows through their veins meaning all the above-mentioned folks have their hand in the pot.

But the most dramatic moment of the episode? Clifford interrupting the meeting right after the will is read.

Cheryl fainted, my mouth dropped open but it all made more sense when they revealed it was actually Claudius, Clifford’s twin brother.

Twins do run in the Blossom family!

Claudius tells some sob story about the Blossom curse in which one of the twins dies at the hands of the other twin and how he’s been trying to outrun it. I guess now that Clifford is dead, he’s basically the victor.

But what brings him into town? Cheryl overhears that he’s actually in cahoots to take her and Nana out.

Finally, Cheryl gets some kind of promising story. How will she outsmart her uncle and mother?

I’ll also point out that since clicking with Cheryl at the movies, Toni has come by the house and even borrowed Cheryl’s clothes, which means they are for sure dating. And Cheryl’s mother? Once again cannot stand Cheryl’s indiscretions.

Back at the other Blossom, er, Cooper household, Polly suggests they all get their blood test and then split the money amongst the five of them — her, Betty, Chic, and the twins babies, which he was creepily holding.

To their surprise, Chic doesn’t want “blood money” from strangers. “Their your cousins,” Polly retorts but something about the way she says that makes our theories of him not being Hal’s son even more plausible.

Betty, who has been so suspicious of her darling brother, she’s been forcing Kevin to webcam with him and get answer, realizes she needs to know what he’s hiding. Why would a poor dude refuse money that’s owed to him?

First, she forces Kevin to ask him about it during their “nightly” sessions but when Chic realizes he is talking to someone else simultaneously, Kevin freaks out and tells Betty he’s done. “He seems nice,” he admits which definitely makes us question Kevin’s judgment of people.

Desperate, Betty sneaks into Chic’s bathroom and pulls a strand of his dental floss. When the results come in they confirm her speculations — Chic isn’t who he says he is.

CHIC IS FP’S SON. Can they just spit it out already? Because I need to see the showdown between Betty and her mother, Alice and FP, and then Betty and Jughead. Golden!

And unlike her daughters, Alice is so naive when it comes to Chic. She let him take the twins for a stroll by Sweetwater River, which is so questionable considering how many people die in that river!

The town of Riverdale is about to be torn upside down as are the lives of the Blossoms, Coopers and Jones’.

Do you think Hal will get his divorce? Will  he get back with Penelope? Will FP and Alice start dating? Will Archie get in too deep with the Lodge’s? Will Hermione win the election? Will we find out Chic’s big secret?


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‘Riverdale’ Co-Stars Camila Mendes and Charles Melton Are Officially A Couple Again



Riverdale Co-Stars Camila Mendes and Charles Melton Are Officially Back Together


Camila Mendes and Charles Melton are officially giving it another go.

The Riverdale co-stars, who broke up in the fall of 2019, are dating once again, a source close to the TV show exclusively tells E! News. 

“The break was nice for them and they reconnected on set of Riverdale,” the source reveals.

How did their makeup come to be? According to the insider, “Being around all of their mutual friends and hanging out together often made them realize they still have a strong connection and chemistry.”

The source adds, “They care a lot about each other and have a bond from filming together for so many hours each day.”  

They’re in no rush to get serious, with the source saying, “It’s going well and they aren’t putting too much stress on the relationship.”

The cast of Riverdale reunited in Canada in the fall to resume filming after the pandemic. At the time, Camila was dating Grayson Vaughan (even kissing him goodbye on the tarmac before taking off).

However, she split with the photographer about four months ago, with a separate source noting that the travel ban did not make their long distance relationship “easy.” The second insider shared, “There was no drama at all, and they are still friends. Their relationship just ran its course.” 

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Last week, Camila, 26, and Charles, 30, were spotted on a night out with their co-star Cole Sprouse, his brother Dylan Sprouseand model Stella Maxwell. On June 4, the group was seen dining at the French restaurant La Poubelle Bistro in L.A., where Charles had his arm around Cami. The couple left together in his car, clueing fans in to their new romance.

Cami and Charles originally started dating back in 2018, but took a break the next year. At the time, a separate source explained, “Their relationship escalated very quickly and they are taking time now to focus on their work and themselves.”

She later acted in Palm SpringsDangerous Lies and Daby Day, while he appeared in Bad Boys For LifeMainstream and, soon, American Horror Stories.

Their busy work schedules put “pressure” on the relationship, with lots of “ups and downs,” per the third insider.

Now, it seems, they’re older, wiser and ready to dive back in.

E! News has reached out to their reps for comment.

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Credit: E! News

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‘Riverdale’s KJ Apa Expecting First Child With Girlfriend Clara Berry



Riverdale Brave New World

KJ Apa is going to be a father. 

The actor, best known for playing Archie Andrews in the hit TV series Riverdale, is expecting his first child with girlfriend Clara Berry.

The 23-year-old made the announcement on Instagram with a photo showing the 27-year-old’s baby bump.

Berry then confirmed the pregnancy by sharing several maternity photos

Apa commented: “she’s pregnant btw,” to which Berry responded, “We are ❤️.”

Apa’s co-star, Vanessa Morgan, who recently welcomed son River, commented: “Rivers soon to be bestie ♥️”

Congrats to the parents-to-be. 

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Riverdale Midseason Finale Review – The Pincushion Man (5×10)



Riverdale Review The Pincushion Man Season 5 Episode 10

I wish I had some maple mushrooms cause maybe then I’d be able to make sense of what transpired on the midseason finale of Riverdale

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder on this series for absolutely no reason, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t tune in solely to see how absurd things get.

Everyone made some pretty questionable choices during “The Pincushion Man,” which, much to my surprise, is not the name of a new serial killer in town. 

Honestly, the only one who made any reasonable decisions was Archie, who stood up against his General and refused to follow a direct order opting to go with his instinct instead. 

It helped that a reporter for the New York Times made him aware that the mission, which General Taylor wanted to celebrate him for, may have been dirty. 

Once he informed Taylor that he would not accept the Silver Eagle medal, Taylor’s true colors came to the surface as he threatened to make Archie a scapegoat.

Archie stood his ground and said that he was at peace with his decision, even if it meant he had to go in front of a judge and relive the experience.

Archie has faced off against Hiram Lodge on several occasions, so he’s definitely not intimidated by a General. 

In fact, they’re still dealing with Hiram’s wrath as he purposefully freed all of his inmates to cause havoc in Riverdale. He really just cannot let it go. 

At least now we know why Hiram is so hellbent on destroying his former hometown (aside from the fact that he just enjoys it) — he’s after palladium, a precious rare metal that’s more than gold. 

Releasing the inmates interrupted parent-teacher night, and it’s shocking that Riverdale High still has any students enrolled. Then again, Professor Weatherbee said wanted to show the parents that they could protect the kids, and Archie delivered by singlehandedly taking on the inmates.

Two unexpected visitors from the prison — Charles and Chic — also crashed Juniper and Dagwood’s birthday party for absolutely no reason, and the whole thing was kind of bizarre.

Betty and Alice didn’t call the police because, in case you forgot, Riverdale only has a Sheriff who was nowhere to be found while the town was being overrun by criminals, but that’s beside the point. 

The weirdest part was that Alice was accommodating of her guests and still seems to care about Charles despite all the pain he’s caused the family. Plus, she was devastated when she shot him in self-defense. Why? I understand that he’s her son, but stop being naive and putting your family in danger, Alice! What a blindspot! 

I think Chic is finally dead, but I can’t confirm that. 

And the twins definitely have some kind of serial killer gene coursing through their veins. They didn’t even feel remorse for hurting their classmate. The smiles on their faces were beyond creepy. 

I’m glad Betty stood up for them and didn’t allow Juniper to stab Glen because it could’ve triggered something. 

I don’t really understand why Betty gave Glen another chance, almost as much as I can’t comprehend why Veronica would allow herself to get wooed by Chad one last time, but I guess the heart wants what it wants?

Riverdale Review The Pincushion Man Season 5 Episode 10

Riverdale — “Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man” — Image Number: RVD510fg_0065r — Pictured: Chris Mason as Chad Gekko — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

They both realized the error of their ways almost immediately. Glen revealed that he was more into examining Betty’s family and their predisposition to murder than actually solving Polly’s disappearance and the case of the missing girls along the Lonely Highway. 

This man didn’t see an issue with using his girlfriend’s toxic family for his dissertation! 

I hope this is the last we’ve seen of him.

Betty connected her father Hal aka the Black Hood to “Nedslist,” which is how women and truckers get hooked up on the Lonely Highway. Do the murders have something to do with him? Or was that just Glen’s attempt at learning more about her family history?

As for Veronica, she fell into the “one last night” magic when she visited Chad only to learn the next morning that he wasn’t interested in giving her a divorce and used her jewelry business for some bad investments that caused them to go into debt. 

Additionally, he threatened to testify against her if they divorced and blame her for all the dirty deals, which basically backed Veronica into a corner. 

Again, why would Veronica trust a man who openly blackmailed her with photos of her and Archie? He’s clearly a master manipulator and was never going to let her off the hook that easily. 

Ladies, get it together!

Even worse than hooking up with the husband that you plan on divorcing is cheating on your current boyfriend.

And Jughead… well, he was on quite a trip with those psychedelic mushrooms.

Though Tabitha was initially hesitant to babysit him while he took them, she eventually agreed to do it when she realized he wouldn’t change his mind.

However, she probably should’ve stuck around the whole time. 

Jughead successfully wrote his novel, which was the goal all along, but everything that transpired while he was high was quite a mess.

He hallucinated his ex Jess before having an intense experience with Betty who kept apologizing for the pain she caused him senior year. That paired with Jughead’s confession to Tabitha that he isn’t ready for a relationship cause he never moved on from his breakup with Betty was definitely enough to give Bughead fans hope for the future. And I can’t say I’m not happy that the series won’t be using Tabitha as a tool to reunite Jughead and Betty.

That is if Jughead survives. When Tabitha returned at some point during his drug-induced trip, she found the bunker covered in blood and Jughead nowhere to be found.

It’s unclear what, if anything, Jughead hallucinated was real, but there was a whirring sound that indicated he had an encounter with the mothmen.

Did they abduct him? Did he try to search for them?

Moral of the story: drugs are bad kids.

Hiram didn’t just stir up trouble at Riverdale High, he also tasked Reggie with getting the maple groves from the Blossom family. Apparently, the palladium is nestled right under the trees. 

Nana Rose was all too willing to sell because of the Blossom curse, but Cheryl basically said: “over my dead body.”

So, Reggie went to the extremes and set the groves on fire. We thought Reggie was on the right path when he turned on Hiram and supported the Bulldogs in the previous episode, but he’s right back at being Hiram’s lackey again. 

Penelope, who also broke out of prison, explained that they needed to call upon the wind to redirect the fire, and after they prayed to their satanic altar, a windstorm appeared and spared at least half of the groves. 

Riverdale always does this weird thing where it tries to dabble in the supernatural but never fully crosses the line into that world. It’s annoying. Either you’re embracing the magic or you aren’t. You can’t have it both ways! 

Other Midseason Musings

  • Min-Min and Cheryl are definitely over, right? Minerva had the right idea when she made a break for it because I have no doubt Nana Blossom would try to sacrifice her. 
  • Kevin Keller with a blade? It was a look. 
  • Toni’s absence was explained as bed rest due to pregnancy. I’ll let it slide simply because the series has made it a priority to integrate her into more episodes, and we know she was actually pregnant so maybe she really needed the break. 
  • Betty is now taking Polly’s case into her own hands, but what’s her plan? Is she going to drive the truck and look for clues?

What did you think of the midseason finale of Riverdale? Let us know in the comments below!

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