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Roswell, New Mexico Barely Breathing Roswell, New Mexico Barely Breathing


Roswell, New Mexico – Barely Breathing (1×08)



You’re telling me if Isobel didn’t act rash and force Kyle to inject her with the serum, all of ‘Barely Breathing’s’ problems would have been avoided?

Isobel basically made things worse for herself than they already were.

If she was annoyed by the blackouts she couldn’t control, well, having your cells rot at a rapid pace with absolutely no cure seems like it would be a lot worse.

How frustrating was it to see Michael, and sometimes Max, blame Liz for hurting Isobel when she wasn’t at all responsible.

She may have created the serum, with Max’s blessing might I remind you, but Isobel is the one who did this to herself.

Liz put aside all her hatred for Isobel, even after she found out that the reason she left town was that Isobel influenced her, simply to save her.

The solution wasn’t a reverse serum or an anecdote. Isobel was degrading at such a rapid pace, Liz wouldn’t have the time to come up with anything substantial.

However, with Michael’s help, she was able to penetrate the pods and put Isobel back inside while she developed a cure.

The whole scene with Liz covering Isobel with melted silver was bizarre, but also poetic in a “go back where you came from sense.”

The series is straying from the Rosa murder mystery and putting more of its focus on who the aliens are.

We know them as Michael, Isobel and Max, but who are they really? Where did they come from? What was their homeland like? Why don’t they remember? Who doesn’t want them to remember?

Max seemingly tried to avoid any talk of his past because “Roswell was home,” but with the recent blackouts and now Isobel’s latest condition, ignoring the past seems almost impossible.

Not to mention something from their past connects them to Wyatt Long who tried to shoot and silence Liz.

The symbol that Max has tattooed on his body appeared when he fried the circuit breakers. Long was also doodling it a the hospital and Max’s mother, whom we met briefly and in a very vague and odd way, said the boy at the orphanage was drawing it all over the walls. The boy she was referencing was Michael.

It later becomes apparent to Michael that the symbol may be a beacon leading the home though it’s unclear what that even really means.

In order for this show to progress naturally, we need to unearth some of that history.

The road ahead is going to be a tough one for Max. Not only is he away from the twin he’s attached to but Liz also made it clear that they aren’t soulmates. I don’t necessarily believe that given how drawn they are to each other and how their star-crossed connection was basically the whole selling point of the show, but I do think Liz is going to try to keep her distance for as long as she can.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before the people of Roswell figure it all out. There’s only a handful of families living in Roswell and as Max’s mother pointed out, everyone knows each other.

Given how emotionally distraught Max was at the end of the episode, I’m sure his mother is going to want to know what happened to Isobel. And how are they going to explain it to Noah? What did they tell him before the wheeled her out of there to put her back in her pod?

Michael, Isobel and Max may want to keep their true nature under wraps, but they aren’t doing a good job of being super discreet.

Then, of course, Manes knows all about them and, as it turns out, Alex knows all about Manes’ secret project Shephard.

The audience would have benefitted more from seeing Alex follow his father and stumble upon clues that led him to the realization that aliens exist.

Without it, Alex’s ambush on Manes felt a bit sloppy and rushed.

How did he know everything? How could he so confidently prove it?

And why would his father give in so easily and rush off to the Niger? Someone who has been running an off the books co-op shouldn’t be that easily spooked by his son.

Everything about this storyline just felt out of place.

Alex would never get the upper hand on his father so easily.

While Alex was cracking the code and infiltrating the system, all I kept seeing was Caleb trying to find out who ‘A’ is.

Of course, he’d be an epic coder here as well.

I know that Manes has to know about Michael being an alien, but why did he automatically refer to his as a terrorist. Is the automatic belief that someone from another planet poses a huge threat to your planet?

Manes also says he’s protecting Alex, but how long has he known the truth?

And if he does know the truth, why hasn’t he done anything about it? What is he waiting for?

What did you think, Cravers? Will Liz come around to her feelings for Max? Will he make it without his sister by his side?

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Roswell, New Mexico – Songs About Texas (1×09)



Roswell Songs About Texas

Roswell is a peaceful place without Isobel.

Deep down, Max has been suffering without his sister, but a little time away from Isobel allowed Max, Liz, Guerin and Maria to grow closer together and even have a little fun.

They ventured out to meet a woman who claimed to heal with her hands.

Maria hoped she’d have a cure for her mother whose memory wasn’t getting any better while Max and Guerin wanted to find a cure for Isobel and learn more about where they came from.

The healer turned out to be a money hungry fraud, as expected, though her mother did mention a woman on the reservation who did heal people with her hands and didn’t speak until the day she died around the same time Isobel, Max and Guerin left their pods.

There was also mention of her stating something along the lines of “he has arrived,” which is extremely vague without any other context.

Despite Liz’s claims that she could never trust Max after he lied about what happened to Rosa and protected Isobel, she was way too friendly with him.

The whole dynamic of the episode felt like a switch was flipped and everyone was suddenly pro-alien and trying to help them out.

Liz smiled, enjoyed Max’s company, wanted to dance with him, and even forgave him for what happened to her sister because he was protecting hers.

It’s unclear what had Liz singing a different tune, but maybe the writers felt pressured to finally make good on the star-crossed lover’s storyline they’d been promising us since before the series premiered.

Liz and Max’s makeout moment still made my heart glow, though it did seem slightly rushed if you consider she hated his guts not too long ago.

Liz and Max weren’t the only ones hooking up. As predicted, Maria and Guerin gave in to their sexual tension after a night fueled by tequila and bad decisions.

Maria was adamant that they’d never hook up again, but seriously, she knows she’s full of it, right?

With Alex finally coming to terms with his feelings, this puts Guerin in a bit of an unexpected love triangle.

I’m on Team Maria solely because of how fun their chemistry is together, but now that Guerin will confide in Alex about being an alien, it seems their relationship will only strengthen.

That is unless Alex is hellbent on destroying Guerin after reviving Project Shepard.

He may have run his father out of town, but after finding out Rosa Ortecho isn’t the only alien victim and that they may have an alien serial killer on their hands, he felt it was in everyone’s best interest to continues his father’s work.

Isobel only had one blackout in 2008 which means that she cannot be responsible for all the other alien murders.

But if it isn’t her, who is?

Related: Roswell, New Mexico – Barely Breathing (1×08)

Liz believes there’s a fourth alien in Roswell that’s much more dangerous than any of them ever imagined, but who could it be?

This is such a small town, it’s unlikely that it would be someone we haven’t met yet.

In fact, I found it so bizarre that Cameron introduced herself to Alex as if they never ran into each other in town before. How many Sheriff’s does Roswell really have?

It’s comforting to know that Cameron isn’t a traitor and won’t be helping Manes spy on the town. For a moment, it really seemed like she was going to work for him, but thankfully, she saw through all the bullshit.

With Cameron, Alex and Kyle all in the loop, Maria seems to be the only one that isn’t aware of the existence of alien beings.

Heck, even Noah has figured it out. You have to give him props for being so resourceful.

Max should have known better than to leave Isobel’s pod unprotected and uncovered considering it’s such a huge secret.

If Noah tracked them down so easily, can you imagine what the FBI is capable of?

How are they going to explain everything to Noah? Will he even stick around?

Or could he possibly be the “he” from the reservation and the fourth alien?

Other Thoughts

  • Michael is the star of the show. His quote about “thoughts and prayers” not being able to save Isobel was hilarious.
  • If Jane Holden isn’t a real doctor, who is she? And who signed off on Valentini’s death records if he didn’t actually die of a brain tumor? Does Kyle’s mother know more than she’s letting on? What did Valenti know that got him killed?
  • Does whatever happened to those 14 suspects and Valenti have something to do with Maria’s mother’s memory loss?

What did you think of tonight’s Roswell, New Mexico, Cravers?

Did Liz seem too slap-happy about Max? Will Alex try to destroy Guerin? Will Guerin and Maria become an item?

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Roswell, New Mexico – I Saw the Sign (1×07)



Roswell, New Mexico I Saw The Sign

How are Max and Wyatt Long connected?

That’s the question I walked away asking myself after this week’s Roswell, New Mexico.

Wyatt Long, the racist who targets the Ortego family and blames them for his sister’s death, clearly came after Liz when she was poking around Grant’s place and trying to get answers about what he saw the night Rosa died.

Does that mean Wyatt knows about aliens? Does he know what really happened to Rosa? Is he being controlled by Manes? I don’t know why, but I have a feeling Manes knows more than he’s really letting on.

And why doesn’t he remember anything? Is he pretending?

Was his body inhabited? Did he blackout? Clearly, something is happening where he’s drawing the alien symbols — the same ones that the FBI saw on a woman back in the day and the same symbol Max has tattooed on his body — but why?

What does the symbol stand for?

My off-the-wall theory is that Wyatt is also an alien and possibly Max, Isobel and Michael’s long lost brother.

Wyatt isn’t the only one having blackouts in town. Isobel didn’t respond well to finding out her blackouts ten-years ago caused Rosa’s death.

She tries to make amends, but Liz isn’t here for it; she’s still in the anger stage of grief.

What’s worse is that since Isobel doesn’t know why she did it or doesn’t remember doing it, it means that she could strike again and kill another innocent soul.

Max really acted surprised when he realized Liz was working on a serum to weaken alien powers and protect herself.

Honestly, what did he think she was going to do with all of those vials of his blood?

He may be certain that he’s never going to hurt Liz, but again, Isobel’s blackouts are unpredictable. Who knows who her next target will become.

Thankfully, by the end of the episode, both Isobel and Max sided with Liz. Isobel knew she couldn’t trust herself so she allowed Kyle to put her on a temporary psych hold while they figure it out.

Max also told Liz to continue developing a weapon against them because he cannot be impartial — if it ever came down to her or his sister, he would choose his sister.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole storyline because well, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

What keeps affecting Isobel? It seems like she came after Rosa because she knew her secret, but that seems kind of extreme, doesn’t it?

Did Rosa threaten to expose her? Does it have something to do with Jimmy Valenti’s death also?

We also met Maria DeLuca’s mother, Mimi, who waltzed into the bar preaching about alien invasions.

The alien invasion she was talking about? Independence Day with Will Smith.

There’s definitely something happening with Mimi, but as Maria put it, it isn’t dementia or Alzheimers.

So again, we have a third Roswell resident with memory lapses and blackouts.

When Mimi is cognizant, she spews about Rosa and Isobel’s fraught friendship and Alex having the same facial expressions as his father the moment he “learned too much.”

She also informs him not to let “things from the other world” do to Alex what they did to his father and Jimmy Valenti.

The worst part is that with Mimi’s condition, you don’t know if she’s telling the truth or simply referencing a movie.

Undoubtedly, Mimi knew too much and was silenced. If there’s no medical diagnosis to her memory lapses than I’m going to say some government organization is doing this to her.

Maybe it’s Manes. Maybe it’s the same people who have brainwashed Wyatt. Could be the same people who were threatening Grant if he ever dared to speak.

After all, Noah did inform Max to leave Wyatt Long alone or else they lawyers would try to discredit him, come for his job, and the people he cares about.

Why are so many people protecting Long?

It seems that the same fate meets everyone in Roswell who knows about aliens — death or memory loss.

Manes is determined to find out who the alien in town is and since he won’t get his answers out of Kyle or Liz, he decided to manipulate Cam.

Now, in such a small town, I’d be willing to bet that if he just stalked Kyle and Liz, he’d probably be able to figure it out himself.

But alas, going through Cam worked just as well because, by the end of the episode, she told him to look into Max Evans.

It’s a little irritating that she sold out her friend without a second thought. What if she was wrong about Max? What if she just put him in a lot of danger?

What if there was a logical explanation for all of his wacky behaviors?

If it was me, I would definitely confront Max if I suspected he was an alien instead of selling him out to the government. Come on, girl.

Though can we really blame her? Max has basically been using her while harboring real feelings for Liz. She was always his “scratching post” but to her, he was a lot more. She’s scorned and this is her way of getting back at him.

Other Thoughts

  • Max and Liz are in similar situations, which is probably why they’re so drawn to each other. Neither of them can get justice without running the risk of exposing their families to the government. Max is worried because they are aliens, Liz is worried because her father is an alien in the other sense of the word, he’s illegal.
  • Similarly, Michael and Maria are both mourning for similar reasons — they both locked up their family members. Maria committed her mother to an assisted living home while Michael helped Isobel settle in a mental health facility.
  • Who is the woman at the beginning of the episode on the tapes?


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Roswell – It Smells Like Teen Spirit



Roswell - Smells like Teen Spirit

There was a lot of teen spirit in the air in Roswell circa 2008.

While I’m usually not a fan of entire episodes dedicated to the past, in this case, it was necessary to advance the storyline as what happened during prom night in 2008 was integral to Liz Ortecho’s case.

Liz figured out that Isobel was responsible for her sister, Rosa’s, death around the same time Michael broke it to Isobel who is experiencing the same blackouts that led to the deaths in the first place.

We see the scenes unfold as Max is telling them to Liz, and we can only imagine with each passing moment, she’s becoming more and more furious.

The bottom line is that Max protected his sister while throwing Liz’s sister under the bus.

That’s enough to get anyone upset.

However, if you think about it realistically, Max did the only logical thing.

Protecting Rose wouldn’t have done much since she was already dead. It would have given her family peace of mind and lessened the hate from the community, but how could Max foresee the backlash they would receive?

But protecting Isobel, who was still alive and had a lot to lose, made sense, and it also protected them.

Liz’s anger is justified, but at times, I think she forgets that Max’s never had any ill will.

I will say that whatever happened that night was beyond weird. Isobel was experiencing split personalities that couldn’t have been more different from each other, but she also didn’t remember what she did when she was in her bitchy state.

She didn’t remember hanging out with Rosa the first time, or offering to run away with her, nor did she remember murdering Rosa and her three friends.

The flashbacks showed up what happened, how Michael and Max reacted, and why they protected their sister, but the “why” wasn’t answered.

And I know that it has to do more than just Isobel’s fear of being left alone. It begins to manifest itself when she believes the life she knows and is used to is crumbling around her, but what made her flip a switch and want to kill Rosa?

Why did she say she couldn’t trust Rosa? Why was so she offended by Rosa’s attitude towards her? Why was her disposition towards Rosa almost romantic? Did anyone else get that vibe? As if Isobel was in love with Rosa?

After Michael finally told Isobel that she was responsible for killing Rosa and the girls, she deemed herself a threat and assumed that they must be killers. It must be in their nature.

But pointing to Max’s situation way back in the desert the “first time” they killed anyone and were forever changed doesn’t necessarily justify that claim.

Obviously, you probably wouldn’t want to get on Max’s bad side but he killed a bad guy who was again, not only threatening his sister but also him and his brother.

It seems that Max will only walk off the ledge when it comes to protecting himself and his family, which is noble for both a human and an alien.

I’m sure the same sentiment would be extended to Rosa.

Isobel should be grateful she has two brothers who looked out for her and sacrificed too much for her.

When Max dished all this to Liz, she didn’t care much about the cause behind the blackouts, but only that she hated Max and his whole family. Understandable.

If you’re terrified that Liz will somehow out them all, don’t be. Isobel seemed to have the same idea when she said it was about time she paid the price for that night.

Will she out herself? Will she clear Rosa’s name? And what happens if she does? She’ll be outing them and their alien-nature as well.

Michael started off the series as a lone wolf in his trailer park and has evolved into the glue that holds the family together.

He isn’t as emotional or compassionate as Isobel and Max, but he’s overly protective of them even though he is the “youngest.”

He covered for Isobel by taking the fall for the murders and even gave up his full ride to university to stay behind with the family.

Sgt. Manes is wrong about him being a “good for nothing trailer park boy.”

Speaking of Manes, how heartbreaking was the scene when he caught Michael and Alex together? Both of them tiptoed around their feelings for each other and when they finally decided to go for it and own their sexuality, Alex’s father crucifies them and smashes in Michael’s hand with a hammer.

What a psycho.

Michael is a true angel for not telling anyone about what really happened to his hand. How can the Sgt. look Michael in the eyes and not feeling shame from all the hate bubbling inside of him?

Needless to say, I can’t wait till we dive deeper into Alex’s story and his eventual enlisting which surely his bigoted father assumed would “make him a man.”

I wonder what would have happened if Max and Liz had the chance to travel the world together.

Would their relationship flourish?

It’s not looking so hot for them right now, however, it seems like Liz keeps finding her way back to him.

And though Kyle didn’t play a vital role in the episode, seeing him as a douchebag jock in high school who bullied Alex really brings his apology to Alex in last week’s episode into focus.

Kyle was a jerk with a capital J. His actions basically pushed Liz into Max’s arms.

Do you think he deserved another chance in Liz’s book?

Will Liz tell him what she found out about Rosa’s murder? Will Isobel out herself to the community?

Special shoutout to Isobel’s bangs, Alex’s emo look, and Max and Michael’s clean-shaven faces! Facial hair makes all the difference!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, Cravers!


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