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Roswell, New Mexico -- Champagne Supernova Review Roswell, New Mexico -- Champagne Supernova Review


Roswell, New Mexico – Champagne Supernova (1×11)

Roswell, New Mexico -- "Champagne Supernova" -- Image Number: ROS111a_0124b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Lily Cowles as Isobel and Nathan Dean Parsons as Max -- Photo: John Golden Britt/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved



We finally know who the fourth alien is, and as expected, it was none other than Isobel’s meek and unimpressive husband, Noah.

It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?

Noah kept a low profile and did a good job of convincing everyone that he was clueless about aliens.

But the signs were there from the beginning.

Getting shot served as the perfect cover.

Noah took the “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” approach and played the long game when it came to Isobel, Max and Guerin.

We know the ‘who,’ but we still have yet to figure out the ‘why.’

Based on Isobel’s interactions with Rosa while she was possessed by Noah, we know he loved her.

In fact, when Isobel got inside his brain, he admitted that he always will love her.

But what’s the reason for killing her and everyone else in town?

The way everyone put together the puzzle was nothing short of impressive.

It was a team effort as they first assumed Maria Deluca who wasn’t the fourth alien but led them to him.

Who would have guessed that she would have known about Noah’s indiscretions this whole time?

It sounds kind of messed up, but it’s a relief that Maria was drugged and wasn’t responsible for Rosa’s murder.

While Max and Cameron learned about Noah from Maria, Liz figured it out when her father said Noah offered to help him get his citizenship and offered assistance at Ranchero Night.

Once Liz confirmed it by looking at his DNA under a microscope, the episode really took a drastic and jaw-dropping turn.

Noah went from the perfect husband to a deranged alien hellbent on killing others.

He beat up Max while possessing Isobel and attempted to kill Liza.

Thankfully, she still had some of the serum left over which stifled his powers so that they could take him down.

For a series that started off strong and fell into a bit of a lull halfway through, the pace really picked up with the biggest revelation.

As we dive into Noah’s backstory and why he did what he did, hopefully, we learn a little bit more about who Isobel, Max and Guerin are.

There were some great romantic moments between Liz and Max when she finally admitted how strong her feelings are for him.

However, the true love story involves Guerin and Maria!

Guerin explaining his sexuality to Max steered the audience into truly realizing that his feelings for Maria are real.

Seeing how he looked at her after she woke up from being date drugged, there’s no denying those feelings.

And she’s completely into him too, though she’s putting her feelings aside and respecting her friend Alex.

While I championed what Guerin and Alex had together, their whole relationship was based on secrecy and dysfunction.

Even now, Alex could never bring himself to openly be with Guerin without shame and embarrassment.

Neither of them deserves that.

Other Thoughts

  • Guerin and Max’s heart-to-heart left me in tears. Max cares so much about everyone around him but especially his family.
  • Do they really make a nail polish that can tell if your drink has been spiked? I need it.
  • Cameron and Max’s relationship may have had a falling out, but she’s still a damn good partner. She saved his life, again!

I’m turning it over to you, Cravers!

Was this the best episode of the season? Did you suspect Noah was the mysterious fourth alien and Rosa Ortecho’s killer?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Missing My Baby (4×08)



Roswell, New Mexico Review Missing My Baby Season 4 Episode.8

Finally, things became slightly clearer on Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 8. 

While we still don’t know the extent of Jones’ plan or what Ophiuchus entails, we’ve cracked open the truth about Tezca, and it is completely unexpected. 

In order to defeat the Dark Triad, which isn’t even a triad anymore, the Pod Squad (as Rosa referred to them) have to find a way to get one step ahead. 

And with Isobel remembering some core memories with Tezca on Oasis, they needed to dig into the source. 

Isobel did a lot of heavy lifting when she confronted Tezca in an attempt to get to the truth. Tezca had no recollection of Isobel, but when she uttered a phrase that Tezca told her when she was a child, something clicked. 

Eventually, it became clear that Jones brainwashed Tezca while repressing all of her other memories about being a teacher who trained a generation of warriors so that she would become loyal to him and his cause. 

She was a victim of Jones’ manipulation this whole time, and while she struggled to truly grasp what was real and what wasn’t, there was a part of her that knew that Isobel was telling the truth. 

She divulged that the next piece of the puzzle that Clyde is after is Liz Ortecho, who can bring upon the alighting, whatever it is. 

Of course, this puts a target right on Liz’s back, but it also levels the playing field as everyone is on the same page for the first time. 

But getting Liz is going to be a bit tricky with her current predicament with Shivani who went full mad scientist on her in hopes of bringing her daughter back to life. I mean, has she seen Jekyll and Hyde?

Liz was flabbergasted to see that her mentor and the woman she looked up to did a whole 180, and it was clear she put her trust into someone that didn’t actually deserve it. Shivani figured that since Liz’s sister Rosa came back to life, the same could be done for her daughter, Nicole. Despite Liz’s best efforts to talk Shivani down and explain that they would be going against nature and thus, it would have unintended consequences. Again: Jekyll and Hyde! 

Shivani didn’t care about any of it partly because she’s a mother who will do anything to save her daughter and partly because she sniffed some of Liz’s alien drugs that restored Alex’s powers so she was kind of unhinged. 

The dialogue, the intensity of the scene, the back and forth between these two brilliant women, the fear in Liz’s eyes as she realized she’s created a monster, and the disheveled energy that Shivani brought to the table all molded to deliver the best scene this series has ever seen. It was so engaging. 

I wish Liz attempted to physically stop Shivani, but the latter made the bold decision to drop the glass jar that unleashed Liz’s potent chemical into the air, gassing both of them unconscious.

While Shivani was convinced it would open up their minds to possibilities and solutions they never knew existed, it definitely seemed more like a death sentence from such a high dosage. 

The promos reveal that everyone comes together to try to save Liz, who is convulsing on a table and likely overdosing, but the honest truth is that she was always the brains behind the science. 

And it’s unclear how this now messes up Clyde’s plan. If Liz is hopped up on performance-enhancing drugs, will she no longer be the key to the alighting?

Max and Liz worked through some of their relationship hiccups thanks to some solid advice from Alex, who informed Liz that she needed to let Max walk his path and figure things out for himself. Otherwise, the relationship would be full of resentment.

His wisdom was much needed to help these two stubborn mules navigate their romance, but it also came on the heels of a pretty major tantrum after he found out that Alex was missing and everyone kept it from him because they anticipated his tantrum. Oh, Michael. 

Isn’t it funny how you can sometimes dish the best advice yet you don’t follow it in your own life?

Anyway, Michael had every right to be angry, but his anger did not warrant all the mean things he said to the people he loved who were simply trying to protect him while they figured out a solution. 

Alex wasn’t dead after all, so we can all let out a sigh of relief, but he is trapped in some other world that likely mirrors to the real one. Think Upside Down. 

He’s been communicating with Maria, who seems to be a conduit between the worlds. Alex managed to lead them to the area where he went missing, and when Maria almost got sucked up by the supernatural quicksand, they realized it was likely where Dallas disappeared as well. 

It’s unclear why Clyde trapped them all in this Upside Down, but at least they have a location so they can try to work on a plan to free them from this prison. 

Guerin attempted to fling himself into the mud to save Alex, which was a reckless decision prompted by his guilt of not even realizing the man he loved was missing, but Max stopped him and assured him that he needs to stick around to be what brings Alex back. 

Of course, it would be truly helpful if Max got his powers back so that they could stand a chance at taking down Clyde and stopping his evil plan from coming to fruition. 

And as Max acknowledged, trying to disown his powers wasn’t a decision he was making because he was certain he wanted to be a normal dude from Roswell, it was a decision made from a place of fear. He simply wanted to continue hiding from his destiny instead of facing it and what might come of it.

This season, though vague at times, is the most intense, and I cannot wait to see what happens to Liz, how they save her, and what Jones’ plan has been all along.

What did you think about the episode? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Dig Me Out (4×07)



Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 4 Episode 7

Just when we thought Tezca was the big bad on Roswell, New Mexico, a new foe emerged — and he was staring us in the face this whole time.

Clyde has never been trustworthy, but we didn’t expect him to go full villain either despite his dedication to the cause. Yet, he showed his true colors on Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 7 when he found the final piece necessary to start the alighting.

It truly doesn’t seem like scavenging for these puzzle pieces involved heading back home to Oasis as they thought it did, so Michael truly was sold a pipe dream. Then again, I have no idea what the alighting actually is, so maybe it does include something with their old planet. 

It’s kind of disappointing to know just how deeply betrayed Michael and Max really were. They, along with Bonnie, thought they were pulling a fast one on Clyde, but, in reality, Clyde was always one step ahead of them.

Clyde was very focused on the goal at hand — he formed no attachments to earth and thus, it was easy for him to remain committed to the cause. Bonnie was the only person he seemed to actually care for, but it wasn’t in the kind of way that would spare her life when push came to shove. Instead, he knew sacrifices needed to be made for his idea of the “greater good,” so he had no trouble pushing her and Dallas into the cosmic quicksand even after Dallas handed him over the bible and glasses in order to save Bonnie’s life. I hate people who go back on their promises. 

Admittedly, it was also disappointing to see how hard Dallas worked to find his father’s belongings and secret messages only to get them stolen within minutes. 

And it’s even more aggravating to know that the good guys are working at a disadvantage as they don’t have all the information and are missing core memories that could likely help them in this battle against the former Dark Triad. 

Dallas knew he needed to find something, but until Isobel helped him travel into his subconscious via a Hot Tub Time Machine and retrieve them, he had no idea what or where. 

Isobel was just a passenger on the journey, but when she came in contact with Tezca in the memory and then again in real life, she had visions that she couldn’t entirely explain. All we know for sure is that Isobel was Tezca’s student at one point, but, since her time in the pod and on earth, the details are a bit hazy. This is, once again, a huge disadvantage as Tezca knows exactly who she is fighting against. 

It also must be so triggering for Liz to constantly get blindsided by all these revelations. She has so many blind spots; first Kyle, now Tezca. It seems as though Isobel is much more vital to the whole cause than we were led to believe. 

And the same can be said for Max and Liz, who had a bit of a relationship quarrel after he decided to kiss Bonnie and render himself powerless. 

Max thought he was doing the right thing to save his relationship, but in actuality — and god, I’m so glad Liz called him out on it — he was running away instead of embracing himself and his powers once and for all. Max has always been burdened by these powers, so I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to get rid of them, but if he was so confident in his decision, he should have had no problem running it by Liz. 

They are partners, and his actions affect her as she’s somehow a key to this whole alighting. He went through with the decision without consulting her because he knew she would be against it and talk some sense into him. Open communication is the first sign of a healthy relationship! 

It was also a pretty reckless decision in light of an actual battle with supernatural forces. Max is supposed to be the savior and one of the most powerful aliens, and yet, he’s a mere mortal trying to hold his own in this fight. It doesn’t make sense. How is he supposed to protect anyone, including Liz? People have been pushing him to own up to who he is since day one — Noah, Jones, Liz, and now Tezca — and he’s still too afraid to even figure out what that is. 

Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 4 Episode 7

Roswell, New Mexico — “Dig Me Out” — Image Number: ROS407b_0869r — Pictured (L – R): Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho and Amber Midthunder as Rosa Ortecho — Photo: Michael Moriatis/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Thankfully, Liz’s trip to New York seemed to inspire her to come up with a potential solution for Bonnie’s “curse” on both Michael and Max. Let’s hope it works. I know Bonnie meant well, but there’s still so much the poor girl doesn’t know.

Liz’s trip was pretty pointless aside from underscoring that you really can leave all this craziness behind if you venture outside of Roswell.

The smartest person is Rosa for moving away and hitting reset. She could never thrive in Roswell while she was being plagued by the past. And as we see with Liz, she’s always getting sucked into some alien/supernatural shenanigans instead of living her life to the fullest and for herself. She’s constantly on someone else’s journey instead of her own. Is it really a fulfilled life if she’s always worried about the other foot dropping?

Rosa may have escaped but the upcoming preview does tease her return home to get wrapped in all the drama once again, so honestly, maybe there’s no escaping your destiny? 

We’re still not sure what Tezca needed with Max’s blue flame or what Liz means to the whole operation, but only time will tell. 

It’s also not entirely clear what Clyde really needed to see in the bible, but we know that it led Dallas to his own demise. Once Bonnie and Dallas were swallowed up by the quicksand, we saw him regain consciousness in a cave. It didn’t seem like another world or dimension, but he saw his father, which means that he is either dead or hallucinating. Also, was it just me or did his dad seem evil?

However, at the same time, Maria figured out it was not her late mother haunting her, it was Alex. And if Alex is communicating with her, he’s either in some other dimension like the Upside Down or he’s dead. Neither option is great, honestly. 

I truly feel — and have felt in previous seasons — that if I watched the episode from last to first, it would all just make so much more sense. 

The science isn’t overly technical here, but it’s still hard to comprehend some of what’s happening without all the pieces of the puzzle. 

For example, we know Liz’s new boss Shivani is supportive of the science, but we also don’t trust her as she’s used Liz’s research for her own benefit. And her wife is somehow involved with Tezca though that hasn’t bubbled up to the surface yet. There has to be a selfish reason that she’s keeping Liz around.

What did you think of the episode? Will Max and Michael get their powers back? Will Dallas, Bonnie, and Alex find each other wherever they are, or are they really dead?

Will Isobel continue poking around in her memories to figure out how she’s connected to Tezca? Will Michael ever get his dream of returning to Oasis or will he realize his oasis is here when he finally gets Alex back? It was nice to see Max finally supportive of his brother (after a pep talk from Isobel) but maybe he’s right about not giving up all the earthly pleasures for a “home” that they have no idea about and that their parents seemed to escape. 

Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments below! 

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Kiss From a Rose (4×06)



Roswell New Mexico Review Kiss From a Rose Season 4 Episode 6

There are a lot of moving parts on Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 6 as the fight against the Dark Triad intensifies. 

Bonnie crossed over to the “good side” after Tezca ordered her to kill Michael. 

It was part of a test to find out how loyal Bonnie truly is, and well, when she went running to the Savior, she completely failed. 

Max Evans wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of Bonnie trying to help him, but when Tezca arrived and tried to destroy Bonnie for “talking too much,” it was clear Bonnie was a captive and looking for a way just like the rest of them.

Bonnie knows a lot more about the upcoming alighting, a word Max recognized because Noah used it before, but she doesn’t know the full plan. Tezca has never made anyone privy to it, but it involves Max’s blue fire and his romance with Liz. 

It’s unclear how their love will reportedly change things on both planets, but it’s a little creepy that it yields that much power. 

Bonnie also wasn’t winning any brownie points when Liz realized that Michael was sick because of a virus that one of the Dark Triad members infected him with. It had to come through close contact, which all led back to that kiss. However, in a shocking turn of events, Bonnie admitted to kissing Guerin in order to save his life. She didn’t want to kill him, but she wanted to protect him by removing his powers. 

It makes sense, in a way, because without his powers, Guerin is no longer a threat to the cause. But being weak when there’s a huge fight brewing in town is also not ideal. The worst part is that Bonnie’s power can weaken an enemy, but she has no way of restoring the powers. 

She effectively stripped Guerin of all of his abilities without his consent. His anger was understandable, though I’m glad he was able to see Bonnie’s side of things with a little help from Maria. 

In the end, it was clear Bonnie never meant any harm. She saw how destructive the powers have been and she wanted to preserve Michael’s life. The downside was that Michael got hit with a next-level cold, flu, strep-cold mash-up that knocked him out. He still looked dashing, which isn’t fair because I don’t look half as put together when I’m running the slightest temperature. 

Bonnie’s abilities gave Max a pretty stupid idea. Yeah, I said stupid. He asked Bonnie to strip him of his powers so that he could live a normal life with Liz. 

In theory, it sounds like a life-hack. He can’t be the savior if he doesn’t have his powers or the blue flame. But it now leaves him defenseless against a raging psycho who is determined to achieve the plan Jones set into motion against all odds. 

Not to mention that Liz and Max’s love story plays a key role in achieving this alighting, so he may have effectively allowed the plan to come to fruition by pulling the trigger and muting his powers.

Liz, who was connected to Max via the handprint, immediately realized that he did something he would likely regret.

Though, you have to commend him for his dedication to act versus glossing over real-life issues and pretending everything is okay. We’re past the point of stopgaps working.

It also seems like an out to personally lessen Max’s burden, which his powers have always been to him. He has never enjoyed being supernatural, he has never actually wanted to grasp his powers. In fact, he rarely even tries to get information about his past in the same way Guerin does. 

Max just wants a simple life with Liz. And when he saw a chance, he risked everything for it. You really can’t fault the guy.

Elsewhere, Kyle and Isobel woke up from a really incredible night only to realize that things would never be the same between them.

When Isobel mentioned that it was just a rebound after her breakup, Kyle was crushed. And it hurt to see him so down. However, a heart-to-heart with Eduardo convinced him to lay it all on the line because not knowing was worse than getting rejected. And Isobel was downright shocked by his confession. She definitely felt the same way — or, at the very least, felt the spark — but she has a lot to work through personally. 

And good on her for not asking Kyle to wait. She knows he would, but it’s not fair because it comes with expectations for an answer that she might never be able to give him. She did the right thing regardless of whether or not she decides to pursue something with him in the long run. Though, I hope she does. 

Kyle’s bravery and honesty rubbed off on Eduardo and his daughter Sonya, who patched up their estranged relationship. Too many alien secrets came between them, but they are finally putting their relationship first. 

Eduardo and Kyle are also on a hunt to track down Allie, though Shivani’s breakthrough with the regenerative protein might force her to come out from hiding. I can’t tell if Shivani stole it from Liz’s research or took it with her blessing. They’ve been transparent about all the alien research, and I feel like Liz would help her if she asked, but the whole situation felt shady, so I’m guessing she’s going behind her back and using Michael’s proteins. 

And finally, Theo leaned on Isobel to figure out what his father wanted him to know in 1947. While we didn’t get through decoding the message, we do know that his father provided a warning against the seeds and pendent getting into the wrong hands of the people/aliens who wanted to destroy their planet. Obviously, he’s likely talking about the Dark Triad. 

It’s unclear how it’s related to Maria, but her mother is finding new ways to communicate with her now that she now longer has her visions.

What does Mimi want to tell Maria? Tezca clearly recognizes Theo, so is it safe to say his father died trying to stop the alighting way back when?

Did Max make the right choice? Will he and Michael ever get their powers back?

It was also nice to see that Maria called Alex and they at least briefly acknowledged that hadn’t even checked in with them. Alex deserves people caring about him!

What does Tezca the shape shifter want? How is Max the key? What does Liz have to do with it?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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