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Roswell, New Mexico -- Champagne Supernova Review Roswell, New Mexico -- Champagne Supernova Review


Roswell, New Mexico – Champagne Supernova (1×11)



We finally know who the fourth alien is, and as expected, it was none other than Isobel’s meek and unimpressive husband, Noah.

It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it?

Noah kept a low profile and did a good job of convincing everyone that he was clueless about aliens.

But the signs were there from the beginning.

Getting shot served as the perfect cover.

Noah took the “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” approach and played the long game when it came to Isobel, Max and Guerin.

We know the ‘who,’ but we still have yet to figure out the ‘why.’

Based on Isobel’s interactions with Rosa while she was possessed by Noah, we know he loved her.

In fact, when Isobel got inside his brain, he admitted that he always will love her.

But what’s the reason for killing her and everyone else in town?

The way everyone put together the puzzle was nothing short of impressive.

It was a team effort as they first assumed Maria Deluca who wasn’t the fourth alien but led them to him.

Who would have guessed that she would have known about Noah’s indiscretions this whole time?

It sounds kind of messed up, but it’s a relief that Maria was drugged and wasn’t responsible for Rosa’s murder.

While Max and Cameron learned about Noah from Maria, Liz figured it out when her father said Noah offered to help him get his citizenship and offered assistance at Ranchero Night.

Once Liz confirmed it by looking at his DNA under a microscope, the episode really took a drastic and jaw-dropping turn.

Noah went from the perfect husband to a deranged alien hellbent on killing others.

He beat up Max while possessing Isobel and attempted to kill Liza.

Thankfully, she still had some of the serum left over which stifled his powers so that they could take him down.

For a series that started off strong and fell into a bit of a lull halfway through, the pace really picked up with the biggest revelation.

As we dive into Noah’s backstory and why he did what he did, hopefully, we learn a little bit more about who Isobel, Max and Guerin are.

There were some great romantic moments between Liz and Max when she finally admitted how strong her feelings are for him.

However, the true love story involves Guerin and Maria!

Guerin explaining his sexuality to Max steered the audience into truly realizing that his feelings for Maria are real.

Seeing how he looked at her after she woke up from being date drugged, there’s no denying those feelings.

And she’s completely into him too, though she’s putting her feelings aside and respecting her friend Alex.

While I championed what Guerin and Alex had together, their whole relationship was based on secrecy and dysfunction.

Even now, Alex could never bring himself to openly be with Guerin without shame and embarrassment.

Neither of them deserves that.

Other Thoughts

  • Guerin and Max’s heart-to-heart left me in tears. Max cares so much about everyone around him but especially his family.
  • Do they really make a nail polish that can tell if your drink has been spiked? I need it.
  • Cameron and Max’s relationship may have had a falling out, but she’s still a damn good partner. She saved his life, again!

I’m turning it over to you, Cravers!

Was this the best episode of the season? Did you suspect Noah was the mysterious fourth alien and Rosa Ortecho’s killer?

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Roswell, New Mexico – Creep (1×12)



Roswell, New Mexico Creep Review

The penultimate episode of Roswell, New Mexico provided plenty of answers, but getting the answer to the most important question — who are Max, Isobel, and Michael and where did they come from — was a bit drawn out.

Noah was being held captive and clinging to life yet they still couldn’t get any real information out of him.

It was aggravating to see him still assert dominance, and even more aggravating to see Max and Isobel willing to let him die without knowing the truth.

What Noah did was disgusting. He violated her when she was a little girl as a means to survive and then thrived after killing Rosa.

The one thing Noah did manage to tell them was that killing gives them energy and makes them stronger, which was corroborated by Alex, Kyle and Michael.

This begs the question — are aliens killers?

We’re supposed to fear the supernatural and the unknown, but Max, Isobel and Michael have never displayed any murderous tendencies.

Sure, Max has allowed rage to consume him but only after he or his loved ones have been wrong.

Maybe it’s because they don’t know who or what they are so they haven’t tapped into their full potential?

Personally, I found Alex, Kyle and Michael’s road trip to be way more insightful than anything on the Noah front.

While Noah being the fourth alien causes conflict, I just can’t wrap my head around “Mr. Congeniality” being the murder.

Caulfield Prison, the place Kyle’s father wrote about in his journals, has a personal connection to all three of the men.

Alex ran into his brother there, working on a serum that would kill aliens using their own DNA against them.

Generally, genocide is frowned upon, but his belief along with father Manes’ was that these aliens were plotting to kill them instead.

Kyle found out that his father was also trying to hurt and kill aliens when he came into contact with the subject N38, a dangerous alien who killed anything he came into contact with.

The alien gave Mr. Valenti the brain tumor which led to his death.

As for Michael, he was disgusted and heartbroken to witness all the aliens from 1947 trapped and locked up inside the prison.

One survivor, in particular, an elderly woman, spoke to him.

Though he didn’t know how he knew her, Michael felt a connection to her immediately.

He was so desperate to free her from the cell, he used his powers and cracked a window thus setting off a breach alarm.

Within 10 minutes, the whole prison was blown to smithereens.

Michael, Alex and Kyle managed to make it out of there but not before Michael connected with the prisoners and realized she was his mother.

Michael has always been the outcast with no family.

Seeing him have this moment was emotionally impactful.

Sadly, he killed his mother and all the other aliens because he’d acted on impulse.

It’s upsetting that the series introduced such a major reveal — other aliens exist! — only to kill them all off.

Their only hope for answers now is Noah.

Michael is willing to give him the antidote to learn more about himself, which is expected as Michael was almost the most curious of the three.

Max isn’t behind the decision because Noah is dangerous with his powers.

We leave off the episode with both brothers at a crossroads. Michael has the antidote, but Max is pointing a gun straight at him.

Since the storyline doesn’t progress without Noah giving us some insight, it’s safe to say Max is going to come to his senses.

But even when they find out about the war-torn desolate planet they escaped, what difference will that make to their current lives?

I’m more intrigued to find out why the three of them survived in their protective pods while everyone else suffered.

Crashdown Thoughts

  • Liz is a good friend. She’s never seen eye-to-eye with Isobel, but she knows what loss feels like and wants to be there for her.
  • Cam is skipping town because she got let go from police duty for firing her firearm and is going to spend time with her sister. I can’t say we’ll miss Cam, but it’s unfortunate that the writers couldn’t find a purpose for her aside from being Max’s booty call.
  • Did anyone else notice Vicky from the Vampire Diaries was Michael’s mom? I love how much Julie Plec reuses her actors.
  • I know Noah is a cold blood killer but he was trapped inside a pod for hundreds of years before realizing killing made his body stronger. It’s almost like survival of the fittest.

Will Michael give Noah the antidote?

Will they find out more about the aliens trapped inside the prison?

Will they find a way to protect themselves from the government?

Will Kyle and Alex turn on Michael?

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Roswell, New Mexico – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (1×10)



Roswell, New Mexico I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

The fourth alien is more powerful than Isobel, Max, and Michael combined.

An hour filled with answers provided room for the series to move away from the shock-value of Liz finding out about aliens, and more specifically that her beloved Max is an alien, and into the mystery that is the fourth alien.

Pretty much everyone in town knows about the trios alien roots except for poor Maria DeLuca. Fill a sister in, won’t you?

Why keep her in the dark like that? It’s almost like she’s the Lena Luthor of the show.

The fourth alien’s scary AF powers were explored through Isobel’s blackouts and Rosa’s untimely death, though initially, we didn’t know that any of it related to the aforementioned alien serial killer.

But, once that clicked, it explained why Isobel acted so weird and obsessive around Rosa before killing her.

In all of the memories we saw previously, and in the ones Isobel unlocked while high off of Liz’s serum, Isobel was like a Freddy Krueger version of herself.

And that’s because it wasn’t her at all.

She was being controlled by the fourth alien whose powers apparently include mind and body takeovers.

The only good takeaway from all of this is that Isobel never murderer Rosa.

But overall, it’s terrifying that there is a creature out there that is capable of such evil and has been doing it on a regular basis ever since that fated night.

The fourth alien dubbed the serial killer alien is responsible for 14 unsolved murders which all have a connection to Maria’s bar.

I don’t want to even put such negativity out there, but is it possible that Maria is the fourth alien?

It’s always the nice ones that will sneak up on you. Though it really did seem like Isobel’s body was inhabited by a man.

Surprisingly, it was Liz who stumbled upon the possibility that the fourth alien may be the one responsible for her sister’s death.

The fourth alien has been leaving a bit of a sloppy trail; his powers can manipulate a person but they don’t require the person to act in a very stealth manner.

After an active shooter in the hospital left only her part of the hospital scorched, Liz knew that this wasn’t just a mere accident.

Especially after the active shooter experienced a blackout of his memories just like Wyatt Long did.

This advancement in the storyline raises a few questions.

The most obvious question: who is the fourth alien? And the practical one: who is helping cover up these murders in the police force?

You would think that given all of Manes’ research, he would at least have a clue as to the fourth person in the pods.

Maybe it’s Cameron?

Seeing how small of a town this really is it’s unlikely that it would be someone they’ve never met before.

Isobel knew that in order to take full advantage of her second chance, she had to not only recall her memories but she also had to come clean to Noah.

For the most part, Noah took the whole “I’m an alien” announcement pretty well.

Sure, he brought a gun to an alien fight, but that’s before he knew exactly what his wife was and just assumed she was an “egg person.”

I’ve heard those are incredibly terrifying.

I’m slightly disappointed in Noah’s minimal reaction considering he, of all people, should have been the most affected by such a bombshell.

Seeing how supportive he was of his wife despite finding out something unthinkable strengthened my confidence in this relationship.

That is unless Noah is the fourth alien. Should I point out that he was in the building when it all happened?

I’m going to be suspicious of everyone from now on.

Also pretty calm about the whole alien reveal was Alex. He chalked it up to being familiar with aliens beforehand thanks to his father’s research but you’d think that finding out your ‘friend with benefit’ was an extraterrestrial would be a little freaky.

Cameron was the only person who considered that she’d possibly been infected with a supernatural STD.

Really, we don’t need reminders that she and Max hooked up.

Alex is, for the most part, trustworthy, which is why I’m surprised he didn’t tell Michael about the piece of the console he found hidden in Valenti’s safe space. Is it because he doesn’t want Michael to ever leave and fears that piece will allow him to complete his ship?

There’s also the love triangle brewing between Alex, Maria and Michael.

Alex wasn’t mad at Maria for sleeping with Michael because how could she have known the two of them had a thing?

And the moment Maria found out, she swore that it would never happen again.

But like Michael, I don’t believe a word she says. His curls and his crooked little smile make him irresistible.

Dang bisexual alien!

For now, Max and Liz’s relationship seems to be stable and heading in the right direction. Here’s hoping nothing blows that up, not even Kyle’s newfound intel about Caulfield prison, a possible clue in their hunt for what happened to Valenti.

Was he an inmate there? Is there an alien connection we’re missing?

I’m turning it over to you, Roswell Cravers!

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think the fourth alien is?

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Roswell, New Mexico – Songs About Texas (1×09)



Roswell Songs About Texas

Roswell is a peaceful place without Isobel.

Deep down, Max has been suffering without his sister, but a little time away from Isobel allowed Max, Liz, Guerin and Maria to grow closer together and even have a little fun.

They ventured out to meet a woman who claimed to heal with her hands.

Maria hoped she’d have a cure for her mother whose memory wasn’t getting any better while Max and Guerin wanted to find a cure for Isobel and learn more about where they came from.

The healer turned out to be a money hungry fraud, as expected, though her mother did mention a woman on the reservation who did heal people with her hands and didn’t speak until the day she died around the same time Isobel, Max and Guerin left their pods.

There was also mention of her stating something along the lines of “he has arrived,” which is extremely vague without any other context.

Despite Liz’s claims that she could never trust Max after he lied about what happened to Rosa and protected Isobel, she was way too friendly with him.

The whole dynamic of the episode felt like a switch was flipped and everyone was suddenly pro-alien and trying to help them out.

Liz smiled, enjoyed Max’s company, wanted to dance with him, and even forgave him for what happened to her sister because he was protecting hers.

It’s unclear what had Liz singing a different tune, but maybe the writers felt pressured to finally make good on the star-crossed lover’s storyline they’d been promising us since before the series premiered.

Liz and Max’s makeout moment still made my heart glow, though it did seem slightly rushed if you consider she hated his guts not too long ago.

Liz and Max weren’t the only ones hooking up. As predicted, Maria and Guerin gave in to their sexual tension after a night fueled by tequila and bad decisions.

Maria was adamant that they’d never hook up again, but seriously, she knows she’s full of it, right?

With Alex finally coming to terms with his feelings, this puts Guerin in a bit of an unexpected love triangle.

I’m on Team Maria solely because of how fun their chemistry is together, but now that Guerin will confide in Alex about being an alien, it seems their relationship will only strengthen.

That is unless Alex is hellbent on destroying Guerin after reviving Project Shepard.

He may have run his father out of town, but after finding out Rosa Ortecho isn’t the only alien victim and that they may have an alien serial killer on their hands, he felt it was in everyone’s best interest to continues his father’s work.

Isobel only had one blackout in 2008 which means that she cannot be responsible for all the other alien murders.

But if it isn’t her, who is?

Related: Roswell, New Mexico – Barely Breathing (1×08)

Liz believes there’s a fourth alien in Roswell that’s much more dangerous than any of them ever imagined, but who could it be?

This is such a small town, it’s unlikely that it would be someone we haven’t met yet.

In fact, I found it so bizarre that Cameron introduced herself to Alex as if they never ran into each other in town before. How many Sheriff’s does Roswell really have?

It’s comforting to know that Cameron isn’t a traitor and won’t be helping Manes spy on the town. For a moment, it really seemed like she was going to work for him, but thankfully, she saw through all the bullshit.

With Cameron, Alex and Kyle all in the loop, Maria seems to be the only one that isn’t aware of the existence of alien beings.

Heck, even Noah has figured it out. You have to give him props for being so resourceful.

Max should have known better than to leave Isobel’s pod unprotected and uncovered considering it’s such a huge secret.

If Noah tracked them down so easily, can you imagine what the FBI is capable of?

How are they going to explain everything to Noah? Will he even stick around?

Or could he possibly be the “he” from the reservation and the fourth alien?

Other Thoughts

  • Michael is the star of the show. His quote about “thoughts and prayers” not being able to save Isobel was hilarious.
  • If Jane Holden isn’t a real doctor, who is she? And who signed off on Valentini’s death records if he didn’t actually die of a brain tumor? Does Kyle’s mother know more than she’s letting on? What did Valenti know that got him killed?
  • Does whatever happened to those 14 suspects and Valenti have something to do with Maria’s mother’s memory loss?

What did you think of tonight’s Roswell, New Mexico, Cravers?

Did Liz seem too slap-happy about Max? Will Alex try to destroy Guerin? Will Guerin and Maria become an item?

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