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Roswell, New Mexico Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Review Roswell, New Mexico Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Review


Roswell, New Mexico Review – Rosa Struggles to Accept Her New Reality & Turns to Old Vices(2×02)

Credit: Roswell, New Mexico/ The CW



The second episode of Roswell, New Mexico started off strong with the gang teaming up and establishing a location for operation: save Max.

With that much oomph behind their goal, you would think they’d achieve some kind of promising results but that never happened. They barely spent time in the lab aside from Liz missing the time she needed to test the samples because she was arrested for spray painting graffiti all over town, taking the rap for Rosa.

Rosa claimed the whole town had demons except her, but the episode proved otherwise.

If you’re a fan of Rosa, then you were probably a fan of this episode.

If you’re like me, and Rosa isn’t your cup of tea, then this episode was kind of a drag.

Rosa isn’t exactly a likable character and quite frankly, it was hard to sympathize with her.

She definitely has a past that she’s tormented by, she’s dealing with a ton of baggage as she’s trying to navigate her new life, she’s forced to remain hidden from the world, and she has a supernatural connection to Max that she can’t shake.

All of that is valid and a ton of pressure on a person who is also struggling with the demons she had before her death — alcohol.

But she’s also not embracing the future or even considering that it’s a possibility; she’s gotten a second chance at life and yet she’s reverting to previous behaviors that include manipulating and putting down Liz.

She laid on the “woe is me” rather heavy as she blamed Liz for lying to her, falling for a man that made her out to be a murderer, and in general, just evolving.

It’s no one’s fault what happened to Rosa and the other girl’s that night, but it is unfair to blame Max — who was a kid at the time — for coming up with a plan to help protect his kind.

Can you imagine if the world found out about aliens? The world was not and is not for that, plus, it would have likely been deemed as some excuse rather than a valid cause of death.

Max did the best he could in a difficult circumstance and likely never imagined that it would trigger race wars. Race wars that are not exclusive to Roswell and didn’t just start up the moment of the accident, though, understandably, it did give racists a platform to hinge their hatred on.

Since Rosa and the other two girls were dead, he chose to save the living. No one can fault him for that.

And yet, forgiveness doesn’t seem to be Rosa’s strong suit.

She’s upset that her sister is putting so much effort into saving Max — who sacrificed himself to save her —  and blames her for willingly falling in love with someone who ruined her and her family’s life.

But here’s the thing — she deduced all of that without listening to Liz’s side of the story. She never stopped to have a civil conversation with her sister but simply jumped to conclusions that she believed to be true.

Rosa didn’t know Max, at least, not the present-day Max. She didn’t know how much he suffered or how much he helped everyone or that he was trying to atone for what happened till the day he “died.”

Would a town collectively love a monster?

The Internet is a dangerous tool, and Liz gave that to Rosa willingly, so she likely should have expected this outcome, but she also likely thought that after all this time, she would be able to rationalize with her sister.

Instead, nothing changed. Liz was never able to get out from under Rosa’s toxic shadow, and it’s playing out the same exact way now that she’s back.

Rosa’s lack of character development, even if she does feel like it’s only been a few days and not ten years, is frustrating.

It would be great to just be able to go back to how things were, but even if Max didn’t set the death up the way he did, she came back from the dead and that’s not something you can spring on people.

Her father might be receptive, but still, it’s a risk. However, this has to be temporary. Liz must have some kind of plan since she can’t keep Rosa locked up as a prisoner for the rest of time.

And if she’s going to be sneaking around town like that, sooner or later, someone will see her.

It’s understandably hard for Rosa to accept her new reality, but she has a whole team of people who do want to help her adjust. One of the best things she can do is let Liz in and start learning and adapting instead of shutting everyone out and acting out to protect herself.

Someone might think that Max’s sacrifice was for naught.

The biggest situation Liz has to help Rosa tackle is her drinking problem. She turned to old habit to deal with the stress of being dubbed the town’s murderer and constantly seeing Max since she’s connected to him via the handprint. It’s unfortunate and will likely require a professional to help set her on the right path. Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone saw her because she was walking around town drunk?

It’s easy to point fingers, but Rosa is exactly being honest with Liz.

Liz’s secret was meant to protect Rosa, but Rosa purposefully kept the truth from Liz, a truth that could have helped her, and then she refused to help Max and chose to let him suffer in sheer agony.

It seems as though he doesn’t want to be kept alive because the pain is too unbearable, but I wonder if there’s another reason he’d rather not be brought back.

Guerin couldn’t shake the information about his mother, and it landed him right at Maria DeLuca’s bar doorstep, which brought forth the end of the love triangle… for now.

He was trying to self-sabotage the relationship but his feelings for her outweighed his feelings for Alex Manes.

Things are complicated with Alex, and he’s haunted by a past that includes his father, but DeLuca is a breath of fresh air. Still, it’s a new kind of love triangle because they’re all friends, care about each other, and mutually respect each other.

While Guerin’s decision may have hurt Alex, he couldn’t fault him for realizing how great Maria was.

For now, I think both Maria and Guerin need each other’s support, so I’m on-board with the relationship.

Plus, it’s obvious that this relationship will allow her to be more invested in the central storyline. Liz has been so preoccupied with trying to save Max and taking care of Rosa that she hasn’t really been there for her friend, who has been searching for her missing mother for weeks.

So far, no one knows what happened to Mimi DeLuca, but it’s only a matter of time before they realize it has something to do with aliens.

Then there’s Isobel, who everyone thinks is dealing with her grief but she’s really terrified that she’s pregnant with a little devil spawn or, better yet, an evil alien baby.

The idea of having Noah’s baby disgusted Isobel to the point that she took the “alien death serum” from Liz’s facility and took it to take back her power.

I may be unclear about how an alien death serum works, but wouldn’t it also kill her?

She really doesn’t want that baby if she’s also willing to take it without knowing the side-effects.

Will Liz realize Isobel’s pregnant from her blood samples? And will that possibly give her a solution to save Max that she didn’t previously consider?

What did you think of the episode?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Johnny Doe and Buckskin (3×09)



Roswell New Mexico Review Tones of Home Season 3 Episode 9

Wouldn’t it just be so much easier if everyone took a vow of honesty on Roswell, New Mexico? We would eliminate so many issues through the sheer possibility of communication! 

On Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 9, Operation Save Max was in full swing, and everyone played their part in the plan. 

While Max and Liz took on the West Coast to find Heath in hopes of getting answers, Isobel, Maria, and Gregory teamed up back on the homefront to dig into the identity of the alien the Lockhart Machine was trying to reach. 

Meanwhile, the Lockhart Machine took its toll on Alex, which gave us another sweet #Malex moment. Keep ’em coming, please!

Everyone is boo’ed up at this point — or on the verge of being boo’ed up — and I’ll be honest, many of these feel like the healthiest relationships to date. 

Max and Liz are only slightly troubling, but that’s because they keep falling into the same patterns instead of embracing where their relationship is at this point in time and where it could possibly go. 

I feel like they never take time to talk about what happened, they just go back to flirting as though they didn’t spend the last year trying to get over each other.

Surprisingly, this time, their bickering actually came in handy as it led them to the truth about Heath, who, yes, unfortunately, was lying to and using Liz this whole time. 

Max called it out, but she wanted to so badly believe that she was a good judge of character that she completely disregarded the blind spot she has. 

I knew there was something off with Heath, but I always assumed he was in cahoots with Genoryx. It never once crossed my mind that he could be Bucksin, the best friend of the alien connected to the Lockhart machine. 

Heath, color me impressed!

And the alien in question is none other than the preacher, Dallas (who previously went by Johnny Doe), that’s been helping Rosa with her journey to recovery. 

Isn’t it crazy that there’s been another alien in town this whole time that no one knew about? And why didn’t he know about them?

And he’s not just some any alien — he’s the key to this machine that Jones needs so badly!

There were some flaws within this episode that I couldn’t get over. 

You have to be just a tad annoyed with Liz for leaving all her research out in the open like that along with Heath’s name. 

If this really is a science race and Max’s life, and, quite possibly, the universe, hinges on them figuring out the equation first, then why would she risk that kind of information getting into the wrong hands. 

It’s also understandable that Heath would ignore all of Liz’s phone calls, but why would he pick up a call from her ex Max? Unless he knows Max is an alien already and was compelled to connect with him.

At this point, Heath is a major hypocrite. He became upsets at Liz for not telling him the truth about what was going on with Max, but he never told her the truth about trying to steal her research or the fact that he was attempting to help an alien friend. 

And what does Dallas need help with? It seemed as though Heath was looking for a solution for brain degeneration, but what’s that being triggered by?

Is it somehow connected to the Lockhart Machine?

I truly don’t know what’s going on with that machine, but the hallucinations it caused almost convinced Alex to walk off the ledge, so it’s definitely dangerous in the wrong hands. 

The matrix was glitching! 

Thankfully, Michael came in the knick of time and hit Alex with “I always got you,” melting our fandom hearts even more than usual. 

Alex never wanted Michael to get involved, but considering Michael is an alien and the son of a powerful dictator, he probably should’ve assumed that Michael could take care of himself.

It’s kind of a letdown that Alex got to have such a massive scene with Michael’s mom. I know she was technically a figment of Alex’s hallucination, but it would’ve been cool to have a little chat with her son. 

There was a powerful scene between Kyle and his Tio — though, it did feel slightly out of place because we never saw Kyle address that he knew his uncle or that he understood why he was being held and tested. However, Kyle seemed genuinely happy to learn more about his father from his uncle, so I guess that’s good. 

Despite knowing the dangers of getting involved with aliens, he’s still going to continue walking this path, which is excellent news for Max and Liz. 

Maria was also overly happy during this episode, but who can blame her? She’s sleeping with Gregory Manes!

And, again, Gregory is fully in the know about the alien happenings, which is also something I wasn’t aware was happening. 

I always thought he knew something because of his father, but I didn’t expect Isobel to be speaking so freely about the mindscape around him or snatching drinks from his hand with her mind. 

I’m not complaining though because Maria and Gregory are cute, so that means that he can always be around.

Without Maria in the picture, Malex can finally be fully invested in each other. 

And then there’s Isobel’s budding love life with Anatsa. While I always want what’s best for our girl and hope she takes the time to find herself and learn what she likes and dislikes, I have zero trust that Anasta isn’t just using her for all the wrong reasons. 

She’s an investigative journalist, so she’ll do anything to get the story. If she thinks Isobel is someone who could get her the truth, she’s going to take it.

Are you worried about Isobel getting distracted from the real issue at hand because of a new romance?

What does Jones want with Heath?

And what does the Lockhart Machine want with Dallas?

Let us know your thoughts about the episode in the comments below!

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Free Your Mind (3×08)



Roswell New Mexico Review Free Your Mind Season 3 Episode 8

Any win, even the smallest kind, must be celebrated when it comes to Roswell, New Mexico

And a drink was more than necessary after enduring a mindscape that found Maria walking the path of her ancestors in order to get answers as to why Jones wanted alien glass with an equation. 

A trip down memory lane put things into perspective for our aliens and scientists. 

It was revealed that Michael’s mother, Nora, and Mary Louise prevented Jones, the dictator (and Michael’s father), not only destroyed all the Max’s on their planet, but they prevented him from creating anymore close. 

Thus, he could no longer be immortal, which is what makes Max the savior. 

The writing was always on the wall there, but having it spelled out is super beneficial. 

Maria was also reassured that Patricia was on the right side of history by trying to help the aliens and people of color break free from Caulfield, which led to the Lockhart machine. 

The machine was initially supposed to help them contact their home planet, but it’s unclear what role it’ll play in the present day. 

However, it’s helpful that Alex Manes is involved with Deep Sky as they, or should I say Eduardo, has access to it. 

His connection will help Michael learn more about himself, which is necessary since he is always so eager to believe the worst about himself. 

Finding out that he’s the dictator’s son set him back quite a bit, but it’s reassuring to hear that his mother was a genius and a fighter. 

We haven’t had any solid Alex and Michael scenes this season, but this episode surely made up for it. 

Alex is putting it all on the line for Michael; he’s the only one who is able to talk sense into him. He’s able to calm him down and help him see reason. 

Michael was ready to stir up trouble, but in telling the story of how he lost his leg, Alex helped Michael stay focused on the mission at hand without sabotaging it. 

If he got Jones’ sword, they would’ve never been able to pull Max’s pod. 

Roswell New Mexico Review Free Your Mind Season 3 Episode 8

Roswell, New Mexico — “Free Your Mind” — Image Number: ROS308a-97r — Pictured (L-R): Michael Vlamis as Michael Guerin, Tyler Blackburn as Alex Manes, and Heather Hemmens as Maria DeLuca — Photo: John Golden Britt/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

It also led to a pretty wonderful scene between the two of them. 

Encroaching into dangerous territory has a way of reminding people that they have to be honest with their feelings. It’s safe to say that Malex is back in action and stronger than before!

While Maria and Isobel were navigating the depths of her mind and Alex and Michael were retrieving Max’s pod, Liz teamed up with Rosa to help save Maria’s life. 

There’s no one that geeks out harder about the alien sciene than Liz. 

Despite hitting a few hiccups in the road that forced cells to fuse back together and mutate, she eventually realized that manipulating sound was the answer. 

It’s so nice to see Rosa get an arc. Her character has undergone major growth since last season, and she’s found a way to cement herself within the core group. 

When Liz finally gave her a shot, she realized that her sister is much more capable than she gave her credit for. 

With all the pieces on the table, Liz finally knows what she has to do to save Max. It’s about time she accepted that her purpose in life is to come to his rescue. 

This time, however, it’s a group effort. 

Everyone is on the same page, and there’s a lot of love between the group that wasn’t there in previous seasons. 

Of course, Jones will still be an obstacle until they find a way to unlink him from Max and permanently get rid of him.

My only concern is that no one seemed to question what happened to Kyle. Did Alex fill them in on his whereabouts? Or was everyone just so preoccupied that they forget he disappeared?

Alex seems to think he’ll be able to tell Michael everything he learns at Deep Sky, but I think he’s being a bit naive. 

There’s a reason Deep Sky was introduced as an evil entity, so I’m excited to learn more about how they play into everything. 

Why did they pursue Charlie’s sister? What else do they know? And how will Genoryx, Liz’s company, eventually get involved? I don’t think they’d let her go so easily. 

Other Musings

  • The fight scene between Isobel and Max must’ve been fun to film. It’s such new territory for these characters. 
  • I love that Rosa and Isobel inspired each other to tap into their strengths. They were both told they weren’t worthy for so long, it’s empowering to see them learn how badass they are. 
  • Nathan Parsons is really delivering a standup performance this season. I loved Max, but I can’t stand Jones! 
  • I’m digging Gregory and Maria! But how is she going to explain her absence this whole time? I’m surprised the guy is still calling! 

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – The Dictator’s Identity Revealed (3×07)



Roswell, New Mexico Review Goodnight Elizabeth Season 3 Episode 7

Who saw that coming?

On Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 7, we finally learned Jones’s real identity, and, well, it’s not what I imagined. 

After Michael was able to grab his glowing sword — which could only be held by someone sharing Jones’s DNA — he realized that Jones isn’t just evil, he’s the Dictator. 

And since Michael is the Dictator’s heir, it means Jones is Michael’s father.

You know how he always hated the fact that he didn’t know his family? Something tells me he was better off. 

Who would have thought Michael would be connected to the biggest villain in the show’s history?

Though, I’m not complaining because it’s a fun twist that’s going to allow us to explore this new dynamic between the actors.

It must be strange that Michael’s devious father looks just like the man he considers to be a brother.

It seems as though Michael may be the only one strong enough to stand up to Jones, but he needs to practice and train before he can face him because there’s no denying it, Jones is stronger than all of them combined at this point. 

He barely lifted a finger and wiped the floor with his son, Iz, and Liz. 

And it was Rosa who was their saving grace, and with a shotgun no less. Sometimes, all you need is a classic weapon when fighting against powerful aliens. 

However, since Jones was trying to figure out how much Liz knew, there’s obviously a weak point that they’ll be able to exploit. 

Their plan to get the lightsaber, which is a source of his power, away from him didn’t go as well as planned, but it was a good first start. 

I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t just bury it in concrete before finding Liz, but maybe there just wasn’t enough time?

Without that, he’d be significantly weakened. There’s also the fact that he wants to permanently sever the connection between him and Max.

Is that the reason why he was trying to get Max when he was a child? So that he could siphon his powers or feed on him like a virus?

We were all so foolish to trust Jones. 

There’s also the Lockhart Machine that is somehow connected to everything.

Jones is all about power and he’s been playing the long game to get it. It’s influenced every single decision he’s made.

By taking hold of Maria’s mind, he’s trying to pry information about the Lockhart machine.

Kyle, Alex Manes, and Dark Sky all are trying to crack the machine, but Jones is going out of his way to seek out a memory from Maria’s mind that dates back to March 11, 1968, which is when the machine was first activated. 

While season 3 has found good pacing and makes a lot more sense in terms of the bigger picture, it’s still not entirely clear how all of these events connect. 

Now, I’m not saying we should fully trust Ramos since that didn’t go so well with Jones, but maybe he isn’t all that bad either.

It seems as though he came to Kyle’s aide when he stumbled upon him at Max Evans’s house. And he knows all about aliens, including which ones they are. It’s possible he could become an asset in their fight against Jones!

Maybe the Lockhart Machine is the only thing that could destroy him?

It was a bit of a bummer to see a Max and Liz scene knowing that it wasn’t Max at all. What a tease to fans! But Liz wasn’t selling it at all. Her dynamic with Max is totally different, and Jones knew it. 

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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