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Roswell, New Mexico Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Review Roswell, New Mexico Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Review


Roswell, New Mexico Review – Rosa Struggles to Accept Her New Reality & Turns to Old Vices(2×02)

Credit: Roswell, New Mexico/ The CW



The second episode of Roswell, New Mexico started off strong with the gang teaming up and establishing a location for operation: save Max.

With that much oomph behind their goal, you would think they’d achieve some kind of promising results but that never happened. They barely spent time in the lab aside from Liz missing the time she needed to test the samples because she was arrested for spray painting graffiti all over town, taking the rap for Rosa.

Rosa claimed the whole town had demons except her, but the episode proved otherwise.

If you’re a fan of Rosa, then you were probably a fan of this episode.

If you’re like me, and Rosa isn’t your cup of tea, then this episode was kind of a drag.

Rosa isn’t exactly a likable character and quite frankly, it was hard to sympathize with her.

She definitely has a past that she’s tormented by, she’s dealing with a ton of baggage as she’s trying to navigate her new life, she’s forced to remain hidden from the world, and she has a supernatural connection to Max that she can’t shake.

All of that is valid and a ton of pressure on a person who is also struggling with the demons she had before her death — alcohol.

But she’s also not embracing the future or even considering that it’s a possibility; she’s gotten a second chance at life and yet she’s reverting to previous behaviors that include manipulating and putting down Liz.

She laid on the “woe is me” rather heavy as she blamed Liz for lying to her, falling for a man that made her out to be a murderer, and in general, just evolving.

It’s no one’s fault what happened to Rosa and the other girl’s that night, but it is unfair to blame Max — who was a kid at the time — for coming up with a plan to help protect his kind.

Can you imagine if the world found out about aliens? The world was not and is not for that, plus, it would have likely been deemed as some excuse rather than a valid cause of death.

Max did the best he could in a difficult circumstance and likely never imagined that it would trigger race wars. Race wars that are not exclusive to Roswell and didn’t just start up the moment of the accident, though, understandably, it did give racists a platform to hinge their hatred on.

Since Rosa and the other two girls were dead, he chose to save the living. No one can fault him for that.

And yet, forgiveness doesn’t seem to be Rosa’s strong suit.

She’s upset that her sister is putting so much effort into saving Max — who sacrificed himself to save her —  and blames her for willingly falling in love with someone who ruined her and her family’s life.

But here’s the thing — she deduced all of that without listening to Liz’s side of the story. She never stopped to have a civil conversation with her sister but simply jumped to conclusions that she believed to be true.

Rosa didn’t know Max, at least, not the present-day Max. She didn’t know how much he suffered or how much he helped everyone or that he was trying to atone for what happened till the day he “died.”

Would a town collectively love a monster?

The Internet is a dangerous tool, and Liz gave that to Rosa willingly, so she likely should have expected this outcome, but she also likely thought that after all this time, she would be able to rationalize with her sister.

Instead, nothing changed. Liz was never able to get out from under Rosa’s toxic shadow, and it’s playing out the same exact way now that she’s back.

Rosa’s lack of character development, even if she does feel like it’s only been a few days and not ten years, is frustrating.

It would be great to just be able to go back to how things were, but even if Max didn’t set the death up the way he did, she came back from the dead and that’s not something you can spring on people.

Her father might be receptive, but still, it’s a risk. However, this has to be temporary. Liz must have some kind of plan since she can’t keep Rosa locked up as a prisoner for the rest of time.

And if she’s going to be sneaking around town like that, sooner or later, someone will see her.

It’s understandably hard for Rosa to accept her new reality, but she has a whole team of people who do want to help her adjust. One of the best things she can do is let Liz in and start learning and adapting instead of shutting everyone out and acting out to protect herself.

Someone might think that Max’s sacrifice was for naught.

The biggest situation Liz has to help Rosa tackle is her drinking problem. She turned to old habit to deal with the stress of being dubbed the town’s murderer and constantly seeing Max since she’s connected to him via the handprint. It’s unfortunate and will likely require a professional to help set her on the right path. Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone saw her because she was walking around town drunk?

It’s easy to point fingers, but Rosa is exactly being honest with Liz.

Liz’s secret was meant to protect Rosa, but Rosa purposefully kept the truth from Liz, a truth that could have helped her, and then she refused to help Max and chose to let him suffer in sheer agony.

It seems as though he doesn’t want to be kept alive because the pain is too unbearable, but I wonder if there’s another reason he’d rather not be brought back.

Guerin couldn’t shake the information about his mother, and it landed him right at Maria DeLuca’s bar doorstep, which brought forth the end of the love triangle… for now.

He was trying to self-sabotage the relationship but his feelings for her outweighed his feelings for Alex Manes.

Things are complicated with Alex, and he’s haunted by a past that includes his father, but DeLuca is a breath of fresh air. Still, it’s a new kind of love triangle because they’re all friends, care about each other, and mutually respect each other.

While Guerin’s decision may have hurt Alex, he couldn’t fault him for realizing how great Maria was.

For now, I think both Maria and Guerin need each other’s support, so I’m on-board with the relationship.

Plus, it’s obvious that this relationship will allow her to be more invested in the central storyline. Liz has been so preoccupied with trying to save Max and taking care of Rosa that she hasn’t really been there for her friend, who has been searching for her missing mother for weeks.

So far, no one knows what happened to Mimi DeLuca, but it’s only a matter of time before they realize it has something to do with aliens.

Then there’s Isobel, who everyone thinks is dealing with her grief but she’s really terrified that she’s pregnant with a little devil spawn or, better yet, an evil alien baby.

The idea of having Noah’s baby disgusted Isobel to the point that she took the “alien death serum” from Liz’s facility and took it to take back her power.

I may be unclear about how an alien death serum works, but wouldn’t it also kill her?

She really doesn’t want that baby if she’s also willing to take it without knowing the side-effects.

Will Liz realize Isobel’s pregnant from her blood samples? And will that possibly give her a solution to save Max that she didn’t previously consider?

What did you think of the episode?

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Did Forrest Kidnap Alex Manes on ‘Roswell, New Mexico’? 5 Other Big Reveals From “American Woman”



Roswell, New Mexico American Woman Review

I’ve watched many shows with convoluted family dynamics, but Roswell, New Mexico takes the cake for the most complex family tree thanks to the revelations that came out of “American Woman.”

The series has been setting the scene for much of the season, which admittedly, has been less-than-thrilling, with storylines like Maria DeLuca’s exploration of her supernatural roots as a possible curse and Isobel, Max, and Michael’s desire to find information about their mother’s history.

Their hunt led to some cryptic flashbacks about what happened to Nora and Louise, which, in turn, led to flashbacks that offered up more about Tripp Manes and the Manes men. And we didn’t even address the flash of light that sent lightning bolts down Jenna and Max’s spine.

None of these storylines ever had clear direction until Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 10, but it’s nice to see all the pieces fall into place in such a mind-blowing way.

Firstly, let’s talk about what happened to Alex Manes. His do-gooder, believe the best in everyone, heart-of-gold was bound to get him in trouble at some point. 

While his kidnapping seemingly happened around the same time as the revelation that the drug found in Jenna’s system was used by the government to induce memory loss, my initial guess was that Forrest kidnapped him. 

Forrest seemingly came out of nowhere but happened to have many of the answers Guerin was looking for when he initially sought out for answers about his mother.

Forrest could just be some guy Guerin knows, but my theory is that there’s so much more than meets the eye. 

He began pursuing Alex almost immediately, and though he seems genuine in his approach, there’s a part of me that doesn’t trust him. Based on Guerin’s facial expression when he saw Forrest ask Alex out at the Crashdown, he doesn’t approve either. Surely, some of that was triggered by jealousy, but there’s just something off about Forrest that Guerin also picked up on. 

It was also odd that he questioned if Isobel was Guerin’s girlfriend. Roswell is such a small town where everyone seems to know each other — why doesn’t he know that?

My guess is that Forrest is trying to pinpoint which of them are aliens. 

It’s unclear who Louise was talking about when she said the “devil” was going to come for her, and there’s a handful of Manes men that she could’ve been referring to, but I have a strong feeling it’s Forrest. 

If he’s an alien, it would explain why he hasn’t aged. Forrest could also be the man in Max’s vision/memory who was fighting with Louise as she tried to protect him.

And there’s a huge chance that Forrest is Noah’s brother. After all, the family-dynamics here are pretty messy. 

If he wanted to get to Guerin, Isobel, and/or Max, the easiest way is to kidnap someone they care about — like Alex. 

The series made it seem like Alex’s father was behind the kidnapping, but the biggest giveaway that it wasn’t is the piece of paper that falls to the ground. Alex said his father was trying to crack the code on there for years with no success. He’d surely want it back, wouldn’t he?

There’s a slight chance Alex’s brother kidnapped him for his father, who we know has been playing him, but there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for Jesse to out himself and go after his own son so early in the game. 

Bottom line — we don’t know anything about Forrest and he shouldn’t be trusted. No new friends. 

Roswell, New Mexico American Woman Review

Credit: Roswell, New Mexico/ The CW

5 Biggest Moments From Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 10

Louise Was Pregnant

Isobel, Max, Guerin, Maria, and Alex took a trip to the Navajo reservation where Tripp brought Louise upon saving her life. Alex’s brother, Gregory, still worked there because, you know, there are so many Manes men it’s hard to keep up. Thankfully, Gregory was a good Mane’s men just like Tripp. 

They met with Harrison, whom we saw through flashbacks was Tripp’s “family” and helped save Louise’s life. Isobel goes into his memory where Harrison makes some pretty big revelations starting with the fact that Lousie was pregnant. The baby lived and was given up for adoption since Louise was paralyzed after the accident and couldn’t protect her from the “devil.” This answers Isobel’s question that aliens and humans can procreate. 

Guerin Wants to Be Isobel’s Baby Daddy

That’s a good thing because it means that Isobel and Guerin don’t have to co-parent a child. It was sweet of Guerin to offer, and technically, not weird since they aren’t blood-related, but they’ve always considered each other to be siblings so it would just be a lot of explaining to everyone. Baby gravy. 

Maria and Isobel Are Related

Maybe you saw this one coming, maybe you didn’t, but Maria and Isobel are blood-relatives. Max and Guerin? Not related to Isobel. Maria? related to Isobel. Got it? 

To clear it up, Maria’s grandmother is Isobel’s half-sister. Isobel called Maria her great-great-niece, and while we don’t know if that’s accurate, we’re rolling with it because again, the family dynamics here are bonkers. 

Jokes aside, I’m looking to see this “sisterly” relationship flourish. Plus, it gives us more insight into Maria DeLuca’s visions than ever before. Speaking of, why didn’t anyone take her vision seriously? It almost knocked her out during her presentation and usually, her visions are warnings about what might possibly happen to her. Maybe she’s next on the kidnapping list? Maybe someone will learn about her abilities and try to take advantage? We have to protect Maria. 

Max and Isobel Are Not Related

Kind of mentioned this briefly, but Max and Isobel aka the “twins” aren’t really twins. They apparently aren’t even related, which is odd because I swear, they have a twin connection, but maybe that’s just an alien connection? Right before Harrison passed away, he informed Max and Isobel that Louise only had two daughters — whom she referred to as stars on the ground or “Tsela” in Navajo — meaning that Max was not her son. 

However, in his drug-induced memory where Max is chained up as a little boy, Louise comes to his aide and fights some bad, faceless dude in order to save him. Did she adopt him? Is that how he ended up with Isobel and Guerin? Who was she protecting him from?

ICE Needs To Back Off

A show with supernatural aliens also has real “aliens,” aka illegal immigrants. The series is very progressive and doesn’t shy away from political commentary or storylines especially as Liz Ortecho is a proud daughter of undocumented immigrants.

In a show that contains possible alien abductions, evil aliens, a government conspiracy, and more, the thing that scared Liz most was the very real possibility of her father getting deported one day. The series managed to showcase the very real emotions of that fear imposed on children of immigrants as Liz explained how she feared this day would come for 28-years. 

The fact that she and Rosa had an escape plan if their parents were ever deported and they were split up in foster care is heartbreaking. No child should have to go through that. And no one should ever fear losing a parent when they are at a community hospital. Nor should they get spoken to the way Liz did by the ICE officers. There’s a reason she was getting defensive and upset — they didn’t care about her or her father as people. 

Diego, Liz’s ex-fiancé, was able to use his mother’s connections as Senator to help bail Arturo out even though he didn’t do anything to get detained in the first place. It was a smart way to introduce Liz’s ex into the fold, though, it was surprising how calm he was considering she ran off and left him one day without saying a word. But, it also speaks to how great she is as a person — she’s on good terms with all of her exes, even the ones she’s wronged. Liz is the Queen of being BFFs with the ex, and it’s refreshing to see a TV series embrace that rather than use relationship drama as a crutch. 

Butyircol Is No Bueno

So, obviously something bad and government-related happened to Jenna Cameron when she was snatched up and missing. The lightning bolt mark down her neck and spine was a clear indication of that. But we didn’t know how bad it was going to get. Jenna ended up in the hospital with debilitating headaches, which Liz later learned were being caused by a hole in her spine. Nope, not good at all. She ran a tox report and found traces of butyircol in her system. Liz is an advanced doctor and if she’s never heard of medication by that name, there’s a reason. 

Diego did some digging and found out that it’s a memory eraser developed by a private organization and purchased by the military for weaponization. We should start panicking now. 

I was fully expecting Diego’s car to get hit right after he relayed the findings to Liz because he’s getting in way over his head here, and there’s no way he’s going to come out of this alive, right?

The government using this drug toxin is likely spearheaded by Jesse Manes, but the question is — why? What do they want? It cannot be a form of alien testing since, as far as we know, Jenna isn’t of the alien kind. So what did they want from her? Does this mean Max will begin developing similar symptoms? And how about Maria’s mother?


What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying this season of Roswell, New Mexico so far?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – The Truth About What Happened in 1947 (2×09)



Roswell, New Mexico The Diner Review

There were a lot of revelations on Roswell, New Mexico “The Diner” that clarified what exactly happened to Isobel, Max, and Michael’s mothers. 

Guerin convinced Walt, the only “known” survivor to tell him his side of the story, and Walt pretty much echoed what we, the audience, saw previously — Tripp and his men opened fired killing Bronson, Louise, and Nora. 

We also got a little backstory on Walt and learned that he checked in on the trios pods, kept them safe, and attempted to legally adopt Guerin a few times but was turned down because of his penchant for alcohol. It’s oddly comforting to know that someone other than Isobel and Max looked out for Guerin when he was younger especially with the revelation that Max was the problem child but Guerin was blamed for it because he was caught holding the crayon following Max’s outburst. 

Alex Manes began doing his own investigation and learned that the “I’m a Manes” curse wasn’t exclusive to him. 

Tripp, who was previously considered public enemy #1, didn’t hate aliens as his father would have allowed him to believe, and he never hunted them down. 

Instead, he was an ally and had a special connection with Nora, though, sadly, he couldn’t protect her. He couldn’t bring total shame to the Manes name, and thus, he spared her life but got her locked up as a test subject until for years. 

However, Tripp was able to help Louise escape and thus, there’s another “survivor” out there aside from Walt. 

While it isn’t the outcome Michael was looking for, it’s the best lead they’ve had, well, ever. 

Nora and Tripp booths seemed to be on the same page that Louise needed to be spared to protect the boy, which everyone assumed meant Max. 

Will she be able to tell us why Max has always been destined to be a hero?

And what’s happening with these mysterious alien abductions that somehow always involve him?

Jesse Manes has been playing a longer con and portraying himself as weak so that Alex trusts him and lets his guard down. 

I’m frustrated that Alex has fallen for it because it allowed Jesse to bug his son’s phone and will likely lead him to Louise before Alex, Isobel, and the rest of the gang can get there. 

Sheriff Valenti blamed Max for many of the missing person’s cases without realizing that he was a victim of something much larger than himself. 

Everyone who has seen the bright light wakes up in a daze and with a lightning mark running up their neck and down their spine. 

Max seems to be convinced its an alien abduction, and honestly, I’m trusting the alien that warns of aliens. 

It might be useful to have the Sheriff of the town privy to alien occurrences so that she can know what she’s up against and stop accusing random locals of some pretty heavy crimes. 

Liz can’t help herself as she begins to test alien DNA to possibly cure earthly infections. 

She shared her findings with Kyle, who tried to bring her back down to Earth, and it’s probably for the best. Worst case scenario: she finds a cure to help humans resist infections using alien DNA and exposes aliens including Max and Rosa. 

Best case scenario, well, there isn’t one. All roads lead to exposure, which will threaten the people she loves and make them government science experiments.

Liz seems to think she can help Kyle’s new girlfriend, Steph, who is a feisty firecracker. 

I enjoyed Liz third-wheeling their date more than I should have. And I stand by my previous statements that Liz and Kyle have more chemistry than she and Max do. 

But does Liz plan to test the cure she’s produced on Steph’s DNA? 

Also, honesty may be the best policy, but Kyle and the folks of Roswell have kept so many secrets that he should’ve known better than to reveal that he peeked at Steph’s medical records. 

Obviously, she didn’t want him to know the truth and denied her illness at every turn. 

Kyle should’ve respected that privacy and waited for her to tell him the truth. 

What did you think of the episode?

How do you feel now that Tripp has been redeemed? Do you think alien abductions are happening in Roswell?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – The Search For Jenna Cameron (2×08)



Roswell, New Mexico Say It Ain't So Review

To learn about the present and the future, you have to look towards the past. 

On Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 8, many of the answers Isobel, Guerin, and Max are searching for involve them figuring out what happened to their mother’s upon landing in Roswell. 

And, of course, all of that has to do with the Manes family and Caulfield. 

Somehow, Jenna Cameron’s sister, Charlie (guest star Jamie Clayton) is caught up in all of this because she worked on a controversial project a while back so major that everything extraordinary now feels ordinary. 

Though this is the first time we’re meeting Charlie, she’s been connected to all of these mysteries since the get-go. However, until they tell us what she was actually working and why so many people want her, it’s hard to gauge her importance or even figure out what Dark Sky wants from her. 

And it makes it even harder to figure out what happened to Cameron when she was kidnapped. We all saw that bright light, and the lightning mark on her neck doesn’t look good. What was she marked for? 

Did the same thing that happened to Cameron just happen to Max and Charlie?

With so much of the mystery woven into the past, it’s difficult to figure out what’s happening or why it’s important.

Was Charlie somehow involved with the alien testing that led to Maria’s condition?

Maria has been tapping into her powers more, which didn’t sit well with Guerin at first because he wanted to protect her and her sanity from suffering the neurodegeneration process like her mother. It’s sweet much he cares about her, but it’s also selfish of him to ask her to turn away from her abilities. 

He has been so focused on finding out about his mother and his history that it’s unfair to deny Maria the same freedom.

Maria deserves to understand her abilities rather than throw away a chance to explore this part of herself because it might be dangerous.

Maybe she can find a way to use them so they don’t hurt her in the same way Guerin, Isobel, and Max are allowed to understand theirs. 

Plus, her insight is already proving to be useful as it led Guerin to the realization that Walt, the boy who knew his mother personally and had a connection with her, has been his boss this whole time. Walt also seems to know that Guerin is Nora’s son, so it begs the question, what else does he know? He’ll also be able to give insight as to what happened the to their families.

I guess we should have figured it out when he was walking around with an eyepatch considering young Walt was inside the barn when Tripp Manes ordered his men to blow it up. 

This realization will give Guerin so much clarity in terms of finding out his history.

Everyone keeps making Liz feel like she’s giving up this grand life to hang out with her “loser” boyfriend, and it’s frustrating. 

Liz may not have her work publicly known, but she brought Max, an alien, back to life. That’s extraordinary that makes everything ordinary.

Which also explains why she’s so determined to make strides in alien medical research. She just can’t help herself despite promising Guerin she wouldn’t do it because it’s too dangerous.

Though, hopefully, she’ll find a way to mimic the effects of the yellow flower used for protection.

For now, as Maria explores her abilities, she gave the amulet to Rosa, who is struggling with her newfound powers and her addiction. 

Rosa’s storyline is powerful because it’s a realistic portrayal of how addiction takes over someone’s life despite their best efforts. 

Every day, Rosa tries to do better and be better and even her hallucination proved that subconsciously, Rosa yearns for a life where she’s normal, has friends, a killer wardrobe, and can pursue her creative avenue, but unfortunately, that isn’t her reality. 

Instead, she reaches for the pill bottle immediately after any little thing triggers her. She’s co-dependent, and it prevents her from being the kind of sister, daughter, and friend that she wants to be. 

It’s only made worse by her inability to control these powers, and because of her anger, the powers manifest themselves destructively.

The best thing for Rosa is to get help for her addiction while subsiding her powers for now until she’s strong enough to control them. 

It’s unfortunate it took a near-death overdose for Liz to recognize how serious the matter was; she should’ve gotten Rosa help at the first sign of trouble. 

Alex Manes’ father Jesse said that he was turning over a new leaf, but I can’t be the only one who is having trouble believing in his “fragile” state. 

He’s still reeling over the fact that the “aliens” killed Tripp, the greatest man he ever met and refuses to acknowledge Tripp’s wrongdoing. 

My guess is that Jesse wants to seem weak because he thinks it’ll throw people off of his scent. 

Jesse has done so much damage, and he thinks because he’s hurt and suffering, it forgives all he’s done. 

Alex is still struggling with his self-identity and sexuality and thinks he has to be in the closet because he hears his father’s voice in his head.

He needs to come out on his own terms, but it’s unfortunate his father is ruining yet another promising relationship.

He lost Guerin romantically, and it would be a shame to lose Forrest, who already cares about him so much he made sure that the paintballing range wouldn’t cause PTSD. 

Other Musings

  • I guess Liz’s plan to reintroduce her sister back to society is by pretending she’s cousin Rosalina from Texas and hope that no one recognizes her? A small-town like that would seem hard to fool, but what do I know. 
  • The open racism of these small-town people is disgusting.
  • Max working at a bar is truly a sight to see.

What did you think of the episode of Roswell, New Mexico? Let us known in the comments! 

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