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Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 2 Episode 7 Como La Flor Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 2 Episode 7 Como La Flor


Roswell, New Mexico Review – Mama’s Back 2×07)

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Sometimes, in order to move on, you have to come to terms with the past. 

Liz had to face her mother, Helena, who blew into town to stir up some trouble on Roswell, New Mexico

Liz kept her guard up for much of the night despite her mother insisting that she was a better person trying to make up for her past mistakes. 

Change is hard, which is why Liz didn’t believe for a second that her mother, an addict who abandoned her family in search of something greater and never looked back, was capable of it. 

And she was right. 

Helena came back after 7 years pretending to be a different person, but all she still cared about was herself. 

There were a few redeemable moments like Helena proving that she’d always kept up with her daughter and was proud of her successes via the Internet, but she also didn’t acknowledge how problematic and hurtful her behavior was for both of her daughters. 

Her mother almost got her by telling her she was sober since Rosa’s death and gifting her with the shoes Liz always wanted when she was younger, but Liz had been betrayed so many times that she knew better than to give in.

She also knew what to look for and caught her mother trying to steal from them again. The woman has no shame. 

After realizing her mother had come back only to pull one over on them again, Liz was finally able to confront her mother about how she abandoned them and how she was crippled by her mother’s unattainable expectations. 

Thankfully, Liz decided against allowing Rosa to see her mother. She knew her mom was an opportunist who would try to exploit the situation. 

Liz’s anger ran deep, but she had time to heal and process. The same cannot be said for Rosa, whose wounds were much fresher since less time passed for her. 

Rosa snapped simply by watching from the sidelines and accidentally lit Helena’s car on fire. Imagine the damage she would’ve done if she actually confronted her mother. 

Because of her inability to cope with her new normal, Rosa continues falling back into old habits. 

The vicious cycle continued as she turned to drugs to numb the pain of being hardwired to fail. 

If she only believed in herself and her recovery the way others believe in her. Liza has sacrificed so much to help her sister and try to get her to a better place only to get it thrown it back into her face. Usually, it comes from Rosa but this time, her mother explained she was wasting her talents by staying in Roswell. Little did Helena know, her late daughter was right upstairs and was the real reason why Liz was staying put.

Liz was also sticking around to help Arturo, which is yet another thing her selfish mother couldn’t see through.

It’s unfortunate that despite everything they’ve been through, Rosa still doesn’t feel comfortable being honest with Liz. She kept her mother’s addiction a secret and allowed her to believe that her mother sobered up. 

As for Liz, she needs to come back down to reality. She thinks that being there for Rosa is good enough, but the only way to help her is by getting her professional help.

The only good thing that happened from Helena’s visit was that she signed over the Crashdown to Liz, who can now finally help her father get a green card. And Max was able to get back the ring she stole by threatening to destroy the new life she created with a politician if she caused any more trouble. 

Honestly, I’m here for hero Max. He owns it. Plus, it’s giving him some much-needed edge because previously, he was just the kid made googly eyes at Liz. 

Liz and Rosa weren’t the only ones facing the past. 

Rosa really hurt Isobel when she said she was a prime target for Noah because she was broken. 

Since his death, Isobel has been trying to find herself, and in that process, she realized she needed to know where she came from… more importantly, who she came from. 

It’s been heartbreaking to watch Isobel beat herself up about what happened and wonder what she could have done to change it. A mindless hookup with a woman forced her to re-examine her life and it had a positive effect. 

Isobel no longer believes that she has to be the “perfect Stepford wife” or fit into some mold when she’s always been so much more. Noah snuffed out her greatness, but she’s getting it back little by little. 

She approached Michael Guerin about finding out who her real parents were, and he was more than eager to have her on board. 

Guerin has been spending much of his time investigating his real mother, which has allowed him to gain some insight about Liz and Max’s potential parents. 

Guerin also realized that he needs to find answers on how to help Maria De Luca, whose family was revealed to have undergone human experiments at Caulfield prison. 

When Maria got a “hallucination” of Kyle Valenti getting abducted, she assumed she was inheriting the illness that destroyed her grandmother and now, her mother. 

Valenti ran some tests to rule out that she’s an alien, which is when he noticed that her grandmother’s medical treatment was paid for by the same fake insurance that paid for his father’s cancer treatment. 

A quick investigation revealed her grandmother was part of Caulfield’s experiments to weaponize alien powers. This would explain why Mimi DeLuca is always wandering around connecting to some greater being. 

Obviously, whatever they did to her has been passed on from generation to generation, but while Maria always viewed it as a curse, it may be more than a blessing. 

It was very evident that what she was seeing was more of a vision than a hallucination and thankfully, she was able to figure it out in the knick of time and stop Kyle from getting run over by a drunk driver. 

But why wasn’t she able to help her mother or Cameron? Why did the visions kick in now?

They seem to be different than the phases her mother goes in and out of, but maybe this is just the beginning stages?

Maria has always been on the sidelines because she was never tethered to any of the supernatural dealings, but bringing her in with these new powers is exciting. 

After Maria and Guerin saved Kyle, the tension between him and Steph overflowed and they finally hooked up. The exchanges between them have gotten weird and mean-spirited as of late, so I’m glad they’re owning up their feelings. 

Though, there’s something off with Steph, she’s clearly sick and refuses to be upfront with him. 

But Kyle’s been asking the right questions when he brought up why she’s always in the hospital. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he saw her on the operating table?

Did he completely forget about that?

Sometimes, when I watch this series, I think that I missed an episode or a scene because what we’ve seen previously just doesn’t flow or make any logical sense. Kyle and Steph’s friendship turned relationship feels a lot like that. 

It was obvious they were going to get together, but it’s so strange.

However, Kyle deserves to be happy, especially after he spent years pining over Liz and doing anything for her without getting anything in return. 

Max even mentioned that he wanted to look into the past to figure out the memory of a boy being chained. He believes it could be a pre-pod memory, but Isobel and Guerin both advised against it because they don’t want Max to put too much stress on his heart.

If Isobel is going to start digging in the past, though, it’s only fair for Max to be allowed to explore his very real memories. 

What do you think his memory is? Why were they chained? And will unearthing something about their parents make them remember traumatic events?

Before he gets to any of that, he has to find Cameron. 

Even when Max isn’t feeling 100%, he’ll still put his life on the line for those he cares about.

How sad is it that not one person realized she’s missing? It took a man coming back from the dead to wonder what happened to her.

Still, Max is a good guy, there’s no doubt about that. Rosa might not see the goodness in him, especially since she feels like he tortured her while he was dead, but she needs to be grateful that he even gave her a second chance. 

Maybe if she accepted her new powers, she would realize that they trump all her insecurities and anxieties from before she was dead!

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments! 

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5 Biggest Moments from the Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Finale



5 Biggest Moments from the Roswell, New Mexico Season Finale

The Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 finale was an intense two-part event from beginning to end. 

The showdown between Jones and Max came to a head, with one being destroyed for good. 

Check out the 5 biggest moments from the finale!


1. Shiri Appleby returns to Roswell 

We’ll start with this one because it was the most shocking reveal. During the final moments of the episode, a naked and dazed woman walks into a home in Careyes, Mexico and claims to be one of the people “in the sky,” which the homeowner relays to a woman hiding in the shadows. The woman, who bears the same tattoo as Max Evans, claims she’s Liz Ortecho. “Liz Ortecho was a student of mine,” Allie exclaims as she emerges from the dark. Turns out, Allie is played by WB Roswell actress Shiri Appleby! What a treat to fans of the original!

Our only guess is that the woman is someone Jones called through the Lockhart Machine!


2. Love is in the Air for (Mostly) Everyone

There were a lot of deeply profound and passionate speeches from all the couples we ship on “I Ain’t Going Out Like That” and “Never Let You Go.” It’s hard to pinpoint our favorite, but nearly all of them got a happy ending after Jones was defeated in the final battle (we think? We hope.)! 

Max and Liz finally got their kiss while promising each other that they would go see the ocean. Throughout this ordeal where Jones offered her everything she wanted, she realized that she could have Max and the science. To be quite honest, I feel like there isn’t any science for Liz without Max. I’m glad these two are finally on the same page and choosing honesty. 

Alex almost lost Guerin, who stood up to his father, Jones, on several occasions. When it was all said and done, they both defeated their bad dads and came out on top. Then, they did the one thing they never could in front of Papa Manes — they held hands. Damn, that felt good! Michael and Alex are finally in a healthy place in their relationship because they are no longer letting anything from their past define or confine them. 

Deluca and Manes got to spend some time together, which was nice after all the psychic visions she’s been having. 

Sadly, Kyle is still longing for the girl. He finally admitted that he had feelings for Isobel when Maria interrogated him. While operating on Dallas at Deep Sky, he and Isobel even had a bonding moment where she could sense his energy was all over the place. However, he never got to tell her how he felt because their moment was interrupted by Anatsa. Here’s the thing — I like both of these potential suitors for Isobel. She has a great thing going with Anatsa, but there’s undeniable chemistry between her and Kyle. I’m looking forward to the show exploring that in the future. 

Even Rosalinda got a happy ending after Kyle got her a ticket to New York so she could start over fresh and live her best life. 

5 Biggest Moments from the Roswell, New Mexico Season Finale

Roswell, New Mexico — “Never Let You Go” — Image Number: ROS313-1048r — Pictured (L – R): Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti — Photo: John Golden Britt / The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

3. The Triad + Friends Defeat Jones 

The science was murky on this one, and there was a moment where it really seemed like separating Jones and Max was going to come at the cost of Max losing his powers for good, but eventually, Heath saved the day by creating the serum using Dallas’ equation. Take that Genoryx.

While Jones aimed to get inside everyone’s minds and prey on their insecurities to divide them, they ended up banding together and conquering him using their sheer force. There’s strength in numbers. They could no longer shy away from the parts they were scared of. 

The final switcheroo was dangerous because it relied on Liz picking the right Max. It’s not a unique twist by any means, but it worked well in the context of the storyline. Jones got all too good at pretending to be Max, which made it all the more difficult to deduce which one was the real Max. However, she figured it out by asking him what song played on the jukebox during their first date knowing that the real Max couldn’t remember the title. 

Choosing the right Max during such a tense moment proved that Liz truly is his soulmate and knows him better than anyone! 


4. Dallas Gets Stabbed

Poor Dallas. One minute he’s preaching to a congregation, the next minute he’s trapped in a mindscape with some evil dictator. What a wild trip it’s been for him. His whole belief system was questioned, he found out the truth about his family in a very overwhelming way, and eventually got pieces of glowing shrapnel lodge in his throat and forced to undergo an emergency alien surgery. It’s surprising he made it out of this in such good spirits. Nothing can break him because he reads Reddit threads, duh! 

But it’s exciting to see him as part of the triad. He has a lot to learn about being an alien, so I’m sure his parents are happy he found his pack.


5. Maria’s Future

Maria became much more vital to the storyline this season, specifically as a source of support for Isobel and Rosa. She may have been Liz’s best friend when the series started out, but she has a pretty badass girl gang going with Isobel and Rosa nowadays. Her visions carried the series, she learned how much her family contributed to all things alien, and still, she never shied away from her responsibilities of stopping Jones or protecting her friends. She’s a gem. 

And after sacrificing her bracelet to piece together Isobel’s mother’s sword, she’s now going to have to rely on the science from Jones’s “intergalactic ass” to prevent her brain from turning to mush and going to the way of her mother’s, who she found out is deteriorating rapidly. Why do I feel like next season will involve some form of saving Maria from her own brain?


What did you think of the season finale? Will you miss Nathan Parson’s pulling double duty so masterfully?

How did you like this season overall? Shout out all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – 2 Became 1 (3×11)



Roswell New Mexico Review Season 3 Episode 11 2 Become 1

With a title like “2 Became 1,” it’s almost a bummer that the Spice Girls song wasn’t thrown in at any point during Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 11. 

And surprisingly, a merger and/or severing of a connection between Max and Jones wasn’t initiated. They were not two that became 1 in the episode. 

However, Jones proved that he has way more tricks up his sleeve than anyone anticipated. 

After kidnapping Heath and Liz, Jones suggested that she works with him to break the connection he has with Max. In turn, he would leave the planet and allow her to use the groundbreaking science to save Max. 

While it seems like a sound plan, the truth is that Jones cannot be trusted. 

The last time anyone did trust him, well, that’s how they got in this mess. 

Jones knew that by taking Liz hostage, eventually, the whole squad would come to save her, which is exactly what he wanted. 

They walked into his trap.

Without doing any real work, Jones was able to lure in Dallas, who had the equation in his mind, his clone, and everyone else that has powers in town. 

So, will Liz make a deal with the devil? At this point, she’s been backed into quite a corner with no way of getting out. 

I’m a firm believer in the idea that there’s always another way, and I think that Michael is that other way. 

Dallas, Michael, and Isobel have the opportunity to accomplish what their parents couldn’t. They are the second chance that can bring this evil dictator down once and for all. 

Even Sanders — who, Michael is right, is the town’s Mad-Eye Moody — questioned why Michael hasn’t gone all Harry Potter on Voldemort. 

I believe Michael is sitting on a lot more power than he’s letting on because he’s too scared of turning into the likes of his father and Noah. 

Eventually, he’s going to have to break through that to save Max. 

Roswell New Mexico Review Season 3 Episode 11 2 Become 1

Roswell, New Mexico — “2 Became 1” — Image Number: ROS311C_0094r — Pictured (L – R): Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho and Nathan Dean as Max Evans — Photo: John Golen Britt / The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There’s always a possibility that the science will come in and save the day, and lord knows the show loves to get into the scientific complexities to the point where I have no idea what’s going on or what anyone is actually suggesting. 

There’s just no point in bringing up using fire to create, and mentioning that the spores are essentially stemmed cells that could genetically block off the connection between Max and Jones. 

If I’m understanding that correctly, it would mean that Max and James would become two entities, and then it would be fine to kill Jones while preserving Max. 

If Michael isn’t the savior, Liz’s spores are going to have to be. 

While this season has been promising and unraveling at a good pace, the penultimate episode was a bit of a letdown as it didn’t reveal anything new. 

With the episode leading into a two-hour season finale, I expected more setup than just everyone rehashing everything we already know to be true at this point. 

Though I am glad the fact that Michael is the child of the dictator likely should play a bigger role in his demise, so I’m just really glad that was brought up. 

There were some enjoyable moments throughout the episode, including Isobel and Jones’s sword fight.

I love how she’s ready to fully embrace her powers to save her brother. Isobel may have been lost last season, but she’s very secure in her journey these days and it’s fun to watch. 

Rosa has also found herself, so she was helpful in locating Isobel’s mother’s sword for the fight of their lives. 

And she had a sweet moment with Wyatt, who made a pit stop in Roswell only to be convinced that he absolutely needed to leave the small town and all the red necking behind. 

Who would have thought they’d ever be able to redeem Wyatt Long?!

Though, I am glad that he isn’t going to be Rosa’s love interest. He might be a new and improved version of himself, but that would have been toxic. 

It was better for them to stay friends and encourage each other to follows their own journeys. 

What did you expect from the episode? Did you anticipate more action? Do you think they’ll successfully defeat Jones and free Max?

Do you think everyone would be more powerful if they stopped living in their parent’s shadows?

What are your theories going into the finale?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – What Did The Lockhart Machine Reveal? (3×10)



Roswell New Mexico Review Angels of the Silences Season 3 Episode 10

The race to save Max Evans while severing his tether to Jones continued on Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 10. 

Who knew that a crucial part of this journey would be Dallas, a preacher we barely knew just a few episodes ago?

By tagging in Dallas, Isobel, Michael, and Alex were finally able to open up the Lockhart Machine and get the equation needed to stop Jones.

See, the machine ended up being used for good after all…. once they got the Manes malware removed, that is.

At this point, Jones has proven that he doesn’t have a redeemable bone in his body, so it’s understandable that they have to do everything in their power to stop him from getting it. 

Jones spares no one; he’s too comfortable with unleashing hell on Earth. 

This obviously sets the scene for an intense faceoff in the future between Dallas and Jones since the preacher is the only thing standing in his way of “everlasting” domination. 

It’s a concerning development, however. 

Dallas may be part of the triad, but he has no connection to Max or Isobel and Guerin for that matter. He met them recently, so while it’s comforting that was able to find out more about his origins and meet his dad, he doesn’t have much loyalty to them… or Max.

As a preacher, he’s obviously opposed to killing, but there’s also nothing stopping him from going to the worst-case scenario in order to stop Jones if, for example, killing him results in the lesser of two evils.

Dallas will be able to make the call on judgment day, and there’s a chance that it doesn’t bode well for Max in the long run. 

Bottom line: Dallas cannot be their one and only option. 

We know Jones will go to any extreme to get that equation, and when he does, Dallas’s motivation won’t be Max, it’ll be Heath… if he lives long enough for that. 

I’m hoping that Guerin will play a larger role in stopping Jones considering the revelation that he’s his father. Why wouldn’t Guerin be the key?

It was a shocking and juicy twist without any true repercussions — all we saw was Guerin question whether or not he was a monster like daddio, which we know he isn’t. He didn’t need to come face-to-face with one in order to realize it.

I like Dallas, and I like the shake-up his involvement offers, but how incredible would it be to see Guerin take on Jones? Fighting Jones means he’s not only fighting his maker, but also the person that looks like his brother — the only family he has ever known. 

There’s a poetry to it that gets lost with Dallas’s inclusion. 

Though, it was sweet that the only person that was able to get through to Dallas was Michael when he leveled with him and opened up about his past. 

Mindscaping, mind-controlling, and all the other alien stuff is great, but it’s overwhelming. Dallas needed to hear it from someone who has lived it, which, in this case, is Michael. Their files read exactly the same as they both had crummy experiences bouncing around from foster family to foster family looking for a sense of purpose. Neither of them had any family, aside from the found families they created, and they remained loyal to those people while trying to understand themselves. And they both recently met their fathers, though, it clearly fared better for Dallas than it did for Michael. 

Michael has always been haunted by the past. He never wanted to relive it, so it had a hold on him. His anger stemmed from his experiences, and since he never confronted them, they had the ability to control him. 

It took a little push from Alex for him to finally see the light. 

Admittedly, Michael and Alex’s reunion, albeit making my heart skip a beat, felt a bit rushed. They went from being practically strangers at the kickstart of the season to falling head over heels for each other. I understand falling back into old habits, but it felt like a stretch. And at the same time, it also feels right because they’ve matured so much since the last time they tried to make this work.

They’ve both been working on themselves and don’t have to prove anything to anyone else.

`They always say timing is everything, but it couldn’t be more true in this case.

Well, their love-making timing could’ve been slightly better.

Max was sending out an SOS after Liz, Heath, and Sheriff Taylor were kidnapped by Jones. 

Here’s the thing — I couldn’t understand why Liz wasn’t more careful about hiding her research. When there is a literal evil alien seeking your information, you might want to hide it somewhere so he can’t find it. 

Then again, I guess there’s really no stopping Jones. If he couldn’t get Liz’s research, he just got something better — Liz herself. 

I was pretty irritated that Liz got duped into thinking Jones was Max again. Girl, how can you not tell?

And why did they have to split up in the first place? Let Sheriff Taylor handle it, Max! The worst thing anyone can do with an evil Jones running around is split up! 

You would think the law enforcement in town would have some inkling that supernatural entities exist. Sheriff Taylor is good, but she wasn’t good enough. 

She was way too calm for someone coming face-to-face with a man she supposedly just put under lock and key. 

I know Jones is after the equation, but in this case, it seems like he’s betting on the science to help him stay in Max’s body permanently. Is that possible?

Is the equation that could lead to Jone’s demise just a scientific one that Liz and Heath could figure out?

Surely, it would be more complex than that. 

Poor Kyle is continuously getting wrapped up in alien drama. It’s almost cost him his life on several occasions. 

But damn, he’s also the most loyal friend I’ve ever seen. 

When Sheriff Taylor tried to get the Max and Isobel files, he went out of his way to light them on fire to protect their identity. 

That’s the kind of guy they should be lucky to have on their team. 

And it seems like Kyle wants to be way more to Isobel, yet she’s not actually seeing the bigger picture. 

Kyle is totally crushing on Isobel, right? And Isobel is totally crushing on Anatsa! I want Isobel to be with whoever makes her happy, but I can’t say I trust someone that isn’t organically part of the group, especially a journalist who also had a thing with Max. 

Anatsa’s job is to investigate anything that feels off and get the scoop, and Isobel, despite being one badass babe, is also vulnerable. I hope she’s not being used, but it can’t hurt to have someone look out for her! 

And let’s hope that Kyle can help Dallas with his neurological condition because if Jones is telling the truth, that’s the only leverage he has over Dallas and Heath at this point. 

What did you think of the episode? How will they destroy Jones? Or will Max have to be destroyed along with him? And why do Liz and Max always realize they’re love for each other in life-or-death situations?! 

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