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Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 2 Episode 7 Como La Flor Roswell, New Mexico Review Season 2 Episode 7 Como La Flor


Roswell, New Mexico Review – Mama’s Back 2×07)

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Sometimes, in order to move on, you have to come to terms with the past. 

Liz had to face her mother, Helena, who blew into town to stir up some trouble on Roswell, New Mexico

Liz kept her guard up for much of the night despite her mother insisting that she was a better person trying to make up for her past mistakes. 

Change is hard, which is why Liz didn’t believe for a second that her mother, an addict who abandoned her family in search of something greater and never looked back, was capable of it. 

And she was right. 

Helena came back after 7 years pretending to be a different person, but all she still cared about was herself. 

There were a few redeemable moments like Helena proving that she’d always kept up with her daughter and was proud of her successes via the Internet, but she also didn’t acknowledge how problematic and hurtful her behavior was for both of her daughters. 

Her mother almost got her by telling her she was sober since Rosa’s death and gifting her with the shoes Liz always wanted when she was younger, but Liz had been betrayed so many times that she knew better than to give in.

She also knew what to look for and caught her mother trying to steal from them again. The woman has no shame. 

After realizing her mother had come back only to pull one over on them again, Liz was finally able to confront her mother about how she abandoned them and how she was crippled by her mother’s unattainable expectations. 

Thankfully, Liz decided against allowing Rosa to see her mother. She knew her mom was an opportunist who would try to exploit the situation. 

Liz’s anger ran deep, but she had time to heal and process. The same cannot be said for Rosa, whose wounds were much fresher since less time passed for her. 

Rosa snapped simply by watching from the sidelines and accidentally lit Helena’s car on fire. Imagine the damage she would’ve done if she actually confronted her mother. 

Because of her inability to cope with her new normal, Rosa continues falling back into old habits. 

The vicious cycle continued as she turned to drugs to numb the pain of being hardwired to fail. 

If she only believed in herself and her recovery the way others believe in her. Liza has sacrificed so much to help her sister and try to get her to a better place only to get it thrown it back into her face. Usually, it comes from Rosa but this time, her mother explained she was wasting her talents by staying in Roswell. Little did Helena know, her late daughter was right upstairs and was the real reason why Liz was staying put.

Liz was also sticking around to help Arturo, which is yet another thing her selfish mother couldn’t see through.

It’s unfortunate that despite everything they’ve been through, Rosa still doesn’t feel comfortable being honest with Liz. She kept her mother’s addiction a secret and allowed her to believe that her mother sobered up. 

As for Liz, she needs to come back down to reality. She thinks that being there for Rosa is good enough, but the only way to help her is by getting her professional help.

The only good thing that happened from Helena’s visit was that she signed over the Crashdown to Liz, who can now finally help her father get a green card. And Max was able to get back the ring she stole by threatening to destroy the new life she created with a politician if she caused any more trouble. 

Honestly, I’m here for hero Max. He owns it. Plus, it’s giving him some much-needed edge because previously, he was just the kid made googly eyes at Liz. 

Liz and Rosa weren’t the only ones facing the past. 

Rosa really hurt Isobel when she said she was a prime target for Noah because she was broken. 

Since his death, Isobel has been trying to find herself, and in that process, she realized she needed to know where she came from… more importantly, who she came from. 

It’s been heartbreaking to watch Isobel beat herself up about what happened and wonder what she could have done to change it. A mindless hookup with a woman forced her to re-examine her life and it had a positive effect. 

Isobel no longer believes that she has to be the “perfect Stepford wife” or fit into some mold when she’s always been so much more. Noah snuffed out her greatness, but she’s getting it back little by little. 

She approached Michael Guerin about finding out who her real parents were, and he was more than eager to have her on board. 

Guerin has been spending much of his time investigating his real mother, which has allowed him to gain some insight about Liz and Max’s potential parents. 

Guerin also realized that he needs to find answers on how to help Maria De Luca, whose family was revealed to have undergone human experiments at Caulfield prison. 

When Maria got a “hallucination” of Kyle Valenti getting abducted, she assumed she was inheriting the illness that destroyed her grandmother and now, her mother. 

Valenti ran some tests to rule out that she’s an alien, which is when he noticed that her grandmother’s medical treatment was paid for by the same fake insurance that paid for his father’s cancer treatment. 

A quick investigation revealed her grandmother was part of Caulfield’s experiments to weaponize alien powers. This would explain why Mimi DeLuca is always wandering around connecting to some greater being. 

Obviously, whatever they did to her has been passed on from generation to generation, but while Maria always viewed it as a curse, it may be more than a blessing. 

It was very evident that what she was seeing was more of a vision than a hallucination and thankfully, she was able to figure it out in the knick of time and stop Kyle from getting run over by a drunk driver. 

But why wasn’t she able to help her mother or Cameron? Why did the visions kick in now?

They seem to be different than the phases her mother goes in and out of, but maybe this is just the beginning stages?

Maria has always been on the sidelines because she was never tethered to any of the supernatural dealings, but bringing her in with these new powers is exciting. 

After Maria and Guerin saved Kyle, the tension between him and Steph overflowed and they finally hooked up. The exchanges between them have gotten weird and mean-spirited as of late, so I’m glad they’re owning up their feelings. 

Though, there’s something off with Steph, she’s clearly sick and refuses to be upfront with him. 

But Kyle’s been asking the right questions when he brought up why she’s always in the hospital. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he saw her on the operating table?

Did he completely forget about that?

Sometimes, when I watch this series, I think that I missed an episode or a scene because what we’ve seen previously just doesn’t flow or make any logical sense. Kyle and Steph’s friendship turned relationship feels a lot like that. 

It was obvious they were going to get together, but it’s so strange.

However, Kyle deserves to be happy, especially after he spent years pining over Liz and doing anything for her without getting anything in return. 

Max even mentioned that he wanted to look into the past to figure out the memory of a boy being chained. He believes it could be a pre-pod memory, but Isobel and Guerin both advised against it because they don’t want Max to put too much stress on his heart.

If Isobel is going to start digging in the past, though, it’s only fair for Max to be allowed to explore his very real memories. 

What do you think his memory is? Why were they chained? And will unearthing something about their parents make them remember traumatic events?

Before he gets to any of that, he has to find Cameron. 

Even when Max isn’t feeling 100%, he’ll still put his life on the line for those he cares about.

How sad is it that not one person realized she’s missing? It took a man coming back from the dead to wonder what happened to her.

Still, Max is a good guy, there’s no doubt about that. Rosa might not see the goodness in him, especially since she feels like he tortured her while he was dead, but she needs to be grateful that he even gave her a second chance. 

Maybe if she accepted her new powers, she would realize that they trump all her insecurities and anxieties from before she was dead!

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments! 

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Roswell, New Mexico Season Premiere Review – Hands (3×01)



Roswell, New Mexico Season Premiere Review Hand Season 3 Episode 1

After more than a year, Roswell, Mexico is back, and it comes bearing some thrilling new developments. 

With a one-year time jump, the season 3 premiere largely glosses over COVID-19, though a few mentions here and there indicate that even the supernatural world isn’t immune to a global pandemic. It’s probably for the best because no one wants to see the citizens of Roswell walking around in face masks when they have more pressing issues at hand including the arrival of Jones.

As predicted — and as toyed with in the original Roswell —  Mr. “Howdy Partner” is the savior while Max is the clone. That’s all that we know going into the episode, but my guess is he’ll cause his fair share of problems as their mother likened to the “devil.”

I can’t wait to Nathan Parsons’s pull double-duty and channel his inner cowboy. The role is much different, so it’ll be interesting to how he tackles this new character. 

You’d think they would use Jones to get information about what Max saw in the vision, but they chose to lock him up and ignore the problem instead. 

That is until Isobel and Michael found out Max was lying to them about his body rejecting Noah’s heart.

With the realization that he’s living on borrowed time, they decided to wake up Jones and gain information on how to save Max.

Isobel and Michael are understandably in a world of pain when they find out Max has been lying to them. They’re betrayed, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop fighting. Those two will do anything to save Max, which is a good thing because Max has seemingly given up. 

He’s living out his last days by getting really drunk, listening to some of Liz’s old tapes, and downing a ton of nail polish remover.

He’s also pretty broken up about his breakup with Liz, and the feeling is mutual.

Liz, as we know from the finale, moved to Los Angeles and has thrown herself into her work at Genory, a company he should be wary of.

When she’s not finding life-changing cures at the lab with Heath, she’s trying to find a cure to help Maria avoid memory loss as a result of her visions.

Heath has the hots for Liz, but since she’s still holding out hope that Max will come back for her, she’s hesitant about even grabbing drinks with him.

However, when she leaks Genory’s patents and he assists her with hacking the system to erase any trail back to her, she realizes she’s also into him. 

Plus, it helps that Kyle paid her a visit and suggested that it’s probably time to move on with her life. 

Of course, you know that at some point, Max and Liz will cross paths again, and poor Heath doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to soulmates. 

It’s also nice to see a familiar face on the series — Steven Krueger holds a special place in my heart as I loved Josh on The Originals. 

Liz may trust Heath, but should she? Genory is up to no good as it Dr. Margot Meyerson, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Heath was on their side also. 

I fully expect her decision to tamper with the patent to come back and bite her. 

When Heath said “Genory owns you,” I couldn’t help but think that anything she comes up with while working for them — the cure for Maria, most importantly — will become their property! 

Liz might be in way over her head. 

In the final moments of the episode, we also see Max hook up with the singer from the bar. Max’s guard is down as he’s looking to have a good time, but, as with Heath, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s up to something far more nefarious. 

Guerin was also hurting after Alex returned to town and found comfort in the arms of another man. 

In my Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 finale, I said Guerin needed some space to figure out exactly what he wanted. After a year of separation, he still yearns for Alex.

Roswell, New Mexico Season Premiere Review Hand Season 3 Episode 1

Roswell, New Mexico — “Hands” — Image Number: ROS301a_1147r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Steven Krueger as Heath and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho — Photo: John Golden Britt/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

But even with Alex’s new squeeze of the picture, getting back into his life is going to prove difficult as Alex is considering joining Deep Sky, the paramilitary group, that his father and brother were involved in. 

On one hand, I’m excited to learn more about Deep Sky as we only touched upon the organization on the surface level last season, but on the other hand, I’m terrified for Alex. Any organization eager to “recruit” you and give you top-level clearance is dangerous, and I wish he got on that bus with his boyfriend and skipped town!

However, as someone who has been lied to his whole life, I don’t blame him for wanting answers. He would never live it down if he had the chance to find out the truth and didn’t take it.

There’s also something to be said about getting answers and not being able to share them with anyone. 

As Kyle pointed out, it’s lonely. And we know that anything Alex finds out he’ll want to share with Guerin. 

Steph broke up with Kyle, and without Liz around, Kyle doesn’t really have much of a storyline right now. I hope that changes moving forward because I like his character a lot. 

He’ll likely be very useful once he learns about the clone and can begin testing and conducting studies.  

Kyle and Liz are the only two who could potentially figure out a cure for Max. We’ve seen them do incredible things together before, and reviving that partnership would be beneficial. 

I was never all that interested in Rosa’s storyline, but I’m definitely intrigued this season after her fight with Wyatt Long.

Wyatt looked like he saw a ghost (he technically did) and didn’t seem to buy the story that she was Rosalinda, Rosa’s cousin.

I know Wyatt isn’t the smartest in town, but that’s a hard sell for anyone. “Rosalinda” looks just like Rosa, likes the same things as Rosa, and is even working at the Crashdown. 

So much for keeping her resurrection a secret. 

Rosa defended herself from Wyatt, but what does this mean moving forward? Will the attack on her sister convince Liz to come home?

Or will Liz return because of Maria’s vision? Everyone is concerned that she keeps getting visions as it will eventually lead to the memory loss her mother endured, but Maria is curious by nature.

When her vision revealed a funeral, she wanted to know more. 

After Guerin told her that it was likely Max following his diagnosis, Maria put it to rest, but she had another vision when she was ambushed by the green people… literally.

Was it Deep Sky? And why?

Do they know about Maria’s visions?

Did they want to trigger them?

Max was alive and well in the vision, as was Maria, Isobel, and Alex, who commented about “covering up another murder.”

Whose death would affect Isobel so deeply? If it was Guerin, Alex would definitely be more shaken up. And if it was Liz, Max would be beside himself. 

What are your guesses? Share them in the comments below, and let us know what you thought about the Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 premiere! 

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WATCH: ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Trailer Introduces Max’s Doppelgänger



Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Finale Mr. Jones review

The CW has a thing for evil doppelgangers! 

In the upcoming third season of Roswell, New Mexico, Nathan Parsons will play be playing two characters — Max and a man who has a striking resemblance to him. 

QUIZ: Which ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Character Is Your Soulmate?

In the 16-second teaser, Max questions the man we first saw in the season 2 finale asking him: “why do you look like me.” This seems to allude to the fact that he doesn’t know this man or doesn’t remember him. 

But the mysterious lookalike seems to know him as he informs Max’s siblings that their brother “never told you about me.”

Check out the promo below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The season returns after a year-long hiatus on July 26!

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Quiz: Which Roswell New Mexico Character is Your Soulmate?

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