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Roswell, New Mexico Series Finale Review How's It Going to Be Season 4 Episode 13 Roswell, New Mexico Series Finale Review How's It Going to Be Season 4 Episode 13


Roswell, New Mexico Series Finale Review – How’s It Going to Be (4×13)

Roswell, New Mexico -- “How’s it Going to Be” -- Image Number: ROS413b_0020_r -- Pictured (L - R): Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho -- Photo: Michael Moriatis/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Lives hanging in the balance and time running out—it’s a classic Roswell predicament for the finale episode ever.

On Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 13, the Pod Squad outwitted Clyde once and for all, but it wasn’t the whole focus of the episode. 

Defeating the season’s biggest villain was important, yes, but it was equally, if not more important, to give these beloved characters a proper conclusion. We’ve come on this supernatural journey with them for four seasons, and science and powers aside, it’s always been about their evolution. And at the core of that evolution is love. Love always trumps hate, and when Clyde was eliminated, a new day began with new possibilities and potential. 

And there was so much love everywhere, even if the outcome didn’t look exactly as some envisioned it. 

Let’s get Clyde out of the way first. The series finale kicked off with Isobel and Max coming back to Roswell from the pocket dimension only to find their biggest foe holding their friends hostage.

They quickly broke free from his grasp thanks to Rosa, whose abilities at tuning frequencies came in handy. They also got her kidnapped, unfortunately, as Clyde used the proteins in her blood to redraw the star map so that he could set course for Oasis. Shivani would’ve never helped him if she knew that’s what he was doing, so he lied and told her that he brought Rosa so that they could isolate the proteins necessary to save her daughter. Honestly, the only feeling I can muster up for Shivani is sympathy. The woman was so far gone. As Allie (Shiri Appleby)informed Liz, her wife didn’t have a blind spot when it came to Nicole, she was simply blind. All logic went out the window as she attempted to resurrect her daughter. It was heartbreaking to see such an intelligent and accomplished woman fall prey to manipulating tactics, but she just couldn’t let go of the desire to save her daughter. She wanted to believe, so she did. Thankfully, in the end, she seemed to come to peace with the fact that Nicole was gone, and she even got her wife back!

Allie played an integral role in the episode as she helped Liz and Kyle recreate the mark of Ophiucus that would prevent Clyde from going back to the home planet. And she made it stick this time so he could never get it removed. She also created a solution to help cure Liz and Shivani from the effects of the mist. Getting in on the alien science wasn’t her only contribution as she also continued to be a great mentor for Liz in her time of need. I loved that the OG Roswell got to play a role in the spinoff, and it was the cherry on top of the sundae to see the original Liz in the alien headband one last time.

The true Bonnie and Clyde — Liz and Max — teamed up brilliantly to take down Clyde. He thought he had won and was even giving a victory speech before realizing that, much like Jones, he couldn’t one-up the great Liz Ortecho. One last time, the science won! And he disintegrated right then and there while watching Oasis slip through his tiny little aspiring-dictator fingers. 

And then, the real fun began. 

First up, a proper wedding for Alex and Michael Guerin. Yes, Alex finally shed the Manes name because “he was never much of a Manes man.” These two deserved the happy ending; they worked like hell for it. 

And I almost lost it when Guerin called Alex his husband while returning the favor and dedicating a song to him.

There were so many incredible moments: Guerin’s nervous telekinetic energy breaking things prior to the wedding, Walt Sanders giving Guerin a final send-off with a speech about finding great love amid everything and a trinket from his mother, and Alex and Guerin getting “the hell out of there”—a town that was never ready for their epic love story. 

We also saw the progression of a few more couples, including Kyle and Isobel. Their love story blossomed earlier in the season, so there wasn’t much here aside from the duo finding comfort in each other as one of the few staying behind in Roswell to find happiness. Bonnie also ended up flying solo, but I find comfort in knowing she’s going to have a permanent spot at Maria’s bar honing in on all the earthly things she’s come to love.

Roswell, New Mexico Series Finale Review How's It Going to Be Season 4 Episode 13

Roswell, New Mexico — “How’s It Going to Be” — Image Number: ROS413c_0290_R — Pictured (L – R): Michael Vlamis as Michael Guerin and Tyler Blackburn as Alex Manes — Photo: Lewis Jacobs/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There was also Maria and Dallas, who officiated the wedding, Maria realized Dallas made her feel “safe,” which is why she could astral project to him, and it was all code for “I have feelings for you.” For those on Team Gregory, Maria briefly touched on it by explaining that he just wasn’t her person in the end.

Maria and Dallas were a long time coming, and truthfully, I could watch a spinoff about them as a couple. Their chemistry is electric, but I also agree that before Dallas jumps into any relationship, he has to figure out who he is; he owes it to himself to understand where he came from. And those answers are waiting on Oasis, a planet that Maria confirmed is crumbling and on the edge of imploding if it isn’t saved by the Savior, Max Evans. 

Prior to her death in the pocket dimension, Tezca shared a crucial memory with Isobel that revealed Max is the only person capable of saving Oasis from destruction by using the blue flame to restore the energy in the crystals. He basically didn’t have a choice, which was devastating news for his love story with Liz, but also not entirely unexpected. Since day one, Max’s destiny was always tied to his home planet in some way, and try as he might to rewrite what’s meant to be by finding his other half in Liz, you can’t rewrite what’s written in the stars. 

Upon seeing the memory, and confirming with Maria that there is still a planet to save, Max knew in his heart what he had to do. 

Liz always knew it too, hence the “other foot” finally dropping. She may be his destiny on planet Earth, and the final scene revealed that she would be there for him when he got back, but he had another destiny to fulfill before they could get their happily ever after. 

And there’s nothing more earthly than a diamond to seal the deal. It’s a reflection of Max’s human side. He’s as human as he is alien at this point, so it’s important that the show didn’t forget about all the progress he’s made simply because of the Savior storyline. 

 The rock also looked damn good on Liz’s finger, plus, it’s nice to see supportive couples on television. Max would never keep Liz from doing her best work, and Liz couldn’t keep him from completing a mission eight decades in the making. They could never hold each other back, especially as his ancestors were relying on him to get the job done. It’s why I loved the science analogy about love; it was so fitting for all the different stages of their romance. They’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, but it’s been worth it to see them come out on this side completely secure in themselves and in their love. They know that the distance is no match for their feelings, which is why they can plan for a future together even when things seem so uncertain. 

It’s unclear how long Max will be gone (it’s not like she can text him in another universe), but at least they’ve destroyed the imminent threat and now have a connection to the home planet. That’s all anyone has ever wanted. And once Max gets Oasis up and running, there’s no stopping Michael from visiting in the future and finally getting to see where he came from. To be honest, I thought Liz was going to jump through the portal with Max for a minute there since she really has nothing holding her back in Roswell. Her father is running his business, and Rosa is continuing on her path of self-discovery in New York. My guess is that there are some rules about interdimensional travel, however, and Liz wouldn’t have survived the trip since she’s not an alien. 

 The “ending” to Max and Liz’s romance is enough to satisfy fans while leaving the door open to a potential spinoff, possibly even on a network that would do a better job of showing Roswell, New Mexico the love that it deserves. I’m convinced more people would’ve watched the show if they promoted it better.  

But that’s neither here nor there because as it stands, the directors, writers, cast and crew gave fans the most fitting ending possible and love stories that can be felt across the universe. 

What did you think of the Roswell, New Mexico Series Finale?

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – Two Sparrows in a Hurricane (4×12)



Roswell, New Mexico Penultimate Review Season 4 Episode 12 Two Sparrows In A Hurricane

I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of Roswell, New Mexico

The penultimate episode, Season 4 Episode 12, set the scene for the final battle with Clyde. He was already a thorn in everyone’s side, but his alliance with Shivani made him even more annoying as he jumped into the pocket dimension while it was crumbling to siphon some of Bonnie’s blood. 

Initially, it seemed as though he wanted a bit of blood to help remove the mark of Ophiuchus so that he could head home to Oasis, but at the last moment, it was revealed that Clyde’s plan was much more sinister.

After Michael Guerin spent half the episode optimistically staring down the face of doom and trying to find a way to make fuel out of ash, Clyde thwarted their chances of going home by revealing that he had become the almighty and powerful. Thanks to Shivani, when he injected Bonnie’s blood into his system, he also harnessed all the powers she ever took from aliens, including Guerin and Max’s. 

It’s one thing if you’re going to use all those abilities for good, but it’s another game entirely if you’re selfish and evil, two boxes that Clyde absolutely checks out. 

After he went through the portal and ensured that the console was no longer active, it definitely seemed bleak for our supernatural friends as the pocket dimension was essentially crumbling and about to swallow them whole. It was sped up by the fact that Jones’ DNA invaded the space, which Dallas wasn’t pleased about as he felt that his father abused his power to control the narrative. I loved that Isobel pointed out that Theo wasn’t a god, but he wasn’t a superhero either; he was just doing his best in an impossible scenario. And the failsafe against Jones was simply meant to protect the greater good without realizing the clone may be a friend rather than a foe. 

It was Alex who delivered the last bit of hope and turned an impossible situation around as he encouraged Guerin to find another way out of this mess. And he wasn’t wrong in thinking that six aliens in a supernatural world could possibly, maybe figure out how to rig a machine back and running. Science can only do so much before alien abilities seal the deal. 

In addition to Alex’s push, Tezca also plopped through the quicksand to help Max finish his lesson. She wanted to redeem herself, and her final act allowed her to see Max’s training through to the end. As he harnessed the blue flame in order to keep the storm from closing in on them, Dallas used his powers to pull the fuel from the ground and restart the console.

Once everything was in motion, they managed to reopen the portal and cross back home. Everyone aside from Tezca, that is, since she was branded with the mark of Ophiuchus and couldn’t go through the portal. But her sacrifice wasn’t in vain as she finally helped the children of the friends she once betrayed; It was a full-circle redemption, and one she absolutely deserved. 

Unfortunately, they weren’t greeted with open arms upon returning to Earth as Clyde was holding all their loved ones hostage.

And since he wields the power of many, it’s going to be nearly impossible to defeat him. I don’t have any doubt that they will find a way because, let’s face it, love always finds a way, but I’m just saying it’s not going to be easy. 

Clyde is power hungry menace, so he has no remorse, but he does have a weak spot as his desire for power is fueled by emptiness and loneliness. He has no one in his corner anymore, not even Bonnie, who has joined the Pod Squad in her fight to protect planet Earth and told him that she’d rather die than join his cause.

The Pod Squad might not stand a chance when it comes to physical powers, but there’s power in numbers. They can all harness the love that they have for each other, which seems like it’ll come in handy in a moment of weakness.

There were some solid moments in the penultimate episode that need to be addressed.

Max was finally forced to confront his fears, admitting that his powers were unstable because the person he loved and feared was one and the same—Liz Ortecho.

Liz, on the other hand, was feeling some burnout from always being the person who “understood the science.” After her little mishap with the mist, Liz no longer had a handle on the science as she experienced memory loss. She wasn’t upfront about the side effects because of the pressure to save everyone. She buried it until confronted by Kyle, who noticed that it took her way too long to identify a sequence she created. I love the platonic relationship between Liz and Kyle; they complete each other, scientifically. He even promised to fill in the gaps so that they could save their loved ones. 

Obviously, Kyle had a lot riding on it as well as he and Isobel finally sealed the deal right before she walked through the portal and into the unknown. Forget actually talking when you can let your lips do all the work. Isobel was right—their relationship has been a long time coming, and Liz’s reaction was beyond sweet. She’s been so preoccupied with her own relationship and science drama this season that she didn’t even realize that Isobel and Kyle are end game! She’s not the only one who gets to have an epic romance. 

Speaking of epic romances, Malex was so close to exchanging “I do’s,” and while I will support them every step of the way, I was glad to see that Guerin didn’t give up hope that he would be able to save Alex and have a proper wedding. The creative forces behind the show know that they have to give us a colorful and vibrant Malex wedding before the curtain falls or we’re never going to forgive them. Every Malex moment is filled with pure joy and genuine love—they are a treat to watch on screen, not to mention that they inspire each other to be greater every single moment. Neither has ever given up on the other, even when the situation has seemed hopeless, which is the true definition of love.  

And if we’re talking about romance, I think there’s something to be said for Maria and Dallas, the person she was the most connected with and able to channel for her astral projection. They’ve bonded this season, and I’m hoping that we get to see them explore that one final time before the series concludes. 

Liz realized she didn’t have to do it all—she didn’t have to be the sole hero saving her friends because her support system was pretty damn incredible. And she apologized to Max for all the horrible things she said to him while under the influence of the mist, which is for the best because, as I pointed out in a previous review, much of the science is thanks to her relationship with Max. Also, she was mean and Max didn’t deserve it for simply wanting to minimize the pain he caused.  

I can’t wait to see the Pod Squad destroy Clyde and walk off into the sunset with their loved ones as fully developed humans and aliens who aren’t afraid of their powers, their abilities, to speak their truth, who they love, and who finally know that there’s no shame in leaning on each other when times get tough. 

How do you think this will all end? And what did you think of the episode? 

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Coffee Table News

Tyler Blackburn Reveals Why Alex Has Been Missing from Several Episodes of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’



Roswell, New Mexico Sex and Candy Review

Fans of Roswell, New Mexico definitely felt Tyler Blackburn’s absence throughout season 4.  

With the show barreling toward a series finale, the fact that Blackburn’s character, Alex, was trapped in a pocket dimension wasn’t exactly ideal for #Malex (Michael Guerin and Alex) shippers. 

While the cast and characters did their best to make sure that Alex’s presence was still felt in every episode despite being gone physically, it just wasn’t the same. And fans were likely concerned as to why Blackburn was away from the series for a total of eight episodes this season. 

Now, after Alex’s triumphant reunion with Guerin—though, it was short-lived because right after a happy moment, the writers hit fans with some pretty devastating news that you can read about in our review—Blackburn is opening up about what led to his absence while also thanking the cast mates who helped steer the ship.

“Alex is alive!”Blackburn tweeted after Monday night’s (August 22) episode where he finally made contact with his loved ones from Roswell.

“Thank you to my knight in shining armor @MichaelVlamis and the incomparable @heatherhemmens for her insane creativity, professionalism and patience. Also, thank you to the @RoswellNMRoom and the entire crew of @CWRoswellNM for helping me this season,” Blackburn, who is best known for playing Caleb Rivers on Pretty Little Liars, wrote on Twitter.

The 35-year-old then got a little personal, noting: “I was dealing with intense health issues that lead to, at times, intense mental health issues during seasons 3 & 4. I had to step down from filming season 4 and every single person in the cast and crew, as well as everyone at @warnerbros and @TheCW showed so much compassion.”

He concluded: “I am forever grateful to the human beings that made up this show. 🫂.”

Hopefully, Blackburn is feeling better. We’re glad he’s prioritizing his mental health, and we’re equally as happy to see him back on our TV screens, and, most importantly, in Guerin’s arms!
With just two episodes left until the series finale, we’re hoping there are ample #Malex scenes packed in to make up for lost time.

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Roswell, New Mexico Review – The Engagement We Needed, Followed By Devastating News (4×11)



Roswell, New Mexico Review Follow You Down Season 4 Episode 11

With only two episodes left this season, Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11 truly felt like the beginning of the end. 

Much progress was made in terms of relationships and the dark triad’s—now consisting solely of Clyde—return to Ophiacus. 

The episode kicked off with Liz’s loved ones staging a little intervention. As she scribbled equations rather than specials on the diner board, it was understandable that everyone was worried about the alien mist she’s been huffing. Liz was acting like a true addict, so her friends decided to step in before it was too late. 

Initially, Liz didn’t see much of a problem with her drug habit because she didn’t see a choice; since Max gave up his powers, she needed to find a way to save them all. She was burdened by the responsibility, and as the only true alien scientist around, she needed to find a solution. Max, however, didn’t want her to risk it all for him. They were in this together, so naturally, they would find a way out of it. They always did. And if I’ve learned anything from my supernatural friends is that there’s always a loophole. It’s unfortunate that it took Liz so long to see that and acknowledge it. 

It did seem as though they even broke through to her, but when Liz and Rosa went upstairs to pack a bag, Liz revealed she had some mist stashed away, and before you knew it, she was gone. Rosa had no memory of what happened, so everyone simply assumed that Liz relapsed when, in reality, she was kidnapped by Clyde because she was the key to getting him back home. 

We never knew why Liz was so necessary to the plan in the past, but it soon became evident that she was the only scientist capable of creating the alien formula necessary to untether Clyde from Jones. I love that through it all, Liz managed to inform Clyde that he was just a pawn in Jones’ game. He was a manipulator who found the weakest and loneliest link and exploited it. It’s also what makes Clyde so dangerous because his loyalty knows no bounds Jones saved him and gave him a home, which is all that ever mattered to Clyde. 

While it seems as though Liz is following through on Clyde’s request since she has to save Vanessa, she was actually concocting her own plan to simultaneously escape and thwart Clyde’s abilities. From my understanding, if she successfully unbranded him from Jones, he would be able to board a ship back to Oasis with Max in tow, which simply couldn’t happen. 

Her plan was pretty brilliant. Not only did she disable his powers by reverse engineering Bonnie’s powers, but she also built a bomb to distract him and trap him under a boulder so that she could run away and into Max Evans’ arms. Liz Ortecho continues to surprise us every single time. 

Of course, Clyde remains determined to finish out what his savior started, so nothing will stand in his way. He severed his hand (how?! why?!)  and freed himself so that he could seek out Shivani’s help. He identified her as the next-best alien scientist to help him get home. And he knew exactly what to say to convince her to help him—promising to bring her daughter back to life. It’s Shivani’s only purpose in life and the only thing she cares about, so you know she’s going to help Clyde restore his powers using the mist that Liz built. Her own creations and discoveries are now coming back to haunt her. 

Thankfully, when Clyde and Shivani attack next, the pod squad will be ready and stronger than ever. Since everything has boiled over, the line of communication is beginning to open up. Liz is realizing that despite being a brilliant scientist, alienating herself and pushing everyone away has only made things worse. If they are to defeat Jones’ one-man army, they need to work together in a unified team.

The first step was Liz admitting she has a problem, followed by an apology to Max for all the hurtful things she said about him holding her back. She didn’t mean it, everyone! Max also owned up to his fault by explaining that he was going to try to get his powers back for the final battle.

Elsewhere, Max encouraged Isobel to get honest about her feelings for Kyle after she figured that she missed her chance. The whole problem stemmed from Kyle trying to shield himself and his heart by informing Isobel that they should be just friends. They’re both on the same page when it comes to how they feel about each other, they just haven’t expressed it out loud. Timing really hasn’t worked in their favor, but if both of Isobel’s brothers are to have epic loves, she also deserves one! And hopefully, sooner rather than later so we get at least one episode of happy Kyle and Isobel before it all comes to an end. 

While the fight was intensifying in Roswell, in the alternate pocket dimension, things were looking pretty bleak. 

The good news was that Michael, Dallas, and Bonnie found Alex, but the bad news was that he was deathly sick from being exposed to all the radiation necessary to create this alternate universe in the first place.  

Just when we thought we got a truly happy moment between #Malex, the writers have to go and throw us yet another curveball. 

The happy reunion and subsequent proposal (yes, PROPOSAL) were short-lived as Alex revealed that he was dying. 

I have full faith that the series will find a way to ensure Alex’s survival, but things are not looking good for him right now. And just when I was about to start wedding planning. They cannot do this to #Malex… they cannot cut their love short just when they got it back! 

Maybe Michael can take Alex to Oasis where he will be healed? 

They weren’t able to find any berries to fuel the portal, but one could hope that they’ll find a way to get back to their loved ones and that #Malex will have the wedding they deserve surrounded by their friends and family.

Their love is timeless and unmatched, and the proposal, while out of the blue, felt so right. It was the perfect proposal for Michael and Alex, two twin flames who can never be apart no matter the distance. 

While they were catching up, Guerin confessed about losing track of what really mattered when he got caught up with the fantasy of trying to get back home to Oasis, but Alex didn’t even flinch because it made sense to him as the Michael he knew was always looking for his home. He understands Guerin better than he knows himself. 

Thus, Guerin will never just accept defeat or that Alex is going to die as a result of radiation exposure. We’ve seen Liz Ortecho basically work magic, so let’s hope she can reverse whatever toxicity is taking hold of Alex’s body. 

Maybe Dallas has a solution since this is a world his father built. Also, Dallas and Bonnie are very cute together, so I find myself rooting for them as a couple. 

My hope for the final episode—after the final battle—is to see everyone find peace within themselves, their relationships, their destinies, and their existence. Maybe we can finally see them just living up to their potential and thriving without any supernatural distractions. 

They all deserve it, as does Roswell. 

What did you think of the episode? How do you think the series will begin tying loose ends?


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