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Scandal-A Woman Scorned (2×20)



“If You Want Me, Earn Me”


Every week, Scandal gets better and better. This week the bomb went off, literally! With answers, twists, love triangles, and steamy sex scenes, Scandal totally delievered. With only one episode left until the season finale, I can only imagine what bomb will explode next week. But until then, lets discuss last nights episode.


The episode starts off with Jake following every move Oliva makes. With strict orders from The President himself, Jake isn’t going anywhere, and Oliva is pissed. Oliva being Oliva, she goes directly to the source and calls Fitz himself. Fitz being Fitz, he doesn’t budge, trying to prove to Oliva that he really does love her. So Jake continues to follow Liv around, even when she goes to work. I guess it’s just a normal day in Washington when you’re dating the president. While Fitz has Liv on watch, Millie is ready to explode on national television and tell the world that her husband, the President of The United States, had an affiar. The only person who is really concerned about this is Cyrus. He goes back and forth trying to convince Fitz that she is serious, and trying to convince Millie that she needs to rethink this. Honestly, I think Millie needs to realize that she is part of the problem. You turned your head when you openly knew your husband cheated on you, because you wanted to be first lady. Why are you so upset? Anyway, she is threatening the president and all he cares about is Liv. 536816

Back at the office, The Gladiators and David, figure out that blue cap is really Charlie. Once Liv walks in, they break it down to her that one of her best friends could be the mole, and could be behind the person trying to attack her. Being Liv, she doesn’t buy it, and wants them to get more information before pinning it on Cy. As they are trying to find more information on Charlie, her phone rings and its Fitz. Trying to prove to her that he really is there for her, he tells her he will come into her office and prove his love in front of everyone. Being spectacle, she marches her way up to the white house. This was one of the most memorable scenes from the episode. Liv lets him have it, telling him that she is totally done, and isn’t the type of girl who comes running whenever he calls. With the famous line from the episode “If you want me, earn me,” she leaves the room.

With the FitzLivia melodrama unfolding, the gladiators are digging dirt on Charlie. Finding all sorts of information, that leads make to Cyrus. The episode takes it turn when Cyrus tells Millie he could get rid of Liv if she wanted him too. This makes the viewers think “maybe he is the mole?” I mean come on, he did almost have his own husband killed by Charlie. Speaking of his husband, he wants to become the next Anderson Cooper, and thanks Cy for letting him follow his broadcast dreams. But, the only thing on his mind is trying to fix the Millie situation. With trying to get rid of Liv on his mind, he still knows she is under watch. When he tries to go see her, he is denied by Jake. Already hating him, Cyrus is furious. But it’s Oliva who ordered Jake not to let him in. Drama! Well, I don’t really trust Cyrus since he was the one who did the fake call to get Jake off  Liv watch, so that goes to show he really will do whatever it takes to stop Millie from spilling the beans.

Jake is still on Oliva duty, and since he knows that she and Fitz have a past and some type of future, he wants her to come clean and say it. Liv refuses yet plants a juicy kiss on him. This part really confused me. Does he like Jake or doesn’t she? Is she just using him to somehow get over Fitz. Either way, Jake really likes her and cares about her.

SCOTT FOLEY, TONY GOLDWYNThere isn’t a need for Jake anymore, since Fitz shows up at Liv’s apartment and lets him know he is off for the night. Startled, Liv opens the door, realizing that in 20 minutes, Millie will go on national television and let the world know about the affair. This was Fitz big gusture. He wanted to show Liv that he is finally choosing her. He wants her to know that he doesn’t choose the presidency, or his wife that he doesn’t love any more over Liv. They sit on the coach and wait those 20 minutes. As the minutes pass, it jumps from Liv’s apartment to Millie’s press confrence. In the end, Millie thought her hubby would choose her, but Liv won. So, Liv and Fitz are together (finally) and all is good. Right?


WRONG! Millie drops the bomb on national television. And guess who is the news anchor? Cy’s husband! Apparently she specifically chose him to do the interview. When Cyurs finds out, he literally sprints down the tunnels to try and stop the interview. Meanwhile Liv and Fitz are just making love everywhere with no care in the world. The gladiators see the interview and walk out the room, knowing that the mystery women Millie is talking about, is Liv. And Jake figures out that Charlie seen the sex tape of him and Oliva. SCANDAL SCANDAL SCANDAL! So my question to you gladiators, who is the mole? What is going to happen to Fitz’s presidency? Do you think Liv and Fitz will live happily ever after? What does Charlie want with Oliva? So many questions so few answers. Drop a comment below and get the convo started. Until next week!


Grey’s Anatomy- Winter Finale Review + What’s Coming Up



With all the craziness surrounding my family (My sister is getting married next week!!) I have finally been able to catch up with my shows. Don’t worry my Grey’s fanatics, I haven’t forgotten about you. Last weeks winter finale left us with cliffhangers that will keep us guessing until January. Will our favorite couple make it? How about the Japril baby? What do I sense a connection with Owen and Amelia?

Will They Make It: The question on everyones mind, will Mer & Der make it? Trust me I need to know because I haven’t watched for nearly 10 years to have them break up. The entire episode was the breaking point of the whole season. We watched them argue about Derricks decision to stay in Seattle, and Mer pushing him away. This week he reaches his breaking point. It also helped that The President Of The United States ( No, Not Fitz) sent out another aid to help persuade him to go to Washington. While he thinks about that, he and Mer continue to fight about everything Patients, family, hell even food. We watch Mer’s jealously tear up her relationship, which a couple of cute flashbacks to season one. She continues to say the carousel never stops spinning, a metaphor her mother used. Is this showing that Mer is becoming her mom? At the end Derrick throws it in her face that she was the reason why he stayed. She told him to leave. He calls the president and takes the offer. She then tells him to REALLY leave. As he walks away, we flash to Richard walking away from her mom. CAN THEY REALLY BE OVER? I mean Richard and Allice were.

Japril Baby: When it wasn’t about the star couple, it was about April’s baby who is dying. Stephanie took her ultra sound, yes very awkward, and detected a  life-threatening birth defect. She asked Arizona and Herman’s advice. It came out positive for a rare birth defect that would leave the baby dead within weeks. To make matters worse, Jackson heard Stephanie talking about it. Shonda always has to kill someone, and now its the Japril baby!! 

Arizona Spills The Beans: Herman is dying, which isn’t a surprise. But her behavior is. She is a ticking time bomb who is more preoccupied with having sex and eating ice cream than her patients. Arizona wants to help with her tumor, so she steals her labs from another hospital and asks Amelia for help. Amelia is so intrigued with the tumor that she thinks she has a plan to remove it. Can Herman be saved? Or will she kill Arizona for telling her secret? 





1. I smell a romance between Owen and Amelia. They hinted it on the episode, he asking about her addictions, she asking if he was lonely. I’m still not over Christina leaving so I don’t know how I feel about that.

2. Callie and Arizona don’t look like they will be getting back together soon. After they repeat “WE ARE SEPARATED” dialogues these last episodes, it looks like they are actually not together and are actually happy.

3. Jo and Alex are surprisingly happy, but leave it to Shonda to mess that up soon. 

And for all you fans out there the second part to season 11 should be a good one. Shonda Rhimes & Co. are launching a major trans storyline in 2015 focusing on a character named Travis,a  thirty something man who will make the “believable transition” to a woman over time. Rumor has it the newbie will form a strong bond with a Grey Sloan staffer whose identity will remain unknown for now mostly because I’m not sure who it is. That’s right, there’s something I don’t know — what’s it to you?! Also the plot is in the nascent stages and, therefore, subject to change, so don’t quote me on any of this. Eh, screw it. Quote me.

 Photos: ABC Network/Greys Anatomy

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Scandal- The Last Supper (04×08)



 Gladiators, I can’t breathe. Last nights episode of Scandal has literally taken my breath away. So many twists and turns, Shonda clearly doesn’t want me to live after watching her shows! This week Papa Pope finally sees where Olivia’s loyalty lies and he doesn’t like it one bit. Spoiler: It’s with Jake and Fitz. They come together with Olivia to try and bring down command. Meanwhile, Mellie gets her groove back, Cyrus tries to bring down Liz, and Huck spends quality time with his son. It might sound all fine and dandy but trust me, it really wasn’t! 
Fitz, Jake, & Liv Play Nice: We pick up exactly where we left off last week, with the three of them in the bunker. Jake wants nothing to do with Fitz’s plan to get Rowan on trial for all the sins he committed, and I don’t blame him. I’m really glad Jake stuck to his guns this episode because Fitz was just beating him up 5 minutes ago and now he wants to play nice! Olivia tries to keep the peace and they all agree on keeping Jake in the room until further notice. They don’t want Rowan catching up on their plans (Although command basically sees and hears anything and everything in D.C). I wouldn’t be surprised if he had their phones bugged… or better yet, that damn bunker. Olivia and Fitz also share a tender moment in the hallway, as Fitz tells her to kiss him because he knows she wants to. These two always find a way to mess around. She does kiss him, but pulls away quickly, because she doesn’t know where her loyalties really lie. Is she with Jake? Is she with Fitz? Who knows. 
Mellie Got Her Groove Back: There’s an attack on the  VP leaving his car to be blown up in flames. Mellie rushes to his side to make sure he’s okay and realizes that she actually loves him. It quickly turns into hot steamy sex. Props to the First Lady for matching her red shirt with a red blouse! She confesses that after he chose the VP slot over her, she wanted to erase him. Then Jerry, her son died, and she wanted erase herself. But now, she’s ready to love again. Nothing can go wrong right?! Wrong. This is clearly Scandal we’re talking about. 
Liz Turns To Liv: Liz wants Olivia to look into her her phone, which she believes has been hacked. The investigation leads right to Cyrus and he has to come clean about his naughty, freaky nights with Michael. Liv sees that his side piece has been leaking information to Liz, but when she digs deeper she sees that he had tons of info on Cyrus, but only gave Liz a piece of info. When she confronts Michael he admits its because Cyrus is a good man and he actually has feelings for him. Although low key, he kind of creeps me out! Cyrus tells Liv that clients come a plenty, but friends are few. Being loyal to her “friend” she tells Liz that her phone was hacked by a virus. Liz believes it, but something tells me she’s just testing Olivia to see where her loyalty stands. (More on why she cares about Liv later.)
Huck Plays Dad: Huck has been really close to his son Javi lately. He’s always over and the two are growing fond of each other. I am growing fond of them as well because I love this story line and I’m glad Huck is finally happy. When Olivia orders Huck to spy on Liz to get dirt on her, Javi joins in on all the fun. Suddenly, Kubiak comes to Liz’s apartment and Huck orders Javi to leave and get some icecream so he doesn’t witness any hanky-panky. But then things get weird when Quinn suddenly arrives to the hideout. Turns out, Quinn is following Kubiak who is involved with Liz somehow. It could be that Liz was the one who hired him to follow Olivia and she’s the reason those two young girls and the dad are dad. Then to make things even worse, Andrew shows up. He and liz are sleeping together!! But that’s not it! Suddenly, Kubiak attacks the hideout. (How he knew he was being watched, I have no clue). He grabs Huck and begins choking him. Quinn tries saving her bff but there’s no bullets in the gun and Kubiak is immune to her stabs, so Huck has no choice but to kill Kubiak. All this happens as Javi is watching, and runs off before Huck can explain! I was just starting to like them together but now you know the mother is going to find out and get super upset and unleash hell. Poor Huck. Poor Javi.  I guess you can’t have a family and personal life when doing this kind of job. 
The biggest OMG moment: The three musketeers, or shall I say the three blind mice decided that the only way to take Rowan down, is to ambush him. Olivia decides that she should be the shiny object to lure her father in. She tricks him by crying on the phone and telling him he was right all along about the choices she has been making. As she’s at the restaurant, SWAT teams are on standby to kill him, and Fitz and Jake watch from the White House. Suddenly, Rowan changes the conversation, telling Liv he’s sorry about the choices he had made as a father–for never being there, never being a good role model. Then he switches it up to how he’s disappointed in her. How he trusted her, how she should have trusted her family over THEM. Them being the two guys that would never love her like a father. He moves closer and assures her that the war has only just begun and she’s chose her side. The men outside are dead (as they mysteriously get shot) and the only reason he played nice before was because he loved her. Now she betrayed him and she was on the opposing team. He makes his exit, leaving before the ambulance can even arrive for the bodies. BOOM, Rowan Pope just mind-effed us all!  He’s clearly 50 steps ahead of everyone’s game plan. It’s a scary time to be Olivia. Really scary. 
Like I said gladiators, my mind is blown. Not to mention that all the B613 files are gone! How did he even get to them? Rowan Pope owned this episode! Next week is the winter finale and my question to you is, WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN? Doesn’t it seem like it was just premiere week? What the hell!?

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Marcia Gay Harden Joins How To Get Away With Murder



The Oscar winner has a resume filled with classic, must-see movies. Now, Marcia Gay Harden now can add being on falls “number one breakout television show” to that list.

ABC announced that Harden will appear as a mystery recurring character on the show How To Get Away With Murder.


Although it won’t happen until after the winter finale, we are still eager to see Harden’s involvement.

 She was last seen on the serious Trophy Wife, and the network won’t give any details on her upcoming role.

It is promised that we will finally see the bonfire seen, which will reveal how exactly Sam got murdered.

Don’t miss the winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder, November 20th on ABC. 


Photo Credit: ABC/How To Get Away With Murder

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