“I would be down for all of that,” she continued. “Usually when you’re on a show you don’t want to spend another day with your entire cast and we did. We loved it — I would do anything with that group of people.” 

She added that it felt “extra special” to end the series on such a high note.

“Even though none of us wanted to end, I was glad we were done because I would never want the pressure of going for another season after you’ve swept the Emmys, it’s all downhill from there,” she explained. 

And something tells us, the brilliant minds of the Levy’s — Eugene and Dan — could come up with a good reason to return to the small or big screen. 

For now, however, we have to settle for seeing Dan and Emily in their own respective Super Bowl commercials. 

Dan is starring in the upcoming M&M’s commercial that will air during the big game, while Emily is set to appear in Cutwater Spirits’ upcoming and first 30-second Super Bowl Sunday spot.


Emily also imagined what each character’s go-to Super Bowl cocktail would be, and well, it’s eerily on-point. 

“Stevie Budd would be a fan of the Long Island iced tea I would say, because of its dive-bar vibes. She might also like a spicy bloody Mary or two on a Sunday — that’s Stevie vibes,” she said.

“David would most likely go for anything with tequila — he would love the new mango marg ’cause he would just want to say ‘marg’ all the time,” she said in her best David Rose voice. 

“Johnny is a classic man so he would love any mule — Alexis would love the vodka soda cause it’s like zero sugar, zero carbs — she’d probably also gravitate towards cucumber because it’s like fancy spa water, but with vodka.” Finally, she said O’Hara’s character would choose the Tiki Rum Mai Tai, “’cause I would make her just to hear her say it in her Moira Rose accent.”