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Scream – Jeepers Creepers (2×06)

Audrey and Noah Episode 206



This whole episode of Scream gave me Jeepers Creepers as Ghost Face upped his/her fear factor by killing yet ANOTHER man Brooke (kind of) loved: Seth Branson.

This death might have been a little more important than all the other ones because it definitely provides us with two possible killers and with a lead, it is that much more fun. More on that a little lower.

Emma realizes she isn’t actually crazy or suffering from severe PTSD – there really is a new killer tormenting her. She wants to find out what he wants from her but of course that involves not telling the police anything because they don’t believe her. So she heads to Noah’s to find out that he’s onto a theory and it involves Audrey. “No way, it isn’t Audrey,” she tells Noah, but given what he saw on her stolen phone, he doesn’t believe her.

Instead, he launches a plan to prove Audrey’s innocence by arranging a meeting with hotel front man Eddie… yes the same Eddie who was brutally murdered by Ghost Face and Audrey knows about. When Emma offers to go with Noah, her mother bans her from leaving the house. She promises a worried Kieran that she won’t leave but then goes anyways because everyone in this town makes really smart ideas. Like Noah, who actually realized he was dumb for going to an abandoned carnival by himself but at that point it was a little too late because he was attacked by Ghost Face and the next we see, he’s tied up on a broken carnival ride. For a moment, I really thought he was done for until we see Audrey also tied up a few seats back. Thinking that they’re going to die, Noah and Audrey start telling each other the whole truth and nothing but, with Noah even confessing to having some type of feelings for her.

When Audrey hears Emma come by, she freaks out and admits to being the actual person who kidnapped and tied him up. Why? Because she knew he was onto her and she didn’t want him spreading rumors so she figured confronting him when he thought he was dying would be a good idea. Little did she know, Noah came here to meet Eddie and this has all been masterminded by Ghost Face. She quickly unties Noah in an effort to escape and they run into Emma, who tells them she just saw the killer. As they make a run for it, they run into Kieran, who followed Emma and came to make sure she was okay.

The Sheriff has been hounding Kieran for an “in” and he’s been reluctant to give but that all changed when Emma lied to him about going to meet Noah at the park. Not sure if Kieran is really ready to snitch on her to the Sheriff, who already thinks Emma is the number one suspect. Maybe he’s just willing to cooperate because he’s scared that if they don’t tell the whole truth more people will die like his father?

Audrey also came forward to Noah with her deepest darkest secret, you know the one that Ghost Face is holding over her:  she brought Piper to Lakewood to help her investigate Brandon James and believed her when she saids he wasn’t the killer. In other words, Audrey is sort of to blame for everyone’s death. She asks Noah to keep this a secret until she’s ready to tell Emma but he broadcasts it on his podcast “The Morgue.” Yikes… the takedown of Audrey is inevitable!

And lastly Brooke is trying to pick herself up and get over Jake’s death and her number one goal – revenge. She asks Stavo to sneak into his dad’s office and dig up anything weird in Branson’s file. She’s convinced that he’s Jake’s killer but he has an alibi for the night. Stavo finds out that Branson and the psych teacher Karen were together that night. She comes up with a plan and calls Karen for an impromptu therapy session. During the session she tells her that she feels horrible about Jake’s death because she was actually hooking up with her ex Branson the night of the murder. Of course this infuriates Karen so we know that she’s covering up for her bea. But Brooke’s plan doesn’t stop there – she calls Branson in distress and asks him to meet her at their old hookup spot.  There Brooke goes full on psycho on him, tying him up to a bed and even cutting his cheek with scissors until he admits that he’s Jake’s killer. Branson doesn’t confess to the murder, but he does tell her he lied about where he was the night of the murder because he was in the hotel room waiting for Jake, who was paying him to leave town and leave her alone and allegedly getting the money from a deal with her dad. This makes everything even sadder because that just means Jake really loved Brooke and really wanted to prove it to her.

She leaves Branson tied up and goes back to find comfort in Stavo’s arms and oddly, he’s all too willing. After that kiss, he’s really into Brooke and that could either be really cute or really creepy. I haven’t decided yet. But given that he’s making a comic book based on the Lakewood 6 and that he tries on the Ghost Face mask a few minutes before her arrival, he’s definitely got the creep factor.

As for Branson, he doesn’t make it out alive unfortunately. While he’s tied up, Ghost Face comes to the hotel and chops his hand off before literally burning his pretty little face with a iron. So there’s that – the end of Mr. Branson.

Which makes Stavo the potential suspect #1! He has an obsession with the killings and Brooke. His first kill was Brooke’s boyfriend so that he could have her and his second killing was her other love interest Branson. He was one of the only other people who knew where Brooke went to meet her teacher up that night.

The other person who may have known where to find him Karen aka suspect #2. And let’s be honest she definitely DOES NOT have a clean track record when it comes to these killings. She was all too eager to have a session with Emma that she recorded secretly,  then she locked Emma in her office around the same time Ghost Face came to taunt her and then we find out she’s dating Branson and was his alibi the night a student was murder. All this means she could have been so mad that he slept with Brooke  that she went and killed him.

Other Thoughts

  • Audrey has to have a Scream mask since she admitted to knocking Noah out. And also, what friend does that? And why would she pose as the killer? None of this makes sense!
  • Emma seems to be the only person that has actually SEEN the new Ghost Face. Is that part of his/her plan? To frame Emma Or is Emma the third suspect and the Sheriff really is right? Maybe her PTSD is making her turn into the new killer and follow in Piper’s footsteps.
  • We’ve also got Brooke’s dad who had some shady business with Jake before his death and is now working with Kieran’s aunt on something “off the books.” What could it be?
  • And where was Kieran’s cousin this week?

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“Scream” Takes Multiple Victims During Halloween Special



Scream Halloween special

It’s official, I am never going to visit an island.

That being said the Lakewood 5 plus Stavo did during Scream’s 2-hour Halloween special and found out something gruesome – no matter what, they’ll never be able to escape the murders. But while it may have been another nightmare for them, it was a guilt-free treat for us. Especially because 10 minutes into the episode, we KNEW who the killer was.

It was the poor man’s Kieran. The reason they keep getting into these “unwelcome” situations is part Emma’s fault. She keeps falling in love with dudes who seriously scream “KILLER.” Case and point – Alex Whitten aka the poor man’s Kieran. Alex is the good looking dude, with blonde slicked back hair, a leather jacket and a free attitude… all clear hints at Kieran. We all knew it, Emma didn’t. This girl really needs a radar.

Emma isn’t completely at fault though. Because of everything that’s happened, these 6 teens are a target for a bunch of psychos… not only did they survive one killer in Lakewood, they survived TWO. And 3 if you count whoever murdered Kieran at the courthouse. So knowing that they literally can’t catch a break, why did they go to an island dubbed murder island? Bad judgement on their part and the perfect opportunity for whoever wants to take a stab at well, stabbing them.

The one good thing that came from the murders? Noah is a best selling author for his book based on all the killings in his hometown. His publisher, Jeremy, insists he break that “writers block” and offers to take them on a trip to get inspiration from another chilling murder story – Anne Hobbs, who as legend has it, killed her whole family in a fit of rage while wearing a bag over her head. Dramatic.

Noah is hesitant but with Kieran’s death looming over the city, Emma is dying for an escape. No pun intended. I guess it can’t be easy to be in a murder town for Halloween as the girlfriend of the crazed killer. Emma’s got a pretty bad rep for herself.

So off to murder island they go. That’s not really what it’s called but it might as well be. Everyone is having a good old time until they aren’t able to locate Jeremy, the prankster who thought it was funny to wear a Hobbs mask and scare a bunch of survivors. He had it coming honestly.

Shortly after, Billie, who lives in the caretaker’s house, is found dead, in the same way Hobbs’ victims were. Then Emma gets a call from the “Scream” voice who promises she’ll never get rid of him. Here we go again.

And so we’re 100% cliche, a huge storm is headed their way and everyone’s a little freaked out by the whole “murder” situation repeating itself for the umteenth time. Gina arrives right smack in the middle to surprise her GF Audrey but freaks out after finding the Sheriff’s head on the front porch. With no cell service and no way off the island, the gang turns to Alex, who has a boat at the dock.

He drives them out there but SURPRISE, his boat has been stolen, so instead, he allows them to take up residence in the Whitten mansion. Everyone’s on edge because you know, there’s a killer on the loose and it very well might be the person who finished off Kieran in a secure holding cell.

A lot of things start happening at once – Jeremy arrives but nobody believes that he’s 100% innocent so they lock him inside a bathroom. Audrey freaks out on Gina because she finds out she arrived on the island a lot early than she said and was taking pictures of her and Emma during “girl time.” Stavo and Noah get their McGayver on and try to get an old radio to work to call in some help.

When the power goes out, Stavo, Audrey, Brooke and Noah end up in the master bedroom and that’s where we finally begin seeing the observant Noah we all and love. He wasn’t feeling motivated for another novel out of “survivors guilt” and he didn’t like the story of Anne Hobb’s because it was too “ghost story.” When he actually gets a look at the room, he finds a secret tunnel and realizes that Anne Hobbs wasn’t crazy. In fact, her father had a wandering eye, tried to come onto her, her mother tried to defend her, her father killed the mom and her brother, she in turn killed him, then died herself. They also find Jeremy dead, killed by the dude posing to be Alex Whitten, confirmed by a picture of the REAL Alex.

“If that’s not Alex, who’s with Emma now,” Brooke wonders. Well great question guys. So much for leaving your best friend with a dude you barely know. I mean, you’d think that they’d have learned from Kieran. They were literally BFFS with him and he was the killer, so what can you expect from a dude you’ve never met?

But Emma is a survivor. She doesn’t know it, but she’s much stronger and smarter than anyone believes. At first she falls victim to Alex’s kindness. He tells her to stay safely in the room while he “checks things out” and then she’s attacked by the Hobbs masked killer. He comes back shortly after looking worried but turns on “psycho mode” quickly when she finds the real Alex’s body. “You’re not the real Alex,” she states. Bingo.

Long story short, this twisted dude named Tom saw her story on the news and felt a “connection” because he felt they were going through the same thing. His parents were murdered when he was 4 and he was attacked by the media. When he saw Emma, he hatched this plan to bring her to the island so she would fall in love with him. He spread the word about the Hobbs murder to Jeremy, who brought the gang down then posed as Alex Whitten because he knew “Emma loved bad boys.” Then he began killing off anyone who knew the real Alex and could ruin his disguise.

Emma decides to play it cool, acting exactly the way Tom would want her too. She pretends to be impressed that he’s killed all these people for her, she cradles in his arms and tells him she’d love to run away and pretend to be someone new. Props to Emma for not completely freaking out. Then, when she has the chance, she knees him in the balls, hides, stabs him from behind and lures him out to the balcony where she finally, FINALLY, find the fighter inside. She’s not a victim, she’s Emma fricking Duval. And with that, Tom lunges at her, falls over the banister and dies. Oh and the rest of the group comes running from the underground tunnel. Thanks for making it out you guys.

Another murder mystery in the books. Emma found her sense of self, realizing she couldn’t run away from her problems, she had to face them head on which meant embracing who she was – a survivor, hero and a Duval. She even applied to a college in Lakewood! No matter how much you think you’re over it though, you have to be seriously deranged to stay in that town, just saying.

Meanwhile, Noah got over his writer’s guilt seeing that many times, victims didn’t have a way to tell their story. As a survivor, he did and he would. Now that really is taking a lemon and making lemonade.

Stavo and Brooke  decided they’d be going to New York together. Audrey gave jealous Gina a second chance because she’s know to make bad decisions once or twice.

But the FINAL mystery is only just beginning. You see Tom may have been psychotic, murderish and obsessive, but he didn’t finish off Kieran. That means, someone in the Scream mask did. Was it Brandon James? Was it Emma’s dad? We’ll find out in the 6-episode season 3 hopefully.

Thoughts on the Halloween episode?

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Coffee Table News

MTV’s “Scream” Renewed For Season 3



We haven’t seen the last of Lakewood’s masked killer… or killer’s.

MTVs slasher drama Scream has been renewed for a third season.

TVLine reports that the Lakewood 4 plus Stavo will return for six full episodes after their 2-hour Halloween special.

At this time there is no word on cast members or a premiere date.

Read more here! 

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“Scream” Halloween Special Trailers Reveals Island Murder & Return Of Brandon James



Scream Halloween Special

What’s changed since Kieran was revealed to be the killer on Scream? A lot actually.

We catch up with the Lakewood 6 turned Lakewood 4 in the Halloween special airing October 18.

The survivors are now all best selling authors. But they can’t seem to avoid serial killers.

Their “fun” trip to a secluded island turns pretty deadly, I’m talking “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” deadly when they are taunted by a new crazed killer and a familiar voice… could it be Kieran coming to finish this once and for all.

Plus… a Mr. James checking into Lakewood. Could it be the real Brandon James?

Watch the spooky trailer below and mark your calendars… considering this might be the finale of Scream for good!


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