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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow: Spellcaster (2×15)



So much went down on this weeks Sleepy Hollow, I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. I always love a good Salem witch trail story and this week really delivered, aside from the boring “book work” of figuring out how to stop this weeks evil-of-the-week Solomon Kent.

Long story short, a black magic grimaure is stolen from a historical museum. Advanced surveillance reveals powerful warlock Kent behind the crime. He channels his power by sniffing a powerful ginseng plant. In other words, he’s doping and getting his power by sniffing things up like a coke-head.

Background story– Kent is the most feared warlock who escaped purgatory when Moloch rose. He wasn’t always bad however. He started off as the spiritual leader of the town of Salem, beloved by all. But he soon lost his way when he became infatuated by a young woman named Sarah. He received mixed signals from her and when he realized she wasn’t actually in love with him, he accidentally killed her. Scared of what the village people would do to him, he made Sarah look devilish and said the famous words, “There are witches among us.”

Katrina’s grandmother Helena tried to stop him, but his fear was too strong and he turned on her, revealing to the towns people that she was a witch and thus starting the Salem witch trials. The rest of Helena’s family, including Katrina’s mother, fled the night she was hung… and Katrina has carried that weight with her throughout her whole life. Eventually, Kent was executed by the coven who exiled him to purgatory.

In the present day, Katrina’s magic isn’t strong enough to locate Kent, but she is able to figure out that since the book is not whole, he’s unable to access its spells. This the start of the mission–finding the pages before Kent does. They figure out the second auction house shipment is coming tonight and go to stop the warlock, who they believe wants the grimaure for a resurrection spell. It’s important they put an end to this because opening the gates for one soul, allows plenty of others to get through into the land of the living.


Kent is super powerful and Katrina isn’t able to defeat him. Even worse, he talks some mumbo jumbo about sensing darkness inside her and tells her that the reason she’s unable to tap into her powers full potential is because she isn’t being true to herself. Katrina, like a fool, allows herself to go to that dark place and is scared but intrigued. She later practice the dark magic at home and finds herself addicted to the rush of power. Anyone else see this being really problematic in future episodes? Not to mention a low blow to Ichabod, who has dedicated his whole life to fighting evil and dark magic.

Kent finds the missing pieces to the grimaure and becomes super powerful. Abby enlists Irving’s help, considering he’s the closes thing to an expert on resurrection. But, they soon realize Kent isn’t trying to bring back Sarah, he’s hoping to travel back in time. This is even more serious because if he succeeds, he’ll change the past, changing the future as well. The trio bring their man made powers together to defeat him. First, they inject him with a drug used in ginseng weed which causes extreme hallucinations, which makes him vulnerable. Then they use modern chemistry, creating their own lightning and natural effects to take him out. When he’s finally weakened, Ichabod takes out all his anger on Kent, knocking him unconscious. 

In a stupid moment, they leave his body to go look for Irving, who in the meantime, steals the grimaure and snaps Kent’s neck killing him. When they return, Irving tells them Kent evaporated and the witch book right along with him. Why did he lie? Well…. Abby was right about not trusting Irving and I’m disappointed she’s now welcome him back with open arms.

Irving has returned, but he’s got everyone fooled. He’s actually evil!!! His soul might not belong to the horseman of war anymore, but that’s because the horseman of war doesn’t even exist. However, Henry Parish is very much alive and he’s still as evil as ever. Hiding out in some bunk hotel, the son of Katrina and Ichabod was regaining his confidence and energy before killing a group of thugs and going to meet Irving, who brought the grimaure under Henry’s orders. He informs him that the witnesses trusts him again and wonders if they’re going to use the book to finish Moloch’s order. Henry tells him that since Moloch is dead, he’s the new leader now and he’s got his own plans in mind. What could they be? What is Henry starting now? Why is Irving evil? Where is headless? I thought he was going to be the new leader now that Moloch is gone? I wanted to believe the good in Henry but it turns out he only destroyed Moloch and saved his parents because he realized the devil only used him. And Henry wants all the credit to himself. 

Other Memorable Moments

  • I’d definitely want the motel owners son to reappear again. He had a great and witty presence in this town full of darkness.
  • How excited were you to find out Ichabod was planning on buying a home with Abby? Like yes, this needs to happen right now. Also, Ichabod house hunting was everything. I love when Ichabod does things that aren’t “work” related.
  • Ichabod realizing we all walk a thin line between darkness and light. #truth! Definitely a good realization, especially now that his wife is dabbling in dark magic. 

Photo Credit: Sleepy Hollow/FOX

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Coffee Table News

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Officially Cancelled After 4 Seasons



Sleepy Hollow Cancelled After Season 4

Sleepy Hollow has been beheaded by the Headless Horseman that is FOX.

The series, which focused on witness Ichabod Crane, has officially been canceled by then network.

After 4 seasons, the network made the decision to pull the series due to low ratings.

Sleepy first aired in 2013 and was a huge hit thanks to the dynamic of lead characters Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison.

But confusing twists and turns caused a larger portion of the audience to tune out.

Things took a turn for the worst when Beharie’s character was killed off in the season 3 finale.

Loyal fans weren’t pleased and the show was eventually moved to purgatory aka Friday nights.

We’ll remember you fondly Crane. Thanks for all the apocalyptic monsters you killed to save our city.

Hopefully this will finally give Mison a role more deserving or his talents.

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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow – In Plain Sight (4×02)



Sleepy Hollow In Plain Sight

The witches have taken over Washington D.C on this week’s Sleepy Hollow and it’s up to Ichabod and his new team to bring them down.

New villain Dreyfuss continues his search for magical objects and approaches a coven of lie-detecting witches to offer them a blade called The Dagger of Z’urn D’oragh. He’s willing to exchange the deadly blade for a witches stone, an artifact they’ve been protecting for years. Therefore, you can understand how upset they get when he informs the two sisters that their leader Mole Dire was lying about the importance of said stone. They punish her by replacing her “lying” tongue with a serpent and then take on the town, punishing all liars they encounter. Dangerous obviously considering no one is off limits because we’ve all lied about something in our lives.

Thanks to Ms. Jenny’s mystical Tibetan singing bowl, Crane has a vision of the new witness but is surprised to find out it is a 10-year-old girl. He shrugs it off because he doesn’t recognize her until he sees a picture of her on Diana’s phone – turns out, he’s been drawn to her because of her daughter who has refused to speak since the passing of Abbie Mills.

When Jenny figures it out, she goes to check up on Molly at her school and stumbles upon a group of girls bullying her. She comes to her aid but when Diana arrives, she’s less than thrilled to see her snooping around her daughter without her permission. In Jenny’s defense, she knows a lot about dealing with someone that finds out she’s a witness so she only wanted to help… except she can’t really say that out loud. That’s when Molly notices Crane and finally breaks her oath of silence with a simple “hi.” She’s clearly drawn to him considering she has actually been drawing him in her notebook. Creepy right? I’m just glad Diana isn’t the next witness set to replace Abbie. Having a 10-year-old be the chosen one makes it less painful.

We catch up with Joe, who has been mapping passageways in the vault because he lives for this kind of stuff. Alex admits that she’s been looking into Crane’s history because she’s skeptical of this supernatural mumbo jumbo and believes there’s something fishy about his clothing and accent. Alex assures her it’s authentic because he believes Crane is a time traveler, with the only other Ichabod Crane being logged in the 1700s. He’s not too far off you know. Plus, how could you NOT believe in the supernatural? She was basically attacked by a demon last week… is that not enough proof?

Diana was forced to call Ichabod after finding a stab victim in the middle of the woods. The victim however wasn’t a normal stab victim. In person she looked like a normal, young woman but in a picture, she came out as an old lady. Ichabod recognized the woman through her tattoo – she was a century old witch who visited Sleepy Hollow one day. He figures she was murdered by the other two Dire sisters and declares that witchcraft is alive and well.

To track down the Dire sisters, Ichabod and Diana wait until they make their next kill. They locate their home and search for the magical object and realize it is the golden grandfather clock. Being new to the supernatural game, Diana touches it and sets off an alarm, which draws the witches back home. However the clock suddenly reveals the sisters for who they really are – old and frail old ladies who explode into smithereens.

Crane makes the declaration – someone is willingly bringing evil to D.C in an attempt to find mystical objects. But what’s the reason? He’s definitely not aware that Dreyfuss is keeping tabs on him and hoping to find his counterpart through him. What does Dreyfuss actually want with them?

Oh and if Crane doesn’t have enough on his plate, the headless horesman is making his way to D.C and Dreyfuss is actually excited about Crane luring in the darkness.

There were definitely some questionable moments during this episode but overall, it’s nice to see Ichabod and Jenny still have such a tight bond and to know, she’ll be around to help guide the new Witness through all the weird and unknown. And with Diana not being Ichabod’s sidekick, it opens up the door for them to forge a romantic relationship…. after she comes to terms with her daughter being the chosen demon fighter.


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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow – Columbia (4×01)



Sleepy Hollow Columbia

Everything is so new in Sleepy Hollow’s fourth season and the biggest problem? We’re not in Sleepy Hollow no more. That and Abbie Mills is dead.

Ichabod keeps on fighting on the good fight without his partner in crime in a strange town, which we know best as Washington D.C. He finds a new group of friends, a new partner, more demons, and a sworn enemy that he doesn’t know exists just yet.

We pick things up 2 weeks after Ichabod was seized by some government group and is being interrogated about his “doings” with Abbie by some shady man which neither of us know much about. Ichabod is able to distract with the oldest trick in the book – you’re shoe is untied – and escapes, climbing his way onto the DC airport tarmac. Smooth.

But he didn’t get away before getting a snoop of his captors place and finding stalker-ish pictures of him and Abbie on missions and different books about demons and things. “Who are these people,” he wonders as he finds information pertaining to Lincoln’s memorial.

Upon his arrival, he finds Homeland Security Agent Diana Thomas who just witnessed a demonic murder of her partner Eric. Seriously, homie poked him in the back of the head and sucked out his soul. She questions Ichabod who explains that he’s a historical analyst who sometimes helps the FBI but she’s too freaked out because well, she just found out demons exist. Who can blame her?

She tracks Ichabod to where he was held captive and finds him snooping around. She’s cautious but they both establish he’s not dangerous, especially because he’s the only person who has a grasp on what’s happening while her boss thinks she’s losing it. Oh and she gets the obvious call that said demon monster has killed again.

Trying to find out who this demon is, Diana mentions a federal office called Agency 355, which Ichabod recalls was founded by Washington. When they arrive, they find the library is run by two youngins obsessed with the supernatural. Jake handles “news and information” and is a huge fan of Ichabod while Alex blows stuff up for fun but doesn’t believe in all the witchy mambo jumbo. For now.

After a brief investigation that really made no sense, Ichabod determines that the monster is John Wilkes Booth…. yes, Abraham Lincoln’s shooter. Apparently, he never “shot him” he just summoned a monster to enter his body and then killed him the same way we just say him kill Diana’s partner. Long story short – copper can kill him, American flags draw him in.

Coincidentally, or rather not because demons always plan their murders around parades, a patriotic event is taking place the next day. The new “squad” come up with a plan to lure Booth into an abandoned warehouse away from the public, where they could be too many casualties. Unfortunately, since this is everyone’s first hoorah, they loose the demon and he sneaks up and pounces on Jack. Thankfully our experienced and dear friend Jenny arrives in the nick of time and shoots him. Apparently, she missed all the killing and demonic stuff while “finding herself” in the Himalayans.

I will say, it is nice to see a familiar face in these unfamiliar surroundings and a part of Abbie continues to live on in Ichabod and Jenny. The two reunite briefly and talk about how much they miss her before he heads off to meet Diana at the Jefferson Memorial. She’s trying to process everything she’d witnessed today – how did Ichabod not consider she might be the witness he’s looking for, especially after forming such a connection with her. She wants to find the man responsible for Eric’s death but he warns her “once you go down this path, there’s no coming back.” Her response is nothing short of what Abbie would have replied – it’s better to do this with a friend.

That night, she goes to her 10-year-old daughter Molly who has been in a “funk” lately and refuses to speak. When her mother leaves the room to make dinner, she brings out her secret book and opens it up to continue her impeccable drawings of Ichabod. Anyone else mind blown? Maybe the new witness that’s bound to be Ichabod’s partner isn’t Diana – it’s her young daughter! Why else would she be drawing him?

The new foe on the horizon is a man named Malcolm Dreyfuss, a rich businessman entrepreneur who is dabbling in the occult. He’s the one who stole Lincoln’s head, most likely summoned Booth’s demon and even has a demon body guard who happily kills anyone who comes in his way. Shady stuff I’m telling you. There’s not much explanation as to what his plan is here all we know is that he takes a circular tablet out of Lincoln’s head and explains he’d shed all the blood in the world to get the rest of them and he’s very much aware and watching Ichabod’s every move.

Thoughts on the premiere of Sleepy Hollow? Despite giving it my all, I felt myself losing interest and lacking the energy to keep up with all the historical and all the demonic. Even the revamped cast seems like their trying to hard to be someone out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when all we need is that bond between two witnesses to keep the magic alive.


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